How smart speakers and voice assistants are changing the game

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Set a reminder to watch Poland play Senegal in the upcoming World Cup match on June 19th at 11 am. On the flip side, with digital literacy as low as it is, this could be a positive development providing that the algorithms are regularly audited from an ethical standpoint by an independent 3rd party organization of some sort (suggested reading: Weapons of Math Destruction ).

#INTERVIEW: Mark Van Gurp, Osocio Blog – Showcases the Best Advertising & Marketing For Social Causes

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We write mostly how design, copy and ethical approach can influence the final result. It is a campaign from Amnesty Poland about the lack of freedom in Belarus, the country of President Lukashenko , and is called “The last dictator of Europe.”. Mark van Gurp is the founder of Osocio , an international blog devoted to showcasing the best advertising and marketing for social causes. Mark began an earlier blog, Houtlist, in 2005 as a personal collection of nonprofit ads.