Fundraising and Marketing Teams: Integrated or Separate But Equal?

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We need to break down the barriers preventing fundraising and marketing staff from cooperating in order to get the best results. In 39% of nonprofits, you’ll find an integrated team, with marketing and fundraising working together on an equal level under the same manager.

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Launch Your Team of Year-End Fundraisers: Free Training Th Oct 6

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Join me to learn how to turn your board, staff, and loyal volunteers into a team of passionate and engaging messengers. Let’s join forces and build your team together! P.S. Get more fundraising & marketing tools , templates, case studies & tips delivered right to your inbox!

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Extend Your Reach with a Staff Messenger Team

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Here are four compelling reasons—backed up by the kind of research findings nonprofit decision makers adore—to launch your team of staff messengers a.s.a.p.: I urge you to launch—ask, train, support, and thank— your team of passionate employee messengers.

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Your Take: All-Staff Marketing Team (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

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Welcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival on Launching and Supporting Your All-Staff Team of Powerful Marketers— the best methods and tools to ask, train, support, and thank your colleagues to be effective insight gatherers and messengers. . Here’s how I train orgs like yours to Extend Your Reach with an All-Staff Messenger Team. Here’s how to Ask and Train Your Board to be Powerful Messengers (Hands-On) , via fundraising experts Andrea Kihlstedt and Andy Robinson.

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What Type of Communications Team Works Best at Your Nonprofit?

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According to our research, 75% of nonprofit communications teams are organized in one of four ways, based on how the workload for the team is created. We’ve labeled these teams: Integrated. Which is best for fundraising?

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Pop Your All-Staff Team of Messengers: Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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I’m in love, with a marketing method that’s a game changer for communications, fundraising, and program staff members in organizations like yours— Launching an all-staff team of messengers. For this month’s carnival post, I’m eager to hear your questions and concerns, tips, and tools on popping your team of all-staff messengers, : What about this approach intrigues and attracts you?

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Get Everyone on Your Marketing Team – 3 Steps

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On Tuesday, I’m presenting the webinar, Turning Your Whole Staff and Board into an Effective Marketing Team. Nonprofit marketers and fundraisers are overwhelmed and overworked. Turning Your Whole Staff and Board into an Effective Marketing Team.

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Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments #17NTCteam

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Kivi was part of a fantastic session at last week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference called Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments. Check out our research on the difference types of communications teams and which are most effective. Marketing Team

How Employee Matching Gifts Can Help Your Fundraising Team Succeed

Ann Green

Many of you are gearing up for your year-end fundraising campaign. This guest post by Adam Weinger gives you some great tips to help you incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising. Incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising events. Guest Post by Adam Weinger.

Turn Colleagues, Board, & Supporters into Powerful Year-End Fundraisers

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We’re in count down to year-end fundraising season, with its relentless pressure and never-ending to-dos. Joking aside, it may seem like your team’s hard work and limited resources won’t be enough. There is a way to move past this seemingly insurmountable barrier—Launch a team of messengers to be your nonprofit’s ambassadors for year end (and beyond). Identify a small group of folks most likely to succeed as your first team of messengers.

Ep187: Evite, Pledgeling Team Up to Turn Birthday Parties Into Fundraisers for Charity

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to James Citron , CEO, of Pledgeling and Victor Cho , CEO of Evite about Evite Donations , which has raised over $1M in donations for 20,000 nonprofit organizations across the United States.

People First—4 Steps To Your All-Org Marketing Team

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Here are some examples of how all-org marketing teams work: The person who answers general calls directs callers on with warmth, interest and enthusiasm. The new fundraiser tries to get her idea taken seriously.

Wisdom for Executive Directors Managing Communications Teams

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I’m sharing the slides with you here: What Successful Nonprofits Get Right about Marketing and Fundraising from Kivi Leroux Miller. What words of wisdom would you add for executive directors who want to better manage their communications teams?

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5 Leadership Failures That Hurt Communications and Fundraising

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Here are five that I see all the time — I’m sure people who coach fundraisers or program staff would have their own variations on this list. The world of marketing and fundraising is changing, and fast.

Which is more important? Fundraising or The Olympics?

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” So, which is more important, fundraising or the Olympics? Holley and Sarah could potentially spend time fundraising for their careers. Obviously, if you’ve got to be training 10 hours a day, it’s hard to think about fundraising. Fundraising or The Olympics?

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Obama email team reveals what worked - and didn’t - in election fundraising

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M+R had a fascinating post* last week about political fundraising. It highlighted insights from the digital team who sent out fundraising emails for the Obama campaign. While political fundraising is its own animal, I do think many of these insights apply to all forms of fundraising. So whether you’re a political activist or a nonprofit fundraiser, or of the red or blue or purple persuasion, you will find this interesting.

How to Use a Street Team to Enhance Your Crowdfunding

Fundraising Coach

The way I’d define crowdfunding is with these three words: online social fundraising. We all know about online fundraising at this point and agree it’s necessary. But online fundraising in a way that allows you to leverage your community, not just for giving but for sharing, is innovative, and something that many nonprofits have yet to master. Because of this, the landscape of online fundraising has fundamentally shifted.

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Marketing Fundraising Events: The Ultimate Checklist

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Holding a fundraising event soon? Marketing your fundraising event is a necessity to attract attendees. Highlight opportunities for engagement ( ex: showcase fundraising teams or leaderboards ). Fundraising Guest BloggersKerri Moore.

The 2016 Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal.

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Thrive thru Year End: Together!

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The power of teamwork surrounded me this weekend, as I did a triathlon with my beloved Team Triumph pals. Here are some ways teamwork can boost productivity and satisfaction in your org : Extend Reach & Results w/Your All-Org Team of Messengers. All-Org Marketing Team

4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

J Campbell Social Marketing

If your nonprofit is smart (and I know it is), you want to make the most of the generosity of companies as it relates to your digital fundraising efforts. Here are the top four ways to use corporate philanthropy to boost your online fundraiser. Team volunteer grants. *

Ep212: Nissan Teams Up with Habitat for Humanity to Launch 'Home is the Key'

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How Nissan is supporting Habitat in April with a hashtag fundraiser to raise $250,000.

The Kinds of Meetings Communications Directors Need

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These meetings are about getting ideas, information, concerns, and insights out on the table and shared among team members. You hold these meetings to ensure that work is progressing in a timely way and that team members remain accountable. Another day, another meeting.

Build Your Message Team: Part 4—Grow Energy, Insights & Skills

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This is the last in a series of posts outlining the steps to building a team of effective messengers, following Part 1: Why & What, Part 2: Groundwork and Part 3: Skill Building. You should: Trumpet successes with specifics, in one-to-one and all-team communications.

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Year-End Fundraising Decisions to Make Now

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I’m coaching a fundraising team at a national nonprofit that wants to revamp its annual communications calendar. As part of that process, we are looking at their editorial calendar for their year-end fundraising campaign, which will include direct mail, email, and social media.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Online Communication Is A Team Sport

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It takes a team, and everyone contributes something critical to the overall success. Whatever the extent of your staff, you need to structure a social-media team who are dedicated to listening, contributing, and monitoring your outreach both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Three Ways to Overcome Decision Fatigue in Your #npcomm Work

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This happens all the time in nonprofit marketing and fundraising too. CALM Leadership Marketing Team Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Professional Development

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5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Fundraising Team

Fundraiser Ideas

When I think about how I came up with the skills to motivate my fundraising team, I remember a team I was on years ago. The fundraising leader knew exactly what to do to make us excited, which ended up exciting our contributors. I never felt so inspired and motivated to sell as I did in that fundraising team. Looking back now, there were five reasons why that particular fundraising team motived me more than any others did.

Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers


Then it dawned on me that wealthy people make financial transactions with stockbrokers and fundraisers in similar ways. Therefore, it’s important that you, your fundraising team and your entire organization think of yourselves as brokers, partners, educators, and facilitators— not fundraisers.

Let Your People Do the Talking (Do It Differently: Part 1)

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Introducing a new fundraising spokesperson—one of our clients (an individual who’s benefited from our donors’ support). All-Org Marketing Team all-staff messengers fundraising storytelling year-end

When Fundraising is Your Marketing Goal – And Not

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Content Marketing Fundraising Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing StrategyWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

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6 Ways to Train All-Org Messengers

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Why not recruit folks already connected with your organization to help as marketing and fundraising ambassadors? Fundraiser-extraordinaire Gail Perry shares a powerful approach to uncovering board members’ passions: “Why do you care?”. All-Org Marketing TeamFlickr: Chip Griffin.

4 Steps to Moving Your Marketing and Fundraising Teams to a Productive Partnership (Case Study)

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Dear Nancy, Our organization is preparing for a new structure in which it’s likely that Communications and Resource Generation (Fundraising) will become one department. In fact, the marketing-fundraising divide — whether these teams are joined in a single department or not — is one of the most common challenges nonprofits must tackle. It’s the only hope for a strong marketing-fundraising partnership.

Getting Other People to Meet Your Deadlines

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And that means that they understand the strategic role of communications for your organization, and how great communications are essential to great programmatic and fundraising results. CALM Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Publication Management

Simple Rules, Part I: How to Make Better and Faster #NpComm Decisions

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Nonprofit marketing and fundraising have simple rules too. If at your nonprofit, you have a hard time making marketing and fundraising decisions or get bogged down in the endless communications choices, creating some simple rules can help.

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21 Stupid Things You Can Stop Doing [Infographic and Recording]

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Content Marketing Fundraising Hiring Consultants Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Professional Development Trends npcommstupid We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

How to make your fundraising team a success

Wild Woman Fundraising

After you’ve gotten a fundraising job , and moved on up, gotten that raise and done some work life balance , HOW DO YOU BECOME A GOOD MANAGER? How do you manage a fundraising team successfully? Managing others in fundraising. Strengths in Fundraising Work.

Do major and legacy gift fundraisers need ‘sales managers’?


The private sector has sales managers for their revenue generation teams. I think many nonprofit fundraisers would benefit from having a ‘sales manager.’ Veritus Group knows fundraising. The post Do major and legacy gift fundraisers need ‘sales managers’? The nonprofit sector, not so much. Sales managers are responsible for: Meeting sales/revenue and profitability targets. Planning and budgeting. Hiring and firing. Training and coaching.

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Powerful Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

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If you send all your email subscribers the exact same fundraising emails for every campaign — year-end or any other time — you’ll never unlock their full potential as supporters. Reference their interest area (“as a member of our Safer Schools rapid response team”).

Fundraising Careers: Kishshana Palmer Interview: Discover your strengths

Wild Woman Fundraising

The Virtual Fundraising Career Conference is coming up fast, April 13th to 15th, and I am so psyched! Today we’re interviewing one of our rockstar presenters, Kishshana Palmer, about her session at the Virtual Fundraising Career Conference. (To Fundraising is a tough job.

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