Activating The Global Health Trifecta


Earlier this week, ONE, USAID, FHI 360, PATH, Population Services International (PSI) and World Vision launched “The Power of 1%” campaign to highlight the economics of global health and the benefits U.S. Addressing global health is now a part of the U.S.’ Image: PSI.

Activating The Global Health Trifecta


Earlier this week, ONE, USAID, FHI 360, PATH, Population Services International (PSI) and World Vision launched “The Power of 1%” campaign to highlight the economics of global health and the benefits U.S. Addressing global health is now a part of the U.S.’ Image: PSI.

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Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

–>That’s right, this is a channel with representative global distribution. With Facebook launching video auto-play, it is now possible for someone on a mission to force scarring visual content into the mainstream global psyche.

Join the Social Media for Global Health Working Group


Want to meet others with a heart for using social media for global health and development? Forming the Social Media for Global Health Working Group . October’s Recap: Beth Kanter and Benchmarking Social Media for Global Health .

At Last! Global Fundraising Supersized

The Agitator

Three weeks ago, we reported that Bernard Ross and his UK Management Centre were launching the Big Mac™ Philanthropy Index. The purpose of this new Index?

Notes from the Digital Governance Forum (#DGF15)

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Another great example to look at is “ Global Forrest Watch 2.0 ” – went to Google and NASA to use it. Don ended up selling New Paradigm and creating Global Solution Networks. 44 Victors of WWII started their global agreements in Bretton Woods, NH (World Bank and IMF).

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Kick-off the New Year with a healthy dose of global digital stats

Giving in a Digital World

With this in mind, it was great to see the Global Digital Statistics Report the kind folks at We Are Social Singapore have just made available through Slideshare (you can flick through a copy above). Online Consumer Insight Online Fundraising Strategy Social Media Bryan Miller Global Digital Statistics Report We Are Social

Global warming: frame it as bad for your health, not just for the planet

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Earlier this week, NPR covered some recent research showing that people are more attentive to warnings about climate change when it’s portrayed as a health issue rather than as an environmental problem. In case you missed it, the report says killer heat waves, asthma-inducing smog and new disease outbreaks like West Nile virus are problems that move people of all political persuasions.

CauseTalk Radio Ep69: The Global Challenge for Nonprofits

Selfish Giving

Neelam gives us an inside look of the launch of the International Day of Charity at the United Nations , which she attended, and its focus on expanding philanthropy both globally and among all economic groups, especially the middle-class.

Taking Your Nonprofit to the Next Level-Molly Ola Pinney Interview

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am chatting with one of our speakers at the Next Level Conference in April 4th-5th 2016, Molly Ola Pinney who is the founder and the CEO of the Global Autism Project. I am the founder and CEO of the Global Autism Project.

Buy One Plant One Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Hollywood, California-based WeWOOD will plant a tree every time you purchase on of its wooden watches.The tree-planting will be undertaken by the nonprofit American Forests under the banner of its Global ReLeaf program.

Designing for Community Change


Start locally and scale globally. The global citizen can start with us and our neighbors--We can design change change in our communities. At the beginning of the month, Craig Lefebvre challenged us to 10 “ What Ifs &# for social marketing in the coming year.

What Would You Say? Thoughts on Global Citizenship


Because of the power of the Internet and social networking in facilitating, connecting, empowering and enabling both individuals and communities to better serve a global mission. . I think they are referred to as global citizens. What would you say to world leaders if given the chance?

A Global Petition: Round 2


No, this is no re-mix of Social Media Club , but it’s a potentially Global Social Marketing Association , speaking in terms of behavior change. We will support, in words and actions, the creation of a global social marketing organization by July 2010.

You Deserve A Voice. Voting With Your Dollars is Not Enough

Wild Woman Fundraising

“There are no global citizens, only global consumers, no global states, only global capitalist firms; no commonweal, only an aggregate of what individuals and nations and consumer markets want, no global cultural or national identities, only the new hollowed out identity conferred by brands.

Talking ’bout my rights of women and girls

Wild Woman Fundraising

But it’s not a coincidence that virtually every country that threatens regional and global peace is a place where human rights are in peril or the rule of law is weak. What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? YESTERDAY! I want you to pay attention to the vocabulary in this speech.

Take Action Against Inequality – Support the Online Campaign #GlobalGoals

J Campbell Social Marketing

To celebrate the United Nations recent adoption of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, I have elected to write a blog post highlighting Goal #10, Reduced Inequalities. Social Media Global Goals for Sustainable Development United Nations

Help Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami Survivors – Donate Now

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Most importantly, please donate to the relief effort now via one or all of these trustworthy, experienced organizations: Global Giving - Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund (To disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services.). Fundraising: Innovations & Research American red cross disaster donate earthquake relief fundraising global giving Japan relief save the children tsunamiThe speed and breadth of the devastation in Japan is astounding.

Conduit & Global Mojo: Grants & Awards

A Small Change

For the month of December 100% of Global Mojo’s revenue will go to the nonprofits of your choice. Conduit Gives. Conduit helps ignite fundraising in your organization through increased engagement and growing your web traffic. The first 100 nonprofits who sign-up receive access to up to $300,000 a month throughout 2010. Organizations can apply from now until February 15, 2010. Check out their website to sign-up. GlobalMojo.

Call Me Maybe - Video Hangouts & Your Small Nonprofit

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social communications google hangouts Malaria No More Google+ social media shawna coronado marketing Global Poverty Project G+ meetings Small nonprofit big duckHere's a reason you should be on Google+ - hangouts. G+ Hangouts allow you to gather together as many as ten people (including you) in a virtual room with video and have a chat. Think of being able to get your team in a room no matter where they are (there's a Google Hangout app for smartphones and tables).

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#ProAging: GAP Index Highlights Global Challenges Of Care For Aging

Non Profit Marketing 360

The fact of the aging of the global population is something our readers are likely at least acquainted with. The CSIS released a sobering report earlier this year that measured the ‘Global Aging Preparedness’ (GAP) Index.

Micro vs. Macro

A Small Change

Politics & Motivation global giving online giving For the first time ever, Micro-enterprise in some instances can be more powerful than macro-enterprise. What does that mean? It means that a small organization that is serving a very specific need may be the best tool to address a problem.

4 Global Fundraising Trends

The Agitator

Joe Boland at Fundraising Success writes about four global fundraising trends identified by Blackbaud in their recent report, 2010 State of the Fundraising Industry. Here they are: New fundraising and communication channels, although growing, are not replacing traditional channels. Yep.]. ROI and organizational effectiveness are under scrutiny (by donors) and more important than ever. They blame it on Boomers.].

Development of a Global Social Marketing Community

Social Marketing and Social Change

You can view the presentation for a global social marketing network that includes background and rationale, features and benefits of the site, and screen shots from the existing rareplanet site.

The US Commitment to Global Health

Social Marketing and Social Change

Over the past decade, the United States government has made a number of pledges towards improving global health. A new publication from the Board on Global Health and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences adds a weighty voice to the discussions. Commitment to Global Health. based foundations, universities, nongovernmental organizations, and commercial entities have an opportunity to improve global health.

Shakira Shakira Goes Global with World Bank Fundraising

Wild Woman Fundraising

Shakira is no johnny-come-lately to the world of nonprofit causes. She started singing when she was 13, and started her own foundation, ( The Barefoot Foundation ) when she was 18, and to date has helped 28,000 in Colombia, her native country.

Does the End of White Coke Cans Mean the End of Cause Marketing on Packaging? Um.No.

Cause Related Marketing

Buy a specially-marked bottle of Belvedere vodka and LVMH, the brand’s owner, will donate 50% of profits to RED’s Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

A List of Digital, Tech, and Media Trend Reports for 2017

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Here are some of the better ones that I have come across: We Are Social – Digital in 2017 Global Overview. This one is a must for a quick visual overview of the global digital landscape. Deloitte Global – 2017 TMT Predictions.

Six Points for Good Content Leading to Engagement

Social Media Bird Brain

Relevancy, Timeliness Informative, Funny, or Touching Presentation Visual/Audial Inviting Comment or Elaboration Relevancy, Timeliness Via Media Republic/Global Voices What you''re posting about has to be something meaningful to your audience. Engagement comes from content.

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Three Social Marketing Conferences for Global Trekkers

Social Marketing and Social Change

The global nature of social marketing shows in the recent announcements of 3 conferences on 3 continents in the next 18 months. Global learning systems including the new Global Social Marketing Network. Here's a quick rundown with links to the conferences' websites. The University of South Florida’s Social Marketing in Public Health Conference & Training Academy will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary on 11-14 June 2010.

Global Social Marketing: Moving to Action

Social Marketing and Social Change

The momentum for a global social marketing organization gained more traction and acceleration in 3 meetings at the recent Social Marketing in Public Health Conference. Respondents prefer a “stand-alone”, regional or global organization, moderately focused on closely-related fields. . Soliciting (a) nominees for the Guidance Group and (b) funding to support the development activities of the next year are the main action items you can help us with.

Brilliant Awareness Building & Micro-fundraising Campaign for Global Women's Rights -- Twitter Used to Spread the Word like Wildfire

Getting Attention

A powerful, imaginative coalition of organizations has formed to fight global poverty in honor of International Women's Day, in the A Powerful Noise campaign. Most interestingly, they've put a highly-viral micro-fundraising campaign on Twitter at the center of their awareness building strategy for global women's rights. The campaign is working big time. Here's how: The coalition developed a documentary on the issue, entitled A Powerful Noise, to be shown on Intl.

Grants for Educators From K - 12 through Undergraduate Global Climate Change Studies

Seeking Grant Money Today

NASA Seeks Proposals for Global Climate Change Education Project Deadline: August 29, 2008 (Notice of Intent) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Education ( [link] ), in cooperation with NASA's Science Mission Directorate, is soliciting proposals for the NASA Global Climate Change Education project. Tags: American public schools RFP grants global relief environment From The Foundation Center.

Notes From AMA Mplanet 2009 - Mary Dillon, Global CMO McDonald's

Diva Marketing Blog

Global CMO of McDonald's. Mary Dillon, Global CMO, McDonalds McDonald's CMO thinks that social media will help with perspective about the brand. Global + local relevancy = consistency. Last week I joined 800 marketers at the 2nd AMA Mplanet conference in Orlando.


YOU! Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Communication and Digital Content Manager Global Green USA (Santa Monica, CA). Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here Communication and Digital Content Manager Global Green USA (Santa Monica, CA) Communications Director Americans for Tax Fairness (Washington, D.C.)

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How to Plan for and Execute a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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billion in 2012 to fund more than one million individual campaigns globally. C rowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter raised $2.7 The industry, which is revolutionizing fundraising and investing is projected to grow to over $5 billion in the next year.

To-Die-For Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Senior Manager, Global Communications 100 Resilient Cities—The Rockefeller Foundation (New York, NY). Vice President for Global Communications Climate Central (Princeton, NJ). Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here. Associate Director, Development Communications. Michael J.

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Ever wonder about the history of philanthropy and fundraising? Here it is!


According to NPT’s blog, this is “a one-of-a-kind digital resource about the past 500 years of global philanthropy, launched at This is so cool! You’re going to love it!

Shape Messages that Spur Action (Case Study)

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For people to care about global warming it needs to be made relevant. And when asked if they think global warming or climate change is happening, none of them think it is. Whether you use “global warming” or “climate change”, 40 percent of Americans don’t think it’s happening. Instead, commentators and advocates alike, have focused on one aspect of the report: global warming sounds worse than climate change. They beat global warming and climate change every time.

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OMG Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Communications Manager Aspen Global Leadership Network (Washington, DC). Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits. Associate Designer & Query/Segmentation Specialist & Knowledge and Instructional Design Specialist WGBH. Boston, MA). Communications Coordinator Envision Unlimited (Chicago, IL). Communications Manager Justice at Stake (Washington, DC). Digital Graphic Designer Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (Manhattan Beach, CA).