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The Nonprofit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from is another great resource with answers to just about any question you may have about nonprofit management, development, regulations, or technology. Many of the answers are presented in short articles posted directly to the Nonprofit FAQ site. Tags: nonprofit , management , resource , FAQs

Day Job FAQ

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Over the past few months, some of you have been emailing me with specific questions about the sort of marketing tactics I do on a day to day basis. At first, I was a little wary about answering them.    Just because something works/doesn't work for me doesn't mean you will have the same outcome right? But people have asked, so let me answer a few specific questions. -. Email Marketing: Q.    How often do you email your list?   Once a week, on Wednesdays.

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The RIGHT Way to Ask for a Bequest

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You can also add a “Bequest FAQ” page to your website and offer other resources such as sample bequest language or a bequest information sheet. Did you know organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US?

FAQ 55

7 Steps to Passionate Volunteer Messengers

Getting Attention

Support messengers: How can you boost success via ongoing supports—coaches, FAQs, private Facebook group, training the trainers? You face an uphill battle to recruit volunteers and retain them at ever higher and more effective levels of engagement.

Lost in the Social Media Forest ~ Help!

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FAQ : Help! This time Darren Rowse asked us to create a posted based on an FAQ. I'm lost in the social media forest and can't find my way. How do I make sense of it all when every day there seems to be a new social media channel?

FAQ 28

Pump Up Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page with These 10 Tips

Fundraising 123

Use Facebook to interact and provide personalized responses, even for FAQ, not to overbearingly push a product and sell, sell, sell.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Kallie Rollenhagen

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to 10:00 a.m – Right after the 7:30 am meeting, I send around action items to the team and try to take care of my pieces, reviewing draft FAQs page and webinar PowerPoint, right away. Kallie Rollenhagen.

Empowering Your Team with a Marketing Bank

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It’s the place where everyone should know to look for things like logos, boilerplate, FAQs, editorial and design style guides, and more. Earlier this afternoon, I hosted this month’s free webinar, Helping Your Staff and Board Become Great Nonprofit Marketers.

Team 36

Editorial Planning When Everything Is Up in the Air

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Think about how-to articles, top ten lists, reviews, case studies, FAQs, histories and other timeless content on your core topics that other people will find useful. You know that an editorial calendar is a great tool, in theory.

Q & A on Social Marketing


Speaking of experts, I would deem Craig Lefebvre as one of them, and an amazing one. On his blog, he recently posted a set of questions terming it “ An Environmental Scan of Social Marketing.&#


5 Steps to Powerful Staff Messengers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

And make sure you build an accessible FAQ so others can learn from their peers’ experiences. Flickr: OpenUniversity. How often have you banged your head against the wall because you just can’t squeeze any more from your existing team and budget?

The 5 Most Dangerous Donation Page Mistakes & How You Can Fix Them

Wild Woman Fundraising

All of these questions and more can be answered in an FAQ on your donate page. Last week I went to London to speak at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention.

Nonprofit Communicators Photo-A-Day Challenge! #NPCommPix

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I’ve posted a longer explanation and FAQs on our website, but here’s the gist of it. If you spend much time at all on Instagram , you’ve seen those Photo-A-Day challenges.

One Today … As In $1

The Agitator

All this is explained (including how to get the app and sign up your nonprofit) on One Today’s FAQ page, here. I’ve generally been skeptical of fundraising/giving tactics that create a wall between donors and recipient causes and organizations.

FAQ 18

How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Groups

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Full list of Facebook Group features and FAQs. As the community engagement manager at Nonprofit Marketing, I have set up a lot of Facebook Groups, and unlike some other changes Facebook has made that people find annoying, the latest updates have made Groups even more functional.

What is GOTV Anyway? An Explainer for Non-Politicos


Here’s a quick GOTV FAQ to help you get up to speed - and if you need more info (or you're an old hand who already knows all about GOTV), check out this GOTV myth-busting video from The Campaign Workshop.

Social Media Tips From Around The Web

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Day 2: FAQ Post: Lost In the Social Media Forest ~ Help! Who remembers the once famous icon? The world of the internet is one of here today and gone tomorrow.

FAQ 17

Improve your nonprofit website by moving down the ladder

Wild Woman Fundraising

So for example, if you’re a cancer charity, they’re the ones typing “Multiple_myeloma FAQ” or “Cancer caretaker meetup Kansas city” into their search engine to see what comes up.

11 ways to make your website more enchanting

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Provide an FAQ page. According to Guy Kawasaki , former Chief Evangelist of Apple, you need an enchanting website to pull people to your story. Kawasaki’s most recent book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions , offers 11 ways to do so. I’m sharing them here.

FAQ 18

Mixed Links: Great Stuff for Nonprofit Marketers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Well, now you can with the new smartphone app Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ. Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s this week’s Mixed Links… How happy are you with the consistency of your organization’s message?

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2 Reviews of Fundraising Android Apps

Wild Woman Fundraising

The second one we’ll talk about today is the ‘Nonprofit Manager’s FAQ’ This is put together by Jossey Bass, the fundraising publisher, and is made up primarily of excerpted text from their various publications. Good news!

Nonprofit Uses QR Code, Quora to Make Cause Marketing More Transparent

Selfish Giving

We used the FAQ page on Quora to answer common questions about the program. Side by side is the front and back of the Bruins' pinup. The QR code is on the back.

11 Elements of Fierce Loyalty to Keep Your Donors

Wild Woman Fundraising

They invite anyone with cancer, or allies, to use their site, to get FAQs on cancer, to use their forums, to organize bike fundraising across the country, and more. . Fierce Loyalty, by Sarah Robinson. Is your nonprofit or charity part of a national or international movement?

Let’s Talk About Cause Marketing at Quora

Selfish Giving

I’ve gone ahead and added cause marketing as a topic and even plugged in some FAQ’s for it. We have a new toy. Let’s play. It’s the new question and answer site called Quora.

10 Tech Tools for Cause Marketers

Selfish Giving

Here’s a list of ten tech tools companies and causes can use for cause marketing to raise money and awareness. Mobile. It’s hard to overstate the impact mobile will have on our lives and on cause marketing in the years ahead.

Blackbaud Pruning & Improving Its Orchard

The Agitator

The company has since posted additional FAQs to accompany that session. This Sunday Blackbaud’s bbcon 2012 conference opens at the Gaylord National just south of Washington, D.C.

How the Benefit Concert is Shaping Philanthropy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Practice your FAQ. Music has been one of the most powerful ways causes, celebrities, and communities can connect to raise money for serious issues.

[Guest Post] What’s Scarier? Witches, Goblins, or Fundraising? 7 Ways to Stop Being Afraid

Fundraising Coach

Give your volunteers 3-5 talking points and FAQs. It''s been my pleasure to get to know Claire Axelrad and her great blog Clairification. I''ve always said my best Halloween costume was to dress as a fundraiser! As a guy who teaches how to ask without fear, I love the post she''s sharing.

FAQ 21

Grants for Safe and Vital Communities for: Tolerance, Economic Empowerment, Teen Safe Driving, and Domestic Violence Programs

Seeking Grant Money Today

Visit the Allstate Web site for complete funding guidelines, online application form, and an FAQ. From The Foundation Center. [If If you are interested in more information on this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post].


How the open data movement could benefit from using a marketing approach

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

With the initial app there was nothing, now with the WorldBank dataset app I noticed at least some FAQ’s , but still no clear calls to actions.

Grants for Public Schools' Music Programs and Independent Music Programs

Seeking Grant Money Today

Complete grant guidelines, the application form, and an FAQ are available at the foundation Web site. From The Foundation Center. [As As always, if you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this post, for more information].


Do you even market to donors, bro?

Wild Woman Fundraising

I asked them, Do you have an FAQ? This is your donor. Your average donor is a woman over the age of 60. She can’t read the tiny writing you put on your appeal letter. She may not even open emails from your nonprofit. How do you reach her? This is your typical donor! She is lifting!

Crowdfunding Roundup for Nonprofits

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Again, make sure you read all the FAQs. It seems that with the rise of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, crowdfunding is on everybody''s minds these days, but what''s a nonprofit to do? First, let''s clear up what we mean by crowdfunding, and how it differs from traditional online fundraising. Crowdfunding generally refers to grassroots efforts to raise money for a project or product that is in development, directly from the eventual purchasers.

Keep learning – ideas for ongoing education throughout the year

Fundraising Coach

I have links to those studies in my Coaching FAQ. This is the third and final post in the series “ Atta boys & High Fives &# – ideas on bringing closure to a fiscal year and building your team at the same time.

Tools 15

The Foundation Center Now Provides Free Website That Teaches How To Do Grant Writing

Seeking Grant Money Today

Video and audio recordings of on site Foundation Center presentations, along with links to the most relevant FAQs in the extensive Knowledge Base, accompany each topic.

High School Or College Students From Around the World Invited To Apply for Science Essay Competition

Seeking Grant Money Today

Complete program information, an FAQ, and entry procedures are available at the New Frontiers in Astronomy and Cosmology Web site. From The Foundation Center. [If If you have any questions about this award opportunity, or want more information on it, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post].

How to Ask Your Current Donors for Bequests – Tactfully!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You can also add a “Bequest FAQ” page to your website and offer other resources such as sample bequest language or a bequest information sheet. Did you know organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US?

Evergreen Content – Why You Need It and Where It Goes

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how to apply, basic tasks that volunteers do, FAQs). Evergreen Content - Why You Need It and Where It Goes. Evergreen content is information that stays fresh from season to season, much like an evergreen tree. You may not need to change it all, or to only make minor tweaks from time to time.

Matching Grants Program for Citizen Based Monitoring Field Work Benefiting American National Forests and Grasslands

Seeking Grant Money Today

Visit the NFF Web site for complete program guidelines, application requirements, and an FAQ. From The Foundation Center. Deadline: January 17, 2012 National Forest Foundation Announces 2012 Matching Awards Program Guidelines The National Forest Foundation , the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service , works to engage America in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the National Forest System.

Red Cross Holiday Catalog Showcases Donor Impact -- Take this Cue!

Getting Attention

The organization has also done a great job in providing useful context for its transition to this still unusual strategy with its catalog FAQs. The American Red Cross does a stellar job in showing precisely how a donor's gift will be used in its first-time holiday catalog.The catalog is definitely inspired by the Heifer Foundation 's long-running holiday catalog, but the Red Cross has done a great job here.