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Forecast Of 2014 Giving

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This week the Atlas of Giving released their most recent month-by-month giving forecast for 2014. for the calendar year, and 4.3%

4% Growth In Giving Forecast For 2012

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And, unlike either Giving USA or Blackbaud, the Atlas provides an annual forecast of the year ahead that is then updated monthly. in 2011.

How to Forecast How Much Planned Giving Revenue You Will Get


In this recent post he examines how to forecast “what you might get.” Here you go: 1. Try it here. It’s pretty simple.

2015 Half-time Fundraising Score

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The Atlas of Giving , the resource that combines both past results along with forecasts of charitable giving in the U.S., The news is good.

Forecasting The Hispanic Market

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Just a good pithy discussion here about the expanding Hispanic market , from Jose Villa of digital marketing agency Sensis. I’m intrigued by Villa’s prediction of a Hispanic baby boom: “With close to 20 million Hispanics at or entering child-bearing age over the next 10 years, the potential for a new baby boom is real.

Christmas In August — Again

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Blackbaud is back this year with its half-year report and forecast for the balance of 2014. Especially so for online contributions.

Why nonprofit budgets should be developed in alignment with strategies


One of our clients achieved extraordinary results last year. Unfortunately, their marketing budget for the following year was reduced by 50%.

Should your planned giving website include a calculator page?


How to Forecast How Much Planned Giving Revenue You Will Get. But I’m not so sure donors really use these things very much. Related Post.

[VIDEO] The 3 Nonprofit Digital Trends to Watch in 2016


‘Tis the season for trend forecasting! Recently, we took a break from reflecting on an exciting year here at EveryAction to look ahead to 2016 and the trends that will shape the nonprofit sector. Spoiler: there's a lot to look forward to, especially in digital. digital

Mobile … Mobile … More Mobile

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They forecast that more than half of those who shop online (51.2% You, and consumers, and by extension donors, can’t get enough mobile these days. The hours used are going up. The preference over desktops is solid and rising. Even simultaneous use of digital devices is becoming common. of digital buyers or 95.1

Fundraising GPS: Steering On The Past Or Future? Or Both?

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Plus one sophisticated forecast for 2013. I regret to inform you that the 2013 forecast doesn’t seem all that rosy when compared to 2012. In the three years I’ve been tracking their forecasts they’ve been right on target: annually 97.5% What are you forecasting for 2013? But first, the past. You can download it free here.

GPS 19

Super Short is Super Sweet: Storytelling that Hooks Digital Donors

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Jim Lynch. Guest Post by Jim Lynch of TechSoup. The heart of effective fundraising is telling a story that a donor can emotionally connect with.

Your quick guide to better nonprofit financial management

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The site includes: • A Five-Step Guide to Budget Development—a presentation that describes a team approach to budgeting essentials such as setting financial goals, forecasting results and monitoring progress. You can find the site here

Fundraising Year In Review

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are forecast to account for the least growth, while individual giving will increase 7.7% Giving in November (+0.4%) and the December forecast (+0.2%) are worrisome portends for 2012. We’ll know more when The Atlas of Giving releases its 2012 Forecast in mid-January. This is the first of two posts on the year now ending. Roger.

Fundraising Atlas Does More Than Shrug

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At the end of April I reported on a new forecasting service, The Atlas of Giving. In April actual overall fundraising returns were ahead by 11%, but the Atlas forecast that the summer and fall results would decline and the year would finish just 3.8% Their April forecast was +3.8%). Quite well, I’m happy to report. Roger.

Poor Or No Strategy — Barriers To Growth, Part 9

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It is a planning and forecasting and prognosticating exercise to deliver short-term comfort. See Beware of the ‘S’ Word.) Just like good copy.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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They are hosting a free webinar to highlight more findings from their report as well as the forecast for 2012. Happy Friday! over 2010.

Feb 26

Ghosts Of Fundraising Past And Future

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That’s just one of the reasons I’m intrigued by The Philanthromax Atlas of Giving , a sophisticated FORECASTING service that alerts fundraisers to the good news – or bad news – of what lies ahead. Because the Atlas also forecasts that it’s downhill starting in June with 2011 expected to end at just a disappointing 3.8% With the U.S.

Why We Don’t Trust Data

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Angie Moore, in Tuesday’s FS Online post Predicting Weather is not Like Predicting Donations , notes that a good many fundraisers deny themselves the benefits of predictive modeling simply because, just like the weather forecast, they don’t understand what’s behind it. I urge you to read her post.

So What and Who Cares?

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I spoke at the AFP Triangle Philanthropy Forecast 2012 yesterday in Raleigh, NC on a panel about communications and media trends for 2012 with Gail Perry , Lu Esposito , and Todd Cohen. My first point was that integrated marketing is essential in 2012. Try to think about how you can use multiple channels right from the start. and Who Cares?

Canadian Government & the Mobile Space in 2012

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In March 2012, eMarketer forecast that 46% of Canadian mobile phones will be smartphones by the end of 2012. As a supplement to that spreadsheet I also created a visual presentation with screenshots of each entry, which I try to update every 12 months and have embedded below. Why did I do this? We are at a crossroads. Key definitions.

Fundraising’s Past Isn’t What It Used To Be

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Months ago we alerted Agitator readers to the Atlas of Giving which not only reports on giving-to-date, but forecasts the likely fundraising outcomes in future quarters. in the first quarter of 2011, but forecast it would hit the skids beginning this month and end the year with only a 3.8% What about the future? increase over 2010.

Acquisition: Predictive Analytics And The Presidency

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This forecast is the product of a predictive model created from an analysis of a range of swing state polls by Nate Silver for his 538 Blog at the New York Times. These are the same methods that enabled scientists to forecast many days in advance where and when Hurricane Sandy was about to hit the US.). The use of math. Roger. P.P.S.

Giving expected to stall in 2012 - but you can beat the trend

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The economy continues to founder, and the latest proof is a new survey by Fenton and GlobeScan that forecasts giving is stalled into next year: 72% of respondents in the U.K. and 65% of respondents in the U.S. say their 2012 giving will remain the same; and 16% of respondents in the U.K. and 17% of respondents in the U.S. So what do you do?

UK 11

How and Where Resources Exist to Keep One Step Ahead For Prudent, Conservative, and Effective Budgeting and Planning in the Rebounding Economy

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an American organization that serves a specific region in Africa)) leadership should be reading the local newspapers keeping attention focused on the local economy(ies) and forecasts for those. __ Never forget the myriad tools that Google offers to the general public. Even still, there are questions. a single word, term, or phrase).

How Big is Cause Marketing?

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Like most of us in the field, I referred to the IEG Sponsorship Report’s annual forecast of total sponsorship spending. David co-wrote Good Works with marketing legend Phillip Kotler and Nancy Lee. Today David tackles the issue of just how big cause marketing is and how we can get to a more meaningful measure of its size and dimensions.

We’re in trouble now! Giving outlook from Atlas of Giving

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This is the 21st century way of not only measuring results, but also being able to forecast the future. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome.

Seeking Grant Money Today's Top 10 Posts On How Nonprofits Can Get Through This Tough Economy

Seeking Grant Money Today

Focus On The Economic Crisis" Web Page To Keep Us Nonprofits Up To Date A good free resource provided by the excellent Foundation Center to keep nonprofit leaders and staff up to date on the latest trends, forecasts, opportunities, and resources during this tough economy. Top 10 Posts On How Nonprofits Can Survive This Economy 10.

Telemarketing Success … And More

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The Results: Operation Smile far exceeded projections, raising twice the gross revenue forecast and three times the net revenue compared with prior campaigns. Here’s a telemarketing success story provided by Operation Smile. But it’s more than that, a point I’ll come back to. 11 per dollar raised.

PETA's Media Relations Triump: Uses Groundhog Day as Animal Rights Platform

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And PETA advocates went one step further to suggest that Punxsutawney Phil's annual weather forecasting responsibilities be taken over by a robot. Here's a a fantastic model of an organization linking its issues to a major news event to generate headline attention. 2 tradition. when animals are scheduled to make the headlines and acted on it.

Recommendations for mHealth Stakeholders

Social Marketing and Social Change

The recommendations in Mobile Communications for Medical Care are: Policy-makers should ensure that policies and priorities for healthcare are complemented by financial incentives that reward those who deliver outcomes, particularly in disease prevention. This requires clarity of ownership of, and access to, personal information. Mobile Thoughts

Are you a foundation looking for nonprofits to fund? Consider this.

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Forecasters fail to predict what innovations and discoveries will be significant, and which ones won’t. The Black Swan = Required Reading.

Tough Decision Made In The Best Interest Of Constituents May Be A Good Solution In This Economy

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Keeping with the difficult economy that nonprofits are facing we are taking a temporary break from discussing grant writing, specifically, in Seeking Grant Money Today , to provide nonprofits with what we're calling "free consultations" right now. It is always OK to consider all options and discuss them, freely with colleagues. Thank you in advance.

The Social Round-Up


According to readers, the forecast is full of insights and revelations regarding the business of giving. Thus, let’s get on with the show.

3-Step Communications to Re-engage Volunteers for Fall

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We are delighted to have Colleen Farrell, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications at New York Cares , join us as a recurring guest blogger.

The economic impact of nonprofit organizations

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A new report from the UCSB Economic Forecast Project has completed that task for San Luis Obispo County. For a list of reports completed by the UCSB Economic Forecast Project (some with downloads) see their web site. At those times, it's good to have an idea of the true, positive impact our sector has on the community.

Foundation giving down record levels in 2009; will be flat in 2010

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Findings from the Foundation Center’s annual “Foundation Giving Forecast Survey&# suggest that 2010 foundation giving will remain flat — a less pessimistic outlook than respondents anticipated a year ago. percent-by far the largest decline ever tracked by the Foundation Center. Grant dollars fell from $46.8 billion to $42.9

What Non Profits Can Learn from Maker’s Mark

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the son of the founder, took full responsibility and said he must have been “asleep at the wheel” when failing to forecast the surge. (2) Whether or not bourbon is your drink of choice or not, non profits can learn a thing or two from Maker’s Mark about authentic audience engagement. They claimed that it wouldn’t affect the flavor.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is doing it


growth rate eMarketer forecasts for the entire US Internet population." (all Three interesting news items! In 2006, there were 17.6 million.

#Marketing: Netflix Blows Its Public Goodwill In Announcing Price Increases

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From - Too good to pass up. the still-popular DVD orders. It still figures it will come out ahead. (I I kept saying to him: “O.K.,