Why Practicing Professional Ethics Improves Any Nonprofit's Grant Writing Successes

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grant writing ethics how toGrant Writers On Commission Pricing Grant Writers - What Should We Pay For a Grant Writer? This Week A Group of Grant Writers Networked Among Themselves, Saved Each Other Some Grief, and Received An Apology!

Photos to Fire Up Year-End & Protect Privacy

Getting Attention

What are some practical alternatives I can put to work in these last few weeks? Follow this 7-point checklist for ethical storytelling to shape photo-illustrated stories that meet client privacy standards and spur your people to donate and spread the word. Flickr: AFGE.

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Thankful and Re-Energized

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

While I can’t discuss the details of the work beyond what i have blogged in the past and what is on our CEPSM Facebook Page , I can say that I am absolutely astonished at the level of dedication, commitment and work ethic demonstrated by the Tanzanian team here on the ground.

Would You Buy Ordinary Gum Just Because It Supports a Cause?

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Cause Practices cause marketing cause products ethically related products product 7It’s something that comes up again and again. Will consumers buy a product or use a service just because it supports a cause?

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Grants To Scholars' and Professionals' Contributions To Understanding Ethics & Responsibility In Public Communication

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The center will award up to $75,000 in total grants of $1,000 to $25,000 each to support scholars and professionals making important contributions to knowledge, practice, or public understanding of ethics and responsibility in public communication. From The Foundation Center. Page and Johnson Legacy Scholar Competition Grants to Foster Study of Integrity in Public Communications Deadline: March 6, 2009 The Arthur W.

Asante Sana Tanzania!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I can’t provide details at this point, however what I can say is that we’re working with the Ethics Division of the President’s Office, Public Service Management (PO-PSM) to develop a social marketing/behaviour change program to advance Ethics change in the public service.

Crossing the line or a Creative Cross? MySpace Research with “Dr. Meg”


Dilemma: To Cross or not to Cross the Ethical Line. The research is very interesting, however, I feel an ethical discussion must be had. I am not saying Moreno’s approach was wrong or right, but I think we should slow down and discuss it further to learn and develop best practices, as well as ethical guidelines, especially since others may adopt this practice towards younger youth. Have you heard of Dr. Meg?

A Couple of Nonprofit Best Practices Lessons From the Real World

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the press ) about whether such an exhibit in light of the contribution was ethical or poor operations on the part of the museum's leadership. Tags: best practices Fundraising for Nonprofits how to leadership If a nonprofit does not put its mission statement first, in all of its operations considerations, it risks losing its way or worse. The following are real world examples that demonstrate why this is so.

Grant Writers, Commissions, Best Practices, and the "Why?" of it All.

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This month Maya asks us to consider what business practices nonprofits should adopt to save agency resources. Excellent, professional, nonprofit affiliations abound there, with focuses on recent study results, best practices, ethics, continuing education, conferences, and dialogue between anyone and all involved in philanthropy. Your organization should responsibly and ethically follow through with your development plan to raise money as needed, should spend wisely, and save.

More About Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Corporate Investing Practices

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One last thought on the news that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in businesses that may practice poor ethics.even poor ethics in conflict with the Foundation's own mission and values. He is paraphrased as saying that he now works with his investments manager to effect ethical change when businesses he invests in harms the environment (his pet cause).

Should you target market financial advisors in order to get more legacy gifts?


Ethics. Many have told me, point-blank, that they are very uncomfortable with the idea of doing that because their code of ethics demands complete objectivity. It depends. I find myself saying, “It depends” quite a lot these days. But, seriously, the decision to target market to financial advisors depends on the nonprofit that employs you.

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The MBA Oath: A Case of Social Shifting

Social Marketing and Social Change

A code of ethics for business leaders that is driven by student demand is something I celebrate today. As a social marketer who has chimed in about the need to realign business practices with social goals , not just self-interests, the timing could not be better. Tags: socialShifting Business Ethics CSR Harvard Business School MBA Oath Social Change

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Doomsday Has Been Rescheduled, But What About The Donations Raised for It?

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It is if you consider, as her niece does, that relatives who are currently in financial need, or other nonprofit organizations that perhaps deliver programs and services (and deliver them well, ethically, and provide something that is needed but not gotten elsewhere) would have used the money for better ends. The question is in step with contemporary, American, nonprofit, best practices which happen to be backed, now, by federal law. ethics fundraising

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MarketSmart + The Giving Institute


Founded in 1935, The Giving Institute has served as one of the most influential and important organizations advancing leadership and ethics in philanthropy and fundraising in our sector.

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One Nonprofit Sues Another Nonprofit For Not Honoring Donor's Wishes - Great Lesson for Us Nonprofits!

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Donors, today, expect results ; streamlined, ethical, fiscally sound, modern nonprofit operations and management; transparency; and to be a part of the organization's community (the nonprofit, today, is a whole community made of many partners - donors (investors), volunteers, staff, clientele, other nonprofits, municipalities, etc.). Tags: best practices ethics standards relationships honesty investor responsibility American donating fundraising integrity

Social Marketing Begins With Values

Social Marketing and Social Change

Because, just as many other service-oriented disciplines, many of us believe it is vital to have ethical standards. Discerning the values that drive and underlie ethical standards is the beginning of that journey. Why do we need to have a conversation about values and ethics?

The Purpose of Segmentation

Social Marketing and Social Change

That is not good practice. Ethical evaluation of audience segmentation in social marketing. Ethical evaluation of audience segmentation in social marketing. Ethical evaluation of audience segmentation in social marketing.

What Facebook’s Shift to Privacy Means for Nonprofit Marketers

J Campbell Social Marketing

So what does this shift to privacy look like in practice? If you are building your list in an ethical and permission-based way, you control your list of email subscribers, and you can bring it with you across platforms.

Translating skills from the for-profit world to non-profit

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One of the things that came up was the number of people who are entering the profession without a solid understanding of our principles and ethics. This is troublesome, because in the for-profit world, it’s a commonly accepted practice. This puts the DD in a precarious ethical situation, because they are working to secure resources for the non-profit, not for themselves.

Your planned giving offers need to change


how to pass on their legacy (ethics, morals, lessons learned, etc.). Recommendations from blogs we follow. >> Fundraising Best Practice Series: Volume 9, Planned Gift Prospecting. >> Raise more money – Talk about the Need, not yourself. It can’t only be about death and taxes.

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Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Online activities of individuals using personal devices connected to a non-GoC network are guided by the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector. Effective management and monitoring practices for the acceptable use of Government of Canada electronic networks and devices are implemented.

More on corporate sponsorship: Good news and a warning

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

But, it's not without ethical questions. Before you accept sponsorship from that building development company for your job training program, have you checked on their labor practices or history of labor disputes? Tags: corporate sponsorships ethics Nonprofit fundraising Last week, I reported about how mergers and changing corporate priorities can put nonprofit funding at risk. Today, I've got some good news to help you retain those corporate sponsors.

A Consensus Definition of Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing practice is guided by ethical principles. The International Social Marketing Association , European Social Marketing Association , and the Australian Association of Social Marketing have endorsed a consensus definition of social marketing.

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Nonprofit Professional Affiliations

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potential legislation, the latest best practices , or to network); or to take continuing education classes, such as learning a new skill that you could master to use at work; or to attend a forum, conference, or other opportunities that will keep you in touch with others in your profession. Tags: ethics Nonprofit Networking management continuing education professional conference

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What Matters? A Rock Star, (Red), Consumerism, Or Fundraising?

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They suggest that consumer awareness and discussion about the issue will lead to: "explicit transparency standards", "the adoption of best practices for all cause-related marketing efforts", and will lead "to greater consumer confidence and more assured revenue streams for charity." [It The Global Fund is a legal 501(c)(3) nonprofit that does operate under explicit transparent standards and best practices.

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Let’s Get Rid of the Heresy in Cause Marketing

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But I think having an “expiration date&# for the promotion shows consumers that you are committed to ethical, transparent and impactful giving. Tags: Cause Practices cause marketing tim ogden

Gates Foundation Donations vs. Foundation Investments

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Do we fundraising professionals need to understand a donor's investments and business practices; and how these day to day business operations relate to giving? Let's say that in the next moment, suddenly, the above news story comes to mind and it crosses your mind, 'hmmm.maybe we don't want to accept this donation for ethical reasons?' Tags: Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Microsoft ethical concerns donations

Top 10 Grant Money Myths: Do You Think You Know What You're Doing While Looking for Grant Money? Or, Do You Know That You Don't?!

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As you can see after reading this list of commong assumptions about grant writing, all of these misunderstanding are really more indicative of being out of touch with the latest paradigms or not learning modern grant writing practices. Tags: top ten grant writing ethics Association of Fundraising Professionals upping the success rate relationships Puget Sound Granwriters Association board development public relations fundraising

Can Cause Marketing Start a Cultural Meme?

Cause Related Marketing

In other words, there is a strong ethic of catch and release among fly fishermen. In Scotland, catch and release has been practiced for just a little more than 100 years. But the catch and release ethic in the U.S. Can the catch and release ethic catch on among King Salmon sport fisherman in the Kenai with a logo? And the men and women that come to Kenai to fish aren’t necessarily the crunchy types that practice strict catch and release in Montana or Wyoming.

How to Approach a Nonprofit Job Interview with a For-Profit Attitude (and Résumé)


What does this look like in practice? In your next nonprofit interview, show your true worth by putting your passion, your work ethic, and your ability to be “scrappy” front-and-center. This guest post originally appeared on Idealist Careers blog.

Straight Talk on the Give Local Crash from a Nonprofit Tech CEO #GiveDayLessons

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

But the realistic view that crashes can happen underscores the need for nonprofits to diversify their fundraising efforts, while at the same time taking practical steps to protect themselves during critical, high-volume periods.

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What A Nonprofit Can Do To Recruit Board Members That Are The Best Possible Leaders For Its Specific Organization and How Board Recruitment Generally Works

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If this is occurring, there is likely a problem within the organization''s operations, culture, and perhaps even its current leaders and their individual practices. A systemic issue should be acknowledged, confronted professionally and ethically, researched and understood fully, and then rectified or the organization has allowed a wobble to begin that will ultimately grow eventually spinning the organization out of control. best practices recruiting board development

Free tool of the week: Digital Identity Workbook for nonprofits


The workbook is a series of exercises and worksheets that lead you deeper into understanding your current digital profile and its implications for your key audiences, then to the ethical and best practice decisions you’ll need to make going forward.

Science Communication and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

The decision to communicate science always involves an ethical component. And what’s ethical about the latter approach? There has been a shift among some social marketers to talk about, and practice, civic engagement and activation , or co-creation, as part of their approach.

Academic Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

What should be the minimal requirements for someone who wants to learn about and practice social marketing? Apply ethical principles to the conduct of research, developing, implementing and evaluating a social marketing plan.

The Benefits of How to Write a Report Paper Example


By studying from failures, so you’ll have significantly more practical experience to stop problems. Wide information applicable to this main topics the record is definitely necessary for practically any creator. Many students feel it is relatively ethical to purchase word newspapers, atleast to get subjects that are not of core focus.

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The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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The reason why is no one person can do everything necessary to design, deliver, support, sustain, and grow a successful nonprofit (one that achieves the goals of its mission efficiently and ethically). The organization has to be reputable, well run (according to professional, nonprofit, best practices probably), and announcing its name, services, goals, and successes in the community. best practices start up upping the success rate founders life cycle of a nonprofit how to

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Why Successes or Having An Accomplished Track Record Is Important for Any Nonprofit to Be Able To Raise Funds

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My issue is professional and has to do with nonprofit best practices. If you can demonstrate to a potential donor that their contribution will lead to future accomplishment and ethical, efficient and truly effective accomplishments (that truly meet the as yet unmet need the organization is working to meet) - then you're showing a potential donor (in demonstrable successes) how they can become a part of a successful organization's effort by supporting it.

Someone Has To Say It: The Nonprofit's Founder May Not Be the Best Executive Director or Board President Candidate (and Should Certainly Not Be Both)

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The goal for any nonprofit that wishes to succeed and grow is to best serve the beneficiaries of its mission statement while also operating the organization efficiently and ethically. All of these concerns, cautions, and recommendations are modern day, professional, nonprofit, best practices, and (as I repeat in this blog) are so because they have repeatedly worked (for all kinds of different nonprofits, of different sizes, in different geographic locations, etc.).

How Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Can Be Successful in the Coming Fiscal Year

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and Here's A Handy Checklist for Nonprofit for Operations and Fundraising Success. __ The organization operates as described above, over time, (or according to professional best practices) in order to retain donors, community support, and to continue to be relevant, compelling, successful, and reputable. professional best practices). Tags: best practices upping the success rate operations how to leadership

Mission-Based Thinking - Why It Matters, Especially Today - Why It Works, And Examples of It Enabling Organizations That Use It

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Mission-based thinking, a staple of contemporary, professional, nonprofit, best practices, is often discussed and explained but examples are more difficult to locate. The big deal here happens to also be the reason that mission-based thinking is a key element of professional, nonprofit, best practices. A nonprofit run by people who know what they''re doing according to professional and ethical practices turns out efficient and effective successes.

Fundraising Platforms: Is Three a Crowd?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

sure (ethics, morals and such granted). It can actually exceed goodness and reach greatness if you grab hold of the donor information, incorporate the donors into your constituent relationship management system and then apply fundraising best practices.

The Best in Social Marketing in 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

Ethical evaluation of audience segmentation in social marketing. They conclude that both theoretical models ''…support the ethics of segmentation in health-related social marketing contexts.''

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