6 Things You Must Discuss In Your Year-End Online Fundraising Planning

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For a lot of nonprofits, that means the biggest online fundraising campaign of the year is right around the corner. The first thing I always recommend in year-end fundraising planning? Here are 6 elements to discuss and decide in your first planning meeting.

A Quick End-of-Year-Fundraising Plan

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Blackbaud, Convio, Network for Good) report that 45% – 50% of the online donations they process by total dollar amount take place between October and December. If you don’t have an end-of-year fundraising plan, here’s a quick one you can use. Have a better plan? Tags: Fundraising You don’t want to let the end-of-year giving season pass you by. Several of the vendors who process online donations for nonprofits (e.g.

Don't put off fundraising planning to the fall!

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But taking a break from fundraising in the summer can kill your fundraising. We'll start in late August" Over the last few weeks, I've been hearing clients put off significant coaching and planning projects saying, "We'll start in late August or early September." Summer.

Fall 81

Your Year-End Appeal Checklist

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Even though your mind may be focused on going to the beach and eating ice cream, you want to start planning your year-end appeal now. Of course you can use this any time you run a fundraising campaign. Do you have a plan?

How to Plan a Multichannel Fundraising Campaign

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Year-end fundraising season is upon us. This is the busiest time of the year for most organizations and you need to plan carefully. If you just send one fundraising letter and then wait for the donations to pour in, you’re in for a rude awakening. October 25.

Plan 75

Once is Not Enough,and Why You Need a Multichannel Fundraising Campaign

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If you think you can send one fundraising appeal and then wait for the donations to pour in, you’re in for a rude awakening. Or, they may not see your fundraising email in their ever growing inbox. October 26. Week of October 31.

How to Plan for Your Year-End Appeal

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You can still savor the rest of summer, but you also need to start planning for your year-end appeal. Of course, you can use this for fundraising campaigns at any time of the year. Do you have a plan? An Annual Appeal Fundraising Timeline You Can Use.

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Are You Ready for Your Year-End Appeal?

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Get a jump start on your appeal and start planning it now. Of course, you can use this for fundraising campaigns at any time of the year. You may have already set a goal in your 2016 fundraising plan (at least I hope you did) and perhaps you need to revise that goal.

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Ready – Set – Year-End Appeal

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You may have already set a goal in your 2014 fundraising plan (at least I hope you did) and perhaps you need to revise that goal. Make a plan. Put together a plan for your appeal that includes a timeline, task list, and the different channels you will use.

Go Multi-Channel for Better Year-End Success

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But your fundraising campaign will be more effective if you use a combination of these. October 22. Week of October 27. You don’t want the only messages your donors receive to be fundraising appeals. Take time to plan your strategy to ensure a successful year-end campaign.

How to Plan a Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign

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But your fundraising campaign will be more effective if you use a combination of these. October 21. Week of October 26. You don’t want the only messages your donors receive to be fundraising appeals. The end of December is the busiest time of the fundraising season. Take time to plan your strategy to ensure a successful year-end campaign. Here’s a great resource to help you with your multi-channel fundraising.

#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Communicators

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Let’s celebrate the end of the week with a round of Mixed Links… Givelify just released a new white paper called “ Nonprofit Fundraising: Removing Roadblocks and Meeting Goals with Mobile Technology.”. Aplos has started a funny new blog series on creative approaches to fundraising.

#MixedLinks for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

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In more donor retention news, Network for Good shows you How to Write a Fundraising Letter That Wins Back Lapsed Donors. Gail Perry warns A General Unrestricted Ask is LAZY Fundraising. Nonprofit Training: October 2: How to Measure Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Success.

Sample Calendars: How Often to Send Direct Mail and Email [Video and Download]

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Watch this video to learn about the six new communications calendars I’ve created for you as part of our brand-new training, Creating a 12-Month Community Engagement and Fundraising Plan.

Turn Your Year-End Campaign Into Year-Round Success [Video]

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And I think it will take your engagement and fundraising to a much higher level! As I mentioned in the video, the Creating a 12-Month Community Engagement and Fundraising Plan training program gives you three options to choose from.

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3 Things Successful Nonprofits Do NOW to Prepare for December Online Fundraising

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Year-end fundraising planning. For most of you, December is the biggest online fundraising month of the year. So stay calm and start planning. Here are 3 things successful nonprofits can and should do in September to get a leg up on year-end online fundraising.

Upcoming Events

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Register at: [link] Myrtle Beach - September 8 & 9 - Board strategic planning retreat This is a private event for members of the board of a nonprofit, helping them chart their organizational and fundraising plan. They've planned quite a day for training and learning.

Social Media Classes for Nonprofits: Seattle

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Thursday, October 15/22/29, 2009 from 6 to 8 pm. October 15: Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing & Fundraising Plan: 101. We will discuss the basics of Facebook, Twitter and blogging as they relate to an integrated marketing and fundraising strategy. We will review their features, and discuss the benefits and value of adding them into to your existing marketing plan and fundraising campaigns. October 22. October 29.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

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NTEN has some great stuff on email and online marketing with Fusing Mobile Fundraising with Email & Social Media Outreach and Fourteen Ways to Improve Your Open Rate. Rachel from Big Duck will share some of their multi-channel tips with us in a webinar later in October.

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Don’t Be A Premature Solicitator

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December fundraising planning has begun. With the onslaught of election mail and email arriving in homes in late October and early November, don’t time your appeals to hit at the same time. Best Practices FundraisingWait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it….

[Question Marc] Help! My board wants to do another event!

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My board wants to do ANOTHER fundraising event! So they''re mistakenly equating "fundraising" with "event" ! Fundraising events are fairly inefficient ways to raise money. Copycatting rarely leads to fundraising success. healthy fundraising plan.

Get Better Donor Relationships in 2014! Join Fundraising Mastermind Elite!

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Maybe you want the Fundraising Mastermind Elite. What is the Fundraising Mastermind Elite? Simply a place to gain community, share, learn and grow in your fundraising knowledge to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Do you want more donors? More sponsors?

Mixed Links: Good Stuff for Nonprofit Communicators

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After a busy week of traveling to Erie, PA for three presentations at Nonprofit Day and preparing for my upcoming planning workshop with Nancy Schwartz in DC next week, I am ready for some mixed links (and drinks)! Happy Friday to you all!

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Featured Fundraiser: Becca Stromdahl

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This week’s Featured Fundraiser is Becca Stromdahl. If you ever would like to nominate someone for Feature Fundraiser just send me an email. What kind of fundraising do you do and who do you do it for? What tips/advice do you have to other fundraisers in your field?

Grants for Professional Nonprofit Fundraising Help, Mentoring, and Resources for U.S. Nonprofits

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Deadline: November 12, 2010 Grants Available to Help Nonprofit Organizations With Fundraising Achieve , an Indianapolis-based consulting firm that provides fundraising, strategic planning, and management counsel to nonprofit organizations, is offering service grants to nonprofit organizations seeking assistance with fundraising. Achieve will offer an informational webinar on this grants program on October 14, 2010. From The Foundation Center. [If

Resources and inspiration for the next 90 days

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This means that you’re probably putting the final touches on your year-end fundraising plans and have a solid campaign ready to go. There’s still plenty of time to create a solid plan and get the most out of the year-end giving season. Here at Network for Good, we recently published two free fundraising guides that can help you plan your marketing efforts and create a great appeal. 7 Steps to Your Best Nonprofit Marketing Plan Ever.

Spring Ahead, Fundraising Look Back

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While I'm definitely looking ahead to longer days, azaleas, and tulips, from a fundraising perspective, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened last fall. billion in total fundraising. of total fundraising now comes from online giving.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #2 Investment in Strategic Blogger Outreach

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However there is a significant gap in the majority of non-profit social media strategies, and that involves how fundraisers can effectively engage with some of the most powerful influencers in the online social media world – the bloggers. If this is the case, then offer to get the relevant person a coffee and book some time with them to talk through just what the Blogger Outreach Strategy is and how well fundraising is integrated into it.

Fundraising Isn't Optional, Non Profits.".Put[ing] the Word Out and Bow[ing Your] Heads".Is Not Fundraising, BendFilm

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In this week's The Source Weekly I read another article about another American non profit organization that doesn't mind demonstrating that it has no idea that for the organization's mission to be successful.heck, for the organization's existence, they have to fundraise. If they do understand that they need to fundraise, they definitely have no idea what modern-day fundraising is or how to go about it. It is especially not professional fundraising.

What Programs, Campaigns, or Items Get Grants?

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It is very important to know, too, that the best fundraising for any non profit organization includes a thought out, well researched, diverse fundraising plan, or development plan. Usually the development department, executive director, and board work together in a series of meetings to create the development plan. It demonstrates, finally, that your organization is planning to be financially sustainable!