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How Often Should We Email, Mail, Post.

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We get questions all the time about the frequency with which nonprofits should be communicating. Here are the most popular communications frequencies, according to the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

Summer Shifts in Communications? Please share here!

Getting Attention

Adapt your campaign focus, channel and/or frequency. Hey you! I’d love to know how you adapt your organization’s communications for summertime impact, for a blog post! Do you: Change timing. Shift topic, tone or language to make it more seasonally relevant.

The “How Much and How Good” Grid for Nonprofit Communications

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I’ve used this grid a few times recently when talking about whether the frequency of nonprofit communications — especially email — is too much or too little. Low Frequency/Low Quality (Lower Left). High Frequency/Low Quality (Upper Left).

Nonprofit E-newsletters: Find the Ideal Length and Frequency

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If your unsubscribe rate goes up, ask why people are leaving your list and, if frequency is the problem, back off. How Long Should Our E-Newsletter Be? Most nonprofit newsletters are way too long. Readers are expected to scroll, scroll and scroll some more. The reality? People don’t scroll that much. They’ll quickly skim what’s near the top and then delete it, missing entirely what’s at the bottom.

My renewal of blogging vows

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

As you’ve likely noticed through my horrendously inconsistent blog post schedule, I’m not exactly one to stick to a formula for blog post frequency. Personal blogging frequency hesitation Mike Kujawski purpose social channels vowsI write when I feel like it. For the record, I feel like writing every day and I do write nearly every day, just not usually on here.

The upper limit of asking frequency

Donor Power Blog

Just be aware that sudden, radical increases in frequency are counter-productive -- you'll see a surge of complaints, and not the corresponding increase in response. It works better to grow your revenue by increasing slightly each year until you reach your right frequency. That's how you maximize revenue through frequency. Yesterday we noted that there are only a few reasons not to ask your donors to give. The lesson is this: " ask and you will receive.".


Where to Start in Your Pursuit of #CALMnotBUSY

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Is it time to change up the communications channels in your mix, or to try a different communications frequency in your editorial calendar? Looking for more CALM not BUSY in your work day, but not sure where to begin?

Give 10 Minutes: Get the Benchmarks & Data You Need

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The report has examined email and print marketing frequency for years; now it will include social media, giving you a complete view of the typical nonprofit editorial calendar.

Fundraising That Makes A Dog Sick

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My frequency schedule is better and bigger than your frequency schedule. I’m somewhat amused by the debate over volume. How many appeals make you ‘donor-centric’, how many not. Plus, I use more ‘you’ pronouns.

CONFESSION: I Stink at Making Graphics. These Tools Make Me Look Like a Genius. 

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Frequency of Social Media Site Use | Create infographics. Is it me, or can everyone under 30 write, manage, code, photograph, design, analyze, train, present and strategize? I’m not so good with the graphics.

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How Often Should You Email Supporters?

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Why Does Email Frequency Matter? The frequency of your communication can help or hurt your overall level of engagement with your supporters. Katya Andresen recently offered some great advice on determining your own email frequency on her blog.

What Fundraisers Can Learn From Restaurants and Waiters


An interesting study in 1989 found the following: Frequency . People give billions of dollars each year to waiters for a lot of the same reasons they give to charities. Social conformity (simply because it’s something you are supposed to do).

REPORT: Facebook Levels Off While Instagram Rises

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Frequency of Social Media Site Use | Create infographics. Image source: p/7CdtRG. Reading this on email? Be sure to click over to the post to see the graphics.). Nonprofits, it’s time to see other people (besides those on Facebook).

Why Using Facebook and Twitter Alone Isn’t Smart

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It’s also a breeze to reschedule/re-post your own content, so you can make sure you are sharing your message at the right frequency. I recently shared some advice in a Chronicle of Philanthropy article on Tools to Schedule and Plan Your Social Media Outreach.

What Jobs Do Your Donors Want Done?

The Agitator

Frequency. In the commercial world about 95% of all new products fail. It’s not much different in the nonprofit sector when it comes to direct response tests aimed at beating the control.

Meaningful Metrics for Donor Communications [Infographic]

J Campbell Social Marketing

For social media, measure your post frequency, follower numbers, and engagement metrics. Meaningful, effective communication with donors can make or break any nonprofit fundraising program.

Data Dashboard For Online Giving

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Kudos to Network for Good for its new ‘data dashboard’ which (for US fundraisers) records a variety of metrics related to online giving — including number of donors, frequency of giving, dollar amounts, day of year, region, and type of cause.

Better Face-2-Face Through Feedback

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Recency, frequency and monetary value may give you some inklings, but. Tom’s piece on Donor Loyalty should remind us all of how little information we really have when it comes to understanding the commitment and loyalty of individual donors. As a result most fundraisers rely on conjecture and so-called ‘best practices’ We look at brand surveys, surveys of general donor populations and organization-specific donors hoping to gain insight.

Getting The First Gift

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Tom’s entry for July 3rd comprises this single graphic: Why is heavy frequency so important? Although The Agitator harps incessantly on the importance of donor retention (after all our job is to alert readers to where the real money is), the challenge of acquisition continually simmers on the back burners of our minds.

The 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report

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Quarterly is the most popular frequency for nonprofits to send direct mail to the average supporter. The 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is officially available! Thanks to the 780 nonprofits who completed the survey last month, making this report possible.

Where and why people gave in 2011

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the desired posting frequency for 2012. To wrap up 2011, I wanted to share this nifty infographic from Network for Good’s partner, YourCause. To view it in larger size, go here - it’s worth a visit to their site! I also recommend their blog.

Better Than ‘Fundraising’

The Agitator

That’s because the received wisdom in our trade is that the transactional and mechanical stuff like copy, frequency, asking amounts, offers, segmentation, and the annual string of appeals is ‘fundraising’ Kevin’s point deserves exploration and.

Is It A Crisis? No, It’s A Year-end Appeal

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As we were cleaning off our desks, emptying our ‘In’ and ‘Out’ baskets and generally tidying up Agitator Global Headquarters in preparation for 2015, we couldn’t help but notice the increasing frequency of inbound chimes in our mailbox.

How to Raise Your E-Newsletter Open Rate [Results from Our Experiment]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You can try changing up your content, your format, your subject lines, your frequency, and even who the newsletter comes from. Trying to improve the open rates for your email newsletters?

Quality vs. Quantity: Which is better for selecting fundraising prospects?


The private sector’s top researchers agree that quality engagement experiences are what really matter most, not transactional data such as frequency, recency, total purchase dollars, etc.

Download 2012 Trends Report; Free Webinar on 1/5

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Monthly emailing is the most popular frequency for nonprofits at 43%, followed by every other week at 19% and quarterly at 14%. Quarterly direct mail is the most popular frequency for nonprofits at 39%, followed by twice a year at 31%.

Use the Trends Report to Fight the Stupid

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You ask us questions all the time, especially about things like communications frequency and whether you really have to “do” a certain communications channel. We’ve been producing the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for five years for lots of different reasons.

Variety is the Spice of Email

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Determining sending frequency. Your sending frequency is another great variable to test. Experiment with sending frequency, and compare opens, clicks and opt-out rates to gauge your audience’s engagement. Trying something different can be a bit unnerving, require a few rounds of testing and even a little research. Why would you want to take on something that sounds like, well, a lot of work? The answer is simple.

How to Get That “Verified” Check Mark on Your Facebook Page

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

If you’re an organization that has had a Facebook Page up and running for a while now, you can probably attest to the fact that it’s not easy to keep up with the frequency of Facebook user interface changes.

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Still time: Summer-ize Your Marketing

Getting Attention

Here are three ways to up your summer communications game in the next few weeks and future summers: Change timing and/or frequency. You know it, and I know it. Shaping content that matters to your readers is everything.

The Rest of The Retention Story – Part 2

The Agitator

As in, what factors — message, donor service, communications, thank you’s, donor recognition, frequency , etc — contribute in what proportional way to increasing or decreasing the Lifetime Value of a donor base.

7 Questions You Must Answer to Get the Right Kind of Facebook Fans

J Campbell Social Marketing

There are many reasons for this – the saturation of the landscape, the Facebook algorithm , the quality of your social media content, the frequency with which you post , and more. Love it or hate it, Facebook reigns supreme over the social media landscape.

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2 ways to boost the results of your fundraising appeals

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Here are the two key elements: 1) Frequency: Nonprofits are often afraid to send too many appeals, but the more you send, the more you raise. In the latest Fundraising is Beautiful podcast , fundraising veterans Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen answer the question, “How many appeals should you send?” ” They highlight the importance of not only the number of appeals you send, but what those appeals contain.

The Rest Of The Retention Story – Part 4

The Agitator

To briefly recap my points so far: Part 1: Donor commitment or loyalty is NOT driven by fundraising appeal tactics – e.g. frequency of asking, monthly or no monthly program, color of envelope, teasers … High commitment or loyalty is attributable to the range of donor. Mastering ‘retention’ requires hard work: research, organization-wide involvement across departments, and a willingness to swim against the conventional currents in the Sea of Sameness that is drowning our sector.

No Wonder Retention of Online Donors is So Bad

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While the frequency of communications might be on the light side, the content is absolutely wonderful.

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Four Essential Tips for Planning Year-End Email Campaigns

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Consider your sending frequency and target your outreach. Carefully think about your email frequency—every fatigued subscriber who opts out in December is someone who won''t see your emails at all next year. Did you know that year-end donations make up 30% of giving for the entire year?

Why Your Donors Want to Remain Anonymous

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Give your supporters control over how they get information from you and the frequency of those communications. Before you send another email, sit down and figure out your organization’s rules around communication frequency, content, and segmentation. It never fails. When there is a large scale natural disaster, such as the Nepal earthquake, or an event that inspires charitable giving, my media alerts for Network for Good go through the roof.

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Aligning Nonprofit Strategy with Donor Preferences

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What you say is more important than the frequency with which you communicate, or even what medium or channel you are using. to the frequency, to the message. Last week I attended the "What Really Matters" webinar from Abila to discuss the findings in their latest Donor Engagement Study.

Six lessons in successful social media use

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Balance quality and frequency. I heard a great presentation yesterday from DonorsChoose at the Social Media for Nonprofits conference. Marketing Manager Anna Doherty shared six lessons her organization - which is fantastic at engagement - applies to its social media work.

Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall

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Participants can expect to learn about the following topic areas: A sample timeline and editorial calendar Tips for email content Pointers for follow-up after you click "Send" Thoughts on frequency of email communications The answers to YOUR questions (we will accept inquiries prior to and during this free training call) About our speaker Kivi Leroux Miller is president of Nonprofit Marketing and EcoScribe Communications.