Why you should stop looking for fundraising silver bullets and unicorns.


Usually, these technologies and tactics focus on the top of the funnel, generating awareness or (at best) interest. Yet the most effective and lowest-cost technologies and tactics are the ones that get employed at the bottom of the funnel instead.

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How the Content Marketing Sales Funnel Works for Corporate Partnerships

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Source: Ad Astra UK The above graph and the below video from Rand Fishkin of Moz are must see and watch as they clearly explain the content marketing sales funnel, how it works and why it only works when you have content at all three phases: Know, Like, Trust.

flip the funnel, but flip it feasibly

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Thanks to Michael Gilbert's Nonprofit Online News , I learned about the latest publication of prolific marketing writer Seth Godin : his nonprofit edition of Flipping the Funnel (free PDF download) shows how nonprofits can gain new supporters by asking current supporters to use free Web tools such as blogs , Flickr , del.icio.us , and his own Squidoo. (As

My Space and PayPal Help Nonprofits "Flip the (Marketing) Funnel"

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Seth Godin, marketing guru, calls this "Flipping the (Marketing) Funnel." MySpace and PayPal are 1 week into a contest to encourage more people to become fundraisers for their favorite causes. This specifics of the contest are here.

Count legacy gift dollars, not promises


Focus instead on the funnel. The private sector focuses on funnels to build pipelines of predictable revenue. Here are some metrics I suggest you consider as you build out your funnel: Of course, you can add more to this funnel.

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Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


In other words, there’s been a narrowing of the funnel. The market/sector has been ‘flooded’ with people talking about donor retention for many years now. Many of them make money selling software and services that supposedly help fundraisers improve their donor retention. Yet after all their talk, the statistics say that donor retention just keeps going down. The number of donors giving to charity keeps declining while total charitable dollars keep increasing.

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12 astounding ways engagement fundraising can help you right now


Employ smart marketing tactics to generate highly qualified leads and get them into the marketing funnel. Here are a dozen ways engagement fundraising helps nonprofits all around the world.

The Problem with Having Too Many Planned Giving Leads


Widen the funnel… more leads is better. It’s a good problem to have. But I’ve heard people tell me they’d rather have less, more qualified leads (ready to make a legacy giving decision and take action). I disagree because you never know which leads are qualified or not.

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Are fundraising tricks and gimmicks worth doing?


Smart fundraisers know that the point of acquisition fundraising is to get people into the funnel so they can take a donor journey that leads to a major gift (including a legacy gift). An old book filled with timeless lessons.

How to Start a Million-Dollar Social Enterpprise

Cause Related Marketing

For the last 10 years or so it seems like every other business leader I talk has an idea for a business that will funnel profits to a charity, while every charity leader I know wishes s/he had a for-profit venture that spun out loads of cash.

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The 8 Core Components of Engagement Fundraising and Why You Desperately Need Them


Once you accept the Pareto Principle , understand why people give and begin to employ a feedback loop, you’ll need to draw people into your marketing funnel. You should only want people in your funnel because they want to be there.

CauseTalk Radio Ep53: TisBest Launches Cause Marketing Platform for Trade Shows

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This new trade show product uses money that normally goes to trade show tchotchkes and funnels it to charitable organizations that fight hunger, work to end homelessness, conduct medical research, and take environmental action.

Tips From The E-Commerce World

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First, it was great to read about the acquisition myth: “Traditionally, most marketers were focused on top-of-the-funnel activities. I was fishing (not phishing) for some e-marketing tips and came across an article titled, Eight Myths E-Commerce Marketers Must Stop Believing In. Overall, the article is more pertinent to commercial marketers, but it did include a couple of points worth passing along.

CRM and Customer Retention

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Many CRMs focus on sales funnels, but there is a retention funnel as well and you are in control of how wide open you make that funnel. Data matters. That might sound obvious, but from our experience not everyone fully understands how important data can be to your marketing and retention efforts. Much of advertising falls into the “spray and pray” mentality of traditional media.

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Our EveryAction Hero: Feeding Wisconsin


As part of getting folks enrolled in our hunger fighter program we have a welcome series that introduces them to us and our work, and funnels them into a number of different actions they can take. Our EveryAction Hero this month is Feeding Wisconsin. With over 750 affiliate agencies across the state of Wisconsin, Feeding Wisconsin is dedicated to eradicating hunger and improving their community.

Struggling To Make A Better World

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So forgive me for being a bit bemused at a headline and article I read in today’s online Chronicle of Philanthropy … Using For-Profits to Funnel Big Sums to Charities Raises Transparency Concerns The article of course relates to the announcement by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan to. When I last looked, the nonprofit sector seemed to be struggling mightily, but not terribly successfully, to make a better world.

The Ultimate Planned Gift Marketing Strategy (4 simple steps)


Most successful marketing is accomplished only after understanding “ the marketing funnel ” including (in first-to-last order): Awareness. Most planned giving marketing strategies are not effective. They miss the mark. They waste money.

Don’t Forget About Email


Email alerts and reminders can be a step in a chain of desired behaviors, helping to create what I refer to as, your behavior change funnel. How can email be used as a health intervention? Many are enthusiastic about the possibility of social media being used as a behavior change intervention.

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Don’t Forget About Email


Email alerts and reminders can be a step in a chain of desired behaviors, helping to create what I refer to as, your behavior change funnel. How can email be used as a health intervention? Many are enthusiastic about the possibility of social media being used as a behavior change intervention.

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How to 10X Your Cause Marketing with Content Marketing: 3 Strategic Approaches

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Function in the partnership funnel: Awareness. Function in the partnership funnel: Consideration. Function in partnership funnel: It is the funnel!

Newsletter: 3 Legs of Cause Marketing Success; City Year Talks Corporate Partnerships; Meet Jane Walker

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While content marketing will fill the top of the funnel with potential prospects and guide some prospects through the consideration stage, you still need sales people.

Why Your Cause Marketing Program Needs Case Studies

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Nonprofits need to proactively support this research process with case studies that pull prospects further down the funnel and toward a partnership. Picture via mariecurie.org.uk.

The Major Donor Formula: How to Find, Cultivate and Ask Major Donors to Give to Your Non-Profit with Joe Garecht

Wild Woman Fundraising

This webinar covers how to find and engage new major donor prospects, how to cultivate and communicate with major donors, how to move them through the fundraising funnel (moves management), how to make major donor asks and how to build lifelong relationships with them after they say yes.

How to Attract Corporate Partners with Your Nonprofit Website

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Of course, nonprofits know this, but their websites often lack the content businesses are looking for to move them through the sales funnel from awareness to consideration to partnership. These are important for the consideration stage of the funnel.

How to Use Facebook to Promote Planned Giving


She understands the marketing funnel – You have to build awareness for planned gifts, generate leads, cultivate leads, close gifts and steward them!

Are Your New Donors Hiding in Plain Sight?

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What if we could better convert the people who are stuck in the middle of the conversion funnel (e.g., We’ve talked about ways to bring people in from the outside like advocacy programs and content marketing efforts.

How Mature Is Your Email Marketing Program?

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Finally, marketers are still playing around with testing and funnel optimization (the paths you create for people to subscribe and get more engaged with you), with many organizations still in the trial phase.

Networking grows more crucial in economic downturn


At a recent event I attended, author and consultant Dave Evans , spoke of the "social network funnel" for both product and personal use. While the funnels may be somewhat different, the key to both from a social networking perspective, according to Dave, was the feedback loop, that has become both instantaneous and real-time in a constantly connected world. When I first graduated from college, I wasn't sure what to do with myself.

Writing a strategic social media engagement plan

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Even in my speaking engagements I often talk about simplifying things down to a goals–>objectives–>strategies–>tactics funnel, which is a great starting point, but rarely enough to justify serious financial and human resource investment within a large bureaucratic organization. I often get asked how I structure my actual written strategic social media engagement plans when working with a public sector or non-profit organization.

The Sponsor/Cause Match in Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

The Foundation funnels the money to breast cancer research as advised and matched by the Concern Foundation. Research and experience show that the match between the cause and the sponsor is an important determining factor in the success of the cause marketing campaign.


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At the top of the conversion funnel, we are running out of people who give who want to give to new issues and organizations (at least running out of them versus the number of entreaties they get to take on new organizations). At the middle of the funnel, someone who gets their news on an issue from you will trust you more than any other. There are many real issues and perceived issues concerning the state of media. This is not that thought piece.

Why selling planned gifts is different (the case for a multi-step cultivation effort)


So we need to widen the funnel a lot. Seth Godin is pretty smart. He really understands marketing. In his recent blog post he discusses why we should sometimes avoid “easy leads” and, rather, seek to qualify our leads more vigorously.

What Would You Say? Thoughts on Global Citizenship


We are becoming more connected and more aware of the problems we face and the commonalities we share–how we funnel this awareness into action could make the difference. What would you say to world leaders if given the chance?

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4 simple suggestions to improve your planned giving marketing.


The marketing funnel in fundraising usually involves acquisition and cultivation strategies. Most people think planned giving marketing is complicated. It isn’t. Here are some really simple suggestions for generating planned gifts. 1- Make your planned giving messages omnipresent. Be sure to employ all the free (or low-cost) marketing channels you have available to you. Just to name a few… The back of every employee’s and volunteer’s business cards.

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Government obsession with newspaper coverage

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A solid digital presence will ensure that upon searching for relevant keywords, people will notice that your various web properties dominate the first few pages of Google, and thus you will easily be able to funnel in the majority of your target audience. I asked a senior government communications employee for their communications objectives the other day. Their response was &# to be on the cover of The Globe & Mail&# (our national Canadian newspaper).

Nielsen’s “Social Media Report – 2012?

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Says Nielsen: “The days when companies could tightly control brand messaging and progress consumers along a linear purchase funnel have long ended. Market research firm Nielsen has just released what should be one of the more authoritative reviews of consumer use of social media – The-Social-Media-Report-2012. Very comprehensive information that you’ll find helpful as you plan the level of effort your organization should be making with media like mobile and social nets.

Your Supporters Are Your Best Spokespeople

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Seth Godin calls this flipping the funnel. The best advice I have for people who want to use social media to promote their cause is to make it easy for your supporters to be your advocates. Make them celebrities for your cause. Let your supporters hold your megaphone for you and your message will spread farther. Your fans are celebrities among their families and friends, and they can be great spokespeople for you!

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Wyclef Jean’s mistress is true recipient of Haiti donations

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According to Gawker , Wyclef Jean is running a bogus charity where he directly funnels his money from donors to his mistress.

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don't jump on the cluetrain when it's goin' down the wrong track

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When I blogged on March 26 about Seth Godin's paper Flipping the Funnel , I hadn't read this NetSquared interview by Marshall Kirkpatrick , in which Seth calls nonprofits "so so clueless" for not using his new Web service, Squidoo. This disparagement was unfair and, to my mind, ironic, given that one of Seth's ideas for using Squidoo could actually be damaging to a nonprofit's brand.

Social Media - Learning From Each Other

Diva Marketing Blog

A thank you post to the great people who generously participated and gave of themselves to create a "real time social networking" environment last week at the American Marketing Association Social Media Bootcamp in San Antonio.