That first impression.

A Small Change

In fact, I think there are a number of other small things, when considered, we should also commit to as we are representing our agencies and aiming to make a great first impression. Would love to hear what other little things you do to make a big first impression?

Which Fundraising Stat Impresses You Most?

The Agitator

In his Friday post , Roger asked: How many donors must we lose before we learn? The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that initial results from #GivingTuesday show terrific growth. As they put it, the initial “haul” of #GivingTuesday looks to be $168 million, up from the estimated $117 million last year.

Trends That Will Shape PR in 2018

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations 2018 PR trendsWhat can PR professionals expect in 2018? Despite the accelerated pace of change, new directions don’t always announce themselves with great clarity.

PR 54

Dressed to Impress: our Favorite Nonprofit Halloween Costumes


For the second year running, we asked our team to forego the typical, boring Halloween costumes and dress up as some of their favorite nonprofit organizations. Here are some great examples you can still throw together in time for trick-or-treating

What impression does your Thank-You letter make?

Get Fully Funded

You’ve likely heard the saying that you get one chance to make a first impression. The first sentence of your Thank-You letter is your first impression with your donor in acknowledging their gift. Get it right and they’ll read on. Mess it up, and they’re done reading. How do you mess up the first line of a Thank-You letter? Make it boring and predictable.

Google+ 1 Month Later: 3 Reasons I’m Impressed

Fundraising Coach

Here are three reasons I’m impressed with Google+. I joined Google+ exactly one month ago. I started out with my curiosity piqued and then I got a vision for how nonprofits could benefit from Google+. I was even interviewed about Google+ last week.

Why you should be tracking expressions, not impressions

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When I did PR for a big nonprofit early in my career, I was amazed by how much emphasis was put on “impressions.&# If I got a mention of my organization in the paper, we’d count that paper’s circulation, plus pass-along readership, and come up with number of “impressions&# —as if that many people had read and internalized the mention. Now I read in the Harvard Business Review that Coca Cola measures social media in terms of expressions not impressions.

Impress Bill and Melinda Gates With Your Idea, Win $1 Million

Cause Related Marketing

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a message that they want to get out; “foreign aid really works.” And the foundation, in conjunction with the Cannes Lions Festival is funding a million-dollar contest to see who can best get that message out. The submission is pretty straightforward and is limited to just two pages. The entry deadline is 15 May 2012. What might the judges base their decision on?

Make A Good First Impression Online

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And if your website doesn’t make a good first impression, you’ll lose the donor and the gift faster than you can say ‘goodbye online donation.’. You certainly don’t want to give the impression that you don’t want volunteers!

Impressive Search Engine and Social Media Stats

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

I’m always looking up new stats about search engine and social media use and behavior for various online marketing presentations, and I decided it would be more useful to share them with the world (and have a convenient spot for me to reference them in the future). So here you go: More than 81% of all Internet users find their destination via a search engine. Jupiter Research, 2008. 87% of people click on the natural results (vs. paid) & Organic results convert 5.66x that of paid ads.

What Brexit means for US

Wild Woman Fundraising

Conflict Generational clash ageism arts Brexit Brexit decision canadian fundraising first impressions of brexit Fundraising nonprofit Brexit nostalgia rosemary metz UK fundraising US fundraisingWhat will Brexit mean for England’s charities?

Writing a Donor-Centered Website [This Week]

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You have less than 25 seconds to make a good impression on first-time visitors to your website. You can attend just this webinar for $99 and learn the basics of making a great first impression on website visitors.

7 Common Donation Form Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!) – Part 1

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We’ll be talking about how you can fix those errors by: Making a good first impression. Mistake #1: Not Making a Good First Impression. As previously stated on this very blog , “You have less than 25 seconds to make a good impression on first-time visitors to your website.”.

Nonprofit Communications Confidential: Receptionists

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They can have many responsibilities, including being the heartbeat of the office and the first person clients or supporters talk to, leaving them with a wonderful first impression. Receptionists can be a lifeline for your organization.

It’s all about the “warm glow”!


Honestly, I’m not impressed with the message and I think the design is weak. Alaska’s residents are allowed to share in the revenue the state enjoys from investments in mineral royalties. In order to get their dividend they have to apply for Permanent Fund Dividends.

How To Measure Media Cost & Results When Promoting Your Nonprofit (TV, Newspaper, Billboards, Branding Products, etc.)

NonProfit Branding

The Key Yardstick: Of three basic metrics, number of impressions is the [.]. The Research: Many media – billboards, TV, newspapers, skywriters, etc – can promote your brand. Each has different impacts. And different costs. Here’s a look at the research that compares expense and results. This is information you will want to keep for reference.)

Grow Your Email List With These 14 Paid Email Acquisition Sources

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Cost-per-Thousand Impressions (CPM). Cost per 1,000 Impressions (CPM). For every email list, there is churn, churn, churn. People leave your list and emails bounce. Are you replacing those names?

CPA 43

What I Wish More People Knew About Me

Social Media Bird Brain

A while back she wrote a post about what she wished more people knew about her and I was so impressed by it and the follow-up posts that I committed to writing one. I've mentioned that I like Amber Naslund's ideas over at Brass Tack Thinking. So if you're thinking this post has nothing to do with your small nonprofit, you're right. Many times since I said I would write this post, I've thought. me myself and I

#GivingTuesday 2015 Results: 1 Million Gifts Make a Record-Breaking Day

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Social media mentions jumped a whopping 86 percent, topped by 114 BILLION impressions on Twitter. Love it or hate it, #GivingTuesday has become a VERY BIG DEAL for nonprofits. By every measure, this giving day has exploded into a new, influential holiday.

Dec 64

Writing a Donor Centered Website

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You have less than 25 seconds to make a good impression on first-time visitors to your website. You can’t just add a “Donate” button to your nonprofit’s website and expect it to be successful. Many online gifts are impulse purchases.

It’s Not Your Grandma’s Homepage

The Agitator

So, if you want to keep up with their struggle –and their impressive investment in testing and figuring out the future—I recommend you subscribe (free) to the Neiman Journalism Lab . These are some impressive folks. The newspaper industry is struggling for its life. Of course, that’s not news, but what they’re doing by way searching for life rafts is indeed important and worthy of attention.

Make About Us Page an Invitation, Not a Recitation

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Go to it—Make your About Us content as lively, compelling and impressive as your people and impact.

Is This Any Way To Report To Your Donors?

The Agitator

This organization just keeps impressing me over and over. You bet it is! I recently received this email from Charity: Water. Click below to watch the video. Rachel’s Gift. One Year Later. Call me a marshmallow, but it got me crying. See how long you last.

5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Thank Your Letters

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Maybe it’s a short anecdote, or a telling testimonial, or even an impressive statistic. Donors are Testing Nonprofits, and Nonprofits Are Failing. According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, first-time donor retention is a measly 19%.

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Lesson From Greenpeace: Closing The Deal

The Agitator

I was hugely impressed and indicated my expectation that Greenpeace would probably do more than merely bask in the satisfaction that I was one of (then) 5 million viewers of their powerful video.

How NPR and PBS Engage Digital Audiences (An #npcomm Showdown)

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Again, neither of these well-respected nonprofits need to be sensational to impress a newsy audience, yet visiting the PBS website immediately spoke to their desire to engage the digital divide.

NPR 68

9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


Your writing should not be designed to impress your donors. I failed to get into business school. I hoped to be a business major at the University of Maryland in the 80’s. But my ability to read, comprehend and recapitulate the institution’s business lessons was not so good. I didn’t make the cut and failed to get even close to acceptance into the business school. So, I decided to become a journalism major instead even though I wasn’t very good at writing.

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Free Nonprofit Resource to Foster Connections and Knowledge Sharing

J Campbell Social Marketing

I am impressed by their mission: “ is committed to a world where nonprofits no longer work in isolation, but instead are empowered by essential mission-related knowledge and colleague connections.”

Involve everyone in fundraising

Get Fully Funded

This interaction gives an impression of your organization. If your staff is friendly and warm, people get a positive impression and they’ll be much more likely to give when the time comes. If they have a sour impression of your staff as grouchy or uncaring, they may not want to support your organization financially. Whether they know it or not, everyone in your organization is part of the fundraising process. So you may as well be purposeful about involving them.

Quality vs. Quantity: Which is better for selecting fundraising prospects?


An impression or experience “that lingers in a customer’s long-term memory enables them to travel back in time and recall the events and feelings that foster emotional engagement to a brand.”

Make Your Nonprofit Website a Positive Experience -- Even When Things Go Wrong

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It brought a smile to our faces and impressed us with the attention to a detail that many overlook. You'll increase the likelihood that they will continue using your site and you'll leave a positive impression that will last. . .

My 2015 ‘To do’ List — Recommendation #3

The Agitator

Who says first impressions don’t matter. I was browsing through my email, as one is wont to do, and noticed a praising mention of an unfamiliar nonprofit called Possible Health. And, as donors are wont to do, I went to their website to check them out. You’ll recall that #2 on my recommended 2015 ‘To do’ list yesterday was getting your nonprofit’s website in top shape for attracting and converting leads.] I loved this site.

Facebook Ads – Are They Right For Your Nonprofit?

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You can set your daily budget , or “lifetime” budget, and you will need to choose a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click bid). You only pay for the impressions or clicks that your ad receives, and if they are targeted well, this can be very effective.

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No More Fundraising Thermometers – Free E-Book

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I was so impressed with the creativity in all of your comments that I enlisted the help of Julia Reich Design to illustrate several of the ideas. I’ve never liked fundraising thermometers.

8 Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Nonprofit Website

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The mobile Web is rapidly becoming a key way to communicate your message to donors; it’s important that your nonprofit website isn’t giving them a bad impression. . Nonprofits are now reporting that up to a third of their Web traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Tips 124

How Great Website Design Drives Connection & Action

Getting Attention

Makes a Good First Impression. I know what you’re thinking, “How can a website make a first impression? Thanks to guest blogger Alex McLain, who designs engaging websites for nonprofits as a member of the Wired Impact team. Creating a new website for your nonprofit is a mind-boggling task. You’ve got a million questions reeling through your head throughout the process, but one of the key questions to consider is: “How important is the role of design in our website?”

Your Nonprofit’s Self-Image

The Agitator

But they can’t draw without a vivid, memorable impression to reflect upon and then interpret. You — i.e., your organization — are an important shaper of that impression, but not the only one.

Thanks for the Legacy Gift…Here’s a Pin!


” I was impressed. Do you give out pins? When I informed a nonprofit about my legacy gift intention, all I really got was a pin. “Whoopie!” ” I thought to myself. Pins are not a bad idea. The problem is that too many organizations send out pins and that’s all.

Repurpose Your Content for Consistent Storytelling

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By using Meet Edgar (they have nonprofit pricing) and repurposing Invisible People posts, I was able to bring traffic back from 5 million to 10 million impressions a week.

KPIs for Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

You can start with the obvious; dollars raised, sales, impressions generated, media value of said impressions, and number of participants. If you ask a regular marketer what his KPIs are he may have a handful. But ask a digital marketer what her key performance indicators and she may have 100 or more. The reason, said Jeff A.