Universal Basic Income and Decent Work

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She was talking about the environmental movement, I’m going to talk about Universal Basic Income (UBI). It allows you to go back to school, create a business, find more meaningful work, spend more time with your family, even pay bills on time, pay down debt, imagine!

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Grants for Music Programs In Public Schools in Low Income Areas And Nonprofits

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The foundation's Music Matters Grants for 2010 program will focus on educational reform in school music programs and independent music programs across the United States. Applications will be accepted from public school programs (qualifying for Title I federal funding and serving a minimum of 70 percent low-income students) and nonprofit 501(c)(3) programs directly funding music education (serving students regardless of their ability to pay). From The Foundation Center.

Rhode Island School Calendar

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Do you want to create new income streams for your nonprofit?

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Brainstorm new sources of income for your nonprofit , like I did for the Global Autism Project in New York City ( They made $60K in 6 months with a new income stream!). Triple your income like a startup nonprofit HOPE Inc did in Georgia (over $100K raised in 2013).

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Rhode Island Cooking School

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Grants for Nonprofits Providing Football Fields in Low Income Regions

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In order to be eligible for a grant, projects must be sponsored by nonprofit community-based 501(c)(3) organizations or middle or high schools. In addition, all organizations applying for funds must be located specifically and exclusively within NFL Target Markets and serve low- to moderate-income areas within those markets. and matching grants of up to $200,000 to help finance synthetic material resurfacing of a community, middle school, or high school football field.

Grants for Public Schools' Music Programs and Independent Music Programs

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Deadline: February 17, 2012 Muzak Heart and Soul Foundation Invites Applications From Music Education Programs for Music Matters Grant Program The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation , a nonprofit public charity established by Muzak LLC , is accepting applications for its Music Matters Grant Program, which provides grants to public school and independent music programs in the United States. American public schools RFP grants music the foundation centerFrom The Foundation Center. [As

Few Different Grant Opportunities for U.S. K - 12 Music Students & Public School Music Programs

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Deadline: October 1, 2010 (Online Pre-qualification Form) Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation Offers Instruments for School Music Programs The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation donates both new and refurbished instruments to school and after-school music programs in the United States that lack the resources to keep up with equipment loss due to attrition, depreciation, and wear over time, and to accommodate students on waiting lists or who have to share instruments.

The Online Nonprofit Leadership Summit Rocked SO HARD!

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“it has all been very rewarding” -Barbara Von Reis, Madrona School. ” -Cynthia De Lani, Halani school, Hawaii. Last week we did our incredible Nonprofit Leadership Summit, with 12 presentations over 3 days for nonprofits all over the world!

Making a living without a job-An interview with Barbara Winter

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Barbara Winter: Well, I think – and as anyone knows who had read my book, I’m really an advocate of multiple profit centers and having more than one income source when you build a business. What streams of income have worked for people that you’ve talked with?

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Interview with Erik Anderson

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So it was providing direct service to kids after school, to children who needed us most. But we are trying to say you need to have multiple streams of income coming in to be sustainable because who knows what’s going to happen at the federal level?

A Survey For You! What do you think?

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Would you like to read more about school fundraising? Would you like to learn more ways to earn income on the side if you have a full-time job? photo credit: Mattias H. We are coming upon my blog’s one-year anniversary. What a year!

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#GRANT: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

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In 2011, the foundation awarded grants in the US ranging from $55,000 to $10 million for the US Charter School Growth Fund. Here is a video of a project for the Trust for Public Land in New York City and their efforts to clean play grounds and develop community gardens with the help of public-school kids. Dell Computers was founded in 1984 in Austin Texas and it became a worldwide leader in online sales of MSDOS/Windows/x86 computers within a decade.

10 Excellent Club Fundraising Ideas

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Organizing fundraisers for clubs and activities can be a fun and educational experience for high school students. Mugs, t-shirts and other memorabilia can produce a year-round income stream for a club and its activities. By incorporating these innovative club fundraising ideas into your overall efforts, high school students can more easily finance the ongoing operations of their activities.

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#Aging: $450 Billion in Unpaid Care Another Likely Drag On Economy

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Parents want to keep their kids in school into their early 20s, for example, even though their counterparts a century often sent their children to work by their early teens – thus bringing much needed income to the family unit. Aging Assisted Living Community Health Healthcare Low-Income National/International News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Politics Report Seniors Life AARP Associated Press Caregiver Health care Medicare Paul Ryan

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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

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Better yet, it is so simple to organize and execute that it can easily become a recurring fundraiser (and who doesn’t like recurring income?). A spaghetti dinner fundraiser is a classic fundraiser , but it is classic for a reason: It’s remarkably easy and it is a near sure-fire money-maker.

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Grants for U.S. and Puerto Rican Nonprofits Providing Free After School Literacy and Education Programs

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WHO Foundation Education/Literacy grants provide funding to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico to support free after school organizations and for the implementation or expansion of education and/or literacy programs for low-income children of all ages. [Please help us. We at The Grant Plant, LLC want to understand what nonprofits need from the services that they hire, today, given the economy; so please take our short survey.

Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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Religions such as Islam have a concept called Zakat which means 10% of your income must go to charity. Snow White by 12×07 on Deviantart.com. And we’re answering MORE fantastic reader questions today! This person we will call Queen B.

Why Common Core Will Fail

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And it will fail to improve our failing schools, wasting time, resources, and money in the process. After-school programs combine the students'' passions with practical advice and strategies to pay for school and stick with it.

Do You Make Any of These 10 Fundraising Mistakes?

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What is the average income level? Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising College Fundraising Fundraising Events High School Fundraising Ideas Non Profit Fundraising Other PTA Fundraising School Fundraising Sports FundraisingWith over a decade of fundraising experience, I have stumbled over many fundraising mistakes. The great thing about mistakes is that you learn from them, which makes the coming years much more successful.

Cause Marketing Bail Bond Services?

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In its very earliest days, Apple Computer donated a lot of computers and equipment to American schools. But I’ve long suspected that Apple wanted to be not only the computer of choice for schools, but schoolchildren.

Let’s hear it for Asian Female Nonprofit Leaders!

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She is the former Chair for the National Council for Asian Pacific Americans and currently serves on the Board of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Have you ever wanted to be a nonprofit executive director? Curious about how other people got to the top?

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Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Compared to married parents, single parents are more likely to have low incomes, have greater challenges paying tuition and arranging childcare.” Draft 1 of the letter, page 1.

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10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


For instance, their Beacon of Light program allows participating businesses and schools to sell paper lighthouses for donations of $1, $5, or more, and hang the sold lighthouses to create a visual display of the money they have raised.

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Fundraising Consultants: When Should You Hire One?

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The lessened level of support for these charities and nonprofits is generally attributed to recent downturns and setbacks in the economy that have reduced the available disposable income of the general public and, by extension, reduced the available pool of capital for such expenditures. Charity Fundraising Church Fundraising Easy Fundraising Non Profit Fundraising School Fundraising

Success in the data: customer success story with iMentor


iMentor is an organization devoted to a powerful educational initiative supporting mentorships between high school students in low-income communities and college-educated volunteer mentors. Their goal is to help these young people stay the course for success through graduation and college. iMentor does this through weekly conversations and monthly meetings, case management, and guidance counseling.

HomeworkforSchool.com 6 Tips For Discovering The Ideal Tutor


They do not charge any charge for helping out people with their school operate and projects. There are plenty of outlet internet sites that unload wonderful bargains on distinct hardware that can simply save you a pile of income.

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Term Paper Subject Ideas


You can find a number of public and private schools match for your youngster from the current informative ecosystem. The absolute most basic method is to just earn a list of the sales income along with the following collection of these price costs. To start with, for those who don’t know howto publish technology term papers studying an excellent example will offer you a overall ideal about the thing you really have to check closely at.

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Technology Grants for N. American K-12, Two, and Four Year Colleges and Universities

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HP Technology for Teaching Grant Guidelines Now Available Deadline: February 14, 2008 The HP ( [link] ) Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative is designed to support the innovative use of mobile technology in K-16 education, and to help identify K-12 public schools and two- and four-year colleges and universities that HP might support with future grants. In 2008, HP will award a total of nearly $7 million in cash and equipment to K-12 schools in the U.S.

Take Action Against Inequality – Support the Online Campaign #GlobalGoals

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There was a one room school house that barely held classes, and when it did, girls were scarce as they were often helping at their family compounds.

How to hire a fundraising consultant

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Earned income strategies – Wild Woman Fundraising. Claire Axelrad offers Clarification School, an online one-stop-shop for all things nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Her school is $100-$275/year. So you want to hire a nonprofit consultant. What do you need?

How Well Do You Know Your Donors?

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If you’re an organization that’s working to combat hunger, you may find your donors are most interested in free, healthy school lunch programs for low-income students. You already have a core group of donors and other supporters, but how well do you know them?

Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


The Tyler Clementi Foundation's mission is to end online and offline bullying in schools, workplaces and faith communities. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of low-income immigrants. DRUM has mobilized and built the leadership of thousands of low-income, South Asian immigrants to lead social and policy change that impacts their own lives- from immigrant rights to education reform, civil rights, and worker’s justice.

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How a Small Nonprofit President Got a Big Spot in The New York Times’ Room for Debate

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After completing the program, Avery said she and Pfeifer learned that CDI had an opportunity to build its profile, raise awareness — and possibly gain media attention — by injecting its voice into broader conversations about the challenges faced by low-income college students.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Kimberly Troup

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Kimberly Troup was brought up in a Christian home and was home-schooled from 1984 – 1993, a home-school pioneer! She has to get on her bus to school at 6:30 am. Kimberly Troup.

Flint as a Network Problem

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Desegregating schools and neighborhoods lost favor over the past forty years. Rich neighborhoods get better services than low-income ones because of their social networks. Isolated, low-income people have no regular social contact with powerful people.

Jargon, Jargon, We Got Jargon…

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Also, I’d like to give a big NonprofitMarketingGuide.com shout-out to Bill’s lovely daughter, Rachel Torrey a co-founder of the Los Angeles-based nonprofit HYPE, which helps academically-gifted, low-income students get into some of the best private high schools in the city: hypelosangeles.org.

Newsletter: Are Networking Events Worth it? ; CauseTalk Radio Goes on Hiatus ; The Most Charitable, Most Hated Industry in America is.

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A Columbia Business School study confirmed what I thought. Teens from lower-income families are Facebook power-users. ??Interesting! Years ago I used to work for a chamber that hosted networking events. Members came to these events to meet new people. But that's not what happened.

Raise More Money With Monthly Gifts

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One organization that helps low-income families does a good job of sending engaging updates. She couldn’t afford to spend extra money on new clothes, shoes, books or school supplies because she was barely making ends meet.

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Social Innovation and the Dogged Pursuit of Being Unreasonable


Lim Miller’s experience informed his organization’s approach to breaking the cycle of poverty, which anchors on the basic premise that the best innovations come from low-income families themselves. What’s Next? That’s the question The Social Innovation Summit asked us last week.

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