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Bullying bosses can cause employee suicide

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#Tech: Net Neutrality Supported in Europe – Not Unsupported in US

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In other words, the ‘new regulations’ are tantamount to ‘keep things as they are’ That the BBC and Yahoo back net neutrality in Europe is also worth noting.

3 Steps to set up your monthly giving campaign

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So I moved here 23 years ago, and in Europe, a lot of European countries, people are very comfortable giving out their bank account, believe it or not. Mazarine Treyz: Erica Waasdorp, you’re an ambassador for the IFC. So you know about fundraising in other countries, not just the U.S.

The Season Ahead

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Readers in Canada and Europe have already turned the calendar page to September and noted the shortening of daylight hours. For many Agitator readers summer’s over. Next week triggers the starting gun on the sprint to year-end.

Simple Isn’t Easy

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On the very day United was dragging Dr. Dao down the aisle, Rachel Hunnybunn , Director of Client Relationships for our sister company DonorVoice in the UK and Europe, posted 4 simple steps toward retention, loyalty and better donor experience over at 101Fundraising. In my post on the United Airlines customer care fiasco I promised a follow-up piece on just the opposite. A great example and resulting rules on building loyalty, retention and commitment.

A Beginner's Guide to Online Fundraising & Marketing

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Europe and the Middle East use online technologies to better serve their students. Need more visitors to your nonprofit website? Does your donate button need more clicks? Want to make sense of social networks like Facebook? Join Network for Good's Jono Smith as he provides 10 tips for effective online fundraising and marketing -- even during this down economy.

Want Better Payoffs From Your Donor Communication? Start Customizing It

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Somya has over 12 years of experience in strategy, marketing, nonprofit management and engineering across America, Europe and Asia. Somya Qureshi. Last month we heard from Somya Qureshi from on the easiest place to get started with collecting data.

Continuing Education for Cause Marketers

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I haven’t fully availed myself of it yet, but hundreds of universities in North America and Europe are putting thousands of hours of lectures and podcasts online. What do you do, as a cause marketer, to keep learning?

Happy New Year!

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Agitators in Australia and New Zealand, China, India and Thailand (most of the planet) are already into the New Year, while those in Europe, the U.K.

The power of thanking and #npstoryconf

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Even though I''m currently doing fundraising trainings in Europe, I''m still basking in the glow of the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference in Seattle.

Pitching Your Cause: Effectively Working with the Media to Spread Your Story

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Paul West has offered on-the-ground communications services and support to progressive clients and causes throughout the United States, Europe and Africa since the 1990s. Download the audio recording below 'Related Documents'! As your organization works to stay top of mind for supporters and the media, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of public relations, pitches and press releases. You think to yourself: What grabs a reporter's attention?

Cause Marketing Our Thanks

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In many countries of Europe being a waiter is professional career that comes with a commensurate salary.

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Our Complicated Feelings for Lance Armstrong

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That the government is spending tax money investigating long ago bike races in Europe is an outrage.” Reporters can be a suspicious lot by nature.

Reader Questions: Are you being bullied at work? What can you do?

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Bullying is outlawed in much of Europe and Canada, but not in the US for some reason. Recently, a reader wrote to me and asked if I could give her some tips about bullying, for a friend.

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What Is The Watchdog Watching?

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These findings are very much in line with every study I’ve seen over the years about the influence of charity watchdogs both in the US and in Europe.

Pack Your Bags

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Europe and Canada are familiar with IFC and make up a good portion of the 1,000 attendees from 60 countries. This might be a good weekend to make some fall travel and conference plans. Or so I was reminded by a call from Erica Waasdorp of the firm A Direct Solution , who is serving as U.S.

Why Cause Marketing is the Borg

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" The battleground is Europe, but it really could be anywhere in the world. "Resistance is futile."

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Nationality of the Internet

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Europe: 475 million internet users (24.2% Europe: 58% penetration with 352% growth over last decade. Take a look at the image below I found in the September 4th-10th edition of the Economist (p.g.

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Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante? Should the Pope Be Catholic?

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The threat and reach of al-Qaida—which I spent a year covering for The New York Times in Europe and the Middle East—are marginal, despite the attacks of 9/11. Recently, a New York Times editor Arthur Brisbane wrote , “I’m looking for reader input on whether and when New York Times news reporters should challenge “facts” that are asserted by newsmakers they write about.”

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Does the End of White Coke Cans Mean the End of Cause Marketing on Packaging? Um.No.

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LVMH is the acronym for the French luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, (whose CEO is Bernard Arnault, Europe’s richest person, FYI.)

Reader Questions: How to make the best use of social media for fundraising?

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I have an aunt in Israel (Sara Poran) who was briefly famous in Europe for making wonderful encaustic drawings. Hi Mazarine, Thank YOU for writing me personally. And for checking out some of my stuff AND for sending me pictures! I like both you sent, but I favor the second. I love that they are having tea! I found out about you because I saw your comment on the site dedicated to Lynda Barry. I am a huge Lynda Barry fan.

Peggy Lee Cause Marketing

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In most of North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan water from the tap is reliably wholesome, if not always tasty. The water business used to be a pretty sweet deal.

Why Bitcoin probably shouldn’t be top of your 2015 digital fundraising To Do list

Giving in a Digital World

A typical Bitcoiner is apparently a 33 year old male, with above average household income, living in the US or Northern Europe.

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The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The annual conference PDF Poland-Central Eastern Europe has become the biggest European event devoted to technology, democracy and civic engagement providing space of debate for participants from more than 25 countries.

Cause Marketing from El Presidente

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Unlike our compatriots in Europe, Americans are entirely unaccustomed to high gasoline prices. CITGO, the oil refiner and gasoline marketer faces a number of brand challenges. Is there a place here for cause marketing? The average gas price in the United States is currently $3.88

Op Ed Writing: Countering Your Opponent’s Argument

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America has already allowed China and Europe to get ahead of us in creating wind and solar technologies. Margot Friedman, principal of Dupont Circle Communications, conducts trainings on writing and placing opinion editorials.

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The Fundraising Firing Squad Forms A Circle

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I think we should organize a version of it in North America and then bring it back to the UK and Europe.

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Invisible Children’s Missed Opportunity

A. Fine Blog

One news report on the fizzle described it this way: But paltry turnouts on Friday at locations across north America, Europe and Australia left cities largely unplastered and the movement’s credibility damaged.

Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Certainly in Australia , Europe and the United States, where health policies include the use of social marketing to address priorities, the need to align how these demands will be met with a competent workforce educated to consistent standards requires our attention.

Where’s The Breakdown?

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Roger was re-stating The Agitator’s determination to intensify our focus on donor retention, and they were commenting on the great success of monthly giving in the UK and Europe, as compared to its pale success in the US. I was thinking about the Comments by John Sauve-Rodd and Denisa Casement regarding Roger’s post yesterday, Why Chuck Longfield Is Worried.

The People Who Communicate Corporate Social Responsibility Can't Make a Business Case For It

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The poll was part of a series from Ragan that regularly queries some 425+ corporate communicators in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

#Development: Establishing Goals To Ensure Integrating Social Media In Your Organization’s Growth Plans

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Steve and Dado's 4 Phases of developing a Social-Media Strategy. Integrating social media among your peers and within the overall strategy of your charity or nonprofit is not simply a matter of establishing a Facebook presence and hoping for the best.

Is Blackbaud Too Nice?

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I mean they do their best to keep a plethora (too damn many) of software applications, platforms, and data sets operating across a varied and diverse client base that ranges from the very smallest to the very largest nonprofits in North America and Europe (and they are even down under with Tom). Fundraisers devote a lot of energy – probably too much – to social media, mobile and the next new thing.

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Cause Marketing in the Economic Downturn

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Are you using your best skills at work?

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My aunt told me we went to Europe when I was 12 and they had to yell at me to get my nose out of a book to look at the scenery. Are you wondering how to get more satisfaction from your job? Last month, we had 550 people attend the very first virtual fundraising career conference.

Do you know a Graduate with no future? What is up with these protests?

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My little brother’s story. Let me tell you about one of my little brothers. He graduated college a couple of years ago, and has since bounced from job to job, trying to find his place in the world. He worked in a supermarket, at the fish counter. He works mowing lawns and trimming hedges.

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Are organisational silos blocking your online fundraising growth?

Giving in a Digital World

Research from eMarketer reveals that the UK’s love of online shopping is well ahead that of the rest of the world, with an estimated 87% of Internet users here shopping online – compared to 73% for the US and 72% for Western Europe overall.

Flat Earth Fundraising: Lessons From Italy & Greece

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What I do know is that too many nonprofit fundraisers, CEOs, communications managers and boards are like the politicians of Europe and the U.S. Permit me a personal essay, please. The reason your 401(k) is turning into a 101(k) is because politicians don’t understand numbers. Numbers that reflect the reality of too much bank leverage … too much spending … too little revenue. This has nothing to do with ideology. It’s just math.

Reverse sexism in fundraising is not a thing, sorry

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And what I’d do is I would get in my time machine and I’d go back in time to before Europe colonised the world, right? And I’d convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America to invade and colonise Europe, right?

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #5 Mobile App vs Mobile Web

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For those interested in the equivalent data for Europe you can read comScore’s EU5 Mobile Benchmark Data for Sept 2011 here – which shows a similar picture.