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YOUR New Nonprofit Marketing Job?—Movin’ Up Monday

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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Communications Associate , The Randall’s Island Park Alliance, Inc (New York, NY). WebRep.

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—Movin’ up Monday

Getting Attention

Graphic Design Coordinator , Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (New York, NY). New Opportunities. Washington DC). Recent Opportunities.

Fundraising in a downturn: The Power of Leaderless Organizations

Wild Woman Fundraising

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In this economic downturn, how are you responding? How quickly are your funders responding? File sharing.

Where is your money?

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The real cost of war, by Good Magazine, is estimated at 3 Trillion dollars. What nonprofits in America are working on this issue? Digg this!

VIDEO: Nonprofit Professional, You’re my only hope

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” Bill Moyers asks : “Did you pay a price when you called for the end of the Iraq war?” Of course, not all of us do this.

Want people to join? Give them a reason.

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Iraq and Afghanistan veterans: We have your back. A lot of companies and organizations try to create online communities. Who does this well?

Support for the Troops a Cause Marketing Winner

Cause Related Marketing

Going back to 2002 Outback has also sent employee volunteers to the Middle East to feed the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cause Marketing for Veteran's Causes Shows Support for Military Vets

Cause Related Marketing

Outback has also sent employee volunteers to the Middle East to feed the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. last Friday Nov. Internet retailer

Look! Anatomy of an Effective Annual Appeal

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What's the time orientation or sense orientation in YOUR appeal letters? It was full of horrible examples and not a single good one. Certain?

OMG: Petition to Take Petitions Seriously

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Obama does not take petitions seriously. This is shades of campaigning in 2008 all over again. Promises, and then business as usual.

Iraq 11

How emotion can guide us to rational behavior

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Just about every field of science shows emotion trumps reason in human decision-making. If we want people to take action, we have to speak to the emotional mind or we’re unlikely to get far. This is an interesting nuance: We need emotion in order to arrive at reasonable decision-making, he says.

Iraq 17

400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.

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It’s one of the three biggest lies of the decade: America/Wisconsin is broke, Iraq has WMD, the Packers can’t win the Super Bowl without Brett Favre.

Spot Cause Marketing Fireworks – And Win My Book!

Selfish Giving

This program collected items needed by the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to ship to deployed troops by Operation: Care and Comfort.

Buy One Give One Cause Marketing for Soldiers

Cause Related Marketing

Using Colored Ribbons to Symbolize Your Cause

Cause Related Marketing

It is also used by the Quebec peace movement to signal their disapproval of the war in Iraq. How powerful is the colored ribbon as a visual awareness symbol? Can causes and nonprofits continue to adopt existing colored ribbons and yet still have meaning invested in all the rest? Could another iconic image beside a ribbon come to mean as much?

Where are you living?

Get Fully Funded

She told us about her husband’s injuries from a roadside bomb in Iraq. Lee Woodruff spoke yesterday afternoon here at the AFP Conference. She had some good points and some poignant moments, but one stuck with me. She talked about the importance of living in the moment. Right now. Because that’s all we really have.

Inspiration: Gen Y Widows


"Taryn Davis was just 21 years old when her husband was killed in Iraq. As a young widow, she felt bereft and very alone."

Direct mail envelopes–five ideas for nonprofit fundraising


(Another stellar quest post from nonprofit fund raising expert Rick Schwartz !). of the direct mail we get, unopened. Too bad. Me neither. curiosity).

The First 100 Hours - Turning Media Spikes into Fundraising Leads

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you are wondering how the leading nonprofits in U.S. I asked Alia to share some of her lessons learned about capitalizing on media coverage.

What Does the Obama Social Media Community Do Next?

Social Marketing and Social Change

The pundits ponder this question. The campaign does the right thing - ask them. Some of the questions from the transition team. The following relate to the future of this movement for change. We would like your input on what we should do next and how you would like to be involved. Working on local issues that impact our community. Stay tuned.

The Other Side(s) of the Story

Marketing for Nonprofits

If I have to choose, I'd rather have our collective stories - about the War in Iraq, the Recession, and Obama's Imminent Election to the Presidency :)- be debated, discussed and narrated by as many folks as possible. James A. Baldwin Kudos to Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey for producing this great movie.

100 hours: Turning media spikes into leads (Alia and Mark)

Sea Change Strategies

Growing an email list is a crucial element for non profits to build their movements, cross promote their social media, and raise more money.

Should Fundraisers Pray For Religion?

The Agitator

In other words, suppose you were to read today that the new prime minister of Iraq was the leader of a secular force that didn’t have any religious allegiance. Bear with me on this! Always see a strong correlation. Should there be any surprise here? Laughter.) Ought you to be thinking this, those of you of faith?&#.

Minus the Mighty Bat of Cause Marketing, “Run to Home Base” is Stranded on First

Selfish Giving

But this isn’t just any road race. This event will be a huge success, flawlessly executed ( Dave McGillvray is the race director. Money.

a blog can be like a business lunch

Studio 501c

Beth Kanter, a thought leader in the world of nonprofit blogging, recently shared some useful criteria to help nonprofits decide whether to blog or not. There is at least one model that doesn't meet all of her criteria, but would, I think, be a great approach for many nonprofits. None are ever required when publishing a business-lunch blog.