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Above, the topic is about choosing which island in Hawaii to visit. Tagged: hunch,, new search engine. Tags: SEM future of search hunch new search engine Finally! A site that can help me with questions like: Does he love me or not? Should I ask him out? Should I wear red or blue today? Should I go back to school? You think I’m kidding, but really these are the question the site says it handles.

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It's hard to imagine a world without this search engine which allows us to find information on ANYTHING. Just this weekend, I used Google to navigate to the Splash Park, figure out what time it was in Hawaii (I'm time zone challenged) and research scooters.

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Want to know an awesome woman in India - I can put you to touch with Dina Mehta or perhaps you need a cool diva in Germany - happy to introduce you to Nicole Simon or maybe you'd like to know about vlogs in Hawaii, I'm sure Roxanne Darling would be glad to chat with you.