How to Choose a PR Firm for Your Nonprofit

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An outside firm can use its experience in media relations to help you identify key messages and execute a campaign that will help explain your new plan to your target audiences. But how can you make sure you find a firm or individual who won’t waste your time or squander your money?

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#SM4NP: Kony 2012 Will Get A Sequel & More Context Today

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Nevertheless, the reasons the San Diego based firm ’Invisible Children’ will be releasing a sequel to their 30-minute wunderkind seem not really about tapping a market so much as explaining the phenomenon. Today is the day. Probably.

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How a Small Nonprofit President Got a Big Spot in The New York Times’ Room for Debate

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But it’s not impossible — especially if they are willing to do more than pepper news editors with press releases. Juliana Avery has sent her share of releases to the media in Washington and Baltimore — with little success.

Joe Rogan, true crime, and the 2nd podcasting revolution

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This is simply not possible in most quick consumption and network news formats due to their firm time constraints (televised political debates being the prime example). In 2007 I subscribed to and became a regular listener of my first podcast, Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation.

Forget the Media Kit, Create a Toolkit

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Who do you think of first when you’re about to launch a new campaign or release a piece of important new research? Infographics — If you’re releasing new research or are sharing new information, consider creating an infographic that your supporters can share in their own networks.

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True or False? A Quick Guide to Understanding Journalism Ethics

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These rules might appear quaint in this age of partisan cable networks and opinion-based websites. Some groups go a step further and publicly release their audited financial statements.

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Study Links NFL Sponsorship and Purchasing Decisions. Does it apply to Cause Marketing?

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of Baylor University released Monday finds strong linkage between official NFL sponsors and purchase decisions, especially among fans. Then they measured public opinion of the official brand in each category against 2 competing brands in the same category that weren’t official sponsors.

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Notes from the Digital Governance Forum (#DGF15)

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All good political leaders have a few core items that they care deeply about (they then use technology to sway opinion in their favour). Read Hershell Ezrin’s “Ethics of Political Leadership” 3 types of opinions: values, preference, and expert.

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Nielsen’s “Social Media Report – 2012?

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Market research firm Nielsen has just released what should be one of the more authoritative reviews of consumer use of social media – The-Social-Media-Report-2012. Consumer decisions and behaviors are increasingly driven by the opinions, tastes and preferences of an exponentially larger, global pool of friends, peers and influencers.”

‘Great Fundraising’

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Released yesterday, the study was briefed and commissioned by the UK consultancy Clayton Burnett and is available free of charge on the firm’s website. “What differentiates great fundraising from the average, good or poor?”

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

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Feel free to tell us if you have differences of opinions across social media channels. Susan Cartier Liebel - 'Personal' in my opinion isn't about a 'particular' person. Strict policies and procedures should be drafted by the client, so the agency knows what it can and cannot do or say, while giving the writing enough freedom to be creative, passionate and opinionated when necessary. Personal' in my opinion isn't about a particular 'person'.it opinions.