How to Win the Game of Facebook Fundraising

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Facebook fundraising makes it easy for supporters to show their support of your mission with a quick donation. And they’re scrolling through Facebook every day anyway. To sweeten the incentive, Facebook charges no fees. And then there is the nature of Facebook.

Facebook in 2020 – What Nonprofits Need to Know

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The social media landscape of 2020 looks vastly different from the one in which Facebook entered the market, February 2004. What are the changes, trends, and upcoming shifts that nonprofits need to know about Facebook in particular in 2020? .


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How to Raise Money Using Facebook Stories

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Are you using Facebook Stories for your nonprofit, or on your personal profile? These ephemeral, Snapchat-style Stories now have more than 500 million daily users across Facebook and Messenger. This means that one-third of Facebook’s 1.5 Being a brand new feature, Facebook is trying to make Stories easier to share and more appealing to their users. You can now raise money for a specific Fundraiser on Facebook, right within your Story.

What Facebook’s Shift to Privacy Means for Nonprofit Marketers

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In March, Mark Zuckerberg promised a new direction and a new future for Facebook – and for the Internet. In a 3,200 word blog post , the Facebook founder and CEO declared that Facebook would shift its focus away from public posts to “a privacy-focused communications platform.”. And what does it mean for nonprofit social media managers, who have built up communities on the site, and who attempt to connect with fans and followers every day?

A Screenshot Tutorial on How to Create a Facebook Group

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One of the recommendations in Facebook’s media guide – Global Coronavirus Resource: Connecting People During the COVID-19 Pandemic – was to use Facebook Groups to connect with people. In other words, don’t just create a Facebook Group to have one.

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How to Get People to Join Your New Facebook Group

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Yesterday, I shared a tutorial on how to create your Facebook Group , and now that it’s all set up, it’s time to invite your members! Now, if you are sure you know why you want a Group, here are a few ways you can invite people to join your Facebook Group: 1.

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Facebook restart?


I haven’t been much of a fan of Facebook for my business. So about a month ago we decided to start posting on our somewhat dormant MarketSmart Facebook page again. Do you prefer Facebook? The post Facebook restart? I simply prefer LinkedIn. But recently it occurred to me that some fundraisers really like it. And, who am I to decide how they should engage with me and my company?

What Nonprofits Need To Know About Facebook’s #GivingTuesday Announcement

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Facebook announced that for GivingTuesday this year (December 3) it will be matching up to $7 million USD in donations made on the platform that day. Any US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit eligible to receive donations on Facebook can be matched. Facebook will match up to a total of $100,000 per nonprofit organization. Facebook will cover processing fees. 7 million dollars is a drop in the bucket for Facebook, and it’s what they matched last year.

6 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Facebook

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Guest Post By John Haydon If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is your top social network to engage supporters and increase awareness about your nonprofit. However, like most nonprofits, you’ve probably had your fair share of frustrations with Facebook. Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away. Here’s the thing: Facebook and (Instagram) are where most of your supporters hang out and talk about the causes they care about.

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?? Breaking News: Changes Coming to the Facebook Donate Button ??

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Did you get an email from Facebook letting you know that the call-to-action button on your nonprofit Facebook Page is going to be changed and/or eliminated? Facebook is removing the ability for nonprofit Pages to use their “Donate” buttons to link to external websites. An external website means a website outside of Facebook – your online donation form, for example. Learn more about eligibility for Facebook’s on-platform donation tools.

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What Worked for Us – A Quick Tip on Increasing Facebook Group Engagement

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Since Facebook has been pushing Groups since even before the pandemic, I have been sharing some tips on making the most of your Facebook Group. So, now that you have created your Facebook Group and gotten people to join, how do you get them to participate?

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How to Thank Facebook Donors (Even If You Don’t Have Their Contact Info)

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Are you not using Facebook Fundraisers because you don’t know how to thank Facebook donors that come to you from the platform? Consider this: Mark Zuckerberg announced that more than $2 billion has been raised on Facebook for causes , with more than 45 million people making a donation on the platform. . Given this climate, a positive announcement from Facebook should be seen as a beacon of light to fundraisers everywhere!

Use Facebook Live to Raise Money For Your Nonprofit

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Guest Post By John Haydon You already know that Facebook Live lets any nonprofit live-stream fundraising events , breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. But did you know that Facebook lets nonprofits add a donate button to their Facebook Live broadcast ? How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money If your nonprofit is based in the US, and your Facebook Page is verified, you can fundraise within a Facebook Live broadcast.

Fundraisers: Stop Blaming Facebook For Donors Not Wanting to Hear From You

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Nonprofits of all sizes are in a frenzy about the Facebook $7M match ( more on that here ) and whether or not they should use Facebook charitable giving tools. . Somehow, their biggest problem revolves around the fact that donors want to give and are giving via Facebook and Instagram.

5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising On Facebook

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Charlotte and Dave Willner started a Facebook fundraiser on June 16, titled “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child,” after they saw a viral photo of a 2-year-old Honduran girl looking up and crying as her mother was searched by a Border Patrol agent in southern Texas. Another recent piece of Facebook fundraising news for nonprofits is the announcement that Facebook pages will now be able to set up and launch Fundraisers from their Pages.

Thank You for the New Design, Facebook. Because Nonprofits Need MORE Disruption Right Now.

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Have you noticed this on the top of your desktop Facebook? We’ve known that another major Facebook redesign — called FB5 because it’s the fifth major redesign — was in the works for a while now. FFS, Facebook! Top of a Page on New Facebook.

What is Facebook Doing for #GivingTuesday 2018?

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Last year 45 million dollars were raised on Facebook on #GivingTuesday, marking 15% of the total amount raised! 75% were first-time donors on Facebook, and 20% have donated again via Facebook. In 2017, Facebook announced that it would partner with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to match up to $2 million in donations. So what can nonprofit expect from Facebook on #GivingTuesday 2018? Facebook Fundraising Playbook.

5 Types of Content You Should Be Posting Right Now According to Facebook

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Today I am sharing what Facebook thinks you should post based on their new guide for its media partners – Global Coronavirus Resource: Connecting People During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Download your own copy of the guide and see other resources from Facebook.

How to Use Your Nonprofit CRM to Build a Social Media Ambassador Program

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Tim came on my Facebook Live stream to share specific tips and steps to use your nonprofit CRM to create a social media ambassador program. How To Use Your Nonprofit CRM To Create A Social Media Ambassador Program . What is a social media ambassador program?

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Should A Nonprofit Have Multiple Facebook Pages?

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Welcome to Facebook Fridays! Fridays at noon I take 15 minutes to help you navigate the crazy wilderness of Facebook for your nonprofit. Today I answered your question: Should I create more than one Facebook page for my nonprofit, if we have many different programs and services? First of all, I have to say that the way nonprofits approach Facebook, and social media in general, is all wrong. Remember what it takes to be successful on Facebook.

Using Social Media to Engage Your Digital Donors

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Social media for nonprofits used to mean merely having a presence to keep supporters up-to-date on the work and to promote events and campaigns. How can nonprofits best use social media to engage these digital donors?

How Do Nonprofits Receive Donations Made on Facebook?

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Welcome to Facebook Fridays! Fridays at noon I take 15 minutes to help you navigate the crazy wilderness of Facebook for your nonprofit. Today I answered your question: How do nonprofits receive donations made on Facebook? There are three ways to receive donations made to your nonprofit on Facebook: 1. Nonprofits that are Registered with Facebook Payments. How to register with Facebook payments: [link] .

Is there too much fundraising on Facebook?

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Last night when I checked my News Feed before bed I was interrupted by a request from Facebook – take a short survey and help us make Facebook better. As a digital marketing enthusiast, I always jump at the chance to take these surveys, mostly because the questions can give great insight into what Facebook is trying to improve. Or at least what the largest social media company in the world is thinking about. The post Is there too much fundraising on Facebook?

How to Create a Facebook Group [Social Media Basics]

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Having a Facebook Page is pretty much a must these days. If you need to have a dialogue with a number of people related to your cause, you might want to consider a Facebook Group (or many different groups) in addition to your nonprofit’s official Facebook Page. It’s much easier to hear from everyone in a Facebook Group. How To Create Your Facebook Group. You will need to log in to Facebook with your personal profile.

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Social Media Use Is Increasing During the Pandemic (Duh)

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Back in March, IZEA Worldwide, Inc released a special report that examined how people thought they would use social media over the next few months or so if they were under a lockdown order. 63% expect their usage of Facebook to increase, only 2% expect a decrease.

5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Facebook

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We all know how popular Facebook continues to be, among all age groups and income levels. Pew Internet reported in January of this year that for the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. In order to be successful on Facebook, you know that you need to be posting helpful and informative content , eye-catching and compelling visuals & photos as well as funny and entertaining videos. This is just Facebook 101.

It’s Time for Some Tough Love On Nonprofit Facebook Fundraisers

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Nonprofits – it’s about time that I provide some tough love and real talk about a controversial, divisive issue facing our nation: Facebook Fundraisers. Here are the top 5 most common laments that I hear on a daily basis from nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, and social media managers: It’s so hard to get new donors to pay attention. Our Facebook engagement is way down – no one sees our posts! . Nonprofits can’t actually raise money on social media, can they?

Is Facebook Getting Rid of the News Feed? What Nonprofit Marketers Need to Know

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The winds of change are blowing hard at Facebook, and the potential implications for nonprofit digital marketers are huge. To put it lightly… Facebook has been battling some significant negative press coverage lately. . When Chris Cox announced his resignation from Facebook after being a key leader there for over a decade, the writing was on the wall. On March 6, Zuckerberg posted a 3200 word manifesto about his new “privacy-focused” vision for Facebook.

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5 Actions Nonprofits Should Take Based on Facebook’s #GivingTuesday Report

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A recent report released Facebook showcases the impact of their nonprofit fundraising tools last year on Giving Tuesday, and the results are encouraging. **15% It’s not surprising that most of the gifts to nonprofits via Facebook Fundraisers came from the creators and from their friends. What IS surprising is that about 20% of those same donors gave AGAIN via Facebook within 6 months!

Facebook - Stay or Go?

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More and more folks appear to be waking up to the change in their reach on Facebook - seeing a lot more posts wondering whether they should stay or go. content engagement Facebook Pinterest reach small nonprofits social media platforms stay or go Tumblr And since FB hasn''t said anything about whether they''d cut the nonprofits any slack, that''s a question that''s going to remain a while. So what to do? I think this is a good time to experiment.

To Boost or Not to Boost – Facebook Ad Tips for Nonprofits

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Reaching your fans on Facebook is getting increasingly harder, especially if you don’t have a large marketing department or tons of time to spend creating posts. Even small nonprofits with tiny budgets can use Facebook Ads to strategically target the right people with the right message at the right time. She’s also a featured speaker at the upcoming Nonprofit Social Media Summit ! Learn more about the Nonprofit Social Media Summit and get your ticket! .

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Facebook Blocks the Stream

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To recap: Facebook is continuing its monetizing strategy by restricting what you see in your timeline. advertising branding Facebook organic reach paid reach reach Small nonprofit social media marketing Via Schenectandy on Panoramio I touched on this subject in last week''s post, but now it''s time to look at it from the perspective of what it means to you.

How to Move Facebook Followers to Your Nonprofit Email List

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Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for small nonprofits, but the real gold is in a robust nonprofit email list. Facebook has its merits, but it might show your organic content — the content you don’t pay for — to only 3 to 5 percent of your followers. . Launch a Facebook Ad campaign.

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6 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Quickly Get More Facebook Engagement

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The friendly folks at Facebook have tweaked the News Feed algorithm again , now putting an explicit priority on posts from family and friends over pages. However, as with all changes to the Facebook News Feed, I encourage you to breathe and do not panic. This is nothing new, but as with every other algorithm update, it requires some strategizing and review of your nonprofit social media strategy. 1) Experiment with Facebook Live video.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Nonprofit Fundraising on Facebook

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Nonprofits large and small are looking into social media’s newest shiny object – the free nonprofit fundraising on Facebook features. Some organizations get great results from Facebook fundraisers, but other nonprofits remain perplexed or frustrated by the process. With overall usage of Facebook down , it remains to be seen if nonprofits can reach new donors in a sustainable way on the world’s biggest social network. Facebook notifications.

4 Reasons Your Social Media Fundraising is Underperforming

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Join my new, on demand Free Masterclass: 3 Must-Have Elements of Social Media Content that Converts. How to start building a thriving social media community for your nonprofit or library right now! Let’s set the scene for your nonprofit’s social media presence.

How the Latest Facebook Announcement Will Impact Your Social Media Strategy

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In an announcement last week, Facebook unveiled their new News Feed FYI blog to “highlight major updates to News Feed and explain the thinking behind them.”. Did you know that on average every time someone visits their Facebook News Feed, there are on average 1,500 potential posts for them to see? So how to make sense of all the noise and continually improve the Facebook experience to show you what is most relevant and timely – all tailored to your individual wants and needs?

Facebook Is Changing the Nonprofit Crowdfunding Game Again: What Nonprofits Need To Know

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The efficacy of Facebook fundraising tools for nonprofit crowdfunding remains a controversial topic in nonprofit circles. Facebook has created a suite of useful tools for nonprofits to collect tax-deductible donations on the site, through the two-tap Donate button on Page posts, ads, Cover images, and Facebook live streams. One of the most powerful tools in this Facebook fundraising toolbox is the Facebook Fundraiser. Facebook Page posts Donate button.

How to Drive Donations for Your Nonprofit Using Facebook Live

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There is no doubt that getting results from Facebook in 2018 is harder than ever. While Facebook continues to roll out News Feed changes at an alarming pace, one vital feature not only seems to be insulated from declining reach, but also increasing in popularity – Facebook fundraising. I’ve written and spoken quite a bit about Facebook’s free fundraising tools and how to leverage their ubiquity and ease-of-use to drive donations for your nonprofit.

There Are Big Changes Coming to Facebook – What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

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Facebook just announced another sweeping change to the News Feed. I’ve written a lot about this topic , and ways to fight the Facebook algorithm and get in front of more of your supporters on Facebook. Soon many of these tried-and-true social media strategies may not be as effective as they once were. It is important to note that Facebook has always prioritized posts and content from users’ friends and family, since day one.

How to Write a Nonprofit Social Media Policy

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This is a small excerpt from my book, How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days, out now! . Some nonprofit supervisors want to turn a blind eye or simply forbid everyone from using Facebook at work. Internal Social Media Policies.

A Facebook Champ

A Small Change

So, I think this social media thing is sticking around. Let’s face it, social media (Facebook is the frontrunner today) are part of our lives now. And, as fundraisers looking to coach our champions to advocate for us in meaningful ways, Facebook can be helpful and effective. Right, wrong, or indifferent, engagement with social media has become one of the most important parts of someone’s life.

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for May 2021

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Don’t rack your brain trying to think of clever ideas for your social media updates, blog posts, or newsletter articles. Your Facebook Page. Look through your Facebook posts and see what got the most attention. Nonprofit Social Media Nonprofit Writing

May 191