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I attended my niece’s graduation at Whitewater High School in Georgia this past Friday. And the end of the evening was set off with fireworks. What do we do that sets people talking, creating incredible word-of-mouth publicity for our organizations?

Looking for Major Donors? Build Better Bridges With These Financial Tools

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You''ll get the chance to introduce advisors to your organization and its strengths—helping with word-of-mouth introductions to donors who might be excited about what you are doing. When I work with philanthropists, I take the time to identify her style of giving. You''ll position yourself well with an affluent donor by viewing your nonprofit as one piece of a plan—but not the only piece. He is also on the board of the Georgia Planned Giving Council.

Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing - 6

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This is a continuing series highlighting some of the fabulous women in the metro Atlanta area who are working in social media marketing. Toss of a pink boa to Karen Russell , an amazing prof at UGA, who suggested that I include a special post on educators. Overview of class.