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It’s a lot of money. Now, maybe they could follow up with Spike Lee or Whoopi Goldberg, if the marketing guy and the director had a chance to talk about the charity's cause helping HIV/AIDS-infected children in Africa and India, and if he or the actress have an interest in the cause.

The Presumption of Altruism

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The last time that America’s wealthiest cared so much about giving away their money was the last time that Andrew Carnegie and John D. Bhargava was born in India and immigrated to the United States at age 14.

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‘Genius’ Awards For Nonprofits

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Sin Fronteras – Mexico City, Mexico ($500,000) protects the human rights of migrants in Mexico; Socio Legal Information Centre – New Delhi, India ($750,000) provides free legal assistance to protect the rights of the marginalized in India. MacArthur says organizations will use their prize money to “build cash reserves and endowments, develop strategic plans, and upgrade technology and physical infrastructure.”

Scarcity and Social Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

Having less than what we perceive we need – whether it is food, money, friends or time – is having less than we feel we need. preoccupations with money and with time cluster around the poor and the busy, and they rarely let go.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2010

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We’ve all heard by now that if Facebook were a country it would the third largest in population behind only China and India. The Red Cross used the money for comfort kits. The owner/leaser determines which charity gets the money. A lot of money.

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Cause Marketing Research I'd Like to See

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Among other findings, the fourth Edelman Good Purpose Consumer Study found that the emerging markets of Mexico, Brazil, China and India were most willing to buy a brand that supports a cause. This is one of the ways Facebook makes its money. Scarcely a week goes by that someone doesn’t release a study or survey about cause marketing. And yet there’s still some research I’d like to see.

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In addition to ‘money contributed’ the World Index includes two other elements: ‘the likelihood to volunteer’ and ‘the inclination to help a stranger’ Seems like many fundraisers, or at least the more pragmatic among them, are most interested in net income.

Exciting Time To Be A Fundraiser

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There’s also some terrific advice for the future: Follow the money. There is a shift in wealth taking place in the world toward developing nations and the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries, and that means nonprofits need to rethink how they raise money and “go where the donors are.” I had already posted yesterday’s piece on the importance of thinking bigger and better when I received Marc Chardon’s view of the “Key Non Profit Sector Trends in 2013.”.

Gathering worldviews (and offering a new service)

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We love knowing how much money our audience makes, what zip code they live in and what their ethnic origin in. You can be a Buddhist without moving to India.  Marketers love demographics. We love knowing these things because we assume this information tells us about who these people are. It's a fair assumption, or at least it WAS a fair assumption. 

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Where's the Party At?

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Google India google.co.in Search the whole web or only webpages from India. You still need a home base on the Web to do business, i.e. collect information about your supporters and raise money. We're launching a new website at my company in a few months.

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If anyone had told me that some of my dearest friends would live oceans and miles way in India, Europe, Australia, Canada as well as across the country from NYC to St. What can you do within your current enterprise's culture and resources of human capital, time and money?

From The Wall Street Journal: "Bill Gates: My Plan To Fix the World's Biggest Problems"

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The first attempt to "monetize" food production took place a generation ago in Southeast Asia and India. Similarly, if we aren't checking what outcomes actually occurred via a method that would truly indicate what occurred - what are we doing (and how much money, time, and how much of our nonprofit or foundation's reputation are we wasting)?

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The future of online fundraising

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For example, it's entirely feasible for a news website to automatically match stories (IE: flood in India) to donation opportunities (IE: International Red Cross). Money, or the perception of no money. I received an email from a college student asking if he could interview me about ePhilanthropy and the future of online fundraising. The questions gave me an opportunity to think creatively about the application of some web 2.0

Predicting the Future of Fundraising: We're On Our Way, But Who's At the Helm?

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Grant donors, for example, bolster government giving by uniquely supporting seed money, pilot programs, and most importantly, the non profit sector's strength; innovation. Are today's philanthropic or non profit/NGO leaders people such as Bono; Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the man who successfully implemented the microcredit program in India; Lou Dobbs; and Jon Stewart?