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Israel Trip Day 1

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Twitter is not yet widely used in Israel. Uncategorized Avi Chai Foundation fortress Hebrew University Israel

Israel Day 4

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Another day in Israel, more fascinating events. From Tel Aviv we traveled north to Nazareth , the largest Arab city in Israel.

Israel Day 3

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Uncategorized Ben Gurion University Gilad Shalit Israel MATAN MicrosoftQuite a journey in many ways! He and the program were very impressive.

My St. Dept. Sponsored Trip to Israel

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State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs has invited me to Israel for a one week speaking tour beginning on May 29th!

Israel Day 2

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Day 2 in Israel was jam packed and action filled! Aide: Yes, of course, that is how it works here in Israel. Israeli Knesset. Me: Pardon?

Interview with David Saranga, Israel Consulate: A Twitter Press Conference

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He was a Manager of the Direct Marketing Department, Visa-Israel Credit Cards and worked as National Sales Executive at Kidum Ltd.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

Getting Attention

Marketing & Communications Coordinator , Masa Israel Journey (New York, NY). New Opportunities. San Francisco, CA). Atlanta, GA).

How to show impact? Here’s a great example.

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Every year, the Minneapolis Jewish Federation distributes approximately $15 - $18 million dollars to support programs and services that change the lives of people living in Minneapolis, Israel and 70 countries around the world. Here’s a great example of an organization doing just that. Take a look for yourself here. Too fancy for you?

Disruption of the 'Usual' - Rethinking Behavior Change and Communication in Nutrition Education

Social Marketing and Social Change

How do I help public health professionals disrupt their usual ways of doing their work? Are we really communicating effectively?

Talking Peace on Facebook

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This effort is also supported by the current President of Israel, Shimon Peres, and Mahmoud Abbas , the President of the State of Palestine.

Leadership Training

Fundraising Coach

April 4-5: Israel Air Force Center Foundation Leadership Retreat, Las Vegas, NV. Since, I''m often asked "When are you coming to my area?",

A Dandelion Thought.

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a short post on a passing idea before the wind blows it away. One of my guilty pleasures is watching food TV shows a la the Food Network. to cook and

The Moral Authority of the IRS Has Been Diminished

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These memories came back to me over the weekend when I learned that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials in the Cincinnati offices in charge on non-profit were giving unwarranted scrutiny to applications of conservative and pro-Israel causes applying for 501(c)(4) status. There were horrors aplenty, all worthy of a Kafka novel. State.

Notes from the Digital Governance Forum (#DGF15)

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Diasporas (4 I’s – Israel, Ireland, …, onevietnam, ). Overall it was an absolutely life-changing experience. There are now 1.1

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Kotex + Pinterest = An Innovative Campaign: A Case Study With Yael Linen-Zuchman

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She is a 30 year-old who graduated with a BA in business in 2009 at IDC Herztelia Israel. In fact, it might be the first. About smoyz. My Style.

Reader Questions: How to make the best use of social media for fundraising?

Wild Woman Fundraising

I have an aunt in Israel (Sara Poran) who was briefly famous in Europe for making wonderful encaustic drawings. Hi Mazarine, Thank YOU for writing me personally. And for checking out some of my stuff AND for sending me pictures! I like both you sent, but I favor the second. I love that they are having tea! I am a huge Lynda Barry fan.

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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Shel Israel, Author - Are you aware that I spent about six months in 2011 writing a book called Pioneers of Social Media? Ghostbusters.

Stump the Maven

Social Marketing and Social Change

Nurit Guttman, PhD Chair, Department of Communication Head, the Chaim Herzog Institute for Media, Politics & Society Faculty of Social Sciences Tel Aviv University Israel. Last week I asked for nominations for the best papers in the field of social marketing. Prizes were offered for any nominations that were unfamiliar to me.

Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #1

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Two of them were people I am friends with through Rocky Horror, one was a friend I made while in Israel, one was an old family friend, and the last was my old college roommate. More than 800 million active users has given Facebook the enviable status of the golden child of social networks. the Gen Y or the Millennial Generation.

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Diva Marketing Turns 7!

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I was thinking of calling this post " The 7 Year (Blog) Itch." Although a blog is not a marriage, in a funny sort of a way, it is a commitment. you! .

Using Those Special Months on Your Editorial Calendar

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Sherry Kirschenbaum. For more writing inspiration, be sure to sign up for our free monthly Writing Prompts email. December: Spiritual Literacy. Great!

Natural Helper Networks in Community Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Boehm (2009) described a social marketing perspective to volunteer efforts operated by a nonprofit organization in Israel. Roncarati et al.

Avi Chai Social Media Academy Begins

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Yesterday was the inaugural workshop for the Social Media Academy sponsored by the AVI CHAI Foundation. Mesivta Ateres Yaakov. SAR High School.

Your New Job

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American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Washington, D.C.). Thanks! NEW OPPORTUNITIES. 1) Advocacy/Communications Associate and. Thanks!

Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job

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Digital Communications Associate , New Israel Fund (Washington DC). CONTEST! What should we call our Monday job post series? It was Friday Futures, till we moved it to Mondays (at your request). Please submit your ideas here or to We’ll announce the winner Monday, March 11. Featured Jobs. Springfield, MA).

Wow! Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Friday Futures

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Online Communications Manager , New Israel Fund (Washington DC). Thanks! NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Development Coordinator , Cleve J. San Francisco).

Help Us Choose a Guatemala Theme Song


Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawowi’ole. This is my third post in the seven-day quest to raise $2200 for not just 7 roofs, but 14 roofs, one for each of the 14 Guatemalan families! In these seven days, I will also be answering your questions and sharing insights gained. This post hopes to add some *fun* to the effort.

Rockin' With Social Customer Service

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It's very clear that my pal Shel Israel was spot on when he told me in 2005 that social media cannot be contained in one corporate silo.

Friday Fun: It's Raining Social Media Men!

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Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. Or sometimes just plain silly. And they change.

Less is More — Especially with Nonprofit Marketing Taglines

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–Ephraim Geffen, Machshava Tova , Israel. Q: Can we use both a tagline and slogan for our nonprofit? Our organization uses a three-word slogan (Access. Acquire. Empower.) and a tagline (Using Technology to Narrow Societal Gaps). And I have two questions for you. Is it overkill to use a slogan and a tagline? What’s the solution?

eBook - Social Media Marketing GPS: A New Media Roadmap For Creating A Social Media Strategy

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and Shel Israel, who wrote the Forward and is recovering from heart surgery!   Table of Contents Forward : Shel Israel. My story.

Story of the Day: Why Not?

Marketing for Nonprofits

Asked to write a short piece on the topic of beginning again recently, I reflected on the possibility of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians re-starting in the coming days and weeks. That's my thought for Mahmoud Abbas this weekend as he ponders whether to say yes or no to starting direct talks with Israel. Why Not?

NYC Diamond Dash for Charity Fund Raiser

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Fina, Hearst, John Allan, Tumi, Godiva Chocolatier, Ron Ben-Israel, Kleinfeld, and mad46. Fina and Tacori. Nearly $3,000 was raised. link].

A Twitter-book. No April Fools Joke

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However, it will be "traditionally" formatted with a Foreword , written by Shel Israel @sheliisrael , and chapters. The world seems to call out.

Bishop orders: “Thou shall not tweet”

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Naked Conversations - Shel Israel & Robert Scoble. Today he sent me something I just had to share with you. Nothing at all. Facebook.

Wasting Away Just in Case


This post is not particularly about direct mail fundraising and targeting Gen Y, but something that has been on my mind about my generation for the past few days. And since it came up on a team call at work today, I took that as a sign it was time to blog about it. But back to the rice. Standing in front of it, I was very torn. Waste.

Social Media Three For One

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Vir tual roses and heartfelt belated thanks to Shel Israel , C.B. On new years eve Sh el Israel , Global Neighbourhoods , ended the year for me with virtual fireworks when he posted our interview in the Twitterville Notebook. Shel Israel : Do you still see social media tools as part of the marketing tool arsenal or has your thinking.

Adam Schwartz: Feature Fundraiser

A Small Change

The fundraising I do is to raise money for Jewish education/continuity and social service programs run locally, in Israel and in numerous countries around the world. It’s time for the regular Featured Fundraiser. Adam Schwartz from the Jewish Federation is speaking with us today. Thank you Adam for your words today. Jason.

Fundraising Success You Can't Buy

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And commenters say they are reading - and giving - from Iran, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Australia, Hungary, Sri Lanka and beyond. Well, here's a great Facebook fundraising success story : The story began Aug. The two exchanged addresses. So did a Facebook friend. And another. And another.

Fired or Having A Personal Opinion

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” But it wasn’t just a complaint, Michel had specific suggestions as well: “There should be opportunities for meetings, traveling, partying and yes, dating for those over 50, and there should be Birthright for those over 50 who never went to Israel before. Here is the unfolding story of Michel Kohane’s firing.