Who Are The First Movers?

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As reported in Direct Marketing News , idea merchant Malcolm Gladwell ( Tipping Point , Blink , etc) delivered a speech recently in which he said, when it comes to innovation … don’t be first! As quoted in DM News , Gladwell said: “There is not a great advantage to being first; there is an advantage to being the one who sits back and reacts in an intelligent way.” Who are the first movers? And is there an advantage to being first?

‘Genius’ Awards For Nonprofits

The Agitator

Some funder — institutional or individual — needs to be a first mover in the step-up in scale the nonprofit sector needs. Just got around to reading about the 13 organizations that recently won recognition (and $$) from the MacArthur Foundation for their creativity and effectiveness. This awards program is the institutional version of the well-known ‘genius’ recognition that MacArthur awards to outstanding individuals. Here are the 13 winners for 2013.

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Leading by following

Mission Paradox Blog

In the business world they call it second mover advantage. Some organization (the first mover) brings a new product, or new idea to the market.  It's called an advantage because the second person can learn from the mistakes the first guy made, copy what they did right and then execute. There's power in being a second mover.    Another organization watches the move, learns from it and then copies it (the second move).

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Messaging Your Green Bona Fides

Cause Related Marketing

Let me repeat my first point for emphasis. Right now there is first-mover advantage to messaging well your green commitment. Cone Communications released a new survey on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 about consumer expectations and understanding of corporate green claims, and the results are both a wake-up call and an opportunity for companies messaging their green bona fides.

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Fish Where The Fish Are

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Unlike the internet, big advantages go to first movers. The first Agitator Mobile Webinar will be held on Thursday December 2 nd at 2pm eastern. Guess what happens 110 billion times a month in the US? No, not that – not even close. One-hundred and ten billion text messages are sent per month. Wow, great”, you say, “ if only I were a teenager or a company marketing to teenagers that would be a relevant statistic.”. Not so fast.