Research Your Keywords Before Applying to Google Grants

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In this guest post by Timothy Spell of , you’ll pick up some great advice on doing keyword research, which is the first step toward applying for and using a Google Grant. To find out if search traffic exists use this free keyword tool provided by Google.

Identify search engine keywords used by your target audience in 60 seconds

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How to identify search engine keywords used by your audience in 60 seconds. I personally think that Google Insights for Search is one of the most under appreciated free marketing research tools out there. This week’s “ Learn in 60 Seconds &# video is ready to go. The Lesson?

Google Giveth and Google Taketh Away

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For those who weren’t reading search engine marketing news over the holidays, instead spending “quality time” with “family” and “friends,” there was an earthquake for nonprofits who use Google Grants. I must preface this with the fact that Google is the only major advertising platform I know of with a program like Google Grants. And also with love by repeating the statement that you should participate in Google Grants.

Use keyword research to identify e-newsletter subject lines

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They looked for editorial guidance in two key areas: - Keyword research The team examined the company’s Google adWords campaigns to find keywords that drove strong traffic. For example, when the team saw terms related to small business startup tools appearing regularly in their keyword research, they created a feature that included three resources to help entrepreneurs start a new business.

Google Insights for Search

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Another tool to add to your keyword research tool belt. Google’s Insights for Search tool lets you: Look at a portion of keyword search results – by location, category, or Google vertical (news, images). It only shows terms with a significant amount of search volume, and of course it’s only Google search data, but worth looking at as your expanding your keyword list. Check out Google’s newest beta tool.

The Joys of Google Grants, Part 2

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In part one of this series, I discussed the first steps the National Women's Law Center took when we initially received our Google Grant, and some of the challenges we faced getting started. However, our Google ads offer us a way around that.

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[Guest Post] How To Use Google Trends

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I’ve invited him to share about a tool I’d never heard of before: Google Trends. You can find Andy on Google+ and on Twitter @crestodina. How To Use Google Trends. That means keyword research. Google Keyword Tool *. Google Trends.

The Joys of Google Grants, Part 1

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When the National Women's Law Center first applied for a Google grant - $10,000 worth of free advertising each month through Google's AdWords program - my co-workers and I knew it was at least worth trying. Google AdWords charges are calculated on a cost-per-click basis. Now, we're seven months into our Google grant, and with it we've been able to bring in more than 2000 new members to our e-mail database - with a cost-per-acquisition of zero.

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Google Grants for Nonprofits: Getting Started

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Have you ever wondered how to get your nonprofit listed near the top of Google's search results for a specific search term (for example, "breast cancer research foundation")? While paid placement may seem cost prohibitive to nonprofits, there is a way to secure in-kind paid placement for your organization through the Google Grants program. Leverage your AdWords to promote your organization's mission by regularly updating your keywords, ad copy and destination pages.

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[Guest Post] Correctly setting up your nonprofit's Google+ Community

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A few months after I wrote the book Google+ for Nonprofits , Google+ released a new feature called "Communities." In the time since the introduction, have become a great tool for interacting on Google+, both in raising awareness and in interacting with supporters.

Google’s Index Cap for your Site

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Fascinating article by Randy from SEOMoz about how Google potentially caps the # of URLs it will index from your site. Without clear keyword targets, it’s hard to streamline online content to work for the organization instead of wasting the Googlebot’s time. Tagged: Google, google indexing cap, google's index, robot.txt, SEO. Tags: Google SEO future of search google indexing cap google's index robot.txt.

Using Search for Fundraising and List-Building: How Google Grants Can Bolster Your Bottom Line

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A Google Grant, which provides up to $10,000 a month in free keyword advertising to qualified nonprofit organizations, can help your organization raise money, build your list, and drive more traffic to your web site. During this teleconference, we will provide an introduction to the Google Grants program and how it might benefit your organization. Download the presentation slides below Related Documents!

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So you have a Google+ page for your nonprofit, now what?

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On Tuesday, 501 Mission Place hosted our monthly “Office Hours” on Google Hangouts. The conversation quickly went to Google+ Pages. Nathan Hand , John Haydon , and I decided that Google+ Pages have: the functionality of a Facebook page. Great, now Google+ has Pages.

The Numbers Racket and Your Small Nonprofit

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Search Engine Optimization is a fancy way of asking, "What can I do to make sure that when someone is doing a Google search* for my kind of stuff, that my stuff shows up on the first page of results?" authority search rankings small nonprofits expert research SEO relevance keywordsArt by Andrew Tosiello Last week I mentioned I'd be attending a meetup on SEO and that if the info was good, I'd share. It was, so I will.

Using Search for Fundraising and List-Building: How Google Grants Can Bolster Your Bottom Line

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A Google Grant, which provides up to $10,000 a month in free keyword advertising to qualified nonprofit organizations, can help your organization raise money, build your list, and drive more traffic to your web site. During this teleconference, we will provide an introduction to the Google Grants program and how it might benefit your organization.

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#HOWTO: Tweak Your Organization’s Facebook Site For Graph Search

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Last week we talked about what Facebook’s latest feature, Graph Search, is (Namely, a way to combine keywords, categories, and what friends are saying about them within Facebook) and it is not (Namely, a challenger to Google’s search algorithms across the internet).

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Need Marketing Help? Listen to Marketing guru, Vicki Flaugher

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Ruthlessly research your keywords and target your niche more precisely. Post on Google Buzz. So over the last several months I’ve been meeting with a truly smart woman I met through twitter , Vicki Flaugher. Bathh meetup with Vicki Flaugher, (L) Mazarine (Center) and Cait (R).

Social Media and Local Search Training for Leadership Alexandria

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Tags: Craigslist Flickr Google MySpace SEM SEO Social media marketing facebook keyword research local search online marketing training twitter alexandria leadership alexandria local search training search marketing training social media training social media workshop va

Google Analytics: Cool charts but what do they mean?!

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This is the title of a presentation by Google’s Matt Walton that I’m blogging here at Artez Interactive. Here are the highlights of how Google Analytics helps us find out things that really matter: Who are our visitors? It’s easy to drown in data— Google says to look for the data that tells you something actionable : 1. Then Google Analytics will tell you the results of that campaign—and you can compare it to other campaigns.

Government obsession with newspaper coverage

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When I asked them about their digital presence, they replied that they already have a website (which by the way, appeared on the 8th Google search result page for the most important key phrase relating to their initiative). In fact, over 2 Billion searches are performed on Google each day. Google Insights for Search ). Type my name “ Mike Kujawski &# into Google.

How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Press Releases for Search

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Jessica Pajak and Tyler Ragghianti of PR NewsChannel share some tips on how to use keywords and hyperlinks to elevate your press releases. Keywords. Keywords are the most relevant single words or phrases that are commonly searched for in top search engines. Outside of the headline or subheadline, the use of keywords is the most important aspect of your press release, so spend time on it to make sure your press release gets the attention you desire.

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#SocialNetworks: What Should You Expect From Your Online Outreach?

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Improve Your Nonprofit Website’s Search Results – #10NTC Tips

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One of the best tactical sessions I attended at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference week before last was “Optimizing Your Site for Search Engine Performance: And We Ain’t Talkin’ Just Keywords.&# Here is the slide deck. Google’s Keyword Tool.

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Should you do SEO marketing? An interview with Didit CEO, Kevin Lee

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Search Engine Optimization can include constantly updated content, targeted keywords, pay per click advertising (such as Google Adwords ) and more. MT: Do you think being in the first page of a Google search can translate into more donations for a nonprofit? MT: Have you heard of Google’s Adwords Grants program, and what do you think of it, if so? KL: My team and I have managed Google Grant programs for nonprofit clients and advised others on setting them up.

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Is Blogging Dead?

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Here’s a little exercise for you – Google “blogging is dead” and see what you get. In just a single second, Google processes over 40,000 search requests. The more pages on your site with certain keywords, the higher you will rank for that keyword.

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Help Donors Find You Through Search Engine Marketing

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You use search engines like Google and Yahoo! But what happens when a prospective donor types in the name of your nonprofit or your issue area in Google? If you are a nonprofit, SEM is free, thanks to Google. It's December 30, and several Boise residents have logged onto Google to search for a charity to donate to so they can get a last-minute tax deduction. These potential donors might do a Google search for "boise aids charity."

Setting Up a Social Media Listening Dashboard

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Sure, you can spend all day logging into and searching Twitter and Facebook and Google to see what’s happening, but why not have all of that data sent to you automatically instead? I’ve also dedicated a tab to my organization’s Google Alerts.

7 Free Tools to Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing

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You can see how influential a user’s followers are or search for users based on keywords in their bios. DataMiner is an extension for Google Chrome. You need to have Google Chrome to use DataMiner. The influencer search finds the most influential bloggers by keyword.

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Better Cause Marketing with SEO

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We should all be focusing on SEO because people rely on search engines, mainly Google, to find the things they need. Google it. Try Google. Just Google it. Last week I stumbled on his post A SEO Experiment: Targeting One Keyword.

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Web Writing for Nonprofits: 4 Do’s and Don’ts

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It’s imperative to shape your content to maximize that brief time, which means getting straight to the point, organizing articles to fit how we read on the Web, and writing clear, keyword-rich headlines. Bonus tip: Be sure to include SEO-friendly keywords in your first few sentences. Headlines that are riddles, obtuse puns, or other cute wordplay will send readers elsewhere and make your content difficult to find in a Google search. Include search engine-friendly keywords.

5 Tips For Increasing Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Website

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You could use Google keyword search or sites like to see what similar sites to yours are using for keywords, how often people are using those terms, and how high they rank in search results. Once you know what people are searching on, you can determine if the words you thought were the best keywords are really the best or if you can tweak them a bit. The meta description is the part that shows up in a Google search. Set up Google Analytics.

Infographics & Data Visualization: Not Your Grandmother’s Pie Chart – Part 4

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The actual file name should be keyword-rich too (rather than some file naming convention you may use internally). Tip: Google *can* read content in a PDF, so consider posting an alternative file your audience can download. Google Insights , Google Refine , Google Fusion Tables.

Newsjacking for Nonprofits

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You can employ a number of tools to help — Google alerts around important keywords, lists of key Twitter accounts, etc.

A potpourri of updates

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In January, I talked about how Google was requiring nonprofits to have a click-through rate for Google Grant ads at 5%. First, the news that I’m guessing a lot of you have experienced – our ability to use Google Grants widely has collapsed like a Barbie chair under a sumo wrestler. To meet 5% CTR, most nonprofits have slashed their keywords, spend, and reach to hit this arbitrary threshold.

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New Development for Open Source Epidemiology

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Today, NYT coverage is focused on Google and their Flu Trends app [see also The Wall Street Journal ].The The idea is simple: Google scours their searches for entries like "flu symptoms" and then displays the results by state. Google Flu Trends avoids privacy pitfalls by relying only on aggregated data that cannot be traced to individual searchers. Google then dug into its database, extracted five years of data on those queries and mapped it onto the C.D.C.’s

10 Tips to Make your Nonprofit Website Search Engine Friendly

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When you think about how to drive traffice to your nonprofit website, pay attention to how your site ranks in search engines like Google. Keyword research is the first step for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You should do this for all the pages in your site, but remember: don't just stuff the keywords in there; it still needs to make sense to humans! don't fill the page with hidden keywords) and you will be rewarded in the long term 3.

2 morning tasks to super charge your nonprofit social media strategies #bbcon

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I'd add going to Google Trends as well.). In looking at the bios, he'd look for keywords to help him know who in IJM should connect.

The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media Workbook Free Preview!

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It teaches you step by step how to find your target market, how to use keywords to get found in google, how to write compelling articles, how to get more traffic through commenting, how to dominate Twitter and LinkedIn in 30 days, and how to measure everything you’re doing.

YouTube now has auto captioning

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Here’s the announcement from the Google blog. Here’s the summary: You Tube now has autocaptioning using the same voice recognition algorithms in Google Voice to automatically generate captions for video. Machine generated captioning is not ideal, but with their auto-timing you can upload a simple text file with the transcript/script that you used to create the video and Google will figure out when the words are spoken and create captions for your video.

Best First Step into Social Media -- Monitoring Your Nonprofit's Reputation and Issues

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How to overcome objections that listening is unnecessary : Compile and share online conversation on critical keywords and themes over a week or a month. What to listen for and best free listening tools : 1) Google Alerts and RSS feeds (searches blogs, websites) for keywords (org name and URL, issues, leadership names, competitive/colleague org names); 2) Twitter search.