#SM4NP: How Is Facebook’s Timeline Doing In Drawing New Traffic?

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Now that the Timeline feature has been up-and-out on Facebook’s individual and on organizational and business pages for a week or so, people are starting to dig into the metrics about how useful and/or successful Timeline has been. We all like to be liked.

Taming Facebook with identity

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Facebook gave us the first hit free: get your constituents to like your page and you’ll be able to talk with them on their platform free. What they meant was “get your constituents to append their own interest data to Facebook’s copious data stores and Facebook will sell it to others.”.

Should You Feed Your Blog to Facebook?

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I use Hootsuite to automatically send new blog posts to both Twitter and Facebook. That is, until May of this year, when the Facebook integration failed. It’s been almost three months since the blog posts appeared automatically on our Facebook page.

#HOWTO: Facebook Timeline Goes Public Tomorrow! Ready?

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Facebook has been rolling out its new ‘Timeline’ feature for a few months now, and we hope we have given you a helping hand with the changes. And the fact is, Timeline becomes the default interface of all Facebook accounts tomorrow! Are you ready? It goes live tomorrow!

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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According to Facebook, 150 million of the 1 billion people that use the social network are connected to a cause or nonprofit. We know why people use Facebook – to connect with other people. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? Measurements and Analytics Techniques

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They're asking themselves the following questions: How effective is the work I do on Facebook in producing bottom line results for the organization? What should I be doing differently on Facebook to improve my results? Should I take resources away from Facebook and devote them to something else? Shabbir Imber Safdar and Shayna Englin have studied data from the last year of the US Fund for UNICEF's Facebook page and Google Analytics data for their website.

4 Reasons Facebook Might Not be Right for Your Nonprofit

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This spring, Facebook made some significant changes to the functionality of Pages on their site in order to help brands market more effectively. This has led to a lot of discussion and encouragement aimed at nonprofits about how to market via Facebook. communicate via Facebook.

M+R Benchmarks Study

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While half of traffic to nonprofit websites came from mobile and tablet users which is up from 2016, desktop users were more likely to complete a gift (20% conversion rates compared to just 8% for mobile) and they generated 68% of the donations and 76% of the revenue.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Is Pinterest Of Value For Nonprofits?

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A study conducted by online jewelry site Boticca.com revealed that Pinterest users’ online spend averages $180 – more than twice that of Facebook users who spend an average of only $85. Pinterest has also been extremely successful in driving traffic to third-party sites.

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Using Twitter and Facebook in your year-end fundraising letter strategy

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But in today’s world, it’s wise to consider complementing these appeals with tools like Facebook and Twitter. Create a web page to drive traffic to. To get even more sophisticated, you might want separate pages for each type of media you use: one you’ll promote on Facebook, one you’ll promote on Twitter, one you’ll promote with email, etc. Facebook Ideas. Facebook Causes. Facebook Pages.

Drive Donors to Your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 2

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Not only does social media marketing cover a lot of ground, social networking is constantly changing (we’ve just recently seen two big updates for Facebook and Instagram users). Well, you can start by researching where your donors are interacting. Collect donations on Facebook.

#Interview: Tiffany Applegate, Co-Founder of X Factor Consulting – Enhancing the Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations

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TIFFANY: Create interaction. A blog and other social media allow you to be more interactive with those you’re trying to serve. We get a lot of subscribers and a lot of traffic through the blog, as far as people downloading resources and that type of thing.

#Interview: Tiffany Applegate, Co-Founder of X Factor Consulting – Enhancing the Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations

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TIFFANY: Create interaction. A blog and other social media allow you to be more interactive with those you’re trying to serve. We get a lot of subscribers and a lot of traffic through the blog, as far as people downloading resources and that type of thing.

#Interview: Mazarine Treyz of the Wild Woman’s Fundraising blog and author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising

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I can say to anyone who has a blog and wants more traffic, do that. I really saw a spike in my traffic after I started linking sentences from my blog posts on Twitter. I got off of Facebook at the end of 2009 because I didn’t find that it moved the needle for me in any significant way.

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How to Create Enough Good Content (Case Study)

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But since then, we’ve developed loftier goals for our e-news NTEN Connect , transforming it from a chore we had to cross off the monthly to-do list to a blockbuster driver of traffic to our blog. Traffic started to rise and we got lots of compliments on the new format.

How to Coordinate an Army of Nonprofit Social Media Ambassadors on #GivingTuesday (and beyond)

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Carrying out an online fundraising campaign that needs social media to spread requires more than just your nonprofit’s Facebook Page or Twitter account. Listen first – Follow your online supporters on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Pick a Facebook Fan of the Week.

Google+ 1 Month Later: 3 Reasons I’m Impressed

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In the last 30 days, Google+ is the #17 driver of traffic to FundraisingCoach.com. That includes traffic I myself refer, search engines, FeedBurner traffic, and traffic from a site that was only up through June 30. Proof that Google+ has Facebook freaking out?

#Tech: The Net Is Not Quite Dead, But It’s Not Your Mom’s Web Anymore

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First of all, an adjustment/correction to yesterday’s story: Facebook pushed back its rollout of Timeline across all accounts until tomorrow, the 31st. Today’s tech topic is related in so far as it is about how we interact with Facebook and other online services in new ways.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Events

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Create unique links for each of your social media sales sources (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email campaigns) so that you can track registrations and donations from each. Create a Facebook event and cultivate your community with active posting and responding.

How the Content Marketing Sales Funnel Works for Corporate Partnerships

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"Marketers almost always.look at what sent traffic here and that's where they assign the budget. Stop wasting your time on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn.Those are a waste of time, because look, they didn't send us any transactions.

Annual Report How To: A Different Way to Present Your Print Report Online

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You want your wider audience online to get interactive features and the ideal view: immediately readable pages that show off the complete design (not a static PDF they must load and scroll through). We used Facebook only, reflecting our audience. Eileen Fisher.

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8 Ways to Start A Social Media Committee for Your Nonprofit

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Success on social media, Facebook especially, depends on engagement and interaction. If your Facebook page or Twitter feed is a ghost town, it might need a jump start from several committed, dedicated people to get it revved up and going again. Write the Facebook post.

5 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Every Nonprofit

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You should create a Facebook event and could even post a few items in advance that you’ll be selling, especially if you are offering big ticket items like a modern TV or brand new furniture. Another fun and interactive tournament your nonprofit could host is a volleyball tournament.

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Your Google Analytics Questions Answered!

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You will find the list of keywords from search engines under Traffic Sources > Keywords. Q: Is it better to be very broad with keywords and have higher site traffic at the expense of higher bounce rates? If the broad keywords you are using in your headers, tags, meta information or adwords are bringing in higher site traffic but visitors are not completing your goals, that's your answer right there! Remember that a lot of mobile traffic is driven by email.

11 Things Nonprofits Can Learn About Using Twitter from the @NYTimes

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The New York Times has the overall goal of using Twitter to drive traffic to the website and to get new readers exposed to their journalism. 8) Interact with Twitter users. With over 10.6

Key takeaways from the Internet Trends Report

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The percent of mobile traffic is growing over 1.5x Mobile traffic is currently 25% of all global Internet traffic, a sharp jump from the 14% seen this time last year. hours on Twitter or 9 hours on Facebook.

Beautiful Greenpeace crowdfunding site lets you buy a piece of the new Rainbow Warrior

Giving in a Digital World

Then you can take a look at the planned new vessel through an interactive 3d model and browse through detailed blueprints of the new ship to select items that you’d like to ‘buy’ to help fund its construction – anything from a Survival Suit at €800 to a €10 Toilet Roll Holder.

What I learned after a week of using Snapchat as a 38-year-old

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I am almost 39, and while I love social media, I already felt like there were more than enough ways to get in touch with me – text, Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, and more. It’s what social media was DESIGNED to be – quick, fun, and very interactive.

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Strategic Communications Planning for Nonprofits—Step Three: Audience research and messages


That’s how your messages and interactions can grow into actions that benefit your organization and the world. Quantcast is a free tool that can help you start to understand the geographic, demographic, and lifestyle profiles of your current website traffic. Flickr/3fold.

Three Reports To Note

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Transactions and conversion of organic website traffic are by far the major methods for acquiring new email addresses. More than 500 million photos are shared daily, mostly on Facebook. A few reports have accumulated on my desktop that I’d like to pass along for weekend browsing.

What the latest online trends mean for your cause

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Plus, mobile traffic is projected to maintain its current rate of growth if not accelerate. Make it easy for constituents and supporters to find, interact and give to you via smartphones. Though Facebook was the only platform in the report to see a drop in usage from 2011 to 2012, it still sees the lion’s share of usage. This week, Mary Meeker presented the 2013 Internet Trends report during the All Things Digital D11 conference.

What do people do online? Here’s the comScore data

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I’m at the Artez Interactive conference in Toronto to speak today - but I’m also here to listen to some juicy data from comScore on social networking - aka social conversation. Facebook dominates in Canada just as it does in the US; -If Facebook would be a country, it would be the third-largest country in the world after China and India. Facebook is a leading driver of traffic to traditional media online, like the CBC. -In

5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing - A Guest Post By Paul Chaney

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Facebook can be useful from the standpoint of letting people get to know you on a personal level. Just be sure to include links back to your site, to drive traffic.

Coming Soon to a Mother Near You, Location-Based Marketing

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coupons, offers) via smartphones, that’s quickly changing, according to a study by Harris Interactive. When Facebook launches its own location-based service this week, you’ll want to follow the FB Monster @johnhaydon as he will have all the news and tools to report.

Google Analytics: Cool charts but what do they mean?!

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This is the title of a presentation by Google’s Matt Walton that I’m blogging here at Artez Interactive. Also, you can track traffic from your organization’s Facebook page or Twitter. Also look at who is sending you traffic. Here are the highlights of how Google Analytics helps us find out things that really matter: Who are our visitors? How are they finding and coming to our site? What did they do on our site?

Interview with Becky Carroll Author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers

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To answer your question, I often recommend those companies create a customer experience map of their interactions with customers. Facebook. Traditionally customer service has been perceived as a necessary business function whose purpose is to appease unhappy customers.

Long overdue Podcamp Toronto 2009 debrief

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Facebook Lexicon. Download the Facebook Socialistics app to analyze your social network. Use Compete to look at competitor traffic. Government 2.0 - A discussion on the expanding role of social media and government/citizen interaction, right here in Canada - Mike Kujawski (That’s me!).&#. Just so you know, it bugs me like crazy not be able to dump my thoughts on various time-sensitive issues that occur on a daily basis.

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Inbound Marketing Tips from Dharmesh Shah

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I spoke at Artez Interactive DC today (#artezDC on Twitter if you want to check out the highlights) and while there, I got to hear Dharmesh Shah talk about his new book, Inbound Marketing. You look where people (and you) live – Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, foursquare, Yahoo!

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Are you fundraising for Africa? Read this!

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Most of the time however, I wrote funding proposals, reports to donors and developed our Facebook page. Over the past two and half years, promoting my blog via Twitter and Facebook has allowed me to connect with bloggers worldwide, which has helped me develop my creative travel writing. (My

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An inside look at Fundraising with Businesses: An interview with Joe Waters

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If you’re working with a business that boasts lots of locations and foot traffic, sponsorship is just the tip of the iceberg for fundraising. With an iBeacon transmitter businesses can better interact with smartphone-toting consumers in and near their stores.