Universal Basic Income and Decent Work

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She was talking about the environmental movement, I’m going to talk about Universal Basic Income (UBI). When people get a UBI, just always knowing that money is coming in, so many good things happen. Who believes in Universal Basic Income?

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Looking to sell training to add to your nonprofit’s earned income streams?

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Is your nonprofit looking to add to your fundraising revenue with earned income? I tried to explain to her that this may not be worth the money that it would cost to market the pinatas. His nonprofit is looking to do better with their earned income streams.

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Free Webinar: Starting Earned Income Streams for Your Nonprofit August 6th

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How else can you raise money for your cause? Would you like to create new sources of income for your nonprofit? Join us for this free one hour webinar as we learn: The four main kinds of nonprofit earned income. Average return of each earned income stream.

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How to Earn Income (and Autonomy) for Your Nonprofit

Getting Attention

That’s what I hear from most nonprofit organizations intent on doing things the way they’ve always done them — relying on money from funders (private and government) and individual donors to sustain them. “What?,&# you may be saying?

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Craig Newmark - Income, Nonprofits and Social Media: a Study

Social Media Bird Brain

Money in the Equation? But money always comes into the conversation sooner or later, and probably some have wondered if the. infographic small nonprofits income social media craig newmark effort outreach nonprofitsPerhaps because relationships are at the heart of a nonprofit's mission, NPs seem to instinctively get that social media transactions are conversation, rather than conversion.

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I was wrong

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I thought the vast majority of nonprofit budget money in the US came from individuals. It mostly comes from program income. Is there a way you could increase your program income or earned income streams?

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Creating Multiple Streams of Income For Your Nonprofit

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In addition to grants, appeals, events, major gifts, etc, what are some other ways you can get money for your nonprofit? Can your nonprofit do speaking engagements for money? This is another income stream for them. What are some other ways your nonprofit can get multiple streams of income? Later, I’m going to be talking more about how you can make money on the side.

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Life, Death, and Make Money Writing Essays


Life After Make Money Writing Essays. You can find a lot of methods to create income writing fiction. How to earn money creating fiction you may earn money composing fiction, however you might have to think past the box for a way to [link].

The Gig Economy and the Nonprofit Sector

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Over and over I see old white men at the top of the largest nonprofits, making WAY more money, and white women at the heads of small nonprofits, making WAY less money. Fair income.

Making Money on the Side Part Two

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Do you want to make money on the side? How do you get more money without exhausting yourself? But what if you don’t want to make your secondary income stream dependent on nonprofits? What other ideas do you have for how to make money on the side?

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INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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Because you’re allowing them to give you money instead of the government. Money that they would have to pay in any case can now go to you. Don’t be short sighted and focused on short term money. There is this concept in this country that we can just print money.

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Making a living without a job-An interview with Barbara Winter

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Barbara Winter: Well, I think – and as anyone knows who had read my book, I’m really an advocate of multiple profit centers and having more than one income source when you build a business. What streams of income have worked for people that you’ve talked with?

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Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!


The post Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money! Last year I worked with Dr. Russell James to present his findings in the ground-breaking webinar titled Words that Work (get the quick-read eBook here ).

How to rock your development plan: Webinar April 19th

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A step-by-step guide to planning that magical plan that will help you raise all the money you need. THIS is why you’re not making the money you need to make! How do you identify which income streams are right for you?

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7 big reasons why capacity is so hard to uncover (how the rich hide their wealth)


Here’s how the ultra-rich make sure you can’t figure out how much money they really have: They figure out ways to evade taxes entirely. Fundraising best way to hide money from irs charity blog donor cultivation how do the rich hide their income how the rich hide their money how to hide money how to hide wealth from friends Philanthropy philanthropy blog stealth wealth lifestyle stealth wealth stories what is stealth wealth

Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Compared to married parents, single parents are more likely to have low incomes, have greater challenges paying tuition and arranging childcare.” I want to help you shine and raise all of the money you deserve! Draft 1 of the letter, page 1.

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The Final Word on Year-End Fundraising: Five Things You Can Still Do to Boost Your December Income

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The end of year fundraising party doesn’t really get started until after Christmas when the bulk of year-end money comes in. Most of the money you are going to raise online in December is going to come in that last week of the year. It’s that time of year again. Feel like you are completely behind in your year-end appeals? Well, cheer up! So if you are just getting started now, it’s not too late.

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What happens when you don’t pay a living wage

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The system is set up in such a way that the income gap between for and non-profit worlds seems just an inevitability, even if we recognize the pitfalls in such a society. According to The Guardian , we are still in an economic recession due to income inequality.

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Where’s The Money?

The Agitator

They’re comparing charitable deductions as reported on federal income tax returns, so obviously this isn’t the whole pie. We’re all rebounding from the Great Recession, right? Optimistic about fundraising prospects for 2014, right? Well, maybe not so fast … at least not for everyone in the US of A.

Raise More Money With Monthly Gifts

Ann Green

Although I often encourage monthly (or recurring) gifts as a great way to raise more money, I just started making them at the end of last year. One organization that helps low-income families does a good job of sending engaging updates.

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This is not a pity party. You understand?

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Income equality will help EVERYONE’s standard of living rise. Income equality. Wow, hello hate mail! Because of my posts about being a nonprofit wage slave , and being unable to make rent on a nonprofit “salary” , someone took issue with this.

Where is your target audience spending money?

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This is not only a way to see what people’s disposable income is, but a way to sense how money could be redirected to your nonprofit. How much do people spend in your region and on what? Can you compare and contrast regions?

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Interview with Jennifer Chandler, National Council of Nonprofits

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If you have earned income for your nonprofit or government contracts or grants, this interview will be important for you to watch. Where does our money come from? Conflict Earned income Government contracting Leadership Nonprofit Downturn Nonprofit Leadership Summit women

How your government contract is screwing you over (and how that’s about to change)

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Real money for our programs, and it comes every year! They think, “well, we’ll find the rest of the money somewhere” BUT when the nonprofit has to compromise this way, the quality of the service goes down. HOW does this save money?

Guess2Give aims to generate new online fundraising income from sponsored events

Giving in a Digital World

As such, I was particularly interested when I came across Guess2Give , a new fundraising site which is aiming to complement traditional sponsorship sites by adding a £3 per entry sweepstake element to any type of event – with a proportion of the money raised being given to the winner and £2.50 However, on the up-side, new income may well come from people taking part in less challenging and more fun events where a Guess2Give sweepstake is more applicable than traditional sponsorship.

#Aging: Health-Care Reform Showing Small Advantages For Medicare Recipients

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Moreover, the infamous ‘donut-hole’ concerning covered medications (that one is covered up to a certain amount of medicinal expenses, then covered at a lower rate for a while until enough personal money is spent that one is mostly covered) is shrinking.

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Hold the phone, we are all media companies now?

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They now live in a world where every company is a media company, they have more competitors than God — it’s no wonder they can’t make money. He thinks that since newspapers and media are losing money at an astounding rate, and everyone has to become a media company now, newspapers should teach us how to tell our stories, and incidentally, MAKE MONEY SELLING EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. “Everyone is a Media Company” -Tom Foremski circa 2010.

Interview with Erik Anderson

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We just passed it, only because the market bond raters told Illinois if you don’t finally do it now, we’re going to rate you as junk bond status which is going to cost you so much money. They start hoarding money. I put time, energy, effort, money. Invest your money.

NEW Advanced Webinar: Winning Government Grants and Contracts

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They can provide support for your services for multiple years, allowing you to rest easy that the money is coming in and your programs can continue. Carroll Bernard Webinar. What: Winning Government Grants and Contracts for your nonprofit.

2016 Individual Donor Benchmark Report: Interview with Heather Yandow

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You pay your fundraiser more – you raise more money. If you have a higher salary, you raise more money from individuals. If you have a plan and you engage your board more, you’ll raise more money. Welcome, everybody.

[Guest Post] The money making secret of effective donor newsletters

Fundraising Coach

Newsletters: they’re all about the money…eventually. Donor newsletters aren’t about current income, after all (though they can produce miracles in that department). I’m a huge fan of Tom Ahern.

What’s behind your staying after 5pm? Interview with Sarai Johnson

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And not everybody wants to cap their income potential by staying in the sector directly. As a consultant, depending on how you work your business, you have the ability to make significantly more money, eventually, than most nonprofits can pay a staff person.

What’s Wrong With Reaching Out to Bloggers?

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I answer the Stanford Social innovation Review’s idea that we need to “reach out to influencers” as a way to make money for our nonprofits, with the triple-whammy of Chris Hedges, Jacob Lanier and Phil Cubeta. Are you a nonprofit marketing person, reaching out to influencers?

Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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On 08/24/2012 09:01 PM, Queen B wrote: I would love more information on raising money through events (NOT auctions), planned giving, and I have not even the foggiest notion what the seven faces of philanthropy are. Snow White by 12×07 on Deviantart.com.

3 tips to dramatically increase website donations

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Due to a number of issues, that never happened on the website, but every time I looked at it, I thought, “How much money are we leaving on the table because people get overwhelmed by everything that we do?&#. Have you ever bought something online? OF COURSE! You know it!

Are you tired of your tiny wage? (How to make money on the side)

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Here’s how you start to get money on the side. Then I went to work full time for nonprofits, but I also found some consulting clients to supplement my income. Stay tuned for the next installment of how to make money on the side tomorrow! Are you living on credit?

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What Life Looks Like 8 Years after saying Goodbye to My Fundraising Job.

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Is my income less stable than before? Having some money saved up will REALLY help you. It’s hard to focus sometimes, and if you JUST do one sort of fundraising, you’ll be more of an authority that people will be willing to spend money on.

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Reader Questions: What are the best fundraising blogs & books?

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Raise More Money: The Best of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal By Kim Klein and Stephanie Roth.

A Look Back at 2010

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Creating Multiple Streams of Income for your Nonprofit. There was a lot of response to making an income on the side, how to get out of fundraising and into something you like more, and multiple streams of income. Happy New Year!

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Principles for Raising Money

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Individual people give more money to charities and other nonprofits than foundations and corporations combined (80% to 20%). Most money in the United States is given by moderate and low income people (80% is given by families whose incomes are less than $60,000) • The most efficient way to raise money is to ask someone face-to-face.

4 forces primarily responsible for making people charitable


Here’s why (according to Brooks’): Religion – People who pray every day (regardless of whether or not they go to church or another place) are 30% more likely to give money to charity than people who never pray. Given that children are expensive and time-consuming it is surprising that parents make available more of their time and more of their money than non-parents. Of course, that makes sense because they have a lot of money.

#Philanthropy: President’s Jobs Bill & Tax Proposal Not Warmly Welcomed By Charities

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Perhaps the most talked-about realignment pertains to the ‘ Buffett Rule ‘, a popularly-coined term reflecting Warren Buffett’s dismay at paying less income tax than does his secretary. It certainly would bring more money to the treasury – at least at first glance.

Sneak peek inside my business

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Traffic and income! Well, I didn’t make my income goals this last year. How to make money as a nonprofit consultant Marketing Products women 2014 2015 annual report goal setting goals mazarine This is my annual report!