Ethiopia's 'Sesame Street' Needs Your Help Saving Orphans

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Bruktawit Tigabu is a 30-year-old teacher in Ethiopia who despaired over the number of orphan children in her country. Some people have characterized Tsehai Loves Learning as Ethiopia's Sesame Street. It’s a pity that more of this renown hasn’t translated into more money.

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If you get it right however, money from the West can go a very long way in a developing country. This money is supposed to support those in the community who are in need. Many people don’t have money to spare to give UCF.

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Come on Mary, Don’t Fear The Phone-A-Thon

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We still raised quite a bit of money, but not as much as we had hoped. This criticism is especially leveled at outsourced firms that call on behalf of a non-profit – some people say they’re just trying to make money off of the current campaign, so they don’t take the long-term view of cultivating donors. The results were amazing: they doubled the amount of money they made per member contacted. Today’s post is by Michael Nyman, of Impact Dialing.

Charity: Water Is Special. But It’s The Video!

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I suppose Charity: Water’s key breakthrough was its offer to direct marketed donors — ‘all of your donation will go to program, our overhead is covered by major gifts’ And the money has poured in, as the organization has matched its unique offer with brilliant online marketing technique.

Joint-Issue Promotion in Cause Marketing

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Nutmann’s role in the ad is as an endorser, but with a strong hint of a cause meant to resonate with people who will use their Camelbak All Clear in more prosaic places than Ethiopia. (As

Survival Of The Fittest?

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Fabulous … can you beat this for knowing where your money went?! Last year, it raised $965,000 by asking people with September birthdays to forgo presents and instead solicit cash to build wells in Ethiopia." NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof just wrote the fascinating story of Scott Harrison, a fundraiser and skillful marketer who, as Kristof puts its, is making clean water sexy. Some important fundraising lessons here.

Fundraising tips to help your personal challenge go further

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Make sure your page communicates the reason you have chosen to raise money, and why you believe your project deserves support. Whether you are raising money for a Global Village trip to Ethiopia, a new home for a family in Hamilton or a disaster relief project, share something about your cause and why its important to YOU. Get a manager Raising money can be a breeze with the help of your family and friends.