[Guest Post] Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget

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Since starting her firm - DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC - in 2006, she has secured more than $32 million dollars in competitive grant funds for clients from the government (federal, state, and local) and private foundations. Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget. Sadly, the budget often feels like a step-child to the proposal itself. How do we incorporate a grant budget into a grant proposal when a budget isn’t required?

#Philanthropy: President’s Jobs Bill & Tax Proposal Not Warmly Welcomed By Charities

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As arguments over what to do with and about the US economy and the federal deficit continue to shed more heat than light, President Obama sought to take the fight back to the Republicans with the ‘American Jobs Act’ announced last week. An irony in the president’s proposal is that he is getting pushback from a sector of the electorate that tends to be left-of-center. Nevertheless, they see in the president’s proposal a likely choking off of larger donations.


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#Aging: Medicare’s Support To Home Health Agencies Likely To Be Cut 3+%

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The two federal programs that are most often discussed as targets for cutting are Social Security and Medicare. And every political stripe agrees that as the growing number of Boomer retirees move into these programs, stresses will be felt throughout the federal budget. In this environment, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed changes that include a %3.35 With government cuts (or default) looming, everyone is talking about cuts.

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Finding Federal Funding: A Beginner’s Guide in 8 Steps

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Knowing that I’ve worked on US government-funded grants for over 15 years, a friend recently asked me for advice on how nonprofits can secure federal funding. Below is my advice on how to get started in identifying federal grant opportunities. 1) Go to Grants.gov ( [link] ), a clearinghouse for federal grant opportunities, where you can do individual searches or subscribe and have notifications e-mailed you.

Congress Today Is Considering Real Impendements To the Nonprofit Sector and If We Stop And Note Many Public Services and Institutions Are Nonprofits - These Proposals Could Effect Every American Life

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The reality is that right now our nation's leadership is looking at the nonprofit sector not only as one that can do with less (or even wholly without) in the federal budget, it may be an American business sector that they turn to in order to raise new taxes - or both. This is big stuff that must be addressed and we must address these federal budgetary and legal proposals now. Taxes nonprofit federal relations federal funds

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Large Landscape Conservation Grants for Federal, State, or Local Land/Habitat Important to Fish, Wildlife, and Plants

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Deadline: April 1, 2010 annually (Pre-proposals) National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Accepting Pre-proposals for Acres for America Conservation Program Acres for America, a partnership between Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Endorsement of a proposed acquisition by appropriate federal, state, and local government agencies and by nonprofit organizations that the land is of high conservation value is a primary program consideration. From The Foundation Center.

#Communications: ATT’s Arguments for T-Mobile Buyout Look Ever More Disingenuous

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AT&T’s proposal discussed opportunities to bring 3G and next-generation LTE network speeds to almost 90% of its (and hitherto T-Mobile’s) customers, and the creation of jobs required to meet that goal. This week, Daily Tech’s website reports that though the document was not redacted as its notations suggest it should have been, other documents made available demonstrate that some thirty four passages of other parts of the internal review of the proposal were redacted.

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The Nonprofit Sector and Community Solutions Act H.R. 5533

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was proposed June 16th, to Congress, by Minnesota's Representative Betty McCollum (D), to ".This This bill is one of the first federal initiatives to address the nonprofit sector as a whole. federal government and the nonprofit sector, as a whole, may not just be better for the American public and other beneficiaries of American nonprofits' work. federal law Non Profits nonprofit federal relations The Nonprofit Sector And Community Solutions Act , H.R.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political – Now

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With today’s public roll out of Trumps’ budget proposal , the implications for our sector are important and very dire. Examine today’s budget proposal. An organization will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or if the organization advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.

Donor-advised Funds Are Misunderstood, Bound to Be Regulated, and Not Going Anywhere


AB-1712 is the first regulation proposed around donor-advised funds (and in my estimation it is far from the last). The bill’s scope is limited to DAFs geographically located in California, however the proposed legislation could serve as a framework for other states (or even Congress).

The Early Bird, Time Travel, and Better Grantwriting

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Here's one you probably haven’t considered yet: You've got to "start as soon as you can" to know what requests for proposals are going to be released. Federal grants, for example, are often released about the same time every year (not always, but often). Particularly with federal grants, the archived ones help you see what is likely coming up again in the future. You can be a time traveler by looking forward at the project proposals about to be released.

#Public Policy: Charities’ Off-Shore/Tax-Free Holdings Brought Under Congressional Scrutiny

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All the talk about US domestic politics and economics at the moment focuses on the federal budget and the possible default that will result if the US debt limit is not raised by 2 August. Case in point: Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee , wants to end federal support of charities that have overseas – thus tax-free – holdings and assets.

Our EveryAction Hero: Reproductive Health Access Project


We were so hopeful that we would be dealing with a different administration and that we would really be able to push ahead and make some positive changes at the federal level in terms of expanding access to abortion and contraception. It allows us to stay on top of each phase of the proposal we’re working on.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities and their auditors. Attendees include approximately 200 Directors and senior staff from Service and Conservation Corps across the country; officials from federal agencies; representatives from philanthropic foundations; and friends and supporters of the Corps movement. DMA Nonprofit Federation / Washington, DC / TBA. It's finally here!

Should You Start a Grants Program Now?

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Government grants, federal or state, are not available. When writing your grant proposal, work on a "sense of urgency." " There are a lot of proposals, so impress the funder with the importance of yours and its urgent need. Paint a picture of what will happen if you cannot provide the services you propose. This was one of the questions asked during "Grantseeking During a Recession," a Nonprofit 911 call sponsored by Network for Good.

#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

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” The combination of retiring Boomers with lengthening life expectancies with a general political trend to cut taxes for all while reducing services only to the poor has meant that the costs of long-term care are growing, while the will to adjust expectations or fund federal programs is shrinking. Paul, DeMint, and Lee propose FY2013 Budget. It also would put today’s Medicare into a larger market to compete (with with federal subsidies) with other providers.

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6 Steps to Building a Dynamic Grantseeking Calendar

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Too often we prepare grant proposals just because the opportunity appears on our doorstep. Too seldom do we develop a calendar that builds a comprehensive grantseeking schedule around a set of projects identified and blessed by our boards. In this Nonprofit 911 Call with Cynthia M.

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Grants for Plant Conservation Programs Operated In Collaboration

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There is a strong preference for "on-the-ground" projects that provide plant conservation benefits according to the priorities established by one or more of the funding federal agencies and according to the PCA strategies for plant conservation. Eligible applicants include 501(c) nonprofit organizations and local, state, and federal government agencies. The complete Request for Proposals and application instructions are available at the NFWF Web site.

Matching Grants for Nonprofits Conserving Native Plants in the Face of Climate Change

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Deadline: July 1, 2010 (Pre-proposals) National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Invites Applications for Native Plant Conservation Initiative The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is soliciting proposals for the Native Plant Conservation Initiative (NPCI) grants cycle. The NPCI grant program is conducted in cooperation with the Plant Conservation Alliance , a partnership between the foundation, ten federal agencies, and more than 270 non-governmental organizations.

Your New Fundraising Word For The Day

The Agitator

elections and to Meals On Wheels following last week’s announcement of proposed cuts in the federal budget, Steve says it’s time for some new definitions. Here’s it is: ‘actigiver’ In a Huffington Post piece, Giving In The Age of Outrage , Steve MacLauglin, VP of Data and Analytics at Blackbaud and author of Data Driven Nonprofits , claims that the question of “whether online activists would ever turn their clicks into gifts” has now been answered.

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Take Action Now! Don't Let Congress Hurt Charities

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Trying to cut the federal budget has got to be one of the worst jobs in town. I don't want to engage in partisan rhetoric with you or anyone else BUT help me understand why our government is proposing huge tax cuts for Big Oil at the same time that they are proposing to take money AWAY from charitable organizations. There are so many competing interests, so many lobbyists and unfortunately so little money to go around.

Democracy 2.0 Summit: The ROI of Gen Y


DAY 1: NOV 18TH 9:00 AM: Summit Introduction - Maya Enista, CEO of Mobilize.org, to talk about the week’s events and set the stage for Millennials to discuss solutions on a local, state and federal level. This week I am joining us 150 Millennials in Chicago and thousands more on the Web will gather to discuss, debate and act on timely topics and ideas on civic engagement and public policy at the Mobilize.org Democracy 2.0 Award Summit Exploring the Millennial Generation’s ROI.

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What If Everyone Used Social Marketing to Improve People's Lives?

Social Marketing and Social Change

The Federal Interagency Workgroup for National Health Objectives for 2020 met and approved proposed changes to the Health Communication & Health Information Technology objective that read "Increase the proportion of State health departments that report using social marketing in health promotion and disease prevention programs." But what is most exciting for me is the proposed target for 2020: 50 state health departments.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities and their auditors. As policy changes unfold at the federal, state and local levels, the communities and issues we care about as corporate social responsibility professionals inevitably face uncertainty. DMA Nonprofit Federation / Washington, DC / $789. It's finally here!

Matching Grants for People, Organizations, & Agencies Protecting Coastal & Marine Fish Habitats

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All persons, organizations, and agencies (excluding federal government) working on projects to protect coastal and marine fish habitats are eligible to apply for funding. Federal agencies may not receive funds, but may be listed as partners on an application. Applicants are encouraged to provide a non-federal match of $2 for every $1 of grant funds requested. Eligible non-federal matching sources can include cash, in-kind donations, and/or volunteer labor.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities and their auditors. DMA Nonprofit Federation / Washington, DC / $789. DMA Nonprofit Federation / Chicago, IL / Not available. Thousands of nonprofit pros rely on our annual Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar to discover skill-building, strategy-slaying, network-enhancing nonprofit events. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017!

Mastering the Art of Writing a Good Tweet to Promote Your News

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For example: Original Headline: ABC Widgets Stores Nationwide to Open When the Clock Strikes Midnight on Black Friday and Will Remain Open 24/7 Through Midnight on Christmas Eve Giving Shoppers More Hours to Shop than Any Other widget store Proposed Twitter Headline : ABC Widgets Opens at Midnight on Black Friday 4. Boosting the visibility of your message in Twitter searches is easy with PR Newswire’s Social Post™ news release distribution service.

Grants for American Or Canadian Nonprofits Acquiring Landscapes for Wildlife, Fish, and Plant Conservation

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Deadline : June 1, 2012 (for Pre-proposals) Acres for America Program Accepting Grant Applications for Conservation Project Land Acquisition A partnership between Walmart Stores, Inc. Endorsement by appropriate federal, state, and local government agencies that the land acquisition is of high conservation value is a primary consideration. Federal funds may be considered as match. From The Foundation Center. [If

#Communications: ATT Fights Legal Battle Against Its (Business) Customers

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The body blows between AT&T and the business and federal regulatory communities continue to mount. Last week, AT&T launched a countersuit against the firm, stating that outside arbitration has no role to play in the proposed buy-up of T-Mobile. In July, the law firm of Bursor & Fisher established a website for AT&T customers to sign into a class-action lawsuit to fight the merger.

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What the Nonprofit Annual Report Is, Why It Is Necessary, But More Importantly - How It Can Be Powerful In Increasing A Nonprofit's Fundraising, Volunteers, Public Relations, and Marketing Results

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Above all, the IRS compliance requirements and federal law require that a nonprofit given official federal (and most often by states as well) charity status be open, reporting fully, in a timely manner, to any and all requests from the public for the organization''s board ratified financial and operations information. Yes, the federal government and law say the organization must provide information and complete and truthful information on its own self.

Support to Promote Habitat Conservation on Private Land for Landowners Seeking to Optimize Wildlife Habitat Conservation

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During the summer 2012 funding cycle, priority funding will be directed to proposals that target species and ecosystems of shared interest between NFWF and NRCS, including but not limited to Northwest Salmon Rivers, Northern Great Plains, California Sierras and Bay Delta, and Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Individuals, federal government agencies, and for-profit firms are not eligible. A match of at least 1:1 non-federal cash or in-kind is required, but larger match ratios are encouraged.

Grants for People, Organizations, & Agencies Working To Create Sustainable Fisheries In the United States

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Deadline: November 10, 2011 (Pre-Proposals) Fisheries Innovation Fund Invites Pre-Proposals The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 's Fisheries Innovation Fund is a grant program designed to foster innovation and support effective participation of fishermen and fishing communities working to create sustainable fisheries in the United States. From The Foundation Center. [If

U.S. Congress and Senate Work Together Passing Fed College Debt Forgiveness for Non Profit Employees!!

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2699 into law, an American who works for a non profit for ten years or more, after college, and has federal education loans will receive federal education loan debt forgiveness. This would be in effect for those with federal education loans dated October 1, 2007, and after. Correction: Anyone who has paid 120 times, after October 1, 2007; towards their federal education loan is eligible, under this law.

Grants for Educators From K - 12 through Undergraduate Global Climate Change Studies

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NASA Seeks Proposals for Global Climate Change Education Project Deadline: August 29, 2008 (Notice of Intent) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Education ( [link] ), in cooperation with NASA's Science Mission Directorate, is soliciting proposals for the NASA Global Climate Change Education project. The GCCE project considers proposals in three funding categories. From The Foundation Center.

The Department of Education's Investing in Innovation Fund

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See excerpts below: The federal Department of Education sketched out a new nationwide competition on Tuesday under which some 2,700 school districts and nonprofit groups are expected to compete for pieces of a $650 million innovation fund. Federal officials said the Investing in Innovation Fund would be distributed in three categories. The public will have 30 days to comment on the proposed rules after they are published this week.

Matching Grants Program for Citizen Based Monitoring Field Work Benefiting American National Forests and Grasslands

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NFF is currently soliciting proposals for its Matching Awards Program, which provides matching funds for direct on-the-ground and citizen-based monitoring projects benefiting America's national forests and grasslands. Organizations new to NFF should keep their first proposal to a moderate sum. All MAP awards require at least a 1:1 cash match of non-federal funds. Those that successfully complete the questionnaire will be invited to submit a proposal for consideration.

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Free Nonprofit Academy Telesummit

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State and Federal Compliance Requirements for Nonprofits, Greg McRay. How to Make Your Grant Proposal Stand Out From the Pack, Betsy Baker. Last spring, I was privileged to be part of the first Nonprofit Telesummit. It was so popular, we’re doing it again. This fall’s Telesummit is being held from September 26-28… right at your telephone! Since it’s free, you can come to one session or join them all.

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A Sample Government Blogging Policy

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Assuming you already have a “strategy&# in place and proper resources to manage a blog, the following is a simple list of 12 guidelines originally developed by IBM and adapted by me to suit the federal government. Another excellent related source for you is this GoC blog proposal template developed by Douglas Bastien who is an avid public servant/blogger himself.

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#Aging: $450 Billion in Unpaid Care Another Likely Drag On Economy

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Medical care by the federal government, whether it’s the healthcare reforms passed in 2010 or Medicare , is one of the significant pieces of the budget that Republicans want to cut. Ryan’s plan — passed by the Republican-controlled House as part of its budget proposals but rejected in the Senate — aims to terminate government-run Medicare for everyone who becomes eligible for the program after 2021, replacing it with a voucher plan known as “premium support.&#

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A Few Very Good Free Grant Resources, Professional Advice Resources, and Also Job Seeking Resources

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The Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest Request For Proposals : Wishing you could get a good comprehensive list of what non-federal grants are being offered to nonprofits (by public and private grant donors of different kinds, to fund various different fields, for various different types of projects and programs) in a handy dandy e-mail weekly (or daily)? United States of America's federal grants : If the U.S.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities and their auditors. DMA Nonprofit Federation / New York, NY / Price TBA. In the past year, thousands of nonprofit pros took advantage of our definitive Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar, and we're so excited to share our brand new 2016 list!

Grants for U.S. Nonprofits, Schools, Universities, or Government Agencies Providing Non-Traditional Solutions to Employ Individuals With Disabilities

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This includes nonprofit agencies, public and private schools, and public institutions such as universities and government (state, local, federal) agencies in the United States or any of its territories. From The Foundation Center. [If

Featured Fundraiser Bonnie Berry

A Small Change

Because the activities and programs at the college are wide ranging and various, I pursue federal, corporate and foundation grants that support innovation and advancement of student success, as well as teaching and learning excellence. What kind of fundraising do you do and who do you do it for? I am currently the grant writer at Bellevue College.