3 Tools to Fuel Fundraising Ambassadors

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We all have an incredible fundraising resource right in front of us— our board member, colleague, and loyal volunteer ambassador s. You still have time to launch your team of fundraising messengers to spur year-end giving.

4 Myths About Fundraising You Need to Stop Believing

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I have talked with so many people about fundraising. and of course, fundraising staff. We have never made a fundraising plan. If you make a fundraising plan, even if you never look at it again, it will definitely help you fundraise all year round.

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Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them


So about 18 months ago I figured fundraisers probably felt the same way and I started developing a neat new tool to help folks ‘visualize’ their analytics. The result: The Fundraising Report Card ! .

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How to make the right fundraising decision every time

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How can you make the right fundraising decision every time? When I work with founders, CEOs and board members, what I often find is that people don’t realize that the world of nonprofit fundraising isn’t separate from every other world in your life.

The 5 p’s of engagement fundraising


Most fundraising is very short-sighted. The post The 5 p’s of engagement fundraising appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. 1- Permission. Donors have immense power these days. They can ignore your communications!

What’s your fundraising asking style?


According to Brian Saber, “Your ‘Asking Style’ is based on your personality and unique set of strengths in fundraising.” Asking Matters takes this one step further and applies it to fundraising. The post What’s your fundraising asking style?

Mobile Fundraising 101: The Basics

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We’ve had some questions about mobile fundraising so here’s John Killoran, CEO of @Pay , to get us started. That’s why it’s especially important as a nonprofit fundraising in the 21st century to look into the latest form of communication: mobile. Who Uses Mobile Fundraising?

4 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Philanthropy into your Digital Fundraising

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If your nonprofit is smart (and I know it is), you want to make the most of the generosity of companies as it relates to your digital fundraising efforts. Here are the top four ways to use corporate philanthropy to boost your online fundraiser. Guest blog by Adam Weinger.

Most fundraisers use email the wrong way


Sadly most fundraisers are using email the wrong way. Email should NOT be used primarily for fundraising. I wish fundraisers would finally learn to stop “blasting” and “start engaging” Too many treat email like the button they press to get money out of an ATM. If fundraisers would provide more value in their emails, they’ll get more donations. More on this in my 10 Commandments of Engagement Fundraising here.

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Fundraising Miracle

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Short-term thinking is by far the greatest enemy of effective fundraising. CEOs who won’t invest in skill-building and continuing education for fundraising staffs. Signs of this noxious enemy abound.

Year-End Fundraising Decisions to Make Now

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I’m coaching a fundraising team at a national nonprofit that wants to revamp its annual communications calendar. As part of that process, we are looking at their editorial calendar for their year-end fundraising campaign, which will include direct mail, email, and social media.

The Big Difference Between Marketing and Fundraising and Why It’s Important

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What I soon came to realize is that a job description encompassing each diverse aspect of a marketing and communications position and a fundraising and development position is doomed to fail. Effective nonprofit marketing gets people’s attention, and successful fundraising keeps it.

The 2016 Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal.

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4 Jobs for Introverted Fundraisers

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We might assume that nonprofits are full of happy extroverted fundraisers, going out and gladhanding donors like crazy. A lot of fundraisers actually are secret (or not so secret) introverts who would rather sit at their computer than go out and risk humiliation in front of a donor.

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Fundraising vs. Facilitating


Fundraising focuses on an organization’s process for raising money by requesting donations. Fundraising is what most of you are told to do. Fundraising is what some of your board members refuse to do. Fundraising is focused on tactics that generate donations. Fundraising sometimes offends supporters. Maybe it’s time we stopped calling ourselves fundraisers. >> How to get great fundraising advice without reading an entire book. >>

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Becoming a Fundraising Genius

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Fundraising expert Tom Ahern is cranking out some great stuff for us this year! We just finished the first session of 2015 of his Ahern Writing Academy for Fundraisers including a BRAND NEW e-clinic on making the most of your landing and donation pages on your website.

Nonprofit Fundraising Basics: Matching Gifts


Here's a handy breakdown from Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation, which outlines some of the easiest ways to incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising. Fundraising events. fundraising guest post

Fundraising Bravery

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This so-called Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) sent the generally calm Professor Sargeant through the roof. Board Meeting Swipe File Communications Fundraising philosophy/profession Nonprofit management Transparency premium

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4 things pizza and major gift fundraising have in common


The post 4 things pizza and major gift fundraising have in common appeared first on MarketSmart | . Fundraising Lead Generation Planned Giving charity blog charity blog posts developing a major gifts program major gifts fundraising strategy tips for major donor cultivation

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Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers


Then it dawned on me that wealthy people make financial transactions with stockbrokers and fundraisers in similar ways. Therefore, it’s important that you, your fundraising team and your entire organization think of yourselves as brokers, partners, educators, and facilitators— not fundraisers.

What Fundraisers Can Learn From Restaurants and Waiters


” So what’s the takeaway that fundraisers can learn from restaurants? Recommendations: >> The Future Fundraising Now Blog. >> Get Fully Funded Blog. The post What Fundraisers Can Learn From Restaurants and Waiters appeared first on MarketSmart | .

6 Ways Nonprofits Are Getting Online Fundraising All Wrong

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Almost every article I read about online fundraising and online giving starts out something like this: Despite the hype and the assurances of social media experts, online fundraising still accounts for an abysmal 2% of total dollars raised by charities.

3 Things Successful Nonprofits Do NOW to Prepare for December Online Fundraising

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Year-end fundraising planning. For most of you, December is the biggest online fundraising month of the year. Here are 3 things successful nonprofits can and should do in September to get a leg up on year-end online fundraising. Fundraising Nonprofit Communications

4 keys to fundraising success you might be overlooking


Related Posts. >> The Keys to Successful Fundraising. >> The Anatomy of Success in Planned Giving. >> 5 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Fundraising Success. The post 4 keys to fundraising success you might be overlooking appeared first on MarketSmart | .

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14 problems only fundraisers understand

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Fundraising is a tremendously complex, challenging job. You have this precious gift to give to the world-your fundraising talents! If you’re not an extrovert, but are an introvert working in fundraising, here’s a post for you.

The Curse of Fundraising Innumeracy

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Lots of good stuff apparently came out of last week’s International Fundraising Conference and we’ll be reporting on some of that in the near future. I spoke to a Head of Fundraising (who shall remain nameless) who is revered in the sector and thought to be a big brain and big thinker.

18 habits every fundraiser should have by their first 6 months on the job

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But what about fundraisers? I give you: 18 Habits of highly successful fundraising professionals. Because fundraising is about relationships. This is one of the easiest ways to become a good fundraiser. Just the best way to fundraise, NBD.

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Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments #17NTCteam

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Kivi was part of a fantastic session at last week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference called Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments.

Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money!


This time, he researched what fundraiser job titles inspire more engagement, connectivity, and giving. According to James, “This study tests the impact of various fundraiser job titles on others’ willingness to contact the fundraiser to engage in giving-related discussions.”

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The 5 Questions Nonprofits Always Ask Me About Fundraising Emails

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Here are the 5 questions nonprofits always ask me about fundraising appeals. Copywriting Fundraising Nonprofit CommunicationsPhoto Credit: https://flic.kr/p/ekEBbH. p/ekEBbH.

Turn Colleagues, Board, & Supporters into Powerful Year-End Fundraisers

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We’re in count down to year-end fundraising season, with its relentless pressure and never-ending to-dos. You can mix and match these traits to compose a powerhouse team of fundraising ambassadors. When you ask your people to be messengers, explain how they’ll make a real difference in year-end fundraising. These can range from honing their speaking and fundraising skills to advancing the organization’s mission.

An Example Of How To Fundraise With Nonprofit Infographics

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Nonprofit infographics are growing in popularity as marketing and fundraising tools, and there are many reasons for this: **In just the last two years, Google searches for infographics have increased by over 800%. photo credit: peddhapati via photopin cc.

Announcing the Fundraising Career Conference

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The mission of the Fundraising Career Conference is to help fundraising people build their careers. Ultimately our conference will help small nonprofits retain fundraising staff, waste less money, and have more fun.

Pokémon Go for Fundraisers

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Innovation Integrated fundraising and marketing Media usage / trends Mobile marketing and fundraising Social media premiumOK, Tom, we’re gonna have to give up Candy Crush and jump into Pokémon Go. What’s that?”, you say.

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A New Fundraising Classic

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Researched and written by Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud’s Director of Analytics, Data Driven Nonprofits is to the ‘science’ of fundraising what Ken Burnett’s Relationship Fundraising is to the ‘art’ of fundraising.

Why Journalism and Fundraising Make Good Bedfellows


Rather, this article is about the confluence of journalism and fundraising. Then, later I created a business that helps fundraisers increase revenues at lower costs. That shows that you, the fundraiser (or the journalist), care about how you tell your stories.

Small Nonprofits Are Increasing Their Online Fundraising

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The fundraising climate is improving. While online giving is still a small percentage (6.4%) of the total funds raised by nonprofits, it is becoming a vital tool in the fundraising toolbox for organizations everywhere, large and small.

5 lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway (Yes! The sandwich shop)


Here are 5 great lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway : 1. The post 5 lessons fundraisers can learn from Subway (Yes! Ask for feedback. Say please. . Use the word “YOU” often. It makes people feel special.

Do major and legacy gift fundraisers need ‘sales managers’?


I think many nonprofit fundraisers would benefit from having a ‘sales manager.’ Veritus Group knows fundraising. The post Do major and legacy gift fundraisers need ‘sales managers’? Fundraising strategy best practices for fundraising charitable giving cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving fundraising sales manager legacy gift fundraisers major gift fundraisers nonprofit sales manager Sales Strategy veritus group

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Fundraising Hypocrisy

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Over the last few months the UK tabloids busted the fundraising British sector for its overly aggressive tactics in telemarketing and Face –To-Face techniques. ( See Playing the Blame Game in the UK.) Same with the fundraising trade association.

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