Reactivate Your Email List (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Note from Nancy: I came upon Karla’s terrific guidance for re-engaging folks on the Progressive Exchange list serv, and got her permission to repost here. Then, in February, we started to segment out the “inactive” people on our list and excluding them from all outgoing messages. Since February, we have re-engaged almost 5% of our inactive file.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Running from February 27 through March 1, 2018, the conference will explore a wide range of issues facing immigrants and refugees at this critical juncture—and how diverse grantmakers across the country are responding. It's finally here!

Friends Listen to Friends: How to Engage Millennials, Gen Z on Instagram [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

That is the idea behind PurPics , a cause engagement tool launched in February 2017. Our platform connects brands with college organizations, whose members promote businesses on their personal Instagram account in exchange for donations to a nonprofit of their choice.

Social Marketing: A Six Volume Series

Social Marketing and Social Change

This work is expected to be released in February 2013. Extending the Vision of Social Marketing through Social Capital Theory: Marketing in the Context of Intricate Exchange and Market Failure - Alicia Glenane-Antoniads et al.

The Taxman Cometh, Part 3: A Way Forward

The Agitator

The Whiny Donor (@thewhinydonor) February 10, 2018. That is, in exchange for having donations be tax deductible, we agreed to make sure that Nadine Milford didn’t engage in electioneering. We’ve discussed the nonprofit tax debate over the past two days; now it’s time to talk implications. There are a few roads that lead from here, all with their pluses and minuses. Ignore the new rules. Do what you’ve been doing.

Rules 49

Get Involved in Creating a Healthier World by 2020

Social Marketing and Social Change

What new areas do we need to create objectives for – social marketing, risk communication, global health programs (health diplomacy) , personal health records, security and privacy of wireless data exchange? One of the most open and collaborative approaches to national health policy development yet devised, an online work space for the HC and HIT discussions and objective-setting, will be available by Monday, February 23.

Grants for Community Media In GA, NC, and SC

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center.