Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


Next up, Gay, along with poet Yona Harvey, will release Black Panther: World of Wakanda , making them the first black female duo to write for a Marvel comic. She took an active role in the independence movement aimed at relinquishing Ottoman rule over Greec e, investing her own fortune into securing arms, ships, and otherwise equipping the soldiers under her command. When Michelle Obama writes your college recommendation letter , it sort of solidifies your shero status.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Take My Public Speaking Course

Selfish Giving

” This is changing as many people are exposed to more great public speaking at conferences, on Youtube and television and at the movies. Being a great speaker gives you an edge over others that may write or think better than you do. Want to write more clearly, succinctly and powerfully? The advice has been around since Ancient Greece 2,500 years ago.