Gates Foundations Seeks Communications Proposals—Game Changer

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This RFP is focused on development organizations but I hope more funding will follow from Gates and other foundations, as a recognition of how crucial engagement is to achieving organizational and programmatic goals. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a call for communications proposals to “help change the narrative on foreign aid.” The submission process is simple, requiring just a two-page proposal.

The Cause Marketing Proposal

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The production of a cause marketing proposal is a very big topic. Today’s piece of it; "preparing for every contingency in your cause marketing proposal." Everybody back at corporate loves the proposal,” she says. While you could play off of their guilt and press for a donation from the company foundation, instead you decide to offer a counter proposal. It teaches you to think of cause marketing sponsorship as a negotiation, not just a proposal or pitch meeting.

#GRANT: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

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Michael and Susan Dell established their foundation in 1999 in an effort to present their booming company as a corporate citizen. The efforts of the foundation are to multiply the work of Dell’s individual employees: Being a good corporate citizen is more than just writing a check to a nonprofit and checking ‘complete’ next to your external branding strategy. In all these cases, the foundation clearly wants to support the youth in the US and abroad.

Plan Ahead with Your Proposals

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When doing a grant or foundation proposal you will get much further if you have a comprehensive program. Related posts: It’s Good When it Works Tips on Building Good Proposals Social Media Planning: It’s All About Engagement Creating an Online Fundraising Plan: Interview, Part 3 Meeting Outcomes. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to fund the new exciting idea that someone has.

#Fundraising: How To Apply For Grants From The Gates Foundation

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In our ongoing series on helping our readers find sources of grants and apply for them, we turn to the Gates Foundation, founded by Microsoft’s previous CEO, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. In the public imagination, the good work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes a long way to erase all those terrible memories of Windows Millennium, Service Pack Y (incompatible with Service Pack X), and Blue Screens of Death.

[Guest Post] Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget

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Since starting her firm - DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC - in 2006, she has secured more than $32 million dollars in competitive grant funds for clients from the government (federal, state, and local) and private foundations. I'm thrilled to introduce you to Diane H.

Basic Grant Proposal Writing Workshops

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For several years now I have been honored to teach nonprofit workshops through the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. This year, I will be teaching three sessions of "Basic Grant Proposal Writing" on: Monday, January 28 Thursday, May 16 Wednesday, September 18 We pack a lot of information into these sessions, but they're always lots of fun, with about 12-15 people attending per session.

Preparing for Every Contigency in Your Cause Marketing Proposal

Cause Related Marketing

Everybody back at corporate loved the proposal, she says. While you could play off of their guilt and press for a donation from the company foundation, instead you decide to offer a counter proposal. You’ve made your best cause marketing pitch to a would-be sponsor.

#GRANTS: The Lawrence Foundation Can Help Your Environmental Or Health Program

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In our ongoing periodic series on sources for grants, we have focused on foundations tied to the great tech companies of our day. In this installment we present a foundation not obviously linked to that sector of the economy, though in fact it is intimately entwined. Over the last decade-plus, the foundation has offered over $3 million to projects concerning education, health, the environment, and disaster relief (local and international).

Proposal to Funding Conversion Rates

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And my reply to the reader (in part) was: The industry rule-of-thumb I've heard is that 1 in 12 proposals gets funded, or about 8.5%, and that's in a good year. A professional grant writer should be able to do better than that, hopefully even one in four or better, but it really all comes down to the organization they're writing the grant for, and that organization's reputation and existing relationships with foundations. Tags: grant writing Nonprofit success foundations

Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side of Grant Seeking

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More importantly, she's even worked in a foundation that gave out grants. She goes into much more detail in The Nonprofit Academy training Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side of Grant Seeking. Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side of Grant Seeking.

Descriptions of Different Grant Proposal Documents' Formats

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Do you know when you should format your grant proposal as a business letter, instead of in a report format? The way that you determine which format to use for your document will depend upon what stage in the grant seeking process you're in, what the document is for, what the foundation prefers that you're applying to, and to some degree what style you prefer. Always format each grant request to the specific foundation you're applying to.

Are you a foundation looking for nonprofits to fund? Consider this.

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If you work at a foundation or sit on the board for a foundation, I highly encourage you to pick this up. Below, I share some of his ideas, and how these might be relevant to the funding model that many foundations seem to use.). Hey Foundations!

Get Seen By Private Foundations

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If you've done any sort of prospecting for new foundation grants, either using one of the resources from the Foundation Center or any other publisher, you've certainly come across those listings that describe the perfect prospect - interested in your mission, located nearby, lots of money to give - but then you come across those fatal phrases: "Applications not accepted," or it's partner, "Contributes only to pre-selected organizations."

Top 10 Grant Writing Tips from Foundations

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When considering applying to any foundation for a grant, be certain that the foundation is interested in the cause that your organization serves, gives to organizations in the geographic location that you live in, and offers grants for what it is that your organization needs the grant for. Do not phone the foundation that you are going to apply for a grant to IF they do not prefer to be contacted by phone. For that matter, some foundations do not want to be contacted at all.

How To Edit, Improve, Clarify, and Make A Compelling Case In Your Grant Proposal

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Self editing a grant proposal especially when trying, for instance, to raise a $50,000 grant can be daunting. To my point above, if you are the writer of the grant proposal always get someone else (who you know to be an avid reader and a good writer, themselves) to go over your final draft grant proposal to look for spelling errors, unclear phrasing, long sentences, and poor formatting (anything that is clumsy, or difficult to read easily and quickly).

I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


The left-leaning Institute for Policy Studies crunched the data from Giving USA Foundation’s annual philanthropic survey to figure out who was giving what.

How Do We Tighten Up Our Grant Proposal?

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The first priority when writing any proposal is to provide all of the requested information. My suggestion is this; if you can provide a concept that ties the entire proposal together, you will tighten up, clarify, and solidify your proposal. You will demonstrate to the foundation that you submit the proposal to that your organization has a vision and direction. To understand how you and I did this, read How Do I Prepare to Find Foundations That Will Fund Us.

How to Make the Case for Your Grant Request, In the Grant Proposal

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As in all things, nonprofits looking to raise grants must execute making the case in each and every grant proposal. So.this means we will want to keep a few things when we sit down to write any nonprofit's grant proposal's main case. The "case" is the portion of the grant proposal that comprises most of what are today often considered 'standard' sections (or content) in the grant application (proposal) document.

That Darn First Paragraph In Your Grant Proposal

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Perhaps you've recently sat down to write a grant proposal and you got stumped when you tried to begin the application. You've written the statement of need, you have the project's budget, and you have most of the body of the proposal pulled together. The thing is, you're just not sure how to start the proposal. This format can vary, for instance, if a foundation asks for a lengthy opening paragraph in their application process.

How to Write An Effective Grant Proposal Despite Strong Emotions

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This is a case study about writing a strong and compelling grant proposal regarding, in a fair manner, but not overly stating emotion, to create an excellent grant application. As grant writers, it is sometimes difficult to cope with emotions when sitting down to write something "technical" such as a grant proposal. This is also a consideration when thinking about who is going to read this grant proposal.

What Grants Can, and Can’t Do for your Nonprofit

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You can look for grants for two weeks, spend another two weeks writing the proposal, and still only have a slim chance of getting the grant. which foundations your board members and staff have connections to, and more. Recently, I got an email from a potential client.

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Foundations, Think of Your Nonprofit Constituents Before You Require Applicants Must Apply On Your Website

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As grant writers, today, more than ever before, we often locate potential grant donor's giving guidelines , their IRS tax form 990 , their websites (to get to know the organization's history, culture, preference, and style), and other helpful information when prepping a grant proposal. Grassroots organizations, in particular, are hit hard by this turn in foundation culture, towards the technology. Foundations are not monsters. It is a new shiny era.

Standard Grant Proposal Format: Tool

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Standard Grant Proposal Format. Note: Always follow the foundation’s grantmaking guidelines. If there are no guidelines, the following is a commonly used format for grantseeking. Cover Letter. Narrative (8-10 pages). Executive Summary. Organizational History & Acheivements. Problem Statement (Needs). Program Goals & Objectives. Strategy & Implementation (Project Description; Activities; Action Plan).

Be Strategic, Yes, 'Strategic' When You Write the Grant Proposal

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You are writing that grant proposal for one reason - your nonprofit has a need because, really, your community has a need that your organization is setting out to address. Read my post, How Do I Prepare To Find Foundations Who Will Fund Us? Do not, for example send them all the same proposal. Differentiate proposals, to each grant donor, accordingly, by formatting, including in the content, attaching, etc.

That Physical Address Location Question On Most Grant Proposal Applications. What Gives? Read More.

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This question is a perfect example of a situation that warrants a nonprofit calling the potential grant donor that they are applying to (whose grant application apparently stumped them) and ask to speak to a program manager at the foundation. If, though, a location has been arranged for and is formally your organization's for this program/project at a certain date and time - then state this in the grant proposal. Which comes first? Is it the chicken or the egg?

When Writing A Grant Proposal, Should The Grant Writer Use Professional Jargon or Not?

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When writing a grant application or proposal, it can be difficult to deal with the jargon or words that are unique to a nonprofit's professional field of work. Does the grant writer take the time, in the actual grant proposal, to define jargon words, after each one's use? When any organization writes and submits grant proposals, there is always going to be someone (i.e.

Target's Local Store Grants Program (Small Grants) Request for Proposals

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From The Foundation Center. Tags: Target RFP Local Store Grants the foundation center small grants Target Invites Applications for Local Store Grants Program Deadline: May 31, 2007 Target is accepting applications from organizations in communities where the company does business for its Local Store Grants program.

The Specifics About How To Write A Viable Winning Grant Proposal for A Capital Campaign

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A competitive potentially viable grant proposal (or grant application) that is raising funds specifically for a capital campaign will include the following: __ A clear goal that is defined, finite, and truly viable. The true cost of the capital campaign's goal must be described in detail according to the grant donor's giving guidelines on what they want to know in the 'budget' section of the proposal and the attached project and campaign budgets. foundations).

The Foundation Center Now Provides Free Website That Teaches How To Do Grant Writing

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The Foundation Center, the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide, has launched an online learning community for the social sector. The Foundation Center, which maintains offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, has long been known as the premier resource for fundraisers and others seeking grants. The "Ask Us" link on each page connects visitors to expert assistance from Foundation Center staff via live chat or e-mail.

How Foundations Can Assist Grassroots Movements Even Better.

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He retains nearly 50 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, both as a nonprofit executive director, and as a founder and president of Philanthropic Ventures Foundation in Oakland. His response to his question is part empathy to the role and work that foundations play and do, and part suggestions based on experience. As a fundraising professional who has not worked for a foundation, it is an interesting read. He funds people, not proposals.

Six Months' Free Use of a New Service Allowing Public Charities To More Easily Acquire Grants From Private Foundations

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Foundation Source Access will launch this fall. Nonprofits that pre-register by October 1 st will be able to use Foundation Source for the next six months at no cost. What has yet to develop, however, is a way for charities and donors to share actionable information with each other-- information that would lead to more efficient fundraising from the private foundation community. Foundation Source 55 Walls Drive, Fairfield, CT 06824.

Learning From & Finding Grants Through The Foundation Center Can Be Mostly Free and Is Invaluable

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The Foundation Center , without a doubt, is one of the most professionally well regarded, current, and informed nonprofit resources that exists. It may seem, from its name, that it is a resource for foundations (those entities who donate grants), but it is a resource for the entire nonprofit sector (nonprofit organizations and all). The Foundation Center is an excellent resource to learn best practices from (which provides much information for free).

What’s the One Secret to Winning Foundation Grants?

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Then head over to Pamela’s blog to sign up for her free 5-part course on successful foundation funding. “It Government and The Foundation Center, there are over $544 billion up for grabs each and every year from thousands of sources. (To This isn’t meant to say that writing foundation grant proposals doesn’t require thought, persuasive writing skills and attention to detail. Target local foundations. Send as many targeted proposals regularly as possible.

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research Promotes BioTech and Pharma Companies' Parkinson's Research: Not Restricted to US Companies Only

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From The Foundation Center. Fox Foundation Invites Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Companies to Apply for Therapeutics Development Initiative Deadline: July 17, 2007; and January 24, 2008 (Pre-proposals) The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research ( [link] ) has announced its 2007-08 Therapeutics Development Initiative, which is designed to promote industry investment in pre-clinical research for Parkinson's disease. Michael J.

What Does A Nonprofit Do When A Foundation Only Accepts Grant Applications By Invitation? I'll Tell You.

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Today, grant donors such as foundations (community, public, and private) are equally effected by our slowed economy. As such, they are attempting different survival tactics designed to either keep their foundation operating or to be able to pay debts after it folds. Some foundations have become programs of other foundations. Other foundations have merged, and still others closed. This foundation has now heard of your nonprofit!

Grant Writers, Get an Inside Peek On Where Our Foundation Donors' Heads Are

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I don't suggest that the non profits that I write grant proposals for shape their programs or projects into what the grant donor wants. I then match them with the foundation or grant donor that is interested in the same work and cause; but also assist the non profit to lay out their project or program in a thought out, measurable, short term goal-oriented plan. Modern foundations often have experience in designing effective results-based projects and programs.

Congress Today Is Considering Real Impendements To the Nonprofit Sector and If We Stop And Note Many Public Services and Institutions Are Nonprofits - These Proposals Could Effect Every American Life

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This is big stuff that must be addressed and we must address these federal budgetary and legal proposals now. The stakes now are huge for charities, foundations, and communities across America. The reality is that right now our nation's leadership is looking at the nonprofit sector not only as one that can do with less (or even wholly without) in the federal budget, it may be an American business sector that they turn to in order to raise new taxes - or both.

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Foundation Relations: Is it what you do or who you know?

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Many times in my work as a grant writer and consultant, I am asked by my clients to contact a foundation about potential funding. I am happy to do this; it is part of my job and it helps for me to directly ask the questions that will affect what I write in the grant proposal, but I sometimes wonder if the client isn't missing an opportunity by making that connection directly. The best connections cannot save a lousy proposal or one that is completely outside the guidelines.

How Do I Prepare To Find Foundations Who Will Fund Us?

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In order to look for foundations who will give to your organization, you must know your own organization in detail. Know what projects and programs you will be looking for grants for (foundations generally do not fund past projects, programs, or debt; they like to fund new programs/projects). We do not have time to submit hundreds of copies of a generic, single, grant request for one need, filled in by merge fields in Word, with pertinent information per foundation/grant donor.