How the Hemophilia Federation of America Created Their Thank You Video

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If you don’t think you can pull together a thank-you video quickly, Emily Roush-Bobolz, Communications Manager at the Hemophilia Federation of America shares how she did just that. As we planned this video, we looked toward awareness, but also letting our community know how much we sincerely appreciate them,” said Michael DeGrandpre, Associate Director of Communications/Creative at Hemophilia Federation of America. Emily Roush-Bobolz.

Managing Content on the National Wildlife Federation’s Website

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I do, so I was excited when Kristin Johnson of the National Wildlife Federation agreed to share how they do it. Ever wonder how national nonprofits with hundreds of staff manage all that content on their websites? Who decides what goes online, and who actually puts it there?


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Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta launches viral fundraising campaign

Blue Sky Collaborative

The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta recently launched Community Campaign 2010, a viral fundraising campaign that hopes to use the dollars raised to aid the most vulnerable among us, ensure that Jewish culture and traditions live on, and strengthen the.

News Stories Describing How the Federal Government Shutdown is Effecting Nonprofit Organizations

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Oklahoma nonprofits brace for ripple effects of federal shutdown As the nation and the world are doing, the U.S. Since they are not working together, the possibility of a federal debt default is slowly steadily increasing daily, and threatening the U.S. news funding the economy federal shutdown nonprofit federal relations federal funds

Federal Web Council Reveals New Study: Putting Citizens First, Transforming Online Government


Last week, the Federal Web Managers Council, comprised of Cabinet agency Web Directors released its study titled, “ Putting Citizens First: Transforming Online Government. &# Its purpose is to “recommend specific strategies for revolutionizing how the U.S. Within this document, the Federal Web Managers Council also reveal their shared vision for the government’s presence online. “There are about 24,000 U.S. Government Web sites now online.&#.

Multi-Channel Approach at UJA Federation

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I spoke last night to a group of Trustees at the UJA Federation of NY hosted by the Volunteer & Leadership Development Division. Uncategorized Reisha Goldman UJA Federation of New York. I also had a chance to hear a presentation by the social media team led by Reisha Goldman. I loved what she had to say about their multi-channel approach on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Federal Recovery Act Grants Information and Assistance

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I just received the following information from the Federal grants database, this morning, about the Federal Recovery Act funds. Tags: Recovery Act grants how to federal funds Recovery Act and "A new feature was unveiled on to help users find and apply for The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant opportunities.

#Aging: Medicare’s Support To Home Health Agencies Likely To Be Cut 3+%

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The two federal programs that are most often discussed as targets for cutting are Social Security and Medicare. And every political stripe agrees that as the growing number of Boomer retirees move into these programs, stresses will be felt throughout the federal budget. Indeed, the report claims that the savings comes mostly from adjusting billing predictions, not from a reduction in care: A proposed rule was displayed at the Federal Register today proposing a 3.35

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Finding Federal Funding: A Beginner’s Guide in 8 Steps

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Knowing that I’ve worked on US government-funded grants for over 15 years, a friend recently asked me for advice on how nonprofits can secure federal funding. Below is my advice on how to get started in identifying federal grant opportunities. 1) Go to ( [link] ), a clearinghouse for federal grant opportunities, where you can do individual searches or subscribe and have notifications e-mailed you.

Federal Budget Policy and Fundraising

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The enormous, threatening federal deficit can be solved only by a balanced approach requiring tough political choices both to raise taxes and to cut spending. Shamefully, I admit that Federal budget policy is not something I know much about.

Is the Govt Shutdown Affecting Your Org? Pls Share A.S.A.P.

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1) Is the Federal government shutdown affecting your nonprofit? Relevance Rules federal government shutdown message development messaging Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing relevance rules Nonprofit communicators! 2) Are you addressing that impact in your content? If yes, what, where and how? 3) Have you decided to hold on any planning or posting? Please share here a.s.a.p.! I hope to blog on how-tos first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you! P.S. Take a look how D.C.’s

#Aging: Medicare On The Chopping Block Of Debt ‘Compromise’

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Rather like they are ‘simplifying’ the work of the Federal Aviation Administration by not getting around to reauthorizing it , thus allowing billions in revenues to slip past the Treasury and tens of thousands of FAA staff to take a forced month-long furlough. As most of us raise a sigh of relief that the debt ceiling was raised and a vague compromise to trim $1.2

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#ProAging: AARP Busts Some Social Security Myths

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As we enter ‘crazy time’ in the electoral calendar (a calendar that now runs from the Friday after the last election to the day of the next one), we will hear ever more about the desperate need to balance the federal budget and pay down the national debt. Social Security payouts make up some 20% of the federal budget , tied with national defense and one percentage point behind Medicare/Medicaid.

#FUNDRAISING: Resources To Find Grants For Your Nonprofit’s 2013 Budget

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Maybe the federal government won’t ever work up or agree to a budget to cover an entire fiscal year, but your nonprofit has to. For a larger view of what resources are available via the federal government, click over to’s site for nonprofits. Listed here are federal grants and loans to nonprofits, how to attain (and retain) nonprofit status, and how to deal with tax reports to the IRS.

How To Learn What Federal, State, Local, or Tribal Grants Are Available, & How To Apply for Them

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Applying for a government grant, especially a federal grant, can be arduous. I've compiled the best free resources that teach what governments' grants are (again, from the federal and also state, local, and even Tribal governments), where to research what government grants are available, what the process is to apply for them, and more.

Resources for Donors and What Information Federal Law Says A Nonprofit Must Provide to the Public

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Exempt organizations officially recognized by the I.R.S. as such, must allow people who request them to see the organization's tax return forms 990 or 990-T or the nonprofit's tax exemption application materials (i.e. anything that the nonprofit provided to the I.R.S., along with it's application for nonprofit status (form 1023) such as the organization's articles of incorporation, etc.). Read the these two I.R.S.

U.S. Nonprofits Challenging the Federal Charity Rules to Remain In Good Standing & Rhode Island Provides the Homeless With the First State Bill of Rights

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But many medical marijuana dispensaries have been making huge sums of money even as they claim to be nonprofit, according to court and law enforcement records, industry insiders, police and federal agents. There were some big nonprofit moves covered in the news this week. One nonprofit agency innovated and voted in new rights for the often unseen homeless American.

Large Landscape Conservation Grants for Federal, State, or Local Land/Habitat Important to Fish, Wildlife, and Plants

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Endorsement of a proposed acquisition by appropriate federal, state, and local government agencies and by nonprofit organizations that the land is of high conservation value is a primary program consideration. From The Foundation Center. Deadline: April 1, 2010 annually (Pre-proposals) National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Accepting Pre-proposals for Acres for America Conservation Program Acres for America, a partnership between Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

#Tech: Net Neutrality Supported in Europe – Not Unsupported in US

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In the US, on the other hand, the Senate recently blocked a Republican-sponsored bill that would block the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from blocking service providers who block, or at least slow down, internet traffic. Yet this has not happened without federal regulation. The European Parliament voted last week to continue to encourage net neutrality as a means to foster innovation and to encourage the dissemination of information.

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Newsletter: Conference Tips for Introverts ; Which Companies are Helping Federal Workers? ; Wall Supporter Builds 3.5 Million Name Email List

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How companies are supporting federal workers during the shutdown. Also, the Combined Federal Campaign was hurting before the shutdown, now it's at a standstill and may not recover.?? Since the beginning of the year, several of you have emailed me asking about conferences to attend in 2019. Thankfully, Rich Maiore and the team at Rocket Social Impact put together a nice list just for you. Thanks, Rich! But can I be honest? I don't really like attending conferences. They're expensive.

Canadian Government & the Mobile Space in 2012

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Back in early 2011, I created a collaborative Google Spreadsheet (available at ) to compile a list of Canadian government organizations (federal, provincial , municipal +crown/agency) that have created mobile websites and/or mobile apps. Some noteworthy highlights include: Many federal departments have begun their transition into mobile by creating mobile friendly versions of their websites.

#FUNDRAISING: Presidential Candidates Ramp Up Mobile Giving

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The Federal Election Committee will keep an eye on statistics. Campaigns Cause Marketing Civics Communications Community Crowdfunding Education: Technology Events Fundraising How-to iDevice National/International News and Current Affairs Nonprofit Politics relationships Technology advocacy Barack Obama Charitable organization Citizens United communication development Donation Federal Election Commission Micro-donations Mitt Romney Mobile United States

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Federal Grants for Whale Protection from Fishing Gear and Ship Strikes

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federal agencies). federal agencies are encouraged to work collaboratively with non-federal project partners. From The Foundation Center. National Whale Conservation Fund Releases Request for Proposals Deadline: August 8, 2007 The National Whale Conservation Fund was established to support research, management, conservation, and education/outreach activities related to the conservation, and recovery of whales (cetaceans).

Monetizing Your Cause’s Archives

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Long-standing causes like the Audubon Society, the March of Dimes, Federal Duck Stamps, and others almost certainly have asked how they can wrest money from their own extensive archives. During the 1930s a number of American artists did work for the Work Projects Administration (WPA) and an alphabet soup of other federal government agencies meant to put people to work.

Poster 129

Open Government Consultation

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Government Open Data canadians consultations federal government gov 2.0 In the spirit of openness, I have decided to publicly share my open-ended responses to the ongoing Canadian Open Government Consultation , which has been taking place since December 6th, 2011 and is scheduled to end January 16th, 2012. The consultation covers questions on Open Data , Open Information , Open Dialogue and the Open Government Strategy.

#Communications: ATT’s Arguments for T-Mobile Buyout Look Ever More Disingenuous

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Until then, here is a useful news video from CNBC catching us up with the political pushback that the merger received in Congress before the August recess: Uncategorized 3GPP Long Term Evolution AT&T Business communication economy Federal Communications Commission Networks T-Mobile TechnologyLast Friday we surveyed the arguments presented by AT&T about its desire to purchase T-Mobile for $38 billion.

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Upcoming Movie Documents The Revolution Of Growing Older

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Aging Community Health Independent Living Media Review News and Current Affairs Retirement Living Seniors Life Storytelling Video Wellness advocacy Aging Baby Boomers Baby Boom Generation Baby Boomer Civil Rights Movement Documentary Draft dodger Fuel efficiency Green Party of Canada candidates 2006 Canadian federal election Haight-Ashbury United States video

When Government is the Sponsor

Cause Related Marketing joins three government sponsored efforts that are distinctly cause marketing: the very successful semipostal breast cancer stamp from the US Post Office; the annual Red Dress campaign from HeartTruth , an effort of the National Institutes of Health; and specialty coins from the US Mint benefiting the National Federation for the Blind. National Federation for the Blind Sports Illustrated Time Inc.

Got Two Minutes? It Will Make You a Better Speaker

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Recently I spoke to a group of federal workers who are on loan to the Combined Federal Campaign , which was created by President Kennedy in 1961 and just last year raised close to $300 million. The main role of these loan execs is to visit federal offices to motivate employees to signup for CFC payroll deduction. Tags: Cause Practices combined federal campaign public speaking

Cause Marketing with Braille Marks

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Mint is doing a cause campaign honoring Louis Braille and benefiting the National Federation for the Blind.Starting last Thursday, March 26, you can purchase specially minted coins bearing the likeness of Frenchman Louis Braille and in memory of his bicentennial. Tags: Louis Braille National Federation for the Blind U.S. In a campaign reminiscent of the U.S. Post Office’s semipostal stamp campaign for the benefit of cancer research, the U.S.

Cause Marketing for Good Bunnies

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Patrick’s, Halloween, the Super Bowl, etc.According to National Retail Federation, the biggest holidays for retail sales are: the winter holidays (i.e.Christmas/Thanksgiving) by a country mile, back to school, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, followed closely by Easter.Even though Easter falls three. Tags: Gold Bunny Autism Speaks National Retail Federation Easter Lindt In the States it’s common to see promotions centered around various holidays; Father’s Day, St.

Congress Today Is Considering Real Impendements To the Nonprofit Sector and If We Stop And Note Many Public Services and Institutions Are Nonprofits - These Proposals Could Effect Every American Life

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The reality is that right now our nation's leadership is looking at the nonprofit sector not only as one that can do with less (or even wholly without) in the federal budget, it may be an American business sector that they turn to in order to raise new taxes - or both. This is big stuff that must be addressed and we must address these federal budgetary and legal proposals now. Taxes nonprofit federal relations federal funds

Legal 48

How to Keep from Spreading Your Charity Brand too Thin

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The Entertainment Industry Foundation, a federated charity founded in 1942 by Samuel Goldwyn, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, and the Warner Brothers, has always held a wonderful fascination for me.Nowadays you’re likely to know about the EIF because of the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance, co-founded by Katie Couric after the death of her husband Jay Monahan to colorectal cancer, and.

Live From New York: 2007 DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


One of today’s sessions at the DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference in NYC focused on just that. frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!"

The Nonprofit Sector and Community Solutions Act H.R. 5533

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This bill is one of the first federal initiatives to address the nonprofit sector as a whole. It will take the first steps toward integrating the nonprofit sector into the federal policy making process by establishing formal structures in Congress and federal administrative agencies focused on the success of nonprofits." [[link] To quote the National Council of Nonprofits about this bill, ".Despite federal law Non Profits nonprofit federal relations

Free Upcoming Recovery Act Grants Webinars

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From the federal government's federal grants database,, this morning. In addition, on August 12, a webinar on finding federal Recovery Act funding for contracting and grant opportunities will be presented by and "To Tags: Recovery Act grants how to federal funds and Recovery Act Webinar Series " will be hosting a three-part webinar series on August 13, 18 and 20, on Recovery Act Money and "In

Nonprofit Taxes Made Easy: A Quick Guide for New Founders

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501(c)(3) tax exemption One of the most significant benefits of operating as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit is your exemption from many federal and state taxes.

Guide 138

Networked Nonprofits in Action

A. Fine Blog

Tags: Social Media Autism Speaks beth kanter Care2 Danielle Brigida Marc Sirkin National Wildlife Federation Women Who Tech

Connect Supporters with Local Elected Officials using Local Advocacy


EveryAction clients have already used advocacy forms to send hundreds of thousands of messages to federal elected officials. Users create an Advocacy form in EveryAction the same way as if they are using email or Social Advocacy to target Federal Officials. Click here to find out why leading advocacy organizations like Greenpeace and Equality Federation have already made the switch. Change doesn’t just happen in Washington, DC.

OMB Webinars About Recovery Act Funds Reporting Requirements

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Don Griesmann writes Don Griesmann's Nonprofit Blog and he wrote a very informative post about the federal Office of Management and Budget Announces Recovery Act Reporting Webinars (click this link to see his post). Tags: grants how to federal funds These informative webinars will be of crucial interest to any nonprofit or other entity applying for or planning to apply for American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 funds.

10 Awesome LGBTQ Organizations You Should Support This Pride Month


They work at the local, state, and federal level to advance transgender equality. Equality Federation. Equality Federation is the movement builder and strategic partner to state-based organizations advocating for LGBTQ people. June is observed as LGBTQ Pride month to commemorate the June 1969 Stonewall Riots and celebrate the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ community.

Stimulus Caution

The Nonprofit Consultant

By partnering with larger organizations as a sub-contractor, you can help them perform the work (keeping your staff employed) without being directly obligated to the Federal government and all the bureaucracy that that entails. Tags: Nonprofit funding stimulus federal

14 Fantastic Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Communications Officer , International Planned Parenthood Federation (New York, NY). New Media & Graphic Designer , Jewish Federation of Cleveland (Cleveland, OH). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Associate Director of Organizational Communications , Garden Conservancy (Garrison, NY). Communications and Partnerships Manager , Columbia University, CPC Learning (New York, NY).

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