Planned Giving 101: What Nonprofits Need to Know


One of today’s biggest areas of growth for nonprofit fundraising is Planned Giving. It is estimated that over the next 25 years nearly $6 trillion will transfer to charitable organizations through bequests, trusts and other planned gifts. What is Planned Giving?

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Do major gift and planned gift staff need “sales managers”?


Any exchange of money occurs because a person sees value in giving away their hard-earned cash. I think every nonprofit with major gift and planned gift staff needs a structure that yields accountability metrics that have been proven effective in the private sector. Related Posts: >>What Activity Metrics You Should Measure for Effective Long Term Planned Giving Marketing. The post Do major gift and planned gift staff need “sales managers”? Sales managers?

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3 Types of Stories Major and Planned Gift Officers Should be Telling


Storytelling is important for major and planned gift officers because it helps move the donor through the decision-making process. Give her an opportunity to exchange her story with you.

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Here are my IN’s & OUT’s for 2019… what do you think about them?


Facilitating an exchange of value (fundraising). Being disrespectful, interrupting & annoying supporters. Spray-n’-pray marketing. Show up n’ throw up presentations. Treating donors like ATM machines. Asking for money (begging). Counting numbers of new Legacy Society members.

#DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data? Not So Fast…

Non Profit Marketing 360

Big Data, whatever the specifics, refers to the large amount of information that can be collected from online activity and exchange of information (on social networks, for example). The post #DEVELOPMENT: Do You Have Big Plans For Your Big Data?

2 marketing Jedi Masters tell us why fundraising IS marketing/selling


Fundraisers inspire transactions involving an exchange of money in return for something of value. What matters is that a fair exchange of value took place. And, when an exchange for money takes place, like it or not, that is, in fact, marketing or selling.

Cold calling major donors to arrange appointments doesn’t work— but this method does


And, an exchange of money only happens when a proper exchange of value exists. No one likes getting cold calls and you probably don’t like making them.

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Automated Cultivation vs. “Moves Management”


Moves management requires you to develop a strategy and implement a plan for every single donor or prospect on your list. The plan would consist of everything that you would do for, or with, a donor to get them to move through the consideration process and take action.

Your donors want to find meaning in their lives. But are you helping them?


I’ve droned on and on about the fact that your job is to make your donors feel good and to facilitate the exchange of dollars for value. ” Your major donors and planned givers desperately want to find meaning in their lives. Sick of my rants yet?

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The Rule of 7 vs. 3-to-1 fundraising


3-to-1 fundraising recognizes that your supporters want something in exchange for their cash. >> Words That Work: Phrases that Encourage Planned Giving. >>

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Acquiring New Donors – Plan B

The Agitator

I’ll call them Plan B and Plan C, assuming that Plan A is your conventional direct response (really, direct mail) approach — rent/exchange lists, subsidize initial acquisition, hope to recoup and profit via donor cultivation. Today, Plan B , courtesy of online fundraiser Rick Gentry at Common Knowledge, who asks … “But what if the donors are changing?

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Does fundraising training focus too much on the ask?


Then, as the relationship grew and both of you realized you had things in common (and could exchange value with one another in ways that benefited both of you), you began to feel good and satisfied. Often I find that major gift (and legacy gift) fundraising education, training, and advice places too much emphasis on ‘the ask’ Yet, in many ways, the ask is the smallest part of most fundraiser’s jobs.

9 Tips to Help You Start and Maintain a Major or Legacy Giving Conversation


” Remember, the “ask” is much easier when the donor is comfortable and sees that their exchange of money will provide them with some type of value. Fundraising best practices for fundraising best practices for planned giving charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation engagement fundraising major gift fundraising Philanthropy philanthropy blog

What’s Wrong with Storytelling for Fundraising


Allowing more engagement and involvement by exchanging stories with prospects. The problem with too many fundraising initiatives is that they tend to tell stories without opportunities for real donor exchange and engagement. It’s exchanging them. I get it! I get it!

It’s time for the nonprofit sector to stop whining about Donor Advised Funds


They have failed to recognize that any exchange of money occurs as a result of a value proposition. Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving best donor advised funds best practices for planned giving donor advised fund advice donor advised funds irs donor advised funds rules how does a donor advised fund work major gift cultivationI’m getting really tired of hearing people complain about donor advised funds.

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How to Create Your 2019 Digital Content Strategy

J Campbell Social Marketing

Do you have a well-defined plan and strategy for the content you are going to share on digital channels in 2019? I highly recommend reading the fabulous books The ONE Thing and Essentialism as you plan for the New Year. . Social media is a value exchange.

A challenge for the fundraisers of the world…


You can help facilitate the exchange of money for value. How to structure and staff your planned gift shop for the 21st century. Fundraisers have more competitors now than ever before. Your competition is global. They are everywhere because the Internet has made it easy to become a competitor. Some work from their kitchen tables and others from corporate offices. Scary, isn’t it? You are substitutable.

Donor Complaints: Why it’s a bad idea to get upset with donors when they complain


Promises were made to me in exchange for my money, but the promises were not kept. No one likes to hear complaints. . But when you work for a nonprofit or a private sector business, you need to welcome complaints. Here’s why: Donor complaints are opportunities in disguise.

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Why reciprocity must be an essential tool in your fundraising toolbox


Here’s why: The law of reciprocity (that everyone on earth obeys) usually leads to unfair exchanges.

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Taming the Special Event Monster

Fundraising Coach

It is time to take that first step towards planning your special event. Last year tagged event planning as the 8 th most stressful job in the world – no wonder you find creating special events intimidating! Events Guest Posts planning special events

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Planned Giving Primer. Planned Giving Primer. Participants will acquire a foundational understanding of this increasingly important component of fundraising strategy and will be able to identify and distinguish between the most common planned giving vehicles. It's finally here!

In it For the Long Haul

Ann Green

Perhaps you have purchased or exchanged donors lists with other organizations and that was successful (or maybe not), but again you’ll have better luck with people who already know you. Plan to send at least three or four print updates a year. donor relations fundraising plannin

Great New Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Movin’ Up Monday!

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Communications Specialist , National Association of Dental Plans (Dallas, TX). Copy Writer and Content Coordinator , Equal Exchange (West Bridgewater, CT). Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities.

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One Free Way to Ramp Up Your Social Media Storytelling

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It’s an absolutely free 6-week training program that I created for nonprofits to help them sharpen their social media storytelling skills, in time to plan for the fall and the year-end fundraising push. .

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Join us for the exchange of intelligent insights and bright ideas to take back and share with your organization. Join us for the exchange of intelligent insights and bright ideas to take back and share with your organization. Planned Giving Primer. Planned Giving Primer.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Planned Giving Primer. Planned Giving Primer. Participants will acquire a foundational understanding of this increasingly important component of fundraising strategy and will be able to identify and distinguish between the most common planned giving vehicles. It's finally here!

What Fundraisers Can Learn From Restaurants and Waiters


Reciprocity (in exchange for something of value – service). Check out “ Inside The Mind of a Planned Giving Donor ,” an eBook by Dr. Russell James, J.D., People give billions of dollars each year to waiters for a lot of the same reasons they give to charities. .

I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


And that includes planned gifts! About 80% of your planned gift revenue will come from only 20% of the planned gifts. Remember that an exchange of money will only occur if your value proposition is fair and makes your donors feel good. Planned gifts are big!

What’s Essential to Good Nonprofit Communications in 2017?

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Fashion essentials change from person to person, but as a nonprofit communicator, you must have these 6 essentials to do your best work in 2017: How to schedule your communication s with editorial calendars and other planning tools. Little black dresses and pumps. Blue jeans and flats.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Ash Bruxvoort

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There are a few emails about two workshops I’m planning. I’m planning a workshop in Indianapolis and Springfield, Illinois, and there are a few emails about details related to that. Once the timer goes off I pull up our Twitter exchange so I have her phone number handy.

Stop the Communications-Program Tug of War

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You share your email and social campaign plan to support the coming advocacy campaign with your program colleagues, and they are totally annoyed that you didn’t bring them into the planning process. Are you in a tug of war with program colleagues for control of your communications?

10 Time Management Tips for Nonprofit Communicators


Your priorities shouldn’t be all implementation—there should be relationship building/management, evaluation, information gathering, budgetary, and planning activities as well.

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Semantic confusion surrounding modern marketing

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Levitt) “Selling concerns itself with the tricks and techniques of getting people to exchange their cash for your product. It is not concerned with the values that the exchange is all about. in addition to traditional strategic planning.

This ONE Thing Transforms Your Marketing & Fundraising

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Get there with this Right-Things, Right-Now Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template. Supporters will benefit from contextualized experiences (digitally and otherwise), in exchange for giving up personal data.” Flickr: Robyn Anderson.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Examine major gift planning in the context of current economic conditions, changes in donor populations and increased competition for the charitable dollar. Planned Giving Primer. Planned Giving Primer.

Newsletter: How Much Do Partnership Pros Make in 2019? [INFOGRAPHIC] ; Why Your Nonprofit Needs an Audience Strategist ; Newman’s Own Wants More Companies to Follow Profits-to-Charity Model

Selfish Giving

You can read the full exchange here. Newman’s Own has intensified a plan to increase the number of groups that follow its profits-to-charity model. Robert Rose over the Content Marketing Institute has written a helpful article on the The 7 Core Roles of a 2020 Content Marketing Team.

Looking for Major Donors? Build Better Bridges With These Financial Tools

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Developing working relationships with financial advisors, especially those who work with high-net worth clients, will help you learn about the financial tools available to donors and how they fit into their overall financial plan. We translate it into a plan called a charitable giving allocation, and in many ways it''s similar to investing. Their plans are diversified and typically include several recipients. He is also on the board of the Georgia Planned Giving Council.

Just Launched: Our Car Donation Directory!

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All you have to do is establish a partnership with one of these organizations and then have your organization’s members track down used cars that people are willing to donate in exchange for a tax write-off. Planning a Fundraising Event: 10 Things You Need to Consider.

Please Vote—Communications Sessions #14NTC (NTEN Conference)

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This is your chance to hang out, talk shop, exchange ideas and swap notes about top-of-your-list sessions. I’ve already voted these up, and hope you will too: Engage All The Things: Building a Holistic Online Engagement Plan. The Nonprofit Technology Network has a refreshingly open method of designing the program for its 2014 annual conference , and the votes of folks like you are a key part of it.

#PHILANTHROPY: What Might Inspire People To Give To Your Charity?

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Do our grant proposals contain the poetry of our successes and ambitions, as well as the prose of our upcoming plans? The year’s fundraising drives are laid out before you and your colleagues. The sting of the Great Recession still hurst most Americans, even if the stinger is gone.

The Top 10 Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

Plan a evening of themed fun, in this first of our series of adoption fundraising ideas. In exchange, they’ll receive new party leads and customers from your family and friends. Opening your heart to a child who needs a family to love him or her is a blessing for both you and the child. However, many adoptive-parents-to-be struggle with affording the costs associated with the adoption process.

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Grow your email list without spending money


Example from No Kid Hungry (click to enlarge): List exchange. List exchange is a technique whereby like-minded nonprofits will each send a message to their lists on behalf of one another. Plan in advance so you have a method to identify how people are joining the list.

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#Development: Postal Service Rates To Rise on 27 January

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Williams, the inspector general at the United States Postal Service , is considering plans to make the entire system digital (including your mailing address) and securely connected to your other digital communications. 61 (exchanging to about US$.56).