Fundraising Planning for the New Year! Free Webinar January 28th

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Would you like to plan to succeed in 2013? If your fundraising plan languished in a drawer last year, you’re not alone. And if you’ve never made a fundraising plan before, now is the perfect time to start! Fundraising Planning for the New Year!

9 steps to a powerful fundraising plan

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You know you need a fundraising plan, but if you’re like most, you don’t know where to start. . Although planning can seem overwhelming, it’s not really a difficult process, yet it makes all the difference in the world in the success you will enjoy in raising big money. Let me make it simple for you and share the 9 steps to creating a powerful fundraising plan. Create a plan of action. Work the plan. Take action on your plan.

In fundraising, planning is key

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With any big project (and especially fundraising), it’s critical that you start with a plan. Let me share a non-fundraising example to illustrate that point. In fundraising, it’s very similar. The answers to these questions (and more) form your plan.

6 principles of a good fundraising plan

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How do you make a development plan? How do you DO fundraising planning anyway? If you’ve never made a fundraising plan before, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 6 principles of a good fundraising plan to get you started.

Your Fundraising Plan Checklist

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Here is a Fundraising Plan Checklist that you can use every time you start a new appeal, campaign, event, or grant proposal. Tags: Appeals Events Fundraising Grants Keeping a job Leadership Lean Development Measuring Effectiveness Volunteers appeal attendees checklist checks in the mail corrective action development planning e-newsletter event exceeding goals goals mazarine treyz meeting goals plan post-mortem text message training

6 Things You Must Discuss In Your Year-End Online Fundraising Planning

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For a lot of nonprofits, that means the biggest online fundraising campaign of the year is right around the corner. The first thing I always recommend in year-end fundraising planning? Here are 6 elements to discuss and decide in your first planning meeting.

Got fundraising plans?

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If you need help putting a fundraising plan together for this year, I’d love to help! Join me Thursday, February 4th at 3 pm easter for a free call as I present my “Simple Success&# Fundraising Plan. Why you need a fundraising plan. 7 questions your plan must answer. Plus, you’ll hear about a virtual planning retreat I’m hosting in February. Tags: Fundraising Planning fundraising nonprofit plan

Fundraising Planning Simplified

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In fundraising, if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t much matter which way you head, either. The best fundraising plans start with a goal. Here are some tips for putting a fundraising plan in place. . This will help make the plan real and your goals more achievable. Get someone to hold you accountable and make sure you work your plan. Otherwise, you may be tempted to let the plan slide

2 Free Webinar Recordings + 2 new chances to join us for fundraising planning and next level fundraising webinars

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I’m giving you not one but TWO free webinar recordings, a fascinating interview- and two more chances to come to free fundraising webinars in the next few weeks. And better trust leads to better fundraising results. In this blog post, I’m breaking all the rules.

Sample Online Fundraising Plan

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This is a sample plan for an imaginary local animal rescue organization called Save the Animals (STA) which is trying to take their outreach efforts online to become well known in the community. While the specifics of your online fundraising plan will be unique for your organization, the overarching themes will likely be similar. This intensive plan calls for a relatively high budget but you will likely want or need to dedicate much less.

Sample 128

7 Questions your Fundraising Plan MUST Answer

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Yesterday, I led a webinar to teach people my “Simple Success&# Fundraising Plan. One of the things I shared was the 7 questions your fundraising plan MUST answer. You need a specific goal for your plan. If you’re currently wrestling with a fundraising plan and you’d like help, I invite you to check out the virtual retreat I’m leading on Friday, Feb 19 to walk you through my “Simple Success&# Fundraising Plan.

Get help creating a detailed fundraising plan

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Join me next Friday, Feb 19, as I lead a virtual retreat to help you create a detailed fundraising plan for 2010. A virtual retreat is just what it sounds like – a time to step back and plan, but you can do it from home or your office. I’ll be taking you through the creation of goals, objectives, and action plans for your fundraising program this year. Tags: Fundraising Planning nonprofit fundraising plan

Don't put off fundraising planning to the fall!

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But taking a break from fundraising in the summer can kill your fundraising. We'll start in late August" Over the last few weeks, I've been hearing clients put off significant coaching and planning projects saying, "We'll start in late August or early September." Summer.

Fall 81

The How and Why of a Fundraising Plan

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Before you begin any fundraising program you need a plan to guide you along the way. A good fundraising plan is a roadmap to success and shows you how to allocate your precious resources of time and money. A written plan should contain the Who, What, When, and How Much information about each fundraising strategy and goal you are working toward. Be sure to include an implementation plan along with revenue projections and a way to measure your success.

8 ways NOT to write a fundraising plan

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Here’s how NOT to write a fundraising plan. Tags: Fundraising Measuring Effectiveness budget development plan how to make a development plan plan First, make sure you make it in total isolation. You don’t want any input from any other staff or board messing it up. Make it focused solely around one or two income streams, like one big event and a government grant. Because what could go wrong? Don’t [.].

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2010 Fundraising Plans – Investment Priorities

The Agitator

Yesterday, in our first report on The Agitator’s 2010 Fundraising Plans survey, we commented on the general mood of nonprofit fundraisers as they looked ahead to next year. We noted that most fundraisers were expecting improvement in new donor prospecting, major gifts, and online giving. Today we’re looking at where fundraisers plan to invest their resources in 2010. Online Fundraising. Planned giving. Fundraising staff.

[Guest Post] How to Make Your Fundraising Plans for Next Year Better… and More Effective

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I''ve been enjoying Joe Garecht''s work at The Fundraising Authority for years. He''ll be teaching on How to Write a Successful Non-Profit Fundraising Plan , so I''ve invited him to share a few tips here as well.

Let’s plan for your fundraising success in 2015!

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When you plan your fundraising, you know what’s coming up, and you can achieve more, and have a less stressful job! A fundraising plan can help you plan to succeed , by laying out your goals and working backwards. Have you ever made a fundraising plan?

Plan 205

2010 Fundraising Plans – Creeping Optimism

The Agitator

Today we’re giving the first of three topline reports on our just-concluded survey on nonprofit fundraisers’ 2010 fundraising plans. Thanks to the 235 fundraisers who participated. " Back in July, 34% of respondents said their fundraising to that point in the year was doing better than in 2008, and 32% were feeling "more optimistic" by July than they were at the beginning of 2009. Maybe it’s tougher work than fundraisers expected.

Here’s the one predictor of your fundraising success in 2016

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The second thing is that creating a fundraising plan is really the secret sauce to success. I also really hope that today we can talk about fundraising planning and why that leads to success for fundraising program. MT: Planning again, is the key.

Create an Online Fundraising Plan: Match Up Your Online and Offline Marketing

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Online fundraising isn''t a stand-alone initiative—it''s an integrated part of your communications strategy. Yoru online and offline marketing plans to donors should mirror and completment each other. Check out our tips for integrating your offline and online tactics to best reach your donors across all channels in your online plan: Offline Mailing Tips: Ask your donors their preference. Having a fundraising walk?

I’m making my plan for 2017 right now. Want to join me?

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Maybe you know you need to make a fundraising plan but you’re feeling overwhelmed. Fundraising planning can feel daunting, especially when you have other, more urgent things to do. Your cause needs you to plan plan and work your plan.

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Enterprise Community Partners Online Fundraising Plan and Presentation

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"Prior to 2008, we had no coordinated online plan. " There are times - and many nonprofits are guilty of it - when online fundraising seems more like online waiting. This presentation was first shared at the Network for Good and Maryland Nonprofits "ePhilanthropy 101: Effective & Inexpensive Fundraising in a Downturn" program on March 27, 2009. Tags: Fundraising Case Studies & White Papers Does this sound familiar?

Enterprise Community Partners Online Fundraising Plan and Presentation

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"Prior to 2008, we had no coordinated online plan. " There are times - and many nonprofits are guilty of it - when online fundraising seems more like online waiting. This presentation was first shared at the Network for Good and Maryland Nonprofits "ePhilanthropy 101: Effective & Inexpensive Fundraising in a Downturn" program on March 27, 2009. Tags: Fundraising Case Studies & White Papers Does this sound familiar?

More Than a Donate Button: Composing Your Online Fundraising Plan in ‘09

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There's more to online fundraising than a "Donate Now!" What's your plan for the upcoming year? Join special-guest presenter John Kenyon as he takes participants step by step through the process of developing an online fundraising plan. Tags: Fundraising 101: Getting Started " button. At Network for Good we call that the "Field of Dreams Syndrome" - assuming that if you build it, they [donors] will come.

2010 Fundraising Plans – “We’re Exhausted”

The Agitator

This is our third and last report on The Agitator’s 2010 Fundraising Plans survey. In our previous two reports ( here and here ), we’ve described fundraisers’ mood as "creeping optimism," with 51% of our respondents expecting to raise more money in 2010, placing their highest expectations on recovery of major gifts and continued growth of online giving. Be open to the case for more fundraising investment when it comes knocking on your door.

A new web series on nonprofit leadership that we launched

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Maybe it’s time to listen to the experts, and see what you can do differently to grow your fundraising revenue for the second half of 2019. Leading your fundraising program is part of being a good nonprofit leader. Fundraising Plan Leadership Major Gifts Monthly Giving

Get Ready for 2015

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If you’d like some help reflecting on what this last year has meant for your fundraising program, please accept this free gift. Here’s a free sample from my fundraising planning course to help you reflect on your successes and failures of the past year.

Sample 176

More Than a Donate Button: Composing Your Online Fundraising Plan in ‘09

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There's more to online fundraising than a "Donate Now!" What's your plan for the upcoming year? Join special-guest presenter John Kenyon as he takes participants step by step through the process of developing an online fundraising plan. Tags: Fundraising 101: Getting Started Download the transcript, slides & MP3 audio recording below! " button.

Free Webinar: Planning for 2015 on 12/4

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Are you tired of not having a plan every year? In this webinar you’ll learn: Fundraising planning 101. How NOT to make a fundraising plan. Your One-Page Fundraising Road-map. Take this webinar and plan to succeed in 2015!

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The Fundraising Art of War?

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Usually it is exactly as silly as I think it will be, but when I started reading this book, I realized it was actually very useful for nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Sun Tzu writes, “Do the right thing when you don’t know your different enemies’ plans.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal.

Guide 277

4 Myths About Fundraising You Need to Stop Believing

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I have talked with so many people about fundraising. and of course, fundraising staff. Sitting on your hands and saying it’s “just gonna appear” is not a plan. If you’re scared of planning, then slay that serpent!

What are you planning for? Fundraising Predictions for 2012

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Fundraising Predictions 2012. The Atlas of Giving is different than Giving USA in that it gives you PREDICTIONS when your fundraising is most likely to do well. Unless you’re fundraising for the arts or the environment.

Plan 198

What Fundraising and Strength Training Have in Common

Ann Green

Strength training has a lot in common with fundraising and when I say fundraising, I’m including the stewardship and relationship building components, too. Fundraising is hard. Some of your fundraising will take even longer. The same is true with fundraising.

Get Your Dream Job

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I, like most of you, fell into fundraising. Would you like to learn more about what you truly want to do in fundraising, learn how to write a better cover letter and resume, interview strong, and become truly irresistible to nonprofit employers? Started out as a fundraising intern.

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The 5 smartest things you can do for your fundraising this fall

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We know we have to do grants, appeals, events, sponsorships, major gifts, planned giving, online giving, the enewsletter, monthly giving, and more for our nonprofits. So, what are 5 smartest things you could be doing this fall with your fundraising program?

Fall 130

Workshop: Introduction to Fundraising Planning

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

On August 31 I will be teaching a workshop on Introduction to Fundraising Planning at the Peninsula Community Foundation in San Mateo, CA. The three-hour workshop (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) will cover material from my book on Fund Development Planning. The class is designed for those who are new to nonprofits or to a fundraising position. Tags: nonprofit , fundraising , fund development , workshop

The Future is Now: Long-Range Fundraising Planning

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You’re aware that long-range fundraising planning is beneficial. Kn ow Thyself: Before beginning long-range planning in earnest, consider having your organization go through a self-assessment process, whether formal or informal. How are you doing with fundraising?

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Reader question: What’s a good framework for a fundraising plan?

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Beth asks: Can you provide a basic (simple) framework to create a fundraising plan (or resources to do so) - for a brand new nonprofit and their completely new to fundraising staff? Here’s what Network for Good recommends in our Fundraising Campaign in a Box. When you’re planning your outreach, remember these three tips: There is no such thing as “the general public” Instead, you need to segment your communications to be effective and targeted.

Introducing the First Ever Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study


The first-ever benchmark study on major gifts fundraising. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study. Click here to access the full 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study.

It’s time to WOOP

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Lately I’ve been helping people make plans. Communications plans. Fundraising plans. Thanks to my contract with Oregon Metro, I got to teach people how to do communications plans last week. I’m so excited to see these plans come to fruition!

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How to hire a fundraising consultant

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Maybe you need an expert in a certain kind of fundraising. Is it someone to fundraise for you? Train your team to help you fundraise. Measure fundraising effectiveness and look at your analytics. THEN hiring a fundraising consultant is a good next step. Fundraising.