How to Motivate Board Members: Interview with Simone Joyaux

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It focuses only on governance not on management. We don’t understand that governance is different from management. At a certain point along to continuum it goes to governance. When it comes to managing money, paying bills, that’s management.

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About the Nonprofit's Governing Documents, Especially the Bylaws and How They Can Be A Powerful Tool for the Organization's Success

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The Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation are the two governing documents that any nonprofit must create when it is being started up, and then it must have on hand as it conducts its business over the life of the organization. Instead, this post is merely educational: an introduction to what documents govern nonprofit organizations in a general overview, and it gives some instances (not all) in which they maybe either necessary or helpful and how so.

Book Review: Campaign Craft

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Why can’t someone with a small amount of money win? Well, additional money helps the candidate reach more voters. And of course if you raise a lot of money, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. It wouldn’t occur to them that a campaign would need money.

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Start Up Non Profit? Need Seed Money? Starting Fundraising? Here's help.Part 1 of 2

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I know that you don't have any money. If you look at the non profit you've created as 'your good work' or 'the good work you and your friends do' - you'll miss that there are non profit management, operations, and organizational growth needs that even "your" organization must fulfill. If you don't know how to account for money or donations that you receive, but have the best intention in the world - who cares? Need Seed Money?

Interview with Jeff Schreifels-What to do in times of turmoil

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When you’re overly dependent on government and foundation money-what you should do. This by far the most exciting and fulfilling summit I have ever done.

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Top 10 Grant Money Myths: Do You Think You Know What You're Doing While Looking for Grant Money? Or, Do You Know That You Don't?!

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Top ten myths about grant money : The myths are in red font. Grants are given because your mission statement is fulfilling a specific need in your community that the grant donor believes is important. Time, money, research, planning, team work, writing, etc. A new fundraising method takes at least three years to make money and advanced committee planning. Legit grants for individuals come from municipalities (governments, Tribes, etc.)

Who are you, under that mask?

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Often, the martyr mentality- I can’t make more money, my nonprofit doesn’t have the resources, or I do this for the mission. Be wary of the roles you play and the acts you put on, because you tend to fulfill the labels you accept.

This is what gives fundraising a bad name.

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Have you heard how the RNC is trying to get money by making people think their mailer is the US CENSUS? But we’re not trying to fool anyone into thinking we’re the US government. Fundraising is about helping a nonprofit fulfill its mission, not tricking people into opening your letter and giving you money because they think you are the government. The Story Here.

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#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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DEBRA: They all seem to approach me for the exact same reason: they want money! Relying on grants or big donors or the government is not the future for them. If those things are not fulfilled, you need them fulfilled.

#COMMUNICATIONS: The Number One Way To Gain Site Or Blog Readership Is…

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If your nonprofit or your charity has any online presence at all, you want readers to engage your content, click through the link(s), visit the site, and get involved with money and/or time.

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Universal Basic Income and Decent Work

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When people get a UBI, just always knowing that money is coming in, so many good things happen. Frances Coppola , “ The Changing Nature of Work ” (2013): I fundamentally disagree with those who think that people must be “forced” to work, or that government should “guarantee” a job.

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Interview with a planned giver, Paul Nazareth: What’s your fundraising journey?

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Lastly the role of government and taxes is a big factor. Canadians aren’t as hostile to a bigger government and trust that their taxes are being used for proper social safety net building has been a difference for a long time. Paul Nazareth, Storm Trooper Helmets not actual size.

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Here’s why your donors are not coming back

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How can we be better stewards of not just the money that we have and the programs that we do? Meals on Wheels doesn’t just raise money. We want you to acquire a certain proportion of new money and new donors, and we also want to make sure that we’re retaining as many donors as we can.

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Monetizing Your Cause’s Archives

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Long-standing causes like the Audubon Society, the March of Dimes, Federal Duck Stamps, and others almost certainly have asked how they can wrest money from their own extensive archives.

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#INTERVIEW: Debra Askanase, Strategist, Offers Useful Advice To Nonprofits Using Social Media

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DEBRA: They all seem to approach me for the exact same reason: they want money! Relying on grants or big donors or the government is not the future for them. If those things are not fulfilled, you need them fulfilled.

Got to admit it’s getting better-or is it?

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The constitution remains in place but has been so radically reinterpreted by the courts and by the executive and legislative branches of government, all serving corporate power, as to be essentially nullified. Things are getting better all the time! Right?

Are you a wage slave at your nonprofit? Take this quiz!

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Do you depend completely on your job for money? When I was working full time at nonprofits I fulfilled all of these criteria and then some. I had no money to buy groceries at the end of the week and lived on credit. Are You a Wage Slave?

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Careers in Fundraising: David Lalka

A Small Change

Further, this work allows me to advance the cause of “independent” solutions to personal and cultural issues over against government solutions. First, I never have sought “success” but rather to fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability in all circumstances.

#Interview: Marc Pitman, Owner of the “Fundraising Coach” Blog, Author, and Fundraising Consultant

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His own fundraising career began at a small New England liberal arts college, but by 1999 he found the consulting life fulfilled his desire to teach and help people. People would get hired at this entry-level fundraising job and be shocked when they were called upon to ask for money.

Do you know a Graduate with no future? What is up with these protests?

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I want to help him find fulfillment, a job with true security, and direction. I think we could all have better standards of living with better corporate taxation and better funding of NGOs, nonprofits and charities from the government. My little brother’s story.

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Are you attacked for not being corporate enough?

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In general, her opponents felt that she was too incremental, too ensconced in academic culture, and too unwilling to bring top-down, corporate-style governance to the university. You don’t have any money? You don’t have any money! No money = no respect from us!

What millennials and boomers really think - and what that means to your cause

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A good summary of the prevailing sentiment is this quote: “My hope is that society will become more family oriented than government oriented.” Most leaders - whether from governments, companies and nonprofits - are seen as falling short.

A List of Specific Fundraising Methods Particularly Helpful At the End of the Calendar Year

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and especially give on this magnitude at the end of the year for the tax break). __ Grant Donors Looking to Spend Down The Rest of This Year's Giving Budget - By law foundations are required to donate a specific percentage of their total assets each year to remain in good standing with the IRS and other government entities that oversee their operations.

Don't Let Trust Hang in the Balance: Follow These 5 Principles

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A good brand quietly-and always-fulfills that pledge. Unfortunately, the public's trust of institutions and organizations of all kinds-especially with respect to some of our most venerated for-profit, nonprofit, government and dare I say religious institutions-is at an all-time low.

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A Bit More For Individuals Looking for Grants

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I've written one other post about individuals who are seeking grant money, " Are There Grants for Individuals ?". It is without a doubt one of the most read posts on Seeking Grant Money Today. Nonprofits exist to fulfill their mission. Grants offered by governments or municipalities (e.g. United States federal government, State of Oregon, City of Bellevue, Dade County, or The Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation, etc.)

Before You Quit, Rate Your Nonprofit CEO

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Clearly, too many organizations chasing too little money. As explained by Kim Klein, “Money is one of the great taboos in our culture. We are taught not to think about it or ask about it … As with the subjects of sex, death, mental illness, religion, politics, and other taboos, people say little about their experiences with money. With people so carefully taught that it is rude to talk about money, it’s certainly not an easy task to ask. Hold your horses.

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Recommended Content, Layout, and Uses of the Nonprofit Donation Remitance Envelope, And Why

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When we solicit donations from established donors and potential new donors we are not simply asking for money, holding the tin can out with a little sign taped to it that simply says 'give to this charity'.

This Tough Economy Is Not Lost On Donors And A Real World Fundraising Boon In This Economy For Us All

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Some foundations answered the question confidently then, stating something like 'we will fulfill our giving goals for 2009', but would answer it differently now for different reasons (e.g. Those foundations (or governments, or other grant donors) are often experts in the issues or causes that they donate to serve. We can raise money this year, and more than we did last year - we must, as nonprofit leaders, think and do our work differently than we have been.

Why It Matters What The Public Thinks of A Nonprofit & How to Check

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Much stress, wasted resources and money, and time can be saved; in fact, numbers of donors and numbers of donations; new volunteers; and even the number of truly talented professionals that your organization would wish to consider when hiring can be increased by proactively managing one’s organization’s reputation and image, among the general public. What does the general public think about your nonprofit organization?

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Transparency.Four Letter Word Or Wave of the Future?

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The United States federal government is redesigning the federal tax return form for required 501 (c)(3) non profit organization's tax filings because Congress is not comfortable with the current form's ability to provide them with an accurate picture of a given non profit's fundraising, operational expense, and spending. If this isn't the case, but you're portraying that your org doesn't spend most of its money on programs in your financials, budgets, and agency reporting - fine.

The Grant Writer's Little Helper: IRS Tax Form 990 Post 2 of 2

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When a public non profit forms it has to apply to the federal government, among other entities, to incorporate. The 990 form does not tell us whether the filer has fulfilled their organization's objectives or not. For instance, many public organizations who raise money, reported no fundraising expense! For instance, organizations in different regions, fields, or at different ages will have different amounts of money and costs.

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How Do I Prepare To Find Foundations Who Will Fund Us?

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Second, know who else in your local community or region is looking for grant money that does similar work as your organization, and know the difference between your org and theirs' and why what your organization does is relevant (or needed in the community) if theirs' is doing similar work. This is dictated by the cost (via a completed budget) of the program/project/service (s) that you are looking for grant money for. Go to them for assistance within that money range.