Part 2: How to Write an Appeal Letter 101

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how to write your appeal letter. It talks about why direct mail is so important, and gives you some tips on what you need to do. Now we’re getting into Part 2, Which is ALL ABOUT writing the different parts of your direct mail letter. Write it now. .

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How to manage up in your fundraising job

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This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising and I’m so happy to introduce Kishshana Palmer. So I want you all to think of me as your fixer. So like many folks who we help, I was a lone fundraiser in an organization trying to figure it out. Like oh, should we bow to you?

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I am learning how to write. How about you?

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I am always learning how to write. It does get easier, but there’s always another mountain to climb. For right now, for example, I feel like I’ve got appeal letters nailed, but I’m learning how to write a screenplay.

How can you make your nonprofit writing more persuasive?

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What about if you’re WRITING to people instead of talking with them (and listening to them?). Remember, don’t ever tell them what to do. And people are looking to you to give back. You have the ability and the capability to make a difference.

Get Your Dream Job

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Did you ever wish someone had taught you in high school how to interview, apply for jobs, and succeed in your first 90 days of a job? Mistakes that I cringe to think about now. And I want to keep you from making the mistakes I made. Consulting to gain experience.

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How to lose a donor in 90 days

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I was a monthly donor to this nonprofit for years. I was also giving free (and paid) but mostly free advice to the ED. I got solicited by another nonprofit, so I decided to stop giving to them and give my money somewhere else. You don’t write an email severing ties.

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Part 3: How to Send an Appeal Letter

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how to send appeal letters in bulk. If so, now you know why direct mail is important in fundraising, and how to write the parts of an appeal letter. Today we’re going to talk about how to SEND your appeal letter. How to Send Your Letter.

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How to prep for your next big ask


There’s a ton of information out there about how to ask for a donation. So I thought I’d help with what I believe is the simplest way to prep for your next big ask. Write your answers beside the questions.

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How to Join Us in October

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Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide this month: Online Training: October 5: How to Create a Thank-You Video for Supporters Before Thanksgiving with Kivi Leroux Miller. Learn everything you need to create a great thank-you video just in time for Thanksgiving.

Writing a Fabulous Case for Support

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If you aren’t getting the donations you think you should, it could be time to upgrade your case for support. Tom Ahern is back to help you do just that! Join us next Thursday and Friday for: Writing a Fabulous Case for Support.

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Write Your Way to Connection & Action

Getting Attention

Stuck on that membership renewal email series or the petition-signing campaign due to launch on Facebook last week? Ready to move from making mediocre messages to crafting content that connects quickly, and is repeated and acted on? Then learn and laugh as you gobble your way through Jeff Brooks’ new guide to writing great nonprofit content: How to Turn Your Words Into Money: The Master Fundraiser’s Guide to Persuasive Writing.

How to write knockout proposals

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I read this book last week called “How to Write Knockout Proposals&# by Joseph Barbato. Don’t put together one proposal then send it to lots of different funders. Remember, you don’t want to give the proposal reviewer any reason to toss your proposal. And explain how it will benefit the people you serve. If you claim that your program is innovative, be prepared to explain how and share supporting data.

How to Motivate Board Members: Interview with Simone Joyaux

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Recently I interviewed Simone Joyaux about how to get a better board. Mazarine: How long have you been helping people build better boards? A lot of boards are on the continuum from not so good to just plain dysfunctional. Obviously staff have to manage finances.

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Fundraising Career Pathing – How to Take the Right Job for You

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Are you wondering how to get ahead in your fundraising career? Do you know there are things you need to do to get to that next job, but you’re not sure how to look good enough to the hiring manager? to Development Coordinator.

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Why Visitors Abandon Your Website (And How to Fix It)

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There, in the demographic data, lay a discovery: visitors over the age of 55 were half as likely to come back to the site than those in any other age range. When we began to unpack this problem and try to understand what factors were actually causing it, we quickly narrowed it down.

FREE Webinar: How to make a stunning fundraising resume

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Webinar Title: How to Make a Stunning Fundraising Resume. Are you trying to break into fundraising? How can you set yourself apart? How can you improve your resume to help you get that next fundraising job? How to relate unrelated experience on your resume.

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How to Do Social Media Spring Cleaning at Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Spring is in the air – hopefully coming soon to Boston – and it’s time to put a fresh coat of paint on those dusty social media accounts! you may still want to take a close look at those profiles. . Add a video to the Cover. Change the call-to-action button.

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How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report

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I’ve just re-released my popular e-book on how to write a nonprofit annual report. If you are struggling with how to produce one, this guide will answer your questions. If you have an example you’d like to share, please add it to the wiki.

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Interview on how to make your year end appeals more effective

Wild Woman Fundraising

What is the best way to write fundraising appeals? Mazarine Treyz is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising , and founder of, a popular fundraising resource with 50,000 monthly readers. A Winning Formula to write your Appeal Letter.

Should We Release a Statement? How to Decide

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When should your nonprofit release a statement to the news media? Charities have been asking this question with increased frequency in light of a dizzying array of controversial news items that have a clear connection to the nonprofit world. Do you have something meaningful to say?

Writing a Donor-Centered Website [This Week]

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You can’t just add a “Donate” button to your nonprofit’s website and expect it to be successful. Join us this week for Writing a Donor-Centered Website with Tom Ahern. Like all of your communications, your website needs to focus on your potential donor.

New Free Webinar: How to Find Volunteers August 29th

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And of course you’re on salary so no matter how much more you work, you don’t get more money. And people seem to find things wrong, but never notice what’s going right? Oh, plus, no budget for raises, and of course no budget to hire help for you.

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Book Review: How to Raise Money for Political Office

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In a year and a half, it will be time for another US presidential election, which means it’s a good time to run, since people tend to vote more during presidential election years. Lately I’ve been researching how to do political fundraising for a friend of mine.

How to get a bigger nonprofit salary? Read what I said in The Chronicle of Philanthropy!

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Recently Little House Communications asked me to help them write an article about negotiating your nonprofit salary, for the Chronicle of Philanthropy. How much does the executive director make?”. Treyz encourages her clients to go a step further.

How to Run a Great Text Giving Campaign

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If you are thinking of starting a text giving campaign, Abby Jarvis of Qgiv is here today to share some tips on how to make it successful. As phones become more ubiquitous, nonprofits are experimenting with different ways to engage donors on their mobile devices.

How to Streamline Your Review Process and Publish Faster

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It needs to get out the door or online quickly to be relevant. But a painful review and approval process can cripple your creative work, no matter how good it is. Here’s a menu of elements that you might want to include in your own review and approval process.

How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising, and today I am so excited to be interviewing Phil Gerard for our Fundraising Career Conference 2016. Phil will be speaking about how to structure and organization your fundraising job search. Here’s how I met Phil.

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Collective Joy = How to Harness the Power of #Occupy for Your Nonprofit Cause

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What Barbara Erhenreich AND the Occupy Movement are teaching me is that we need to take the collective expression of protest around the world and have a dance-off. Why would you want to make people dance and sing around your very serious cause? Getting everyone to dance together.

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Want to learn what makes an incredible year end appeal?

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Do you have trouble getting people to open your nonprofit appeals? . Do you want to learn the tactics of successful appeal copywriting that will help people tear open your envelope and write you a big check? . Whether you are an old pro and just want some new tips, or you’re writing your appeal letter for the first time, you’ll find killer strategies and tried-and-true tactics in this e-course to take your appeal letter to the next level.

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Nonprofit Writing Prompts for September

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and haven’t quite figured out your content calendar for next month, then use these prompts for your blog posts, social media updates or newsletter articles for next month taken from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts Email Newsletter : On the Calendar. ” and tell how you will.

Writing a Donor Centered Website

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You can’t just add a “Donate” button to your nonprofit’s website and expect it to be successful. So any number of things can detract a potential donor from completing the donation: What you say and how you say it. Online Marketing Writing for the Web

3 Brutally Honest Appeal Letter Critiques Part 3

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I got this letter because I gave a small donation to Human Rights Campaign at Portland Pride in 2014. It’s 4 pages long, so I am not going to type out this entire letter for you. ” The call to action is to add the equality symbol to your key chain.

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How to Ask for a Bequest…And Get It

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Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests. A simple plan might include: Writing a vision statement that lets donors know how their bequest will help the organization for future generations.

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How to ASSURE a Gift

A Small Change

This is a great way to help our board members (and staff) remember each important step in the solicitation process. Maybe mention how the money was spent or what difference it made. S – Story – Tell a story that talks about an area of interest to your donor.

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Are you wondering how to attain mastery in fundraising?

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Throughout this book there are stories about how people overcame incredible odds to attain mastery. They did it by seeking out mentors, by learning about human nature, by devoting themselves to one area of research, and taking risks. So I tried to distract myself.

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Free Webinar: How to Get Your Nonprofit Emails Opened

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Enewsletters: how to write better ones. Ever been frustrated by writing your nonprofit e-newsletter? Ever wondered what to say, or how to get people to click donate? What kind of photos to use. Where to put the donate button.

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How to do a better board training (with Andy Robinson)

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I got the chance to ask Andy, board trainer extraordinaire of , my most burning questions about board training. SO of course, I asked him to solve my problems-and asked him how I could be unconsciously holding myself back as a trainer. So give them stuff to do.

How to make a splash! Marketing Your Nonprofit Educational Programs

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I’ve never told anyone about this before… I’m about to share a secret that can help keep your association in the black. What can you do to help your association succeed, and how can you get more people to take your fantastic educational programs?

How to Establish Thought Leadership within Your Nonprofit

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If your nonprofit wants to gain notoriety, broaden awareness of your work, establish the credibility of your organization, and attract more supporters and donors, the secret sauce is right inside your organization. Here’s how we do it with clients, and how you can do it yourself.

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INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

Wild Woman Fundraising

Your donors are going to love you for offering planned giving options to them. Because you’re allowing them to give you money instead of the government. Money that they would have to pay in any case can now go to you. Want to learn more? how about you?

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