Gates Foundations Seeks Communications Proposals—Game Changer

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This RFP is focused on development organizations but I hope more funding will follow from Gates and other foundations, as a recognition of how crucial engagement is to achieving organizational and programmatic goals. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a call for communications proposals to “help change the narrative on foreign aid.” At last—funding specifically directed to communications!

Ep189: Dunkin' Rebrands Foundation to Bring More "Joy In Childhood"

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Christine Riley Miller , Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Foundation for Dunkin' Brands , about the company's new, re-branded foundation, the Joy in Childhood Foundation.

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Want to get that next grant? 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’m great at writing grants but not as great at building a relationship with the foundations. Sure, here’s how to start building relationships with foundations. 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on December 17, 2012. I am answering reader questions! Because Wild Woman Fundraising Readers ROCK! So what questions are we answering today? On 11/09/2012 06:01 PM, Sarah wrote: > > Hola Mazarine! >

Managing Social Media at the Foundation Center

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In our latest interview in our series on Junction C: Where Creating and Curating Meet Content and Conversation , Jereme Bivins, the social media manager for the Foundation Center, discusses his approach to working with five regional offices across the U.S.,

Carter Center versus Clinton Foundation. A Tale of Two Audiences (An #npcomm Showdown)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I just couldn’t get enough of presidential politics in the past few weeks, so for the next #NPComm Showdown, let’s look at the communications strategies of foundations started by two political powerhouses. The Clinton Foundation’s approach to the annual report is filled with best practices.

Laying a Good Foundation: Short-Term Priorities for Nonprofit Marketing

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Laying a great foundation for the expansion of your nonprofit''s marketing and donation efforts can help you find success now while planning long-term goals.

Barth Syndrome Foundation Thank You Letter: Before and After

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Why Your Foundation Needs a Brand

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Private Foundations don’t have the same reasons as nonprofits do to build a strong brand. Foundations already have money. Recently, one of our clients, who serves as the head of a family foundation, said to me, “Grantmaking is the […]. Blog branding Foundations fundraising Let’s face it. What does it matter what anyone thinks about them? Plenty, it turns out.

3 Ways the Lance Armstrong Foundation can Survive

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The Lance Armstrong Foundation faces a rocky phase despite all the good it’s doing in educating on cancer, helping raise awareness about prevention, and even giving inspiration to those fighting the battle. The Foundation needs to get ahead of the story.

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A Graceful Exit: How One Foundation Approached Sunsetting a Successful Initiative

Mission Minded

If you are a foundation planning to phase out an initiative, knowing how to leave grantees—and the larger community—feeling ignited rather than deflated is probably on your mind. You’ve spent the last several years investing in and coaching your grantees, and it’s time to transition the leadership and let the grantees take the reins. How […]. Blog Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Messaging

National Parkinson Foundation celebrates 10,000th Facebook fan


Donordigital joins in celebrating with its client National Parkinson Foundation in reaching its 10,000th Facebook fan. Donordigital worked with National Parkinson Foundation to run a Facebook Ad campaign with the goal of recruiting 10,000 new Facebook fans.

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Foundations Using Social Media for Movement Building

A. Fine Blog

The topic for this month’s Social Good Podcast is on the ways that foundation’s are using social media to support movement building. The guests are Suphatra Laviolette of the Marguerite Casey Foundation and Michael Smith of the Case Foundation.

Cause Marketing is at the Foundation of Modern Grocery Retailing

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The house was about 100 years old back then and the foundation was made of rock rather than concrete. I write this post from my home office in my basement, which is heated, well-lit and comfortable. The floor beneath my feet is carpeted. Had the basement lacked any of these features, we probably wouldn’t have bought this house. Such amenities are assumed. But as a college student I lived in one of those classic ‘pit’ kinds of apartments.

Asking foundations to fund development staff is a waste?

Wild Woman Fundraising

In a recent Stanford Social Innovation review blog post , Paul Connolly talked about the new findings of the TCC group around the Packard Foundation’s grantees. I would like every single foundation reading this to understand this.

Our EveryAction Hero: United Nations Foundation


Created in 1998, the United Nations Foundation links the United Nations' work with others around the world, helping the UN address a range of global issues, including climate change, global health, women’s empowerment, peace and security, poverty eradication, and more. What does the United Nations Foundation do? The United Nations Foundation has a very distinct role in the evolution of #GivingTuesday. The United Nations Foundation recently made the switch to EveryAction.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Firecracker Foundation

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Meet Firecracker Foundation. On a day-to-day basis, The Firecracker Foundation works with survivors of childhood sexual trauma through long-term strategies of therapy, arts enrichment, and yoga practice. On a larger scale, however, The Firecracker Foundation is about community.

There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Okay, every organization (nonprofit or for-profit) could use more of those two resources.

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Fast Ways to Find Funding Sources

Get Fully Funded is a similar resource, but offers information about grants from private foundations, public foundations, and corporations throughout the United States. Although there are many ways to search for funding sources, the Foundation Center and will give you access to a majority of the grant opportunities in the United States that could potentially fund your project. To search for foundation and private grant opportunities, follow these 3 steps.

The Foundation Center Now Provides Free Website That Teaches How To Do Grant Writing

Seeking Grant Money Today

The Foundation Center, the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide, has launched an online learning community for the social sector. The Foundation Center, which maintains offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, has long been known as the premier resource for fundraisers and others seeking grants. The "Ask Us" link on each page connects visitors to expert assistance from Foundation Center staff via live chat or e-mail.

More Mailbag: How do you tell a story about a community foundation?

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We are a community foundation operating in a low wealth area. You want to show how your foundation relates to one person’s - or one group of people’s - deeply held emotional beliefs. You need to make your foundation relevant to each of these audiences, on their terms. Think of your community as the hero of your story - not your endowment or your foundation. I also read the words, “Building a charitable foundation for our community.&#

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Jolkona Foundation: Measuring Impact

A Small Change

Jolkona Foundation has some great ideas about how to measure donor impact. What inspired you to start the Jolkona Foundation? One to one” refers to the fact that all donations via the Jolkona Foundation website make a specific impact with which the individual donor can identify.

[INTERVIEW] 8 Questions Answered about Online Fundraising!

Wild Woman Fundraising

They came all the way from The SickKids Foundation in Toronto, Canada for the conference. Noelle: SickKids Foundation is my first foray into fundraising. Laura: I started my career at SickKids Foundation as an intern in the communications department. Get Schooled!

What’s Next for the Ford Foundation?

A. Fine Blog

The title of this post is the title of a post written by Darren Walker announcing the future direction of the Ford Foundation. And how will these organizations be “partners” with the foundation? One of my most memorable experiences with my program officer from the Packard Foundation when I received my first grant from them. The history of foundations as “partners” with their grantees is a road littered with the corpses of good intentions gone bad.

Deeper Dive into the Knight Foundation's Connected Citizens Report: Building Connections and Engaging Your Community

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The intent of our report Connected Citizens: The Power, Peril and Potential of Networks , was to explore the role of networks in community life and how loose networks of individuals are affecting social change. . Recent rapid advances in digital media and technology have changed how people connect to information and how they connect to each other. People are moving from passive consumers to active users. This is also true among communities.

To Get Me from Passive to Active – Make Me Feel Something!

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Baldrick's Foundation The Greater Boston Food BankThere is a misguided argument that I have heard recently from nonprofits, as they prepare their fundraising appeals or their online marketing campaigns: There is no way we can pull the heartstrings like this when telling stories. .

Big Data hits Nonprofits! POW!

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If you’re working at a community foundation, you might consider putting together something like this for your state, combining 2010 census data and google maps to show areas of greatest need. You’re working for a social services nonprofit. You’re writing a grant.

Let’s Be Fearless Communicators

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As the VP of Communications and Marketing at the Case Foundation, guest blogger Allie Burns is charged with spreading the word about the Foundation’s great work with the ultimate goal of mobilizing more people to make giving a part of their everyday lives.

Build Your Nonprofit Story Bank (Case Study)

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Welcome to guest blogger Meghan Hurley, Special Events Intern at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a senior at Loyola University Maryland. . Congrats to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for 40 years of persistent work to improve access to, and quality of, health care.

Julia’s Nonprofit Social Media Checklist

J Campbell Social Marketing

I’m speaking at the Essex County Community Foundation’s Institute for Trustees on March 22 , and the topic is “Online Marketing & Social Media: What a Board Member Needs to Know” If you’ve seen me speak, you know I cram in a ton of information into my sessions, and this one is just one hour. Marketing Nonprofits Social Media Strategy Checklist content marketing Essex County Community Foundation Institute for Trustees

5 Great Nonprofit Infographics to Learn From

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4) United Nations Foundation – Her Day, Every Day. Infographics Marketing Nonprofits Amnesty International Compassion International infographics Movember nonprofit graphics nonprofit storytelling UN Foundation visual marketing Water Aid

How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

Baldrick’s Foundation at the Inspire / BIO Conference in July. Baldrick’s Foundation. Baldrick''s Foundation Case Study: How One Nonprofit Raised Thousands Using Facebook – Part 1. I first became aware of the St.

8 Ways to Make the Case For Social Media At Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Baldrick''s Foundation wenham museum Is this the look you get when you bring up social media at your nonprofit? There is no doubt about it – social networking has changed the game in terms of how people communicate, share information and learn about new things in their lives.

INTERVIEW: Lisa Taylor of Challenge Factory Talks Your Career Transition

Wild Woman Fundraising

Ever wanted to be a Foundation President? Awesome I'm fired get a new career hire development director hire fundraiser how not to get fired how to be a foundation president? Lisa Taylor, Founder, Challenge Factory. Are you ready to transition into another job or career?

#GRANTS: Verizon Foundation Offers Support For Environmental & Educational Nonprofits

Non Profit Marketing 360

But did you know the Verizon Foundation also supports such nonprofits and charities with grants in money, kind, and service? The Foundation focuses on issues pertaining to K-through-12 education, health care, and sustainability/environmentalism, so if your organization is involved in any of these fields, you should reach out and touch them (Er, wrong service. They stress the fact that the foundation will not support land or major hardware/software purchases.

#PHILANTHROPY: #Sundance & A3 Foundation Extend Cooperation for Asian-American Artists

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Shot from a film sponsored by the A3 Foundation. According to their own site, “The A3 Fellows Program is the inaugural program for the foundation placing emerging artists with seasoned artists to learn and grow.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

Baldrick’s Foundation contacted me to highlight some of the great strides the organization has taken in the area of social media fundraising. St Baldrick’s operates a foundation-wide content calendar and uses it for programming, marketing, fundraising, and PR efforts.

#Fundraising: How To Apply For Grants From The Gates Foundation

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In our ongoing series on helping our readers find sources of grants and apply for them, we turn to the Gates Foundation, founded by Microsoft’s previous CEO, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. In the public imagination, the good work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes a long way to erase all those terrible memories of Windows Millennium, Service Pack Y (incompatible with Service Pack X), and Blue Screens of Death.

#Fundraising: How To Apply For Grants From The Gates Foundation

Non Profit Marketing 360

In our ongoing series on helping our readers find sources of grants and apply for them, we turn to the Gates Foundation, founded by Microsoft’s previous CEO, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. In the public imagination, the good work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes a long way to erase all those terrible memories of Windows Millennium, Service Pack Y (incompatible with Service Pack X), and Blue Screens of Death.

#GRANT: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

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Michael and Susan Dell established their foundation in 1999 in an effort to present their booming company as a corporate citizen. The efforts of the foundation are to multiply the work of Dell’s individual employees: Being a good corporate citizen is more than just writing a check to a nonprofit and checking ‘complete’ next to your external branding strategy. In all these cases, the foundation clearly wants to support the youth in the US and abroad.

Reader Questions: How can I get funding for a think tank?

Wild Woman Fundraising

If you have approached people, corporations, foundations in your country in vain, it is definitely time to go where people appreciate your work. For funders, you might want to look to the UN for development money, or the Soros Foundation, they care very much about international government, as well. You could also check into the Gates Foundation.