Museums Have A New Purpose: To Help People Find Their Twin Stranger

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Source: Mashable File this under the bizarre - and also under something things I had no clue existed: People looking for their doppelgänger in museums. Still, if this gives people a reason to head to museums in search of their twin stranger I'm all for it.

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Moving Up Monday

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Director of Content and Communications Minnesota Children’s Museum (St. Online Communications Specialist The Resource Exchange (Colorado Springs, CO). Public Relations & Marketing Manager Rubin Museum of Art (New York, NY).

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Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Friday Futures

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Project Coordinator , National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, Mobility International USA (MIUSA) (Eugene, Oregon). Public Relations and Marketing Intern , Queens Museum of Art (Queens, NY).

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Making Data Integration Simple!

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In a typical museum , for example, you might see The Raiser’s Edge in Development and Membership and something else (Ticketmaster Vista, Galaxy Gateway, SiriuswareSalesware, etc.) Automating this process of data exchange will improve accuracy and cut the cost of rekeying the data. Continuing with the museum example, there are many ways to configure The Raiser’s Edge for membership.

How Social Marketing Can Improve the Effectiveness of Social Entrepreneurs

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Creating an attractive and motivating exchange with the target audience? The exchange created by One Drop through its Aqua exposition is one where consumers are being asked to change behaviors regarding water consumption and pollution (e.g.,

Are Membership Dues Deductible?

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Question: "I am under the impression that the IRS doesn't consider paid memberships in museums, zoos, art galleries, botanical gardens, YMCAs, scouts, and the like to be charitable contributions. Hayes Presidential Center, Fremont, Ohio Answer: The difference in amount that the member may deduct as a charitable contribution exists because some charities provide goods and services in exchange for dues. Some nonprofits say yes, some say no. What does the IRS say?

Foursquare, Cause Marketing Find Home with Housing Charity

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But the ones that are should follow Shelter’s lead and tap Foursquare, which just isn’t for nonprofits that are cultural institutions and museums. In exchange for a co-marketing opportunity on Shelter’s Foursquare page a company could make a donation for each check-in.

Cause Marketing, Selfishness Drive Consumer Giving

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The consumer contributes nothing and gets something in exchange. Perhaps donors are equally less generous and unhappy after the naming of a building at a college, museum or hospital.

Thriving in the social media gift economy

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People use social media to connect with other people, to exchange social media and to earn status. If you’re a museum with a photography exhibit, use your Facebook page to facilitate people sharing their own work inspired by your latest exhibit. Let’s pretend you’ve invited me over to your house for dinner. I come to the occasion with a nice bottle of Marlborough region Sauvignon Blanc. Great, right?

Are Nonprofits Good At Social Media?

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" Her article is sprinkled with links to what Alexandra regards as good examples (and in my opinion, they are) from March of Dimes, Brooklyn Museum, AARP, American Humane Society, KaBOOM!, The entire exchange is well-worth a read. Alexandra Samuel, writing in Harvard Business Publishing, says Yes!