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Identify search engine keywords used by your target audience in 60 seconds

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How to identify search engine keywords used by your audience in 60 seconds. The Lesson?

It’s Today! Google Test Your Website

Getting Attention

Because… As of today, Google has hugely increased mobile-friendliness as a key ranking signal in search results.

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Successful Link Building Strategies for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Relevant links bolster your site’s authority and enable it to rank highly for various searches of relevance to what you do. Brian Honigman.

#MARKETING: Build Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy With Solid Search Engine Optimization

Non Profit Marketing 360

A solid definition of SEM is “the process of gaining traffic from search engines. Search or Social: Which Is Best For Your Startup?

If This Then That. When Google isn’t enough…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

We all know “googling” things in 2013 is ubiquitous. billion people searching for things daily. What is IFTT? yahoo pipes

[Guest Post] How To Use Google Trends

Fundraising Coach

I’ve invited him to share about a tool I’d never heard of before: Google Trends. How To Use Google Trends. Google Trends.

Google+ is open to nonprofits

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If you’ve been waiting to join Google+ until your nonprofit or organization could have a presence on Google+? The wait is over.

How to DELETE Your Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Account

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Your nonprofit can advertise with Google Adwords. Why would you want Yahoo Search Engine marketing? Add this to Google Bookmarks.

#SocialNetworks: Google+ For Business Is Now Open!

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Yes, the release of Google+’s Business Pages is the biggest news in social media this week. But over the last day or two, the Business Pages have been presented to all Google+ users (one must have a Google+ Personal Page before one can build a Business Page), and the bandwagon has been overwhelmed ever since.

Google+ 1 Month Later: 3 Reasons I’m Impressed

Fundraising Coach

I joined Google+ exactly one month ago. I was even interviewed about Google+ last week. People on Google+ are incredibly engaging.

So you have a Google+ page for your nonprofit, now what?

Fundraising Coach

On Tuesday, 501 Mission Place hosted our monthly “Office Hours” on Google Hangouts. The conversation quickly went to Google+ Pages.

Is Nonprofit Social Media A Waste of Time?

J Campbell Social Marketing

Focusing efforts on Google AdWords and search engine optimization is certainly worthwhile and yields results for many nonprofit organizations.

#HOWTO: Get Guidance From Google On Simple SEO Success

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Is your site worth searching for? The go-to standard for web searches (including images and videos) is, of course, Google.

Research Your Keywords Before Applying to Google Grants

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That is what Google is offering any non-profit willing to abide by a few guidelines, and learn how work with their Adwords system.

Impressive Search Engine and Social Media Stats

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

I’m always looking up new stats about search engine and social media use and behavior for various online marketing presentations, and I decided it would be more useful to share them with the world (and have a convenient spot for me to reference them in the future). core search market in February with 65.5 Sites (16.8


Your Google Analytics Questions Answered!

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When you use Google Analytics , you'll have true visibility into what your visitors do online. With Google Analytics you'll be armed with the information you need to change your web site to drive conversion. Q: If we have existing analytics, can we add Google analytics simultaneously? Absolutely! How do you balance this?

#PHILANTHROPY: Google Can Give Time, Resources, & AdWords To Nonprofits

Non Profit Marketing 360

Google is the great behemoth of web searching and video hosting. But per month, that’s a hefty donation stream for many nonprofits.

50 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a very useful free tool for tracking site statistics. The resources below will help anyone, from the beginner to those who have been using Google Analytics for some time, learn how to get the most out of this great tool. How to Use Google Analytics for Beginners - Mahalo’s how-to guide for beginners.

Google Tools for You!

Marketing for Nonprofits

What would we do without Google? It's hard to imagine a world without this search engine which allows us to find information on ANYTHING.

7 Free Tools to Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Facebook Open Graph Search. Facebook’s Open Graph Search is an easy way to learn more about groups of people. Billy Attar.

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Bing is surprisingly important for your nonprofit marketing

Fundraising Coach

I''m a huge fan of Google. Google is still the biggest search engine on the planet. So tools like Bing fly under my radar.

The 800-Pound Gorilla Can No Longer Be Ignored

Non Profit Marketing 360

When Google+ first appeared on the scene last summer, the conventional wisdom was explore but don’t invest much. Image via Wikipedia.

Government obsession with newspaper coverage

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

When I asked them about their digital presence, they replied that they already have a website (which by the way, appeared on the 8th Google search result page for the most important key phrase relating to their initiative). In fact, over 2 Billion searches are performed on Google each day. Google Insights for Search ).

#HOWTO: Tweak Your Organization’s Facebook Site For Graph Search

Non Profit Marketing 360

Such terms will show up in people’s searches (both Graph & Google). Hands On With Facebook’s Graph Search.

#HOWTO: Tumbler Can Be Social Media Hub, But Other Tools Are Available

Non Profit Marketing 360

But one thing that simplicity costs your organization is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Well, why would a nonprofit want to do that?

Should you do SEO marketing? An interview with Didit CEO, Kevin Lee

Wild Woman Fundraising

Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization can include constantly updated content, targeted keywords, pay per click advertising (such as Google Adwords ) and more. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing has gotten a huge amount of attention in the last several years.


Confusion Surrounding Social Media Monitoring

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Just like using a search engine at one point or another has become ubiquitous to nearly every profession on earth, so should tracking relevant communities and content experts be everyone’s responsibility if they want to be better at their job. Think back to my “using a search engine” example.

Do You Think We'll Ever Come Up First In Google Search?

Marketing for Nonprofits

If a donor searches Google and your organization doesn't appear in the results, does that mean that your nonprofit doesn't exist? Cheers!

Better Cause Marketing with SEO

Selfish Giving

We should all be focusing on SEO because people rely on search engines, mainly Google, to find the things they need. Google it.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: StumbleUpon An Early & Still Independent Social Network Web Searcher

Non Profit Marketing 360

They chose their embryonic search-engine project called “ StumbleUpon.” Related articles.

More Online Leads From Video

The Agitator

Video improves your search engine visibility. Google and Bing like video. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Rich Brooks at Flyte New Media pitches 15 Ways Video Helps You Generate More Online Leads. Yes, it’s a pitch, but the advice holds water. Nuf said.

Google Adwords Tricks of the Trade – Part I


First, the campaigns were run on Google’s paid advertising platform — not Google Grants. Online Advertising Google Adwords

Three Research & Presentation Tools for Your Small Nonprofit

Social Media Bird Brain

social communications small nonprofits Kippt sketchnotes sharing power searcher viral google graphic recording

Google Grants for Nonprofits: Getting Started

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Have you ever wondered how to get your nonprofit listed near the top of Google's search results for a specific search term (for example, "breast cancer research foundation")? Would you like to have your organization listed in the paid search results that run along the top and the sides of search pages?

Are you ready for donors using LinkedIn?

Fundraising Coach

In teaching nonprofit social media , I call LinkedIn the "little engine that could.". Anyone remember Friendster or MySpace?) Is that accurate?

How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Groups

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Your page is usually visible to everyone and is indexed by search engines like Google (meaning it shows up in Internet searches).

5 Tips For Increasing Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Website

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They'll help raise your nonprofit website's visibility with search engines so that people will find your site much more easily. Figure out what search terms people are currently using to find your site. Use those likely search terms in the "keywords" meta-tags. Set up Google Analytics.

The Joys of Google Grants, Part 2

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Weekends and holidays were always lower, and, much to our chagrin, Google won't allow us to move any of our daily budget from weekends to weekdays.

#Development: How To Make A Video And Make It Grow Your Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

If you are not sure video can be worth the investment, did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google?

Trust is paramount to millennials (and all of us)

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Millennials who want information about a nonprofit will turn to search engines - most often, Google - to do their research.