Notes from the Digital Governance Forum (#DGF15)

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In the meantime, I wanted to share my rough notes with you from the Digital Governance Forum , which I attended this past week here in Ottawa. Five applied domains were covered including: democratic governance, policy-making, service delivery, regulation, and risk and accountability.

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Want to get that next grant? 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations

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I’m great at writing grants but not as great at building a relationship with the foundations. Sure, here’s how to start building relationships with foundations. 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on December 17, 2012. I am answering reader questions! Because Wild Woman Fundraising Readers ROCK! So what questions are we answering today? On 11/09/2012 06:01 PM, Sarah wrote: > > Hola Mazarine! >

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When The Government Comes Knocking

The Agitator

The finances of the Clinton Foundation have now come under renewed scrutiny with the launch of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. This is not unexpected in the hard-hitting rough and tumble of high-stakes politics.

Government 2.0 Expo Debrief

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Sunlight Foundation Contest Winners Clay Johnson (Sunlight Labs). – A $10 million+ award given to the first team to achieve a specific goal, set by the X PRIZE Foundation, which has the potential to benefit humanity.

The Ongoing, Sorry State of Nonprofit Governance

A. Fine Blog

Readers of The Networked Nonprofit know that Beth and I have a chapter on governance that reveals the sorry state of most board/staff relationships. This theater perfectly captures to a small degree the extreme example of governance dysfunction outlined in the Free report about Penn State.

Making Your Case for Support for the Arts

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When I worked for the Austin Civic Orchestra in Texas, I had to write proposals to get grants from all different kinds of grantmakers, including the county, the arts venues themselves, and private foundations. I’m back! Guess where I was? An encaustic art conference in Cape Cod!

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Could your nonprofit get government contracts?

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If you’ve combed the Foundation Center Database over and over, it might be time to start thinking big with your nonprofit. What do you do that the government would like done? Whether it’s providing social services or cleaning up the environment, you could get a steady stream of income from your local or federal government for your nonprofit. For instance, a small nonprofit got a government contract to help seniors, and it provided quite a bit of the agency budget.

Can a mobile app save lives? Yes it can.

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This app from the PulsePoint Foundation leverages crowdsourcing, geo-location (GPS), push-messaging, maps and social integration, all for one simple purpose, to save lives. Government Mobile Review Social Media Videos citizen engagement cpr crowdsourcing ems health public health pulsepoint

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When Government is the Sponsor

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Therein lies a fish story about the financing of World War Two, habitat restoration and government funded cause marketing. The Foundation’s board members come from industry and state fish and wildlife agencies. Governments want the excise and sales taxes.

Private, Corporate, or Government Grants?

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Here’s a quick-and-dirty explanation of private, corporate, and government grants. Typically, I like to go after private foundation grant opportunities first. If I can find someone on my organization’s Board who knows someone on the foundation Board, it helps so much to make that connection. I’ve had great success in building relationships with private foundations that lasted for years and resulted in thousands of dollars for my organizations.

Reader Questions: How can I get funding for a think tank?

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If you have approached people, corporations, foundations in your country in vain, it is definitely time to go where people appreciate your work. For funders, you might want to look to the UN for development money, or the Soros Foundation, they care very much about international government, as well. You could also check into the Gates Foundation.

How to Motivate Board Members: Interview with Simone Joyaux

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It focuses only on governance not on management. We don’t understand that governance is different from management. At a certain point along to continuum it goes to governance. A governance moment is examining the financial picture. You HAVE TO DO GOVERNANCE.

Are you a foundation looking for nonprofits to fund? Consider this.

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If you work at a foundation or sit on the board for a foundation, I highly encourage you to pick this up. Below, I share some of his ideas, and how these might be relevant to the funding model that many foundations seem to use.). Hey Foundations!

15 Fantastic Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday!

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Director of Marketing , The Association of Small Foundations (Washington DC). Marketing & Communications Director , 100 Resilient Cities-Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (New York, NY). Marketing/PR Manager , Community Foundation of Collier County (Naples, FL).

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


12th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. 12th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. We have gathered an outstanding group of field experts to teach how to build and sustain this kind of governance. Governance / @usdsoles. Governance. Foundations.

Why Do Corporate Foundations Spread Their Grants so Broadly?

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The mine, owned by Kennecott and its corporate parent Rio Tinto, charges a modest vehicle entrance fee that goes to the Kennecott Utah Copper Visitor’s Center Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) private foundation which divvies it up the proceeds among local charities. There’s also a gift shop in the visitor’s center and proceeds from the sales of items there also benefits the Foundation. The year 2010 was a record year for the Foundation, it donated $186,000.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Diversifying Your Funding Streams

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One of my readers asked: “How does an organization begin to diversify its revenue stream (foundations/corporations) if the primary source of source is government grants?” ” How can you stop relying so much on government grants?

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Tuesday!

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Assistant Vice President of Communications, National Academy Foundation (New York, NY). Director of Communications , Foundation Strategy Group (Boston, MA). Online Communications Manager , Center for Effective Government (Washington DC).

Free Agents and Government

A. Fine Blog

Tags: Social Media California free agents political parties Proposition 14 sunlight foundation The Networked Nonprofit

Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job: Movin’ Up Monday!

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Associate Director of Communications , Conservation Land Foundation (Durango, CO). Communications Officer – Web/Social Media , Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (Hartford, CT).

Grants and IBM Expertise for U.S. and International Cities' Governments' Offices and Districts (i.e. Port Authorities, School Districts, Etc.)

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center. [If Only general-purpose governing bodies may apply. In addition to uploading a completed application form, each applicant is required to submit a brief letter from the mayor (or equivalent executive officer of the municipal government) affirming the validity of the submission. RFP government grants grants the foundation center

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs—Movin’ Up Monday

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Associate Director, Communications & Strategic Research Departments, Rockefeller Foundation (New York, NY). Communications Campaign Manager , Center for Effective Government (Washington DC). Communications Director , Lupus Foundation of America (Washington DC). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Celebrity Relations Coordinator and Staff Writer/Editor , Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (Washington DC).

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The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Participants will acquire a foundational understanding of this increasingly important component of fundraising strategy and will be able to identify and distinguish between the most common planned giving vehicles. 14th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. It's finally here!

Interview with Jennifer Chandler, National Council of Nonprofits

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If you have earned income for your nonprofit or government contracts or grants, this interview will be important for you to watch. National Statistics show us that: –1/3 of our money is coming from the federal government, trickled down to the states.

Opportunity! Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Associate Product Manager Wikimedia Foundation (San Francisco, CA). Communications Director , Communications Assistant , Communications Associate, Politics & Communications Associate Schusterman Family Foundation (Atlanta, GA).

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The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The WHAT IF Conference is for anyone who supports nonprofit organizations, especially staff and board members, volunteers, donors, foundations and corporate funders. Global Fund for Community Foundations / Johannesburg, (Int.) 13th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

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Communications Officer , The Nellie Mae Education Foundation (Quincy, MA). Online Communications Manager , Center for Effective Government (Washington DC). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities.

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Grants for Governments, Nonprofits, Regional Organizations, Individuals, Private Sector Creating Small and Large Scale Fisheries Management Solutions

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center. [If Entries should have the potential for replication and contribute to responsible fisheries governance. Applications are invited from individuals, governments, regional organizations, fishers organizations, community-based organizations and NGOs, the private sector, and the academic community. RFP fish habitat protection grants environment the foundation center

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Schools, Universities, or Government Agencies Providing Non-Traditional Solutions to Employ Individuals With Disabilities

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center. [If This includes nonprofit agencies, public and private schools, and public institutions such as universities and government (state, local, federal) agencies in the United States or any of its territories. Visit the Kessler Foundation Web site for complete program information and application procedures." RFP disabilities workforce development and education grants the foundation center

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Tribes, Local or State Governments Studying Value and Impact of the Arts

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center. [If nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations; units of state or local government; or federally recognized tribal communities or tribes. RFP grants arts the foundation centerIf you are interested in this grant opportunity, click on "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this post, for more information].

Where Should I Pitch My Nonprofit’s Story?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

For instance, to get local and state government to expand funding, you might start to target lawmakers and their staff as a key audience. He was formerly an assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Philanthropy and a senior vice president at The Council on Foundations.

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Grab-It Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Communications Director Center for Effective Government (Washington, DC). Director of Marketing and Communications Barberton Community Foundation (Barberton, OH). Internal Communications Officer Open Society Foundations (New York, NY). Subscribers, we’re working on getting you the ability to opt-in or -out of these listings vs. other posts. Hold on! . Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits.

Why Ignoring GuideStar’s Profile Pages Damages Your PR Strategy

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They also provide charities with opportunities to provide contact information, social media links, as well as details about their governance practices and diversity measures. Of that number, 35,000 are registered foundation staff members who use the site to research potential grantees. Governance. Effective media relations isn’t always about proactively pitching your organization’s story to reporters and editors.

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How To Learn What Federal, State, Local, or Tribal Grants Are Available, & How To Apply for Them

Seeking Grant Money Today

You might have heard that applying for a grant offered by a government, any government, is "a different animal" compared to applying for a grant offered by a foundation. Applying for a government grant, especially a federal grant, can be arduous. Grants offered by governments are opportunities to raise funds, as well. foundations). To learn about and find out what other governments' grants are available, such as t he U.S.

Grants for Local Governments Collaborations With School Aged Children Providing Local History and Preservation Projects

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From The Foundation Center. Other eligible applicants include local government agencies such as parks and recreation commissions, historic commissions, departments of local history, or other local government agencies that own and/or operate a historic site or property. Tags: RFP History Channel grants history the foundation center

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Governments, Tribes, and Educational Institutions Linking Econimic Development and Community Well Being to Stewardship & Health of the Environment

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center. [If Eligible applicants include nonprofit 501(c) organizations; state, tribal, and local governments; and educational institutions. RFP grants environment the foundation centerIf you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post, for more information].

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits and International Non Government Organizations Promoting the Rights of Persons With Disabilities

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From The Foundation Center. Tags: RFP disabilities grants the foundation center Deadline: Various (See below.)

4 Jobs for Introverted Fundraisers

Wild Woman Fundraising

Grants AKA Foundation and government fundraising. You need to have these skills: Research: You need to know where to look for grants, and how to sniff out opportunities for corporate grants and government contracting.

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Bridging Cultures Grants to U.S. Nonprofits (Incl. Schools, Libraries, Cultural Instit.s, Et.c), State, or Local Governments

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Tags: RFP grants cultural the foundation center

About the Nonprofit's Governing Documents, Especially the Bylaws and How They Can Be A Powerful Tool for the Organization's Success

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The Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation are the two governing documents that any nonprofit must create when it is being started up, and then it must have on hand as it conducts its business over the life of the organization. Instead, this post is merely educational: an introduction to what documents govern nonprofit organizations in a general overview, and it gives some instances (not all) in which they maybe either necessary or helpful and how so.