Throwing UK Fundraising Under the Bus

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A number of thoughtful and concerned UK Agitator readers weighed in this week expressing a range of emotions from distress to disgust over what some termed the Institute of Fundraising’s (IoF) latest “betrayal” of the sector. On August 18 IoF announced an Update to the Code of Fundraising Practice. Communications Fundraising philosophy/profession Innovation Nonprofit management Telemarketing premium

The U.K.’s New Fundraising Sheriff

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Self-regulation of fundraising went down the tubes this week in the U.K., Communications Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising philosophy/profession Nonprofit management premiumand the nonprofit sector has no one to blame but itself.

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Opt In vs Opt Out: The ‘Make or Break’ Decision In The UK And EU

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Here’s a question for fundraisers in the UK and the European Union: Would you rather lose 50% or 85% of your donor base? That’s the essence of what’s at stake as fundraisers stand on the tracks staring at the fast approaching train of new regulations on donor data protection that go into effect May 2018.

Opt-in/Opt-out: Special to UK and EU Readers

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Regardless of the outcome of next week’s Brexit referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union, fundraisers will continue to face the Opt-in/Opt-out Dilemma.

Playing The Fundraising Blame Game In The U.K.

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A fundraising firing squad is now being formed in the UK. Once again ‘reforms’ will focus on tactics, vendor behavior, and steps aimed at regulating fundraisers’ behavior and preserving organizational income. Fundraising philosophy/profession premiumUnfortunately, it seems to be forming in a circle. If ever there were a time for calm, cool, thoughtful and different fact-finding and exploration, it’s now.

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Fundraising Hypocrisy

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If you’re one of our 872 UK Agitator readers this is for you. Over the last few months the UK tabloids busted the fundraising British sector for its overly aggressive tactics in telemarketing and Face –To-Face techniques. ( See Playing the Blame Game in the UK.)

Fundraising Bravery

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This week the mild mannered, empirical-evidence-please scholar and the author of the classic Building Donor Loyalty shed his Clark Kent persona and came out swinging against proposed regulatory efforts by the UK government to gag charities.

INTERVIEW: With Craig Linton, The Fundraising Detective!

Wild Woman Fundraising

He’s a fabulous researcher for fundraising and always has good links on fundraising articles, AND I just shared a train compartment with him last month, and he was all “HEY!” Like, do the fundraising professionals in the UK get taken for granted, just like in the US?

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Hey Slacker, high five!

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Thanks to Craig being an excellent Fundraising Detective , I was just reading Paul de Gregorio’s blog, and he wrote “ Why we should all encourage slacktivism” New Ladder of Engagement for Slacktivism. originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on June 19, 2012.

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How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

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He is a professional direct response copywriter specializing in the creation of highly persuasive fundraising campaigns for charities and non-profits. Mazarine: How did you get involved with copywriting for direct mail fundraising?

‘Great Fundraising’

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“What differentiates great fundraising from the average, good or poor?” ” These are the questions Professors Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang set out to answer in a year-long study aptly titled: Great Fundraising.

The Future Of Fundraising: Bright Or Bleak?

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Fundraising is in for a bleak future. And there’s little evidence fundraisers have the capacity to implement plainly needed changes. This happy piece of insight is delivered in a new, important and thought-provoking series by veteran U.K. fundraiser Ken Burnett.

No More Grumpy Fundraisers

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Each day for the past 10 years Tom and I have pored over dozens of blogs, papers, presentations and speeches prepared by scores of fundraisers. Fundraising philosophy/profession Nonprofit management premium

LTV … The GPS For Fundraisers

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As I emphasize repeatedly in my book, Retention Fundraising , over the long haul, Lifetime Value (LTV) is the most significant measure for benchmarking and steering your fundraising efforts. In fact, as Charlie Hulme, head of DonorVoice’s U.K.

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Broken! Dangerous Fundraising Machinery

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I wonder how many donors give in spite of the fundraising machine, not because of it?! As I read and wrote about the press and public’s outrage over Face-2-Face and telemarketing techniques that’s spilled forth in the UK, I kept asking: “Why or how in the world could a sector this sophisticated have allowed this to happen?” ” After all, it was in the UK where direct debit, monthly giving first proved itself and served as a model for much of the world.

This is not a pity party. You understand?

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From the same article above: “In his first major speech as leader of the Labour Party (in the UK), Ed Miliband said: “I do believe this country is too unequal and the gap between rich and poor doesn’t just harm the poor, it harms us all.”". Wow, hello hate mail!

Join UK Donor Commitment Study

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Here is a reminder … Our colleagues at DonorVoice are going to replicate in the UK their recent US study of donor commitment. The call is out for UK charities who would like to participate in the study, which will be conducted in association with Ken Burnett and SOFII. The first will study a representative sample of recent, frequent UK cause donors. UK participants will be charged a £1,000 fee each to cover direct costs of the work.

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UK online giving up 85% over 3 years – but still only 3.7% of charitable donations?

Giving in a Digital World

At 50 pages this free report is a lengthy but worthwhile read, combining recent research into general UK internet usage as well as online charity activity, together with advice on how to make best use of online opportunities and some thoughts on how things are likely to develop in the future. over the last two years) which might simply not be included when organisations report their ‘online’ income because they are not monitored by the main online fundraising team.

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Putting the Donor in Control of Fundraising

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Much of what we fundraisers practice and preach will eventually be shown to be wrong or out of date. Events like the imposition of new regulatory rules in the U.K. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Fundraising philosophy/profession Nonprofit management Research premiumSometimes, if we’re lucky, disturbing trends and startling events arise to speed up the re-evaluation and change process.

Collective Joy = How to Harness the Power of #Occupy for Your Nonprofit Cause

Wild Woman Fundraising

Collective Joy = How to Harness the Power of #Occupy for Your Nonprofit Cause originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on February 8, 2012. Protest Puppet from Paris: Image copyright 0olong from Flickr.

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YNPN presentation: Moving up in your nonprofit career: February 28th

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How did I go from college graduate to Senior Development and Communications Officer, to Fundraising consultant? This is exciting! Are you looking for a job at your desk right now?

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At Last! Global Fundraising Supersized

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Three weeks ago, we reported that Bernard Ross and his UK Management Centre were launching the Big Mac™ Philanthropy Index. is 9 th , UK 18 th , The Netherlands 28 th. Who’s the highest paid fundraiser in the world? minutes to earn a Big Mac™ … a UK fundraiser 4.34

Big Mac® Fundraising

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Announcing the latest international fundraising metric: Two all-beef patties + special sauce + lettuce + cheese + pickles + onions + a sesame seed bun = 1 Big Mac®. The Netherlands ranks 6 th and the UK 8 th.

What a terrific advertisement!


I really can’t say it any better than this ad thanks to LegacyVoice , a legacy administration and marketing firm based in the UK. Folks, it’s time to focus on where you’ll get the money to sustain your mission. It’s that simple. Leave your comments below. Kudos!

How to Ask for a Bequest…And Get It

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Why do organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests. Fundraising Online Courses

Which of these solution focused questions can you ask today?

Wild Woman Fundraising

originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on April 18, 2012. Lately, thanks to my friend Christina Attard , I’ve been reading a book called Fry the Monkeys by Alan Kay. In it, I am learning about how to talk about solutions instead of just problems. I think it’s a useful lesson for us as nonprofit leaders and managers, when people come up to us in a huff or a snit or itching for a fight, to learn how to redirect to a solution quickly.

Which is more important? Fundraising or The Olympics?

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Have you heard about everything going wrong with the games in the UK this year? ” So, which is more important, fundraising or the Olympics? Holley and Sarah could potentially spend time fundraising for their careers. Fundraising or The Olympics?

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Fundraising Intermission #2: Mastering The Basics

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But even for us older dogs (that’s me in the foreground), it’s good to pause and revisit the essentials — those basic skills that every competent fundraiser must hone and continually keep sharp. The 29 foundations of fundraising.

12 Digital Fundraising Trends

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Bryan Miller at blog Giving in a digital world has made a herculean effort over the month of January to unload a pile of insights about online and mobile fundraising. They’re well-worth looking through … Bryan has a strong fundraising background, both on the agency (Merkle, Rapp Collins) and client (Worldvision, Cancer Research UK) sides. Trend #10 – Social Media Fundraising Growing-up. Trend #12 – Digital Fundraising Staff Shortages.

Proud To Be A Fundraiser

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Flogging registration and attendance at the U.K.’s s Institute of Fundraising’s July Conference , Alan Clayton lays out why pride in our profession is so important. Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising nonprofit management premium

Bacon & Eggs & Fundraising

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Ken Burnett worked with us on that study and together we decided to conduct the same type of major study in the UK. The study was organized by DonorVoice, SOFII and The Agitator with the help of a few farsighted UK agencies and consultancies including The Good Agency , Think Consulting Solutions , Bluefrog and Open Fundraising. The findings of this ground-breaking study will be made public in the free DonorVoice UK Commitment Webinar on Wednesday, August 22 nd.

Fundraising In A Multi-Cultural Context

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fundraisers, in particular, to widen their demographic horizons in planning their fundraising strategies … specifically with respect to engaging the ethnic and racial segments that are driving our population growth. Only when contacted by Tony Elischer at THINK Consulting Solutions (UK) did I belatedly realize the significance of July for Muslim giving and the opportunity that presented. We have been agitating for U.S.

The Danger Of Widget Mentality In Fundraising

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I wonder how many donors give in spite of the fundraising machine, not because of it? Our interest in all this was triggered by the press and public’s outrage over Face-2-Face and telemarketing techniques that’s spilled forth in the UK. Communications Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Nonprofit management premiumHere at The Agitator and over at our sister company DonorVoice we focus on that question a lot.

Down With Fundraising Nonsense

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The average fundraiser now spends most of his/her time in meetings. accountability charities Don't Miss these Posts fundraising innovation nonprofit management nonprofits

We Cannot Fundraise Alone

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Hopefully The Agitator has stirred the pot constructively with some of our recent rants ( here and here ) about fundraising atrocities, as they are found in the US. Adam Clayton at the UK’s Clayton Burnett takes the conversation further, with these remarks. While UK-centric here and there, it seems to me he’s right on target. Fundraising needs to infuse your organization, and not be perceived as some kind of necessary evil. From: We cannot fundraise alone.

Is fundraising hurting itself?

Fundraising Coach

Today, the fundraising think tank Rogare published "Less Than My Job's Worth." In this important "green" paper - a paper created for discussion - Rogare's director Ian MacQuillin exams the questions "is fundraising a profession?" and "does it matter if fundraising isn't a profession?"

Fundraisers Are Like Farmers

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“Don’t blame the economy” seems to be a popular mantra among some fundraisers lately. Here’s a sample of such thinking … Charities can’t blame ‘economic climate’ for falls in income , from Civil Society Fundraising in the UK, seconded by our own US pal Jeff Brooks at Future Fundraising Now … charities Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising innovation nonprofit management nonprofits premium

No One Wants More Email

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In preparing my earlier book, Retention Fundraising: the art and science of keeping your donors for life , I kept the promise to myself that I’d avoid tribal wisdom and so-called ‘best practices’ in favor of recommendations based solely on empirical research. and UK charities.

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How to stay competitive in your fundraising career

Wild Woman Fundraising

What should these skills mean to you, as a nonprofit professional, and as a fundraiser? But as you look at this list, what can you do to stay current, and fresh in fundraising? Of course, every nonprofit wants a fundraiser who knows how to work with databases.

Ep196: Sarah Durham on How Branding + Fundraising = Brandraising

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Sarah Durham , CEO of Big Duck , a communications firm that is a leader in Brandraising - a proven approach to fundraising that puts the focus on marketing, branding, and communications. Sarah Durham, Big Duck.

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