21 Ways to Give Back Through Your Holiday Shopping

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Love it or hate it, the holiday hysteria is upon us! Thankfully, there are quite a few ways you can give back and pay it forward this holiday season. Here are just 21 ways to give back through your holiday shopping. photo credit: Rev.

7 Steps To More Online Donations This Holiday Season

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You better make sure that your website is attracting potential supporters and enticing them to donate when they reach your website this holiday season. How is your nonprofit preparing your website for holiday giving? It’s year-end giving time – the most wonderful time of the year!

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How to Get Your Nonprofit Into the News During the Holidays

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But smart organizations are also planning ahead for another year-end tradition: increased coverage of charities during the holidays. This rush of coverage during the holidays offers some great opportunities for nonprofits that are looking to tell their stories through the media.

Sharing the MLK, Jr. Holiday in a Culturally Competent Way

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holiday, including that someone needed to explain, “Why we had the day off.”. Maybe she wondered why I was a little quiet at first, but she didn’t ask and I didn’t bother launching into my spiel about civil rights being a discussion-worthy topic—even if it’s not a notable leader’s holiday.

My Gift To You This Holiday Season


Happy holidays! The post My Gift To You This Holiday Season appeared first on MarketSmart | . A lot of people have asked me, “Can you really achieve planned gift marketing success online ?”

The most powerful features for your holiday campaign


With the holidays right around the corner, is your organization set up to have your most successful holiday giving campaign ever? As a result of CrowdRise joining GoFundMe earlier this year, we’re able to offer new features, optimizations, and a little cold hard cash certain to increase your donation volume and campaign reach this holiday season.

A Simple Way To Get More Social Media Engagement This Holiday Season

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As the holiday season approaches, everyone is going to have “giving” on the brain (at least, we hope). The post A Simple Way To Get More Social Media Engagement This Holiday Season appeared first on J Campbell Social Marketing.

3 reasons why you should try social fundraising this holiday season


#GivingTuesday and the holiday season. We all know that this is the biggest time of the year for those in the giving space. Not only that, but we also happen to think that it’s the best time to try out social fundraising for yourself to see just how powerful it can be. Fundraising Marketing

Mobilizing our holiday dollars for good

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There are high hopes for this year’s campaign, which aims to spark the same enthusiasm to give back to nonprofits as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have done with individuals for shopping for the holidays.

The most important holiday for all fundraisers

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Network for Good’s favorite holiday is this month. That’s why we want all fundraisers to join in and celebrate this very important holiday. Thanks to the most-photogenic NFGers for reminding us why it’s important to #beyourdonor on October 24 th !

Happy Holidays!

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As we spend time with family and loved ones over the holidays and reflect on the year that’s passed and the year to come, all of us in Venable’s Adlaw practice wish you a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year

5 Email Design Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

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We all know that the holidays are a busy time of year, and not just for you and your staff, but for your supporters and volunteers as well. That''s why it''s more important than ever to make the right choices when designing your holiday and end-of-year email fundraising campaigns.

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An Example Of How To Fundraise With Nonprofit Infographics

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How can your nonprofit entice more donations this holiday season by using nonprofit infographics? Fundraising Infographics Marketing Nonprofits Compassion International Gift Catalog holiday giving nonprofit infographics visual marketing year-end giving

5 Holiday Cause Promotions that Top My Christmas List

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Finally, we have a big retail chain that’s sticking its flag in the ground and saying MERRY CHRISTMAS instead of happy holidays. Radio Shack's "So Right" Foursquare holiday badge benefits LIVESTRONG. This is my digital pick for the holiday season.

5 tips for better orchestrating your messages this holiday

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If you want the best response to your outreach this holiday, focus on creating surround sound around your supporters. Here are five ways to better orchestrate your messages this holiday, inspired by his thinking. You want to project the same messages via multiple channels in a well-orchestrated marketing symphony. How do you do that? Roger Craver had some good tips in Fundraising Success that focused on retention.

New giving index shows healthy 2012 online holiday giving

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Network for Good , along with PayPal and Blackbaud, has been participating in the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s new online giving index. The Q4 2012 results are out, and you can see the data and compare it to your own experience at the Chronicle site here. The headlines: -After a sluggish summer, giving rebounded at the end of last year, with 8 percent more gifts totaling nearly 17% more dollars than the same period in 2011.

Soliciting monthly sustainer gifts during the holidays


Yet many organizations avoid requesting monthly gifts during the holiday season, since single gifts offer a higher average gift and nonprofits are counting on the huge year-end bump in fundraising the holiday season brings.

Happy Holidays

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retreat loss family holidaysGiven the statistics, it appears you guys very much like posts about new apps and tools that you can use to further your social outreach, so I'll keep that in mind as we move into 2013. This year has been very dramatic - I won't recount the events, since there are plenty of comics, pundits, and magazine/news shows that will do a better job - but this has been one of the toughest years for.

A Cause Marketer's Guide to Giving Over the Holidays

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Source: Wall Street Journal There's an interesting body of research that shows that people will go to great lengths to escape giving a donation over the holidays. To ensure the spirit of generosity doesn't harden into resentment, I'm doubling down on giving this holiday season.

Want to learn what makes an incredible year end appeal?

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We know that around the holidays, people tend to give more, both online and offline. Maybe they want the tax write-off, or because of the holiday spirit, or maybe because you only mail out one appeal letter a year. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re working hard on your appeal right now, and this might be the only paper appeal you’re sending this year. . Are you worried because your appeal didn’t bring in much last year? .

13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Email: First Name: Last Name: 13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online Print this Article By Katya Andresen: Nov 26, 2007 Average: 3.4 This holiday, ask some of your biggest supporters to invite their friends and family to support you. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

It’s My Birthday! Using Special Occasions for Cause Marketing

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A special occasion like a birthday is a great time to point out the value of using special occasions, holidays and even special moments for cause marketing. Pinterest Holiday Boards (I have holiday cause marketing boards for most of the major holidays!).

I Love You—Piggyback Your Content to Notable Days & Headlines (Part 2)

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Strategy editorial calendar holiday-jacking newsjackingToday’s a great opportunity for your organization to be relevant, by communicating the right message to your network at the right place and time.

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10 Christmas Fundraising Ideas Guaranteed to Spread Holiday Cheer

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The following Christmas fundraising ideas are designed to not only help your organization raise much-needed funds but also spread holiday cheer in the process. There’s no need to wait for the holidays to start the second of our Christmas fundraising ideas. Add Christmas-themed raffle items for more holiday fundraising. Community members can send a little holiday musical spirit to family and friends while also supporting a good cause.

This Blog Shut for Thanksgivukkah

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For the friends who celebrate Thanksgiving - have a wonderful, warm holiday. gratitude Hanukkah holiday thanksgiving Thanksgivukkah trickle-down Via JewishJournal.com For my Jewish friends - may each night bring you a new blessing. For the rest of us Taoists - pass the gravy and don''t forget the wine. Extra Credit: If you have very conservative relatives, pour all the gravy onto your plate and tell them it will eventually trickle down to them!

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10 Ways To Engage Donors And Boost Donations This Holiday Season

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Capitalize on generosity this holiday season as you engage donors and boost donations. Create a Seasonal Holiday Campaign. Deck the halls and give your seasonal donation campaign a holiday flare. Post a picture of a rescue dog sporting a holiday wreath.

Mark This Off Your To-Do List Before You Leave for the Holidays

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So knock one more thing off your to-do list before you leave the office for the holidays and get your All-Access Pass now. The post Mark This Off Your To-Do List Before You Leave for the Holidays appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog.

Buying the charity message: Holiday fundraising trends in 2012

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Today’s New York Times has a story on charity campaigns that seek to convince shoppers to add charity to their lists this holiday. Exhibit two is Oxfam America’s “Unwrapped” holiday giving campaign with “gifts” such as water pumps for the poor. They are relevant and timely: Everyone is thinking about the holidays and gift giving, so these campaigns connect nicely with top-of-mind consumer concerns and behaviors.

Annual Report Webinar and E-Book for Special Holiday Price of Only $20!

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How to Create a Nonprofit Annual Report. People Will Actually Read. Presented by Kivi Leroux Miller. Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9, 2015. 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific). Registration is ONLY $20! Space is limited. Your Donors Want to See Results Before They’ll Give Again. But that doesn’t mean you have to write and design a 20+ page tome. In fact, many donors say they’d prefer something much shorter , clearer, and more direct.

I Miss You and Great Holiday Gift for You: A FREE Book!

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If you are thinking about starting a blog for your nonprofit next year (and you should be if you have the bandwith), read Debbie's book over the holidays. Much love to you and yours this holiday season! Hi Friends, I apologize for being MIA lately. I miss you!

#FUNDRAISING: The Holiday Season For Donations Begins Now. Ready?

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To celebrate the good work you have been doing for the last six months, and to energize yourselves for the critical holiday season of solicitation and fundraising that should hit its peak in mid-November and continue right through the new year. The pools are open and busy.

Top 5 rhetorical questions - holiday edition


It’s the holiday season. That time of year when things are busier, time seems to move faster, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fundraising Marketing

For Holidays Starbucks, Critics See (RED) & Green

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Customers also get a copy of the exclusive All You Need Is Love Holiday CD for free. I love Starbucks. I love Product (RED). I love cause marketing. If you have a problem with any of these you should probably leave now.

Nonprofit Folks, Fun, Free, Holiday Distractions Follow, Here. We Thank You, Dear Readers!

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Merry Christmas, belated Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kawanzaa, Happy Winter Solstice, best wishes in 2011, Happy holidays, and enjoy! This is just some good holiday fun without the hangover, family drama, or over-stuffed feeling. holiday cheer

Holiday Suggestion: Praline Chocolate Chip Cookie

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I do a lot of baking with my kids this time of year, and last week I noticed that while we had made dozens and dozens of cookies, there wasn’t one that I personally LOVED. So I decided to make up a new recipe with some of my favorite ingredients.

6 Thanksgiving Cause Marketing Promotions I’m Thankful for

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Capplause cause marketing holiday giving thanksgivingWhatever challenges, misfortunes and problems you faced this year, I bet you still have something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s just the fact that you’re alive! I know I’m thankful for a lot of things.

Getting Your Donation Web Page Ready For The Holiday Rush

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As Allyson Kapin pointed out on the FrogLoop blog , this is the perfect time of year to work on your organization’s donation page/form, because the late fall/holiday season is generally the period of greatest fundraising for charities. Not really.

Fun Cause Marketing Promotion, Wrong Holiday

Cause Related Marketing

Memorial Day is a federal holiday, but also a day to do a little cause marketing. It’s a fun campaign that just happens be on the wrong holiday. So how is Memorial Day the wrong holiday? Well, Memorial Day is the federal holiday when we remember all who died while serving in the U.S. holiday when we honor the bravery and sacrifice of all who have served in the armed forces. Today is Memorial Day 2013 in the United States.

Guest post: Should you send that card? Personalizing Can KILL Your Major Gifts!

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Thank you cards, letters of appreciation and holiday cards – all are a common method of communication and connection with donors. It’s such a simple thing – a holiday card or thank you note – but it’s something that many nonprofits screw up and get dead wrong.

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Miriam's Happy Holidays List


In the spirit of the Holidays (and in the spirit of being on vacation and in a food coma), I have been for a while now compiling all kinds of interesting bits and pieces to share as part of my 2008 round-up. So, in no particular order, except for the last item, which is hands-down my favorite for the entire year: 1) From the Artez Interactive Blog, a round-up on 6 Online Holiday Fundraising Campaigns. What happens when everyone get their holiday bills??