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The Truth behind Nonprofit Marketing Help-Wanteds

Getting Attention

Most Help-Wanteds are Unrealistic. Take this help-wanted for a Communications Coordinator with the Data Quality Campaign. Really? Thanks!

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Why do people at work treat me this way?

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’ve seen all of these responses and more, when I go in to work at nonprofits. It can also help you understand your co-workers.

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Work Your Proper Hours

Wild Woman Fundraising

Work Your Proper Hours! Why is staying late equivocated to working hard? employees worked 1,968 million unpaid overtime hours last year.

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Asana—Streamline the Work Behind Your Work (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

Getting Attention

She’s also on the board for The Yoga Seed Collective and couldn’t help but make a few yoga-related puns below. I shared my favorite (free!*)

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Do you have bad boundaries?

Wild Woman Fundraising

SG: Well, I think boundary issues, there’s really no separating work from life. I’m working exactly where I need to be. Welcome.

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Your fundraising letters helped by zombies

Fundraising Coach

A handy way zombies can help your fundraising letters I just ran across this handy test on Pinterest. Quite funny, isn't it? But it's true!

Stay Focused at Work: 4 Ideas You Can Try

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Pick just one and see if using it every day for a week helps you feel more focused at work. I’ve got a challenge for you.

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6 tips to help board members work a room

Fundraising Coach

Last night, I was asked for some tips to help my fellow board members with a fundraising dinner on Thursday. Tips on Working the Room.

Reader Questions: Are you being bullied at work? What can you do?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This work draws on policies that they have put in place to protect their workers. How can you resist manipulation at work? Jobhunting.

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Sharing Your Progress: 12 Phrases that Give Your Donors Credit for Helping

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s when you talk about the highlights and victories of your year, and thank donors for helping you make it happen. Here you go.

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What Type of Communications Team Works Best at Your Nonprofit?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That has major implications for the effectiveness of your communications work, depending on your goals. Centralized. Internal Agency. CEO-Led.

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Oops! 36 Subject Lines and Phrases to Help You Fix Email Mistakes 

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Landing pages or website doesn’t work. Many of you wrote to let me know that X wasn’t working. via GIPHY. Shame. Embarrassment. TERROR!

This one trick helped her go from $100K to $300K with her annual event

Wild Woman Fundraising

So my ability to be able to help them work through that, and anybody who’s worked with me will tell you that my style is – I call it OHD.

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Why the #IceBucketChallenge works

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

How has any of this helped the charity? Note: These factors can also help make your next campaign more effective.). It’s social.

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Nonprofit Websites that Work: Showcase Your Personality, Passion & Impact

Getting Attention

During this process, I learned several important lessons that will help you build a site that truly reflects your nonprofit and its goals.

Interview Questions to Help You Write Great Donor, Volunteer, and Client Profiles for Your Newsletters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You’ll usually want answers that relate back both to the nonprofit itself and to the larger issues or cause that the nonprofit works on.

How to Work With a Social Media Consultant

J Campbell Social Marketing

This situation may call for a social media consultant to help you build your online communities, create great content and manage your time effectively.

Helping board members tell their nonprofit story

Fundraising Coach

One of the most important tools I've seen is helping board members get comfortable telling their own story. Used by permission. Engage 3. Ask 4.

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Nonprofit Communications Help Wanted – 3 Great Jobs Now Open

Getting Attention

Believe me, working with Carie will be a great opportunity to learn from the best in emerging media! 2) Go mobile! Just email me !

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2 Strategies to Help Your Nonprofit Go Viral

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

They understand that they cannot control the conversation — but they can provide tools and resources that can help frame the conversation.

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10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is because the numbers don’t add up, between how much money they raise and how many people they actually help. He said, 0. Like ego.

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5 Super Solid Ways To Engage Your Supporters Online (PLUS 28 Affordable Tools to Help You Do It)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

This can be an incredibly fun way to engage your audience, and with the right idea can work as an acquisition campaign. How can we help?

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HATE your job? You are not alone. Join us on April 7th.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Does your real life begin AFTER work? Do you DREAD going into work? Do you get yelled at on a regular basis at work? We’ll also talk about resumes, and networking to find new work. Ways to demand dignity at work. ">How I can’t wait to help you get a better job! So, let me ask you this. Thursday!

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23 Mistakes I Hope You Won’t Make

Wild Woman Fundraising

Early in my career, I worked for $10 an hour, because I felt like I needed any job. Yeah… that didn’t work. Hoo Boy.

3 Ways to Help Donors Recruit Donors

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here are three ways your organization can help donors recruit donors: 1. How does the thank you process work for your organization?

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Spread the work around

Get Fully Funded

If you working on raising the money of your dreams, you should always be on the lookout for people who can help advance your cause. After all, you can’t do it yourself and many hands make light work. Make sure they have the time and are willing to do some work. What is the committee intended to accomplish?

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Telling Stories When You Help Indirectly

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Several great questions have come in via Facebook about storytelling, including this one, which I hear just about every time I teach a storytelling workshop: How can I use stories if we are several steps removed from the people receiving the help? One Warm Coat helps other nonprofits and individuals organize coat drives. I get it.

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71 sessions to help your hospital fundraising – for free!

Fundraising Coach

Weisman, Carol: Help Your Physicians Become Productively Involved in Fundraising (Q&A). The schedule for The Hospital Fundraising Summit.

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4 Tips for Subject Lines That Work

Fundraising 123

Here''s a simple, four-step makeover to help transform your subject lines from ho-hum to "Oh, wow!" In a sea of emails, it helps to be a little different. Subject lines containing the words help, RE, or FWD are often interpreted as scams. Before: RE: Help a veteran find a home. " 1. State the Obvious.

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7 Year-End Fundraising Practices That Work All Year

Fundraising Coach

To help you build up the best strategy for your nonprofit, check out these top 7 practices for year-round fundraising: Tell stories.

Ethiopia's 'Sesame Street' Needs Your Help Saving Orphans

Cause Related Marketing

Whiz Kids has a staff of nine, but Tigabu does much of the work herself, including testing scripts and storyboards on actual kids. Smart!

This Is Getting In Your Way—Strong Stories Will Help

Getting Attention

It’s a simple equation, at least theoretically. Your goal is to change how people perceive, think, and give or act around your issue or cause.

Do you need some help? Where can you get it?

Wild Woman Fundraising

BTW, I want to help you. Okay, enough of ME offering to help you! Here’s how other people can help you! Get help!

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How does an appeal letter edit work?

Wild Woman Fundraising

With some help, they can. For some seniors, receiving Meals-on-Wheels, transportation to their neighborhood senior center or a weekly grocery trip may be all the help they need to maintain their independence. Others find themselves in situations where they need more help and additional services. With your help, they can.

Reader Questions: Does adding extra stuff your appeal mailing work?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Adding things to your mailing can either help OR hurt you. This was at the end of the webinar, and I really did not know the answer to this one.

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“Calls to Action” That Just Don’t Work

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Work with you. Are You Talking to Me? What Am I Supposed to Do - Or Not Do? If you find yourself asking your nonprofit’s supporters to.

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7 things about email subject lines that will help you save the world


Here are some things I’ve learned that work well in email subject lines. Firstly, email subject lines are actually headlines.

Pls Help Now: From Post-Sandy NJ

Getting Attention

Please donate right now to support these regional organizations working hard to help those most affected by the storm. These folks are on the ground, providing services right now and need your help to keep it up. Text KIDS to 80888 to donate $10 to @CovenantHouse and help homeless kids affected by #Sandy. I’m lucky.

Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

Wild Woman Fundraising

HELP WANTED – Organizations aren’t finding enough qualified candidates for the jobs. picture by mb21 on Flickr. Why is this?

Announcing the Fundraising Career Conference

Wild Woman Fundraising

The mission of the Fundraising Career Conference is to help fundraising people build their careers. And it’s not getting better.