Reader Questions: Humane Society Fundraising, how to overcome: “I only give to people”

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Wherever they are on your site, they should have 4 options for how to get involved. Speaking of which, if you live in Austin, and care about Animal rights, go to Humane Lobbying day at the Capitol on February 17th.

#SOCIALNETWORK: Are You Prepped For Rollout Of Facebook Graph Search?

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Facebook’s latest tool, Graph Search, was announced a couple of weeks ago and it is being rolled out through the Facebook0sphere through February. Building the Facebook network.

No Wonder Retention of Online Donors is So Bad

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But what really annoyed me was that the very first contact after the donation was a telemarketing call in February trying to get me to give monthly, with no thank you or acknowledgement of my recent gift. Responses to Gifts Made via a Giving Site.

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Your Webmaster Needs to Know About Your Cause Marketing

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Alas that is all I could find from Vitamin World about its support of the charity using its site search tool. It was only after I did a Google site search of that my opinion began to change.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: How do you keep your donors wanting to come back?

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I am honored to have host February’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival ! The team will look over all submissions and share the best on Wednesday, February 27 here on And you’ll be driving traffic back to your site.

Please take this Valentine’s Day pledge

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This February 14, let’s re-boot Valentine’s Day for good. On this site, individuals and nonprofits can post how they are celebrating G-Day. (It’s Thanks to the video wizards at See3 for generously contributing this video to the movement!).

Social Media Q & A

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If it is on a separate domain, than frequent linking back to the main site is important. It’s fine to have lots of links in a post, both to your site and to blogs or websites of others. February 3: Writing Thank-You Notes That Inspire Future Gifts.

A Consensus Definition of Social Marketing

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This definition is the result of an on-going and inclusive process that began in February 2012. So when someone asks, or mistates, ''what is social marketing,'' we now have a globally endorsed definition that is also available on the leading social media site.

Friends Listen to Friends: How to Engage Millennials, Gen Z on Instagram [SPONSORED]

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That is the idea behind PurPics , a cause engagement tool launched in February 2017. Visit the PurPics web site or email Aneesh at “People influence people.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Is Pinterest Of Value For Nonprofits?

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From January to February of this year alone, Pinterest drew over 100 million new visitors to its site. Pinterest has also been extremely successful in driving traffic to third-party sites.

Be Friend-ly with the 53% of Seniors Now Online

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Although email remains the “killer app” for seniors, Facebook and other social networking sites are growing in popularity, and are used by one in three online seniors. According to researcher Shyam Sundar, founder of the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University (and quoted in a recent story on WNYC ), “We need to make up for that potential social isolation, and we think that online social networking sites can be a good solution.”. More than half of U.S.

10 Donations. 3 Thank-Yous. 7 Failures to Communicate.

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On December 9, 2009, I gave $20 donations to 10 national nonprofits I had previously never donated to by converting credit card miles into cash donations through the Capital One Giving Site. Today is February 18. I received the letter the first week of February.

#HOWTO: Time Those Tweets To Test And Build Impact

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Also, scheduling helps build up momentum to a big event without requiring you to sit in front of your social-networking site all day. Schedule a tweet-a-day towards the end of February – when you should start giving details about the raffle you are holding or the guest speakers who will be there. Earlier this week we introduced and reviewed a few social-media dashboards to help tame your organization’s streams of updates pouring in.

Pinterest For Business To Business: Interview With Joel Windels of Brandwatch

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At Brandwatch, we’re obviously very interested in making sure we’re keeping track of all of the most popular social sites, so once Pinterest began to show itself as a rising star, we had to take notice. Last week I attended my first Pinterest meetup.

I’m Not Your Member

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The site offered a form you could print and mail in that included places to specify the memorial information and notification name and address. On February 4th I received a thank-you letter from the organization. The following is a true story. In the fall of 2010, I made a gift in memory of a friend’s mother. My friend and her family requested gifts to one of two charities in lieu of flowers. I picked one and went to the organization’s website to make my gift.

Giving money on charity websites is harder than spending money on.


His latest study is a 224-page report on Nonprofit Website Usability (2nd edition) complete with 116 design guidelines and 220 screenshots of sites that worked well or poorly in user testing. Most sites had a simple, direct link to this information from their homepages.

Social Media: Winds of Change

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I believe as sites like LinkedIn automatically pull data into a common corporate page; and employees' digital footprints continue to multiple throughout the Internet, organizations will realize this is a critical component of social business. Contest ends midnight Saturday February 11, 2011.

The Courage To Change

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Judging from comments I overheard at the February DMA conference, you’d have thought rather than finding a cure for cancer the ACS had discovered an extremely virile form of stupidity. Through her Navigating Off The Napkin blog on Fundraising Success ’ site, Angie has begun a remarkable piece of reporting in our sector — explaining what this is all about and, eventually, how it turns out.

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There’s still time!

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If you are going to stop fundraising for a month, choose a month like January or February, don’t stop fundraising in December! Getting donors and prospects onto the site where “the magic happens” helps them remember why they love your organization.

What are Your Groundhog Day Problems?

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Phil tries to break the cycle of endless February 2nds with extreme endeavors including kidnapping the official Groundhog Day groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. online adults now use social networking sites, so don’t ignore social for one second longer!

Do you have bad boundaries?

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It’s either a random group of community members who work in the sector, or it could be specifically on site for an organization. The early bird price of $36 ends on February 28th, 2016. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome.

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Grants for Communities Using Arts and Culture to Revitalize Their Community

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Deadline: February 1, 2012(Preliminary Applications) Kresge Foundation Invites Preliminary Applications for Arts and Community Building and Artists' Skills and Resources Grant Opportunities The Kresge Foundation 's Arts and Culture Program seeks to foster the power of arts and culture to recharge and rebuild communities of all sizes in the United States. Preliminary applications for both funding areas will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis through February 1, 2012.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Heather Svoboda

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Since I manage our social media sites, I always check the Cat Adoption Team Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the mornings (usually from my bed!) I squeeze in a lunch while I check our social media sites again for anything that may have been posted or asked of us during the morning.

Why You Must Work with Network for Good and How to Follow Up with Donors

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But if a donor wants to support your cause through Facebook Causes , Guidestar , CharityNavigator , , Capital One’s Giving Site (which I used for my experiment), or through Network for Good itself, then Network for Good is processing that donation for your donor and for you. February 23: How to Make Your Website More Interesting. Yesterday in “ 10 Donations. 3 Thank-Yous.

Grants for Public Schools' Music Programs and Independent Music Programs

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Deadline: February 17, 2012 Muzak Heart and Soul Foundation Invites Applications From Music Education Programs for Music Matters Grant Program The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation , a nonprofit public charity established by Muzak LLC , is accepting applications for its Music Matters Grant Program, which provides grants to public school and independent music programs in the United States. Complete grant guidelines, the application form, and an FAQ are available at the foundation Web site.

Share Your Newsletter Success or Horror Stories

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January 27: Integrating Your Website, Email Newsletter, and Social Media Sites. February 10: How to Write a Quick and Dirty Nonprofit Marketing Strategy. February 16: 10 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans.

Trio of Online Marketing Webinars Coming in Feb. - Reserve Your Spot Now

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Online Marketing Basics: From Email to Social Media (Wednesday, February 11). Should you be on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or some other site du jour? Blogging for Nonprofits: Tips, Traps, and Tales (Thursday, February 12).

Mixed Links: Free Training, Special Deals, and Fab Info

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Join us next Tuesday, February 9 at 1:00 p.m. As for our weekly webinar series here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, here’s what’s coming up next: February 10: How to Write a Quick and Dirty Nonprofit Marketing Strategy. February 16: 10 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans.

What to do about Comment Trolling on 99Designs

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Look into using comment services to improve the quality of engagement on your site. What to do about Comment Trolling on 99Designs originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on February 7, 2013. 3 days ago I started a contest on 99 designs, for a book cover.

#PROAGING: Majority Of Senior Citizens Online & Many More Using E-Readers

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The full report can be downloaded at the Pew Internet site for free. “As of February 2012, one third (34%) of internet users ages 65 and older use social networking sites such as Facebook, and 18% do so on a typical day.

The Imperfect Version - And one last pitch

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If you go to her site and click on a particular program you'll get a chance to choose between two options, the "perfect" version that makes it on the air and the unedited "imperfect" version of the same interview. 

Answering Your Thank-You Questions Live on Tuesday

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This is a follow-up to their coverage of my experiment , which also generated lots of comments on their site. February Special: Get a Pass *Plus* to Nonprofit Marketing Guide this month and get a free copy of the great new nonprofit marketing book from Sarah Durham called “Brandraising.&# I promised to provide some more guidance on writing thank-you notes after sharing the results of my donation experiment where initially only 3 out of 10 nonprofits acknowledged the gift.

Grant To Help Rural Communities With 50,000 Or Less Improve Their Economic Vitality & Quality of Life

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The calls will take place on February 7 and February 28, 2013. Complete application and eligibility guidelines are available on CIRD's Web site." From The Foundation Center. [If

Sweet Briar College #BoardFail

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According to its website , the board voted to close the college on February 28th — and announced it to the world via press release on March 3rd , before telling faculty, students and alumnae. Here is the inevitable Save Sweet Briar site. ). Sweet Briar College, a 114 year-old women’s college in rural Virginia, announced its closing due to financial difficulties.

#ENVIRO: Spring Is The Time To Build Rain Barrels & Community Gardens

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April temperatures have been cooler than February temperatures, and drought conditions are already a concern. Does the site need to be fenced? The posting includes sites she perused before deciding which type of barrel to buy, and she provides a number of photos of the process.

Your Favorite Webinar Topics and Pass Winners

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I promised to book the three most popular training topics on the list by the end of March, so here you go: Integrating Your Website, E-Newsletter, and Social Media Sites. This has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 23.

More examples of online community fundraising initiatives from Holland

Giving in a Digital World

Meanwhile, new Dutch crowdfunding start-up Play It Forward looks to have slipped its launch date just a little - with the launch countdown on its holding site now indicating a live date in February.

Good Listening Grows Loyal Friends (Case Study)

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” Dissent on this proposal has been burning since February. So you can imagine how thrilled I was last week to hear that a board member would fund the expansion of on-site storage for 70% of its research holdings.

Grants for Programs Increasing Employment Outcomes for People With Disabilities

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Deadline: February 15, 2011 Kessler Foundation Offers Grants to Increase Employment Outcomes for People With Disabilities The Kessler Foundation 's Signature Employment Grant Program seeks to fund cutting-edge, innovative, and other non-traditional solutions that increase employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Visit the Kessler Foundation Web site for complete program information and application instructions. From The Foundation Center.

Translating Tweets to Dollars

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For those of you that do major gifts fundraising you are not going to see a huge amount of money come from Twitter (or other online or social networking sites). Twestival was held in February made over $250,000 through connecting people in multiple cities via Twitter and having them meet up at a location to raise money for Charity: Water. I was surprised to find how many fundraising campaigns have used or been enhanced by using Twitter.