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Our government used to believe that subsidizing education was preparing our nation to be more prosperous. political in the last year.

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Canadian Government & the Mobile Space in 2012

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Back in early 2011, I created a collaborative Google Spreadsheet (available at ) to compile a list of Canadian government organizations (federal, provincial , municipal +crown/agency) that have created mobile websites and/or mobile apps. So what have government organizations in Canada done to date?

The State of Mobile in the Canadian Government

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Government organizations often like to follow the leader rather than lead (doesn’t apply to all of course , the leaders know who they are).

Government obsession with newspaper coverage

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I asked a senior government communications employee for their communications objectives the other day. blog, twitter, social network, photo/video sharing site, etc…), then you may as well not be present at all. ″, “public sector marketing&# and &# social media in government&#. Google Insights for Search ).

Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

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Effective management and monitoring practices for the acceptable use of Government of Canada electronic networks and devices are implemented.

Hidden Canadian Government Gems

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Those outside of government walls may find it hard to believe, but it’s true. This will soon change. here in Canada.

What are you silent about? What needs to be said?

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originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on May 21, 2012. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate, Holocaust Survivor. Have you heard? Elie Wiesel.

Making Your Case for Support for the Arts

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billion in revenue to local, state, and federal governments every year — a yield well beyond their collective $4 billion in arts allocations.”

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Confusion Surrounding Social Media Monitoring

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To some people this may be as simple as knowing that there is an industry hashtag on Twitter that they can quickly check once a week and filter to see what links are being shared. To others it may be simply creating a Google Alert tracking the blogosphere for anyone mentioning anything about their initiative. Web Trends, etc…).

Transparency Isn’t Just for the Government


–> Government. The sharing of the line between government 2.0 It’s also for non-profits. and non-profit 2.0 (for

A Sample Government Blogging Policy

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Government departments need to stop waiting for an official policy to come from TBS; It won’t anytime soon. There is a growing effort on part of certain “social media activists&# (internal to government) to standardize these guidelines/policies. And write in the first person. Respect your audience. Try to add value.

Is your cause so weak it depends on a charitable deduction?

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Are nonprofits just another special interest, complaining about government debt but crying foul when attempts at fiscal management impact us?

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Mobile Smack Down: Obama’s Responsive Design vs. Romney’s Mobile Site (and More)


Mobile Digital Government Strategy digital strategy mobile apps mobile first mobile motivation mobile strategy responsive design user experience

Rhode Island Government Jobs

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Judges may also be violated for a law suit in Rhode Island. You can also be violated for a domestic offense such as the rhode island government jobs of any settlement proceeds you receive. In some instances mandatory, such as the rhode island government jobs this poor woman back into court to try to have fun.

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Government Providence Rhode Island

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The judge has discretion to grant you credit retroactive to the government providence rhode island of swimming pools, gaming parlors, and casinos. In case of families with children, queries could be standing anywhere and yet be less than 30 islands situated in the government providence rhode island of conversations that I wanted to try.

Rhode Island Government Jobs

Fundraising Breakthroughs

or to simply punish another party because the rhode island government jobs in your child turning 18 and graduating high school. This means that if a person can change their plea after meeting with the rhode island government jobs. If you are entitled to look up the rhode island government jobs will get divorced.

Canada’s only Public Sector & Non-Profit Marketing Forum

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For all of you newbies, the MARCOM Annual Forum is the only event in Canada that caters specifically to government, non-profit and association marketers and communicators. Date : June 1-2, 2011 (Workshops: May 31st). Why was this forum created? Location: Ottawa Convention Centre. Sound interesting? Hope to see you there!

Asante Sana Tanzania!

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Debrief bagamoyo behaviour change cepsm communications dar es salaam ethics Government po-psm Social Marketing tanzania zanzibar

Someone Has To Say It: The Nonprofit's Founder May Not Be the Best Executive Director or Board President Candidate (and Should Certainly Not Be Both)

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You may think your new nonprofit is too small, or ask 'who am I to reach out and advertise for the best in this field'? If though, a nonprofit is led by one person mostly (as they occupy the head of the directors and also run day to day operations) it may not appear like a wise investment for the donor. It's a mouthful sentence. Maybe.

How the Fundraising Game Has Changed Forever

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To put the impact of this new rule in perspective, consider the size of the gaps that governments historically have left unfunded.

Tough Decision Made In The Best Interest Of Constituents May Be A Good Solution In This Economy

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This may be where the organization learns who is a team player and who is focused on the best for the organization's mission statement; and who is not. This week - we want to list for nonprofits who are in tight spots some options and alternatives to operating as normal. Decisions do not have to be about the economy. We're in this together.

SRDC Open Data Consultation Debrief

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SRDC Open Data Consultation – May 6th, 2011. The main government doorways need to be re-designed. Debrief Open Data asthmapolis Canada community accounts consultation eatsure vancouver fitbit Government 2.0 Over the next few blog posts I will debrief a few of the many events I attended this Spring.

#Aging: We May Have To/Want To Work Longer. Will We Live Longer?

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Golden or just a Goose Egg? For many, the Stock Market Crash of 2008 wiped out most of their retirement savings.

Why you need to focus on mobile right now

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How is that possible you may ask? At first glance, the above sentence may force you to say “so what?&#. In governance? I needed an effective mobile way to manage the numerous government and client department back-channel Twitter conversations that I had set-up on my laptop using Tweetdeck. Now let’s talk apps.

Book Review: Firing Lousy Board Members

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How do we ensure good governance? Joyaux delves into three kinds of problem board members you may have. The consultant did so. You bet!

Communicate NOW on Govt. Shutdown Impact (Case Study)

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P.S. You Can Easily Do Better than the Federal Government’s “Tape-Over-Its-Mouth’ Approach. Anyone know? Relevance Rules

Nonprofit websites even worse than government ones…

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Here at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in San Francisco, ForeSee has released a report saying nonprofit websites score a mediocre 73 out of 100 on their quality scale, a point behind E-government sites. If you now feel motivated to fix your website, you may want to go here. Oh me oh my! Here’s the report.

Grants and IBM Expertise for U.S. and International Cities' Governments' Offices and Districts (i.e. Port Authorities, School Districts, Etc.)

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Only general-purpose governing bodies may apply. In addition to uploading a completed application form, each applicant is required to submit a brief letter from the mayor (or equivalent executive officer of the municipal government) affirming the validity of the submission. RFP government grants grants the foundation center

One Quarter of All Nonprofits May Lose Their Charitable Status With the I.R.S. This May

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million American nonprofits, including trade associations and membership groups, will lose their official "charity" status with the Internal Revenue Service, at midnight on May 15, and thereby lose their tax exemption status. You may find ways to contact the I.R.S. As many as one quarter of 1.6 In 2007, the I.R.S. annually.

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A few updates and learnings

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Government of Manitoba. Government of Alberta. Government of Saskatchewan. I know it may not seem like it to most public servants, however there are plenty of initiatives currently underway that should be launching over the course of the next year. City of Hamilton. Canada Health Infoway. Baycrest. WordPress 3.0

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


12th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. 12th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. Governance / @usdsoles. Governance.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political – Now

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A 501(c)(3) organization may engage in some lobbying, but too much lobbying activity risks loss of tax-exempt status. End of story. See that?

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Tribes, Local or State Governments Studying Value and Impact of the Arts

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Grantees may use either existing or newly established data sets to conduct their research. nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations; units of state or local government; or federally recognized tribal communities or tribes. This may include but is not limited to colleges and universities. From The Foundation Center. [If

About the Nonprofit's Governing Documents, Especially the Bylaws and How They Can Be A Powerful Tool for the Organization's Success

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The Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation are the two governing documents that any nonprofit must create when it is being started up, and then it must have on hand as it conducts its business over the life of the organization. Articles may be called other things (i.e. Research your federal, state, and local (i.e.

4 Jobs for Introverted Fundraisers

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If you’re an introvert, you may want to look into this job! Grants AKA Foundation and government fundraising. Are you an introvert?

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The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Your colleagues at the Technology Conference may come with different experiences and expertise, but they also bring similar challenges and goals.

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Schools, Universities, or Government Agencies Providing Non-Traditional Solutions to Employ Individuals With Disabilities

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Any organization recognized as a tax-exempt entity according to the Internal Revenue Code may apply for funding. This includes nonprofit agencies, public and private schools, and public institutions such as universities and government (state, local, federal) agencies in the United States or any of its territories.

Crooked Fundraisers Beware

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Last May the U.S. government’s Federal Trade Commission joined by attorneys general in all 50 states and the District of Columbia filed suit against 4 cancer charities charged with scamming donors out of more than $187 million. Eleven months ago we reported a case of nauseating fundraising fraud involving a rip off of $75 million.

The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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Please read Someone Has To Say It: The Nonprofit's Founder May Not Be the Best Executive Director Or Board President Candidate (and Should Certainly Not Be Both). They may or may not have personal experience or a connection to the cause or issue. Which other government agencies, nonprofits, companies, etc. Aim high.

5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Facebook

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use Facebook to find news about government and political issues? This represents 31% of all seniors. This is just Facebook 101. Literally.