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Writer/Editor , Organic Consumers Association (Finland, MN). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. New Opportunities. Chief Communications Officer , Flamboyan Foundation. Washington DC).

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The Best Cause Marketing of 2008

Cause Related Marketing

There may well be… and probably is… some brilliant cause marketing coming out of Senegal or Bengal or Finland or Vietnam or Rio de Janeiro that I just don’t know about. First off the usual disclaimers. This is by no mean an exhaustive list.

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Hey, I just got my first order from Finland this weekend! As I bike to the post office to send it today, I’m excited that so many people all over the world are using my book! My friend Amy Sample Ward is doing a giveaway of my book today on her blog.

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An invitation I had to decline

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Make government pay for higher education, as they do in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, and as they used to do in England. Vince Sampson, of the Education Finance Council.

Universal Basic Income and Decent Work

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Canada, India, Finland, Italy, and the Netherlands. “ Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. ” -James Baldwin.

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Which Places Are The Least Sexist?

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Finland has an 80% pay gap. ">In Picture from the Brooklyn Nomad, 2009. There have been a lot of features lately on the most liveable cities. Vancouver BC, Vienna, Melbourne, Toronto, and Helsinki have been at the top of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2010 list.

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After a year of writing and blogging and building my audience, the book was done, and I immediately got sales all over the world, from Finland to Tasmania, as well as in the United States and Canada.

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Do you have any nonprofit career questions? I’ll answer them on national radio!

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My book has sold all over the world, from Tasmania to Finland, and was called one of the top 10 fundraising books of 2010 by Beth Kanter, nonprofit blogger and CEO of Zoetica. The Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson. Is someone you know looking for a job? Did you know that 1 in 10 people work in the nonprofit sector in America, yet a lot of people who are unemployed don’t know how to transition into this field?

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More On Cheque-less Fundraising

The Agitator

Laurie Pringle, who says she has written maybe three cheques in the last five years, noted that Sweden and Finland are already cheque-free. My post last week on Britain’s plans to go "cheque-less" by 2018 generated a lot of comment (some publicly posted, some private emails), so I thought I’d summarize some of the key points made. First of all, it’s true.