How to Create a 90-Day Nonprofit Online Marketing Plan (Without Spending Hours On Social Media)

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The term “online marketing” can send chills up the spine of even the most seasoned nonprofit professional. I remain thoroughly convinced that nonprofit online marketing does not have to be an uphill battle, or a cause of overwhelm and stress. Look again at your goal.

Must You Limit Your Goals and Strategies to Be Successful? Maybe Not.

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For the ninth edition of the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , I wanted to go deeper into the communications goals and strategies nonprofits were using. I assumed that organizations with fewer high priority goals and strategies would be more effective. The most effective organizations reported what I originally thought was a ridiculous number of high priority goals and strategies (and still do, at some level). Nonprofit Marketing Plans and Strategies

Goal 135

Craft Calls to Action That Get You to Goal

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Let me start with sharing some definitions of what comes first ( examples here ): Organizational goals (a max of three at a time) are the steps to take over the next year that will take your organization closer to achieving its mission. Are Your Marketing Goals Easy to Reach or a Stretch?

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Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop Is Back!

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For all of you in the Midwest who have wanted to come to the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop , but just couldn’t make it to the coasts, we have great news. Here is what you’ll get when you attend: Expert navigation through the complete marketing plan creation process.

Are Your Marketing Goals Easy to Reach Or A Stretch?

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This is a vital issue for your to spend some time on because the challenge level of your nonprofit marketing goals has a huge imapct on whether you get there or not. Ambitious but realistic goals are the way to move your marketing (and your mission) forward, inch by inch!

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Set Goals To Drive Success

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These research findings on marketers’ most common email goals astounded me. Believe me, I’m a huge fan of goals. I believe in the power of practical strategy and clear structure to generate the greatest marketing results from your time and effort. 9 goals!

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Free Webinar: Quick and Dirty Marketing Plans

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Spending time and money trying to market your nonprofit or its programs without a strategy in place is a big waste of both precious resources. Yesterday I taught the Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop with Nancy Schwartz in NYC. That’s why I’m hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 where you’ll learn how to create a “quick and dirty” marketing strategy. Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

How to Set Nonprofit Marketing Goals that Build Your Impact & Satisfaction

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Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that. My friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller and I have heard so many of you say that your marketing isn’t all it could be. So we’ve decided to show you exactly where to start, with setting your goals, in this free 30-minute webinar.

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Last Chance to Submit Questions on Marketing Planning

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The questions for our next free webinar, 30 Nonprofit Marketing Questions in 30 Minutes , are rolling in, but we still have space for a few more. What do you want to know about writing a marketing plan? Measuring success or benchmarking against those goals.

You Say You Don’t Need a Marketing Plan?

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Marketing planning – real marketing planning –isn’t easy. It means you are prioritizing your goals, learning about and defining your target audiences, refining your calls to action, figuring out what will move people to follow through, deciding which communications channels to use, and much more. That’s my marketing plan.&#. A to-do list is not your marketing plan. Your job as a marketer is to educate.

Quick and Dirty Marketing Plans – Need 3 Volunteers

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Later this afternoon, I’ll be sending an email to everyone who has registered so far for Wednesday’s free webinar on How to Write a Quick and Dirty Nonprofit Marketing Plan , looking for three volunteers. What does 2012 hold for nonprofit marketing?

Answers to 30 Vital Nonprofit Marketing Planning Questions, in 30 Minutes!

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When you listen in here, you’ll get answers to a broad range of questions, including: What are some of the must-do marketing tasks that are universal for all nonprofits? How can we define marketing goals when the board just wants to “get our name out there?”.

2 Weeks into 2019: Where are You Headed?

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This updated marketing plan template takes you from big-picture goals to the right methods, activities, required skills, and budget, and impact! Preview the plan template here. As your marketing resolutions fade, you’re stuck in the same place you’ve been.

Marketing Plan Workshop Early Bird Registration Ends Tomorrow

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If you’ve been thinking about attending the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop that Nancy Schwartz and I are presenting in October, you’ll save $100 if you go ahead and register now. Emphasis on hands-on planning exercises.

Free Webinar on Setting Your Marketing Goals

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Join Nancy Schwartz and me for a free webinar on setting your marketing goals. When Nancy Schwartz and I first put our heads together on how to team up to help nonprofits strengthen their marketing impact, marketing planning was at the top of our list.

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Creating a Marketing Plan for the Rest of 2010

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Is your marketing plan for 2010. I’m going to show staff at 20 nonprofits how to take control of their marketing programs , set realistic goals, prioritize how they spend their time and money, and make great things happen for their organizations by the end of 2010.

No Virginia, Your To-Do List is NOT Your Marketing Plan: Marketing Budgets, Part 1

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The hands-down, most hated and most frequently-avoided marketing task is budgeting. You’ll learn the value a budget brings to your work as it translates the actions outlined in your marketing plan into expense. That’s my marketing plan and what I use to create my budget.

Raising Awareness is Not a Goal

Ann Green

When you’re putting together your marketing and communications plans, do you include raising awareness as one of your goals? If you do, that’s a problem because raising awareness is not a goal. Instead of a goal, think of it as a first step.

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Paradox Art Marketing Plan #1 - Double Goals

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  For this first series of post, I'm going to dive into the fundamentals of marketing art. My hope is that you'll use this series of post to build your own marketing plan.    Let's start at the beginning, setting the goals : -. Every marketing plan should have two sets of goals, financial goals and long term strategic goals.  Time to break out the double goal approach. 

Paradox Marketing Plan #2 - Financial Goals

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So you've decided what your strategic marketing goals should be.    It talks about some of the elements you should consider when determining those goals.  I want to talk about it again because there are two elements in setting financial goals, technical and emotional.   Click the link above to learn what should go onto those goals, put it on paper, talk about it in public and always remember that this is an emotional process.

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What Goes into a Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Plan or Strategy?

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Ever been asked to create a marketing strategy or a communications plan for your nonprofit without any further guidance? Right or wrong, marketing and communications are often used interchangeably in the nonprofit sector. Marketing is primarily about strategy.

TODAY-How to Set Marketing Goals that Increase Impact – Free Webinar – 3 ET, Noon PT

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Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that. My friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller and I have heard so many of you say that your marketing isn’t all it could be. So we’ve decided to show you exactly where to start, with setting your goals, in today’s free 30-minute webinar. When Kivi and I first put our heads together on how to team up to help nonprofits strengthen their marketing impact, marketing planning was at the top of our list.

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Paradox Marketing Plan #3 - The Time Factor

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Time is one of the most vital, but unappreciated, marketing factors.  So, once you have set your goals , the next question is how much time do you need to make everything work?   If you think you need eight weeks to execute your marketing plan, give yourself 10 weeks.    The first is that things also go wrong when executing a plan.  Now your arts marketing plan should have three elements: Strategic Objectives.

1 Week into 2017: Where are You Headed?

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This practical, doable marketing plan template takes you from goals to benchmarks, work plan, action, and impact! . Those New Year’s resolutions—including the ones we set for marketing and fundraising work—are so hard to keep.

27 Communications and Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits

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In previous posts, we’ve shared the most common marketing and communications goals , strategies , and objectives for nonprofits. — to implement a strategy and to achieve your objectives and ultimately your goals. The post 27 Communications and Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Nonprofit Marketing Plans and Strategies

The single worst way to evaluate your planned giving program


Recently someone told me that their current planned giving marketing efforts were not working. “Because there’s been a drop in our planned giving revenue over the past couple of years,” she replied. Start planting your seeds for planned gifts today.

How to Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that Get You Where You Want to Go

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Goals are what you want to achieve. " And goals are where you need to start your marketing planning, as each step of the planning process is shaped to take you there - where you want to go. Here's How to Start: Begin by articulating your main organizational goal or how you'll actualize your mission. List no more than two organizational goals. Next, identify the ways you can put marketing to work to help achieve those goals.

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Paradox Marketing Plan #4 - Getting your assets in order

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One of my most popular posts was this post about assets and marketing.    It's the foundation for Step 4 in the Paradox Arts Marketing Plan, so check it out before moving forward. -. To market effectively you must know what you have.    Now decide which assets you want to use as part of your marketing campaign.  When people see the marketing for the work, it will focus on one of those three things. 

Deliver this Budget to Drive Marketing Impact: Comms Plan Pt1

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The hands-down, most hated and most frequently-avoided marketing task is budgeting. You’ll learn the value a budget brings to your work as it translates the actions outlined in your marketing plan into expense. That’s my marketing plan and what I use to create my budget.

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7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Kill Your Printed Planned Giving Newsletter


I know, I know… you love your planned giving newsletter. After all, it’s an easy marketing option (especially if you buy them from a vendor who has been creating them for you for decades). We need to blanket the prospects that have high-planned giving scores.

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Weave Your Nonprofit Marketing Loose Ends Into a Tight, Powerful Plan

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Last week I had the opportunity to join three fantastic colleagues to share guidance on this crucial nonprofit marketing challenge at #11NTC (NTEN’s annual conference). Only 16% of nonprofits have marketing plans. Don’t plan more than 1 year out.

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My Gift To You This Holiday Season


A lot of people have asked me, “Can you really achieve planned gift marketing success online ?” “You can’t close planned gifts with a website!” By subscribing to this blog, you are allowing me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures: Part 2

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Unfortunately, when we try to measure too many marketing measures, all we get is frustrated. Even for nonprofit communicators in large, well-staffed organizations, there’s rarely enough bandwidth to capture, analyze, share and use many marketing insights. How can marketing best be used to move your organization towards its overall goals? Absolute measures are largely irrelevant—who knows the role that same element plays in another organization’s marketing?

5 questions to ask your planned giving marketing vendor


How many highly qualified planned giving leads did you generate for my nonprofit last year? When that happens, you might want to consider another way to reach your goals. The post 5 questions to ask your planned giving marketing vendor appeared first on MarketSmart | . Fundraising Planned Giving best practices for planned giving Lead generation for planned giving nonprofit marketing planned giving acquisition planned giving programs for nonprofits

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How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


In 2012 they achieved their goal and raised $1 billion but, in my humble opinion, they failed miserably. . Today, I am proud to announce that the Great Expectations campaign has achieved this landmark goal. We simply could not have reached our goals without their vision and leadership.

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If you had $1,000 to spend on marketing, what should you do?

Wild Woman Fundraising

MT: And in case people here haven’t read your book, your book says basically trying to get organic likes and leading that to action, or follows, or whatever it is, isn’t actually going to move the needle on anything you try to do whether it’s marketing or fundraising. Make a plan.

Ramp Up Your Marketing Budget to What You REALLY Need: Nonprofit Marketing Budgets, Part 2 (of 4)

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Dive into this second installment in my series to learn how to get what it takes to fund your nonprofit marketing plan. Q: OK, now I get how much it’s going to take to do our marketing right. Nonprofit Marketing Budgets: Part One.

Budget 189

Use Compelling Models to Build Marketing Buy-In

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Have marketing naysayers among your colleagues or leadership? ” 4) List what you hear, then fill in the gaps to bring your colleagues step-by-step through what it took to get here—clear definition of goal, audiences, call to action, distribution/promotion.

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You don’t own your donors


You don’t own your donors.Too many times I’ve heard chapters say that they don’t want to share planned giving leads with their main office out of fear for lost local revenue. So, if you find yourself trying to serve your personal goals, stop and serve your supporter instead.

49 things you might want to include in your planned giving website — SmartGiftmaker’s super-secret internal content checklist


If you need help trying to decide what to put on your planned giving website, here’s our in-house content guide and checklist. We use this as a starting point for each and every planned giving Site we build for our clients.

3 Steps to Focused Productivity for Your Nonprofit Marketing

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Running a small nonprofit has never been easy, but there used to be few challenges that a larger marketing budget couldn’t solve. Plan for your goals. It’s tough to carve out a block of time to think, plan, and research if you’re bogged down in daily operations.

How to Get Everyone in your Organization on the Same Page

Ann Green

Your best bet is to have a small group – marketing staff and board members with marketing experience – put together the message platform. This may sound obvious, but your goal is to make sure your reader understands your messages. The Nonprofit Marketer’s Top Challenge.

[July 31 Deadline - Save $100] Increase Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact in 1 Day

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Reserve Your Spot by Sunday July 31 to Save $100 — Join us at the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop , October 12 in NYC. This is the time to propel your organization’s marketing forward with a smart plan. Plan with Us for a Day—Get a Blueprint Forever.

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