February’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Going Beyond Resolutions

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In order to succeed in 2016, whether it be in online fundraising, donor retention, digital marketing, or service provision, you need a plan. The post February’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Going Beyond Resolutions appeared first on JCSM.

Reader Questions: Humane Society Fundraising, how to overcome: “I only give to people”

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I hated knowing that we were killing animals, as well as spaying and neutering, while doing a public service, and being vilified for it. You can also partner with local veterinary clinics, pet boarding services, grooming centers, local parks, etc.

Cause Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

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In 1997 the Georgia Public Service Commission deregulated the natural gas market. The State has certified 11 natural gas marketers to sell to and service the market. Not surprisingly those 10 compete on price, rebates, add-ons, promotions, and customer service.

To-Die-For Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Marketing Manager Adoption Connection, Jewish Family and Children’s Services. Public Affairs Specialist Corporation for National Service (Washington, D.C.). Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 2, 2015. Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here.

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Consultants and Freelancers – Get More Nonprofit Clients

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So, one of my side projects from Nonprofit Marketing Guide is a blog and coaching program to do that just: help other consultants and freelancers get nonprofit clients and do a great job providing services to them. I love working for nonprofit clients. It’s the sweet life.

How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


Through education, research, and service, faculty help transform the lives of students, contribute to knowledge, and improve the human condition. In February, we will commemorate this milestone more widely, but I wanted to share with you this incredible news as soon as it was official.

Opportunity! Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Marketing Services and Media Manager AVID Center (San Diego, CA). Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 23, 2015. Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 17, 2015.

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Make it Easy to Spread the Word: Press Kit+ (Case Study)

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I get tons of requests to blog on this campaign or that new service. The ease of that process makes it likely I’ll do the same when voting opens up on February 17.

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How a Small Nonprofit President Got a Big Spot in The New York Times’ Room for Debate

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In February, when the president of Mount St. Peter Panepento is principal at Panepento Strategies , a full-service content, digital, and social strategy firm for nonprofits and socially-minded companies. It’s more difficult than ever for nonprofits to get media coverage.

A Great Nonprofit Annual Report in a Fabulous Infographic

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The video was created in PowerPoint and set to music purchased from a royalty-free service online. Liesl joined Don’t Forget to Feed Me in February of 2013. Liesl Manone. We love showcasing what I like to call “New and Improved” annual reports from our readers.

The Four Types of Productivity Styles

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Next Thursday, February 11th at 1:00 p.m. focus@will : A neuroscience-based music service that helps you focus and retain information when working, studying, writing and reading. Please join us next Thursday, February 11th at 1:00 p.m. Carson Tate.

Yours? Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Public Engagement Manager Community Service Society (New York, NY). Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 9, 2015. Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 2, 2015. Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here.

Are Your Emails Being Delievered? [New Report]

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” When you send an email, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use your “sender reputation score” to determine whether or not you are a trustworthy sender. Check with your email service provider about how to do this. Every email service provider is different.

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Social Media Q & A

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We have two webinars coming up in February that will help with those conversations: Social Media Fear Factor-Getting Over What’s Holding You Back and Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit. You have to have a dedicated URL of your own to use the service.

YOU Can Make These Dreams Come True (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

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Elaine Fogel dreams of a world where more people recognize and respect the incredible contributions that charities make to our society , and that organizations need to spend money to make money to deliver programs and services.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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Facebook users also use the service to research, find, and share information that is entertaining, relevant, useful, and valuable. Use the free service Google Analytics, take some time to set it up correctly so that measurement is a snap.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The Corps Network National Conference is an annual gathering of national, state, and local leaders in the fields of youth development, community service, and the environment. ServiceUnites: Conference on Volunteering and Service. ServiceUnites: Conference on Volunteering and Service.

#PROAGING: Majority Of Senior Citizens Online & Many More Using E-Readers

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“As of February 2012, one third (34%) of internet users ages 65 and older use social networking sites such as Facebook, and 18% do so on a typical day.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Is Pinterest Of Value For Nonprofits?

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From January to February of this year alone, Pinterest drew over 100 million new visitors to its site.

Agendas for Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Editorial Meetings

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So if you are looking at April – June, you’d have that meeting sometime in early-mid February. It’s essential that you have executive management, programs/services, fundraising, and communications represented in this meeting. What to Cover at Editorial Meetings.

Logo Trends: How Does Yours Stack Up?

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And if you are embarrassed with your organization’s current logo or think it’s just time for a change, be sure to join us February 8th for Julia’s webinar called, “ Help! Client: Radius Disability Services | Design Firm: SASI Marketing. Julia Reich.

Cause Marketing To Teens With Time on Their Hands

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Here’s how it works: you post a small service or task you are willing to perform for $5. These are services provided online or over the phone. So no babysitting services or (yuck!)

YouTube Nonprofit Video Contest

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You need to enter by February 29th. My favorite from last year was this video: “A Public Service Announcement not approved by the American Jewish World Service” Tom.

Be Friend-ly with the 53% of Seniors Now Online

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But according to a February 2012 survey conducted by AARP, 30% of grandparents and 29% of young adults report that connecting online has helped them understand each other. Make new tools and online services intuitive and easy to use. More than half of U.S. adults 65 and older are now online. This surprising outtake ( “we knew it was going to happen, but now it’s here”) is one of the most crucial findings in the Older Adults and Internet Use report recently released by Pew Internet.

Change It Up? Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Community Engagement Specialist PT Church World Service (Milwaukee, WI). Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 23, 2015. Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 17, 2015. Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Jobs—February 9, 2015. Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here: Nonprofit organizations, grantmakers, agencies and other vendors serving nonprofits and B Corps.

Free webinar: How to sustain your nonprofit through social enterprise

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Nonprofits that apply the best practices of businesses and explore earned income strategies can open up new opportunities for revenue streams through fees for service, production of goods, or for-profit enterprises. Kevin Lynch, president and CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance , will join us tomorrow (February 18) for a free webinar to show you how you can apply these tactics and boost your bottom line. Tuesday, February 18, 2014 | 1pm EST. Register now.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2011

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The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit charity that raises money and awareness for the nation’s injured service members. In February 2012 Nature Valley will unveil the first stage online. It’s a invaluable service to the parks.

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5 Ways to Make 2015 Filled with “Matterness”

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Keeping up your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and exercise more may begin to slide as January soon becomes February, but there is something you can be fantastically successful at this year – leading fearlessly. Allison Fine.

A few updates and learnings

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Typically over 90% of my workshop participants are completely freaked out by the concept of Location Based Services. I’m very much looking forward to learning more about these initiatives during my stay in Tanzania this coming February. This last month of October has been quite eventful for me in terms of work and travel. Some of the organizations I was privileged to work with on various elements of strategic digital engagement include: Treasury Board. City of Hamilton.

Would You Like Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts?

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For this monthly service, I’m talking about something that’s more timely so it can include ideas related to recent headlines and pop culture. I’d send you March writing prompts or story ideas at the beginning of February), would you subscribe?

#SOCIALNETWORK: Are You Prepped For Rollout Of Facebook Graph Search?

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Facebook’s latest tool, Graph Search, was announced a couple of weeks ago and it is being rolled out through the Facebook0sphere through February. Building the Facebook network.

Cause Marketing Goes to the Movies

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Ushers or volunteers collect the change and bills in canisters after moviegoers watch a short trailer on The Jimmy Fund’s mission and services. February 4 through March 31 moviegoers can purchase a pin for $3.

Why do people at work treat me this way?

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Maybe we’re interlopers in the “pure” world of program services. They find it impossible to respect themselves if they are giving most of their time to helping to produce and sell products or services that do not correspond to a deeper human value. .

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Can I tell you a story? (with Rumi)

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” To be of service, with my writing, with my speaking. with Rumi) originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on February 26, 2013. Why Organize the Universe this way. What does not exist looks so handsome. What does exist, where is it? An ocean is hidden.

I’m Not Your Member

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On February 4th I received a thank-you letter from the organization. Donna Caputo is the Director of Consulting Services at Jacobson Consulting Applications, Inc. The following is a true story. In the fall of 2010, I made a gift in memory of a friend’s mother. My friend and her family requested gifts to one of two charities in lieu of flowers. I picked one and went to the organization’s website to make my gift. The website would only accept a membership payment.

Would you like to learn how to grade your boss? Here’s your checklist

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Provides products/services that help our org have a clear competitive advantage. Here’s your checklist originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on February 23, 2012. Are you a nonprofit employee? Do you want a clear system to figure out if your nonprofit boss is doing right by your organization or not? Or are you a nonprofit board member? How do you provide oversight and make sure that your organization stays on track?

Spoiling It For Everyone

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Reinier Spruit at the 101Fundraising blog wrote this post — Climate change needed for donor centric fundraising — in The Netherlands back on February 6. So, if the fundraising sector as a whole improves its services, this could contribute to all of us.

Collective Joy = How to Harness the Power of #Occupy for Your Nonprofit Cause

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She got people to translate and sing in Spanish and Russian, there was a farmer’s market, and booths from other nonprofits providing services in the area. Protest Puppet from Paris: Image copyright 0olong from Flickr.

Social Media: Winds of Change

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Example: Personal satisfaction from helping people quickly resolve their service challenges. R espect: Respect diverse opinions even when someone has challenges with your company's service, billing, etc. Contest ends midnight Saturday February 11, 2011.

You Deserve A Voice. Voting With Your Dollars is Not Enough

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The beneficiaries of public services ( such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and various student loan companies ) refuse to pay their cost in taxes. Voting With Your Dollars is Not Enough originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on February 6, 2012.