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A warning about fall fundraising appeals

Fundraising Coach

Fall fundraising is hard enough. But listening to NPR's All Things Considered on my ride home this evening, I remembered how much more challenging political mailing will make your fundraising this fall. How are you re-engineering your fall fundraising letters? So I pulled to the side of the rode to record this reminder.

Watch the fundraising objections fall to the floor

Fundraising Coach

As we started answering the objections, the objections started falling to the floor! ® training in Kansas City. We had a blast. Research 3.

Fall 39

Fall In Love with Your New Brand

Mission Minded

one day you fall in love. Blog Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Design branding Fall in Love nonprofit marketingIt’s been said that the best romances start as friendships: You know each other, you know the way the other thinks, know which way he or she takes his coffee, and then—bam!—one It’s like that with a new brand strategy, too.

Brand 13

Watch the fundraising objections fall to the floor

Fundraising Coach

As we started answering the objections, the objections started falling to the floor! ® training in Kansas City. We had a blast. Research 3.

Summer Dream Becomes Fall Nightmare As RFP Surfaces

The Agitator

Because this is the season when fantasy is in full swing and is likely.

Fall 21

Fall On Your Knees

The Agitator

We guarantee this experience will make you fall on your knees too. For our eighth Christmas, and into our ninth year, we invite you to share our favorite Agitator tradition … enjoy this unforgettable rendition of O Holy Night. But you must listen to the entire performance to feel its full power. No irreverence intended.

The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

Fundraising Coach

Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. You need to do this in your three fall fundraising letters !

Fall 15

Week of Freebies! On-Demand Webinar: How to Build a Donor Communications Plan That Will Make Them Fall in Love

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Happy Holidays! We love our readers and think you deserve some goodies. Appreciated. Included. In the know. So you become their favorite. Newsletters.

Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall

Fundraising 123

VIEW THE PRESENTATION OUTLINE HERE >> You have a scary dollar amount floating above your head. It's a daunting fundraising goal that seems to be edging further from you every day. As the economy continues to ebb and flow (recession, not a recession, recession. it's like watching a tennis match!),

Email 38

Political junk mail can hurt your fall fundraising letters

Fundraising Coach

If you’re like many nonprofits, you’ve sent a fall fundraising appeal this month and you plan on sending one towards the end of the year.

10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

Wild Woman Fundraising

So they tell the Development Director to push hard, and use the DD as the “fall guy.” Scary by Marco Mazzei from Flickr. He said, 0.

Fall 52

Don’t Fall for Social Media Pickup Lines

Non Profit Marketing 360

Don’t fall for grandiose promises. Yes, there really are some people, and some agencies, who truly understand social media. There are an even larger number who don’t but pretend they do. Those are the ones to watch out for. “Social media is the only marketing strategy you need.&#. Pick your consultants with care.

The 5 smartest things you can do for your fundraising this fall

Wild Woman Fundraising

So, what are 5 smartest things you could be doing this fall with your fundraising program? You know what’s really frustrating? Tidy up.

What Your Sponsors REALLY Want: August 9th

Wild Woman Fundraising

John Panarese, Executive Director, Animal Rescue League of Fall River, MA”. “We August 9th, 2012 3pm EDT OR September 6th, 3pm EDT. Thank you!”

Facebook Unveils Its New Fall Look

Non Profit Marketing 360

In August and September, Facebook announced changes in the features of both individual and organization pages. These changes are potentially far-reaching. Nonprofits using Facebook will need to re-think how they use it to engage their constituents.No one is better at seeing the long-range implications of social media on nonprofits than Beth Kanter.

3-Step Communications to Re-engage Volunteers for Fall

Getting Attention

Every fall I feel like a kid going back to school. We pick a lead theme each month or season – in the fall, we’re all about education.

Your Favorite Topics for Fall Webinars

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Thanks to the 154 nonprofits who completed our recent survey about what should go on the webinar schedule. Here are the top three webinars you selected. How to Create, Reuse, and Manage All of Your Content. This webinar has been scheduled for Thursday, November 4. Registration will open late August. Rethinking Your Newsletter Strategy. Stay tuned!

Learn How to Increase Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact – Fall Seminar

Getting Attention

Learn more here. Plan in a day—blueprint forever! Please join us for this intensive, limited-enrollment planning seminar.

Free Teleseminar on Fall Email Fundraising & More This Week

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Your Best Email Campaign Ever: 4 Steps to a Winning Strategy This Fall. During this free Nonprofit911 training call sponsored by Network for Good, I’ll be talking about what you can do this fall through your email communications to help set yourself up for bigger gifts in December. Tuesday, September 15. Wednesday, September 16.

Please Join Me–Fall Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshops

Getting Attention

I’m joining forces with my friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller to offer you a special opportunity to find the solutions to your 2011 marketing ch allenges: The Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop. Plan in a day — blueprint forever. Two Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop sessions are available, so save the date that’s best for you.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Fall Fundraising in PubRadio: Shifting Gears for a Hot Tip

NonProfit Branding

For this week’s blog post I had planned to write more about the importance of a graphic standards policy.

Fall Theme: Stop Cancer HalloWeekend Annual Event

The Biddery Blog

Among the Weekend highlights were the opportunity drawing for a 2000 Lexus LS 460.

How I know the sky is falling

Donor Power Blog

We're screwed. We can't write out way out of a wet paper bag, and we couldn't focus on our audience if they were standing right in front of us. No wonder fundraising results were already dropping more than two years before the recession started. We just don't know how to raise funds! There are also many comments from people who get it.).

Fall Policy Conference Kicks Butt

Marketing for Nonprofits

Learning to connect advocacy with technology.

FREE Fall Fundraising Success Guide for You!

Marketing for Nonprofits

My friends at Network for Good have created a new guide to help you glide through year-end fundraising called 25 Steps to Fall & Holiday Fundraising Success. You can download your FREE copy by signing up here. I particularly like their suggestions in Step 10 for building your online list. Here's how it works. You send us your donor file.

Must-read: Our free eBook on Fall Fundraising

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

season of the year: fall and holiday fundraising time. With all of that in mind, Network for Good (where I work) is happy to share our newest addition to our guide and ebook library: 25 Steps to Fall & Holiday Fundraising Success. We’re heading into the busiest (and possibly highest-stress!) Working your website.

5 Star Review: Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide

Wild Woman Fundraising

Today you might have read this 5 star review of my new book from Joanne Fritz at The Problem. Why is all of this important anyway?

What Fall Means to Me: Cause Marketing & iParty

Selfish Giving

Our fall cause marketing pinup program is one of our most successful because it involves one our best partners, iParty. We included a QR code.

Did you know that there’s no better time to ask for sponsorship than right now?

Wild Woman Fundraising

There is literally no better time than now to start asking for sponsorships for next year. How will you take advantage of this opportunity? Thank you!”

My Summer (Uh, I Mean Fall) Reading List

Marketing for Nonprofits

Here is my fall reading list. Who wants to read books about marketing on vacation anyway?) And you? What's on your nightstand? Jacobs. Really?)

Nonprofits are Falling Behind Gov 2.0

A. Fine Blog

A few days ago, I tweeted my friend Marty to ask him about an article he had mentioned a while back on how the Department of Defense uses network structures to combat terrorism. I thought this would be a great example to get the attention of nonprofity folks: “Look, even the Dept. of Defense is [.].

50 More of the Best Nonprofit Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now


That's why, just in time to revamp your timeline for the fall, we thought you could use 50 more social-savvy organizations to follow, fav, and RT.

DON’T MISS THIS: 70 Email Subject Lines Ideas for Fundraising, Advocacy and Event Deadlines

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

falling short. Want your supporters to pay more attention to deadlines? Use one of these email subject lines: a race to the finish. almost over.

Ideas 87

Five Tools for Your Social Media Intern

Social Media Bird Brain

But if you''ve made it known that your small nonprofit would like to entertain a few interns for the summer and/or fall, you''ve probably got a couple interviewed and ready to start. Via Unpaid Intern Summertime. and the interns are easy. Well, not really.

Nonprofit Storytelling Breaking Bad Style

Getting Attention

Distribution is everything—Even the most moving stories will fall flat if you don’t get them out there right.

A quick note on social media governance

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Here are some governance recommendations based on these “best practices”: Social media strategy should fall under the portfolio of marketing , communications or equivalent. Official social media engagement should fall under client services, customer service, or equivalent. Nobody “owns” it. What are you noticing?

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Kristen Olsen

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Received a proof back from our printer and decide I need to adjust where my content falls between folding margins. Kristen Olsen. 9:30 am: Need.

YOUR New Nonprofit Marketing Job?—Movin’ Up Monday

Getting Attention

Marketing & Events Coordinator , Chagrin Arts (Chagrin Falls, OH). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Columbia, MD).

Location, Location, Location - Should Your Small NP Play Ball with Foursquare?

Social Media Bird Brain

Some, like Yelp, are related to providing reviews on local businesses so you can find places where you are or where you're going to be to visit, Tags: Location-based service Foursquare small nonprofits social media Gowalla Jason Falls Image by stevegarfield via FlickrFoursquare and Gowalla are the LBS talk of the social media global village.

17 Fantastic Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday

Getting Attention

Communications Coordinator , The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (Falls Church, VA). New Opportunities. New York, NY).