Here’s how fundraising retention rates compare to other industries


The post Here’s how fundraising retention rates compare to other industries appeared first on MarketSmart | . Fitness/health clubs – 72.4% ( reported in July of 2014 ). Software as a service (SaaS) – 46% annual churn leaving 56% of customers retained is considered BAD ! Individual membership organizations – a bit old, but in 2012 the average retention rate was 78%. Trade or organizational membership organizations – 85% (also reported in 2012 ).

Industry Overviews: Online Grocery Sales & Cough & Cold Medicine Manufacturing OTC

Selfish Giving

Online Grocery Sales Operators in this industry sell grocery items through online channels. The industry comprises companies that are based online and those that have both a physical presence and also sell food products on the internet.


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Fear or fear not… a massive disruption in the fundraising industry? That is the question!


What’s important is how disruption in the fundraising industry affects you. Of course, the printing industry almost evaporated in the blink of an eye. The post Fear or fear not… a massive disruption in the fundraising industry? It seems like everyone is saying they are disrupting this or that these days. Lots of people wear it as a badge of honor whether they are really making change or not.

B2B Cause Marketing From the Financial Industry

Cause Related Marketing

Mischler bills itself as the securities industry’s oldest and largest Service Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise. I posted on B2B cause marketing last Friday and really didn’t expect to come back to the topic for a while to come. Then I came across an effort from Mischler Financial Group which, in conjunction with Veteran’s Day, announced that 10 percent of its November profits will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project (WWP). Veteran’s Day in the United States was Sunday, Nov.

Ep198: How One Nonprofit Raises Millions With the Gaming Industry

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Since gaming is such a growing industry, how can other nonprofits learn about the industry and possibly land their own partners. Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Dan Goldenberg , Executive Director of the Call of Duty Endowment , which was founded by Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. Dan was last on the show in November 2015. Since then, the endowment has expanded on its cause marketing and the Endowment's impact. Never Miss a Show - Sign up for Email Updates.

Homeboy Industries Hits Home with Powerful Tagline

Getting Attention

But Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job , the tagline of Los Angeles-based workforce and community development organization Homeboy Industries , does just that. Every once in a while a message comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. Voters for the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards responded strongly to this tagline and rightfully so. The tagline packs a punch with its vivid imagery, telling a memorable story in just seven words.

A $400 Billion Industry Powered by Anecdote

The Agitator

You’d think a $400 billion industry like ours would have empirically based standards and practices readily available and accessible to all. The resources range from the winners of various industry competitions, webinars, blogs and reports issued by various agencies. After all, most sectors — ranging from apple growers to doctors and hospitals, and even zoos — have them. Fundraising doesn’t.

Champions of Industry

Mission Paradox Blog

There's the art form and then there is the industry. Industries get altered.  Almost every element of the arts industry is going through challenges.  What makes things even worse though is the desire we have to hold on to the industry structure, even when the structure doesn't work anymore. Are they worried about the art form or the industry? Are you worried about the art form or the industry?

Shopworkers struggling with mental health in lockdown, survey reveals


A poll by job board CV-Library, which surveyed 2,000 UK retail workers, found that the most common concerns workers in the industry have had during lockdown are about: losing their job (44%), not being able to. Industry News convenience stores coronavirus CV Library jobs Mental health

The Times They Are A-Changin’: Adapting to a Shifting Industry

NonProfit Hub

The post The Times They Are A-Changin’: Adapting to a Shifting Industry appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. My staff and I recently noticed a shift in our SEO statistics and started looking at what our data analytics showed for our blog in 2017. The data showed that 49 percent of our readers are ages 18-34. This was a surprise to us. For years, our audience fell in the 45-54 age group. Now, as we learned, our audience is younger than it’s ever been, and we’ve been adapting.

How the Sports Industry Can Join Gillette, Nike as a ‘Woke’ Business [SPONSORED]

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Catalist uses smart technology, insightful data and industry expertise to match companies with causes in partnerships that accelerate social change. Join Catalist’s Brittany Hill for a FREE one-hour webinar that will highlight the findings from its 2018 research surveying over 1,000 Americans to better understand their perceptions and affinities toward the intersection of sports and social good. Signup HERE.

Nike 57

Newsletter: This Industry is Ripe for Cause Partnerships ; Cleaner Pine-Sol Opens Online Store for Charity; Beauty Brands are Turning to Cause for Holidays

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This industry is reporting double-digit growth right now. The docs are back! No, we can't give you the covid vaccine ?????- but we can address your partnership woes! Remember, we're not real doctors, we're cause doctors (or Cause Docs !)???????

2009 Pulse of the Social Media Industry - Blogger Relations

Diva Marketing Blog

It tickled me to think how far the social media industry has come in 5 years when I first started teaching marketers about a new way to reach and interact with customers. As is typical in our industry people generously offered their insights and we learned together how to create win-win-win strategies. I would appreciate your insights and have created a quick Survey Monkey survey for 2009 Pulse of the Industry Blogger Relations.

Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014)


On today’s episode we discuss our second set of listener submitted questions. This time on if the approach to public and private school fundraising is different and how to determine what fundraising marketing channels to focus on. You can have your question discussed on the show by emailing me – The post Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

School 133

Newsletter: Happy Birthday to You ; 10 Emerging Industries for Corporate Partnerships ; Best Channel for a Sponsorship Ask

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Rocket Social Impact's September Trends Report 10 emerging industries nonprofits should target for corporate partnerships DOWNLOAD NOW Marketing your cause 1. Tomorrow's my birthday! Truthfully, I don't like getting gifts on my birthday. What can you give the guy who has everything, including loyal email subscribers? In true Selfish Giving style, I'd rather GIVE presents to others on my birthday - and maybe get a few karma points in return!?? Are you ready?

Do email open rates matter?


Fundraising association email open rates average email open rate 2017 average email open rates higher education best practices for fundraising charity blog Email Marketing email marketing benchmarks by industry 2017 email open rates 2017 marketing benchmarks 2017 nonprofit email open rates Philanthropy philanthropy blog what is a good click to open rateNot really. Not much. Look, many browsers automatically open emails these days. That warps the metrics.

Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

Interestingly there were a few similarities to the Pulse of the Industry research I conducted on Blogger Relations. Although conversations may begin online as CK Hurley says, " I don't mind moving off social platforms (such as Twitter) on to email/phone as that's many times necessary given space limitations and sometimes it's necessary due to regulated industries.". What do people do on social networks and blogs? They "talk" of course!

13 Nonprofits Honored for Outstanding Taglines: "Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job" Pulls Top Honors for Homeboy Industries

Getting Attention

Jobs & Workforce Development: Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A Job —Homeboy Industries Homeboy Industries’ tagline is a mini-masterpiece, telling a memorable story in just six words. A nonprofit’s tagline is hands down the briefest, easiest and most effective way to communicate its identity and impact. But this high-impact, low-cost marketing tactic is often overlooked or under-emphasized by nonprofits.

Save Yourself, Save The Industry

Mission Paradox Blog

The part I find interesting is that people are talking about self producing in the context of leaving the mainstream industry behind. Self producing your work isn't abandoning the "industry", it's what's going to save your industry. Or to put it another way, if Starbucks had not come around, that cup of coffee I got on the airplane would have sucked. -- Great companies, great entreprenuers, force industries to change.

Newsletter: Are Networking Events Worth it? ; CauseTalk Radio Goes on Hiatus ; The Most Charitable, Most Hated Industry in America is.

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Freakonomics explores why the most vilified industry in America is also the most charitable. ??Consumers Years ago I used to work for a chamber that hosted networking events. Members came to these events to meet new people. But that's not what happened. People either talked to people they already knew OR to new people that were similar to them in occupation and/or status. Sales people would talk to sales people and CEO's would talk to other c-level executives.

Newsletter: Cause Marketing for 'Boring' Industries ; Wendy's Loses Pigtails for a Cause ; Why is Tom's Shoes Struggling?

Selfish Giving

Are you attending the Engage for Good Conference in Chicago later this month? I hope you are because when it comes to cause marketing it's the biggest conference of the year! And the day before the official conference begins - Tuesday, May 22nd at 3:30pm - I'm hosting a Social Impact Mastermind to help people get to know one another and to share challenges and opportunities. We already have over 60 people registered for the event so if you're attending the conference make plans to join me!

Download Dice’s Local Market Report on Charlotte


Charlotte is well-known as a leader in the banking industry, where it consistently ranks in the top three of U.S. banking centers and employs tens of thousands in the financial services industry. Employer Resources Industry Insights Charlotte Hiring Job Hunting Job Skills Management North Carolina

#Interview: Nedra Kline Weinreich, Social Marketer, Author, and Owner of the “Spare Change” Blog

Non Profit Marketing 360

Rather than having them rebel against their parents or teachers, the idea was to redirect the rebellion against the tobacco industry, and show how the tobacco industry treats teens like they’re stupid and easily fooled into smoking. NEDRA: I recently started working half-time as an employee of the Entertainment Industries Council, a nonprofit funded by the entertainment industry.

Find company insights in 60 seconds

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Seeing as how today is Monday, here is my second video, Lesson #2: “How to find free insight about a company based on LinkedIn profiles&# : Learn in 60 Seconds Tips Videos career company company analysis education free insight industry analysis insight learn in 60 seconds LinkedIn organizations profile research video Web 2.0 This weekend I decided to set myself an initial output objective surrounding my new “ Learn in 60 seconds &# video series.

Cause Marketing with Direct Sellers

Cause Related Marketing

The direct selling industry in the United States… think Amway, Avon, Mary Kay… was a $28.33 Tags: Easter Seals Boys and Girls Club of America Newsweek Mary Kay Amway Avon Direct Selling Industry billion business in 2009, although the more interesting number may be the 16.1 million salespeople involved in direct sales.Philanthropically Avon and Mary Kay both are strongly… although not exclusively… involved with women’s issues.So

Cheapo Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Komen for the Cure Georgia Pacific Martha Stewart Living Koch Industries Vanity Fair You know me, I love cause marketing. Almost any company, but especially those that face the consumer, could benefit from it.But it rubs me wrong when I see humungous companies going cheap on the cause marketing donation amount.In this ad from a recent Martha Stewart Living magazine Georgia Pacific is trumpeting their donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Since 2004, the ad says, Georgia.

Social Media Lessons from Leadership 18

A. Fine Blog

Finally, Beth Perell of Goodwill Industries shared their spring cleaning, Clean Out Your Drawers campaign. Uncategorized American Red Cross Beth Perell Goodwill Industries Jamila White Leadership 18 Wendy Harman YWCAI had the opportunity last week to speak at the annual gathering of Leadership 18, a membership group of the nation’s largest health and human service providers.

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Association Membership in 2015


This week kicks off the American Society of Association Executives ’ (ASAE) semiannual Association Management Week and it''s got us thinking: professional associations are hugely essential resources to the individuals that belong to them and the industries they serve.

Non-Profit Marketing: How to Win Supporters and Donors Online

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

The web has created lots of opportunities in various industries in the last decades. It’s sad to say that the nonprofit industry hasn’t benefited so much from the adoption of the web. Non-Profit Marketing: How to Win Supporters and Donors Online.

[FLASH SALE] Attend ALL of our Webinars and Workshops for $599

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Support and community from industry experts and peers. Every year Kivi and I celebrate our birthdays by inviting more people to join our All-Access Pass Holder Community and offering them a discount of $200. Her birthday is Wednesday, March 31st so it’s time for a FLASH SALE!

10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips [That Work like Magic]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Look for emerging industry trends, brand mentions, latest social media trends , and the most important thing is to look and respond to followers’ comments. You can also keep on trending topics, hashtags and items that will work best for your industry and your business.

Only 2% of Consumers Think Brands Should Stop Advertising During the Pandemic

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Brands from every industry are not sure how they should proceed. I know a lot of you are wondering how you should be handling your marketing and fundraising efforts right now. You are not alone in being concerned.

The Value of the Right Working Place

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Meeting with industry leaders helps employees to grow their professional networks. Working in coworking spaces also encourages collaboration and innovation since people in the same industry but different companies get a chance to work as a community, share ideas, and brainstorm.

3 Bad Nonprofit Marketing Habits to Stop Right Now


Across the world, marketing pros working in every industry, public and private, for-profit and philanthropic, are gathering to discuss the past, present, and future of inbound marketing. In case you haven''t heard, it''s Inbound Marketing Week ! Our team attended the Mid-Atlantic Inbound Summit hosted by the folks at Quintain Marketing + learned a whole lot about how nonprofits can do a better job at inbound.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Each year, the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is the nonprofit industry's signature technology event, and 2019 will be no different. Think of it as an “events hackathon” for the association industry. Engage with more than 1,000 fellow attendees including leadership from marquee foundations, governments, global industries, the U.N., AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference. AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference. It's finally here!

Brand is HR’s Responsibility

Mission Minded

And one of the industries that best understands this is the hospitality industry. Brand begins with people. They embrace the idea that everyone within the company—not just front of the house—is responsible for the brand. And you know we’re on board with that. Human Resources is the business of attraction, selection, and retention of internal […]. The post Brand is HR’s Responsibility appeared first on Mission Minded.

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Toxic Productivity: Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Productive? #NPCOMMLIFE

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tips for being productive are sought out across all industries. We talk a lot about productivity especially as part of this #NPCOMLIFE series. The nonprofit space is no different (or some would say worse since you often find yourself with fewer resources).

New Convio Study Projects Donations in the Face of Tough Economic Times - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


1 Comment | by Share Article in Marketing Research , Online Fundraising Reader Comments (1) I really enjoyed your article working in the fundraising industry and being a volunteer for a local soccer club, I have seen firsthand the concerns that many are having.

Nov 28

20+ Nonprofit Tools You Need to Get Your New Nonprofit Up and Running

Get Fully Funded

Quickbooks is the industry leader, and it costs about $25 a month. Zoom has emerged as an industry leader, but the free version will cut your meeting off at 40 minutes. Paypal and Stripe are the industry leaders, and there are many others.

Tools 177

How to Learn SEO in 2021 [Newbie-Friendly Guide]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Fair to say that SEO is a changeable industry. How to Learn SEO in 2021 [Newbie-Friendly Guide]. A special guest post by Visme’s Marketing Manager, Sergey Aliokhin to get you started on learning SEO. Needless to say that SEO changes rapidly.

SEO 113

How to see your LinkedIn page followers on your company page

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

In the 2020 update, LinkedIn has added a feature to: See who is following your LinkedIn company page; How your LinkedIn company page is growing compared to other pages in your industry. How to see your LinkedIn page followers on your company page.

Best Kept Secrets to Getting (And Using!) Facebook Fundraiser Data

J Campbell Social Marketing

This tools-agnostic, jam-packed session, featuring a real-world nonprofit case study and industry benchmarks taken from over 300,000 Facebook fundraising transactions, aims to bust prevalent myths and address common challenges around Facebook fundraising.

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


This network effect makes EveryAction donation pages some of the highest-converting in the industry. EveryAction users who rely on its Targeted Email tool experience some of the highest inbox placements in the industry. With a dedicated email deliverability expert on staff, EveryAction releases the nonprofit industry's primary data on Nonprofit Email Deliverability each year. #4.