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6 principles of a good fundraising plan

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How do you make a development plan? How do you DO fundraising planning anyway? If you’ve never made a fundraising plan before, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 6 principles of a good fundraising plan to get you started.

6 Things You Must Discuss In Your Year-End Online Fundraising Planning

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For a lot of nonprofits, that means the biggest online fundraising campaign of the year is right around the corner. The first thing I always recommend in year-end fundraising planning? Here are 6 elements to discuss and decide in your first planning meeting.

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7 Questions your Fundraising Plan MUST Answer

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Yesterday, I led a webinar to teach people my “Simple Success&# Fundraising Plan. One of the things I shared was the 7 questions your fundraising plan MUST answer. You need a specific goal for your plan. If you’re currently wrestling with a fundraising plan and you’d like help, I invite you to check out the virtual retreat I’m leading on Friday, Feb 19 to walk you through my “Simple Success&# Fundraising Plan.

In fundraising, planning is key

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With any big project (and especially fundraising), it’s critical that you start with a plan. Let me share a non-fundraising example to illustrate that point. In fundraising, it’s very similar. The answers to these questions (and more) form your plan.

Fundraising Planning for the New Year! Free Webinar January 28th

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Would you like to plan to succeed in 2013? If your fundraising plan languished in a drawer last year, you’re not alone. And if you’ve never made a fundraising plan before, now is the perfect time to start! Fundraising Planning for the New Year!

Enterprise Community Partners Online Fundraising Plan and Presentation

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"Prior to 2008, we had no coordinated online plan. " There are times - and many nonprofits are guilty of it - when online fundraising seems more like online waiting. This presentation was first shared at the Network for Good and Maryland Nonprofits "ePhilanthropy 101: Effective & Inexpensive Fundraising in a Downturn" program on March 27, 2009. Tags: Fundraising Case Studies & White Papers Does this sound familiar?

Create an Online Fundraising Plan: Match Up Your Online and Offline Marketing

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Online fundraising isn''t a stand-alone initiative—it''s an integrated part of your communications strategy. Yoru online and offline marketing plans to donors should mirror and completment each other. Check out our tips for integrating your offline and online tactics to best reach your donors across all channels in your online plan: Offline Mailing Tips: Ask your donors their preference. Having a fundraising walk?

Reader question: What’s a good framework for a fundraising plan?

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Beth asks: Can you provide a basic (simple) framework to create a fundraising plan (or resources to do so) - for a brand new nonprofit and their completely new to fundraising staff? Here’s what Network for Good recommends in our Fundraising Campaign in a Box. When you’re planning your outreach, remember these three tips: There is no such thing as “the general public” Instead, you need to segment your communications to be effective and targeted.

4 Myths About Fundraising You Need to Stop Believing

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I have talked with so many people about fundraising. and of course, fundraising staff. Sitting on your hands and saying it’s “just gonna appear” is not a plan. If you’re scared of planning, then slay that serpent!

14 things you must know about your donors to win major gifts (including planned gifts)


Here are 14 things you must know about your donors if you want to raise major and planned gifts (13 of which can be obtained from a donor survey ): 1- Why do they care about your nonprofit’s mission? 14- Do they want to have a one-to-one relationship with a fundraiser/representative?

Free Webinar: Planning for 2015 on 12/4

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Are you tired of not having a plan every year? In this webinar you’ll learn: Fundraising planning 101. How NOT to make a fundraising plan. Your One-Page Fundraising Road-map. Take this webinar and plan to succeed in 2015!

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Proof that planned gifts increase annual giving revenue


What he found was the following: The average annual gift among those studied increased by 75% ($3,171) after making a planned gift. Recommendations. >> 7 Simple Lessons to Remember from Dr. Russell James About Planned Gift Marketing. >> Words That Work: Phrases that Encourage Planned Giving.

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Get Your Dream Job

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I, like most of you, fell into fundraising. Would you like to learn more about what you truly want to do in fundraising, learn how to write a better cover letter and resume, interview strong, and become truly irresistible to nonprofit employers? Started out as a fundraising intern.

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RIDDLE: How do you measure the success (or failure) of your planned giving program?


I was speaking with a client recently about the success he’s been experiencing with our software and strategies when he asked a really great question: “How can I measure the success of my planned giving program in comparison to others?”

What are your nonprofit organization’s assets?

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Step one in the Simple Success Fundraising Plan is to identify your assets. They are things that you have going for you that you can leverage in your plan. Want more info on the Simple Success Fundraising Plan? Tags: Fundraising Planning fundraising plan nonprofit fundraising What are your organization’s assets? Here are some examples of nonprofit organizational assets: .

Most planned gift prospects don’t ever want to meet you


Most planned gift prospects actually don’t ever want to meet you. They want to plan their gift on their own because they think they don’t need your help. If not, you need a plan. Then you’ll be able to help them make their planned gift.

How to rock your development plan: Webinar April 19th

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Wild Woman Fundraising: With a One-Page Development Plan! A step-by-step guide to planning that magical plan that will help you raise all the money you need. When was the last time you looked at your fundraising plan? You need a one-page development plan.

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Here’s why when it comes to planned gifts, it isn’t necessarily ALL about the relationship


I have two questions that I ask people when they say that planned gift fundraising “is all about the relationship.” It’s just that I don’t believe you can say that planned gift fundraising is ‘all about the relationship’ while, at the same time, have no idea about the vast proportion of gifts that have been planned for your nonprofit.

Should legacy gift notification forms die?


Here’s how it goes: The fundraiser did a great job. This wonderfully skilled fundraiser was told that the bequest would be in the amount of $1 million. ” The fundraiser dutifully arranged the lunch.

Stop swopping your donor lists with other nonprofits


This strategy could be catastrophic because many low-level donors make great planned giving prospects. Fundraising Planned Giving Lead generation for planned giving

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The Online Nonprofit Leadership Summit Rocked SO HARD!

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Marc Pitman, Shanon Doolittle, Kishshana, Greg Warner, Jeff Schreifels, Mazarine Treyz’s Next Level Fundraising such great enthusiasm inspired me to take action. I am re-energized and cannot wait to implement the plans I have for 2017.”

The Real Story of MarketSmart…


But we still weren’t out of the weeds yet because many fundraisers simply were not yet ready to accept our “disruptive” software and strategies. Fundraising Planned Giving legacy gifts marketsmart

Got fundraising plans?

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If you need help putting a fundraising plan together for this year, I’d love to help! Join me Thursday, February 4th at 3 pm easter for a free call as I present my “Simple Success&# Fundraising Plan. Why you need a fundraising plan. 7 questions your plan must answer. Plus, you’ll hear about a virtual planning retreat I’m hosting in February. Tags: Fundraising Planning fundraising nonprofit plan

Do you really need to buy a planned giving website?


You don’t need to buy a planned giving website. For decades, nonprofit leaders and staff have been led to believe that planned giving is complicated while most planned gifts are made in the form of simple bequests or by beneficiary designation.

How NOT to design the perfect fundraising campaign


Today I would like to discuss how NOT to design the perfect fundraising campaign. Because this is what happens to your efforts when you let your staff, your board members, your volunteers, and your donors tell you what they like most and how to design the perfect fundraiser.

Your planned giving offers need to change


Related Posts. >> 9 content offers that work well to generate planned giving leads. >> The Ultimate Planned Gift Marketing Strategy (4 simple steps). >> How to Generate More Planned Gifts with Less Money and Reduced Resources. It can’t only be about death and taxes.

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The best 2-step plan for legacy gift marketing


The post The best 2-step plan for legacy gift marketing appeared first on MarketSmart |. Fundraising Planned Giving charitable gift annuity fundraising tips legacy gift marketing legacy gifts

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Everything you need is already in your database


Fundraising Major Giving Philosophy/motivation Planned Giving major gift fundraising Planned Giving MarketingIn the late 1800’s, a motivational speaker gave a speech over 6,000 times.

Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!


I just saw a video for a nonprofit’s planned giving department that made me sick. They seem to believe those same supporters will watch the video and plan to make a legacy gift after enduring the experience. Fundraising Planned Giving legacy gift marketing

What are you planning for? Fundraising Predictions for 2012

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Fundraising Predictions 2012. The Atlas of Giving is different than Giving USA in that it gives you PREDICTIONS when your fundraising is most likely to do well. Unless you’re fundraising for the arts or the environment.

How to Plan For Fundraising Success in 2014

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When you plan your fundraising, you know what’s coming up, and you can achieve a less stressful job! A fundraising plan can help you plan to succeed, by laying out your goals and working backwards. Have you ever wished for more direction in your fundraising program? A fundraising plan can guide you into taking little bites out of the big tasks that are on your plate every day! Have you ever made a fundraising plan?

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Your Fundraising Plan Checklist

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Here is a Fundraising Plan Checklist that you can use every time you start a new appeal, campaign, event, or grant proposal. Tags: Appeals Events Fundraising Grants Keeping a job Leadership Lean Development Measuring Effectiveness Volunteers appeal attendees checklist checks in the mail corrective action development planning e-newsletter event exceeding goals goals mazarine treyz meeting goals plan post-mortem text message training

Let’s plan for your fundraising success in 2015!

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When you plan your fundraising, you know what’s coming up, and you can achieve more, and have a less stressful job! A fundraising plan can help you plan to succeed , by laying out your goals and working backwards. Have you ever made a fundraising plan?

People won’t “give ’til it hurts”!


Sometimes I feel like I should make a list of all the silly things I hear fundraisers say. Words That Work: Phrases That Encourage Planned Giving. Get Started with 3-to-1 Major Gift Fundraising. 3 Types of Stories Major and Planned Gift Officers Should be Telling.

Reinvent your legacy society to become a stewardship society instead


Don’t worry about whether or not they planned to leave a gift yet. Put those who have already made planned gifts on a pedestal at the events (with their permission of course). Ask the planned givers to share their stories and explain why they planned a gift.

Fundraising Planning Simplified

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In fundraising, if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t much matter which way you head, either. The best fundraising plans start with a goal. Here are some tips for putting a fundraising plan in place. . This will help make the plan real and your goals more achievable. Get someone to hold you accountable and make sure you work your plan. Otherwise, you may be tempted to let the plan slide

My Gift To You This Holiday Season


A lot of people have asked me, “Can you really achieve planned gift marketing success online ?” “You can’t close planned gifts with a website!” ” They didn’t believe me when I first came on the scene and some still don’t believe me now.

What to do about planned gift marketing when you don’t know what to do…


Planned giving is a new area for me. And now my new boss wants me to come up with an action plan for the next year. Eighty percent of the success of your planned gift marketing efforts will be dependent upon your list.

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A surprising way to increase planned gifts

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Used with permission of ken_mayer on Flickr I love that we live in a time of actual research of fundraising. The newest findings presented this month by the Centre for Sustainable Fundraising show a surprising way to increased planned gifts: tell people what others have not done !

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Should your planned giving website include a calculator page?


Sometimes our new clients get all jazzed about having a calculator on their planned giving website. And, after reviewing two of our client’s planned giving websites I found that I was right (at least for those two). How to Forecast How Much Planned Giving Revenue You Will Get.