#Marketing: Netflix Blows Its Public Goodwill In Announcing Price Increases

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The full exchange is in Pogue’s column, and we have excerpted a meaningful exchange here: [According to Mr. Swansey] Netflix knew that there would be a nasty backlash, and has already taken the subscriber defection into account in its financial forecasts.

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Seeking Grant Money Today's Top 10 Posts On How Nonprofits Can Get Through This Tough Economy

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American nonprofits, usually afforded the benefit of not having to collect or pay taxes on their charitable efforts in exchange for the good that they do in our communities, are in some U.S. Focus On The Economic Crisis" Web Page To Keep Us Nonprofits Up To Date A good free resource provided by the excellent Foundation Center to keep nonprofit leaders and staff up to date on the latest trends, forecasts, opportunities, and resources during this tough economy.